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Alchemy Pay Brings OnRamp and NFT Checkout to London Token2049



Fiat-crypto payment provider, Alchemy Pay, is bringing its mainstream-friendly services to Europe’s foremost crypto conference – London Token2049. The Singapore-based company has taken its payment network infrastructure and pivoted to direct-to-customer (D2C) services, with its highly versatile and customisable NFT Checkout and On & Off Ramp Solutions.

Europe’s Premier Crypto Event

TOKEN2049 is known for its industry-leading events held annually. Founders, CEOs, and projects come together to build relationships and share developments. It showcases sectors like DeFI, Gaming, Social Fi, NFTs, Metaverse, and DAOs, and brings together more than 3,000 attendees, 100+ sponsors, and around 150 speakers.

Alchemy Pay On & Off Ramp

After years providing business-to-business (B2B) fiat-crypto gateway services, Alchemy Pay’s ramp is now serving users on crypto platforms and dApps across multiple sectors. Alchemy Pay now boasts 300+ fiat payment channels worldwide.

Founded in Singapore in 2018, Alchemy Pay’s strength in Southeast Asia and Latin America is clear. Its support for countless regional mobile wallets has paid off in regions that are now seeing the highest adoption rates of anywhere in the world.

Access to ‘Hidden’ Emerging Markets

Alchemy Pay’s Ramp Solution supports Mastercard and Visa in 173 countries, and furthermore supports particularly high utility in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Across the world, mobile wallets are emerging as many people’s preferred payment method.

Being based in Singapore, Alchemy Pay has witnessed the explosion in popularity of APMs and ensures that users are able to purchase crypto using them. As well as Mastercard and Visa, the ramp supports crypto payments with Binance Pay (70M+ users); domestic transfers throughout emerging markets, and popular e-wallets around the world. Alchemy Pay supports e-wallets such as: GCash in the Philippines (60M users); OVO (92M users) & Dana (115M users) in Indonesia; Kakao Pay (NFT Checkout only) in Korea (36.5M users) MoMo in Vietnam (23M users); Paynow in Singapore (4.9M users); as well as EWallet in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia (user figures not confirmed).

Alchemy Pay’s founding team’s experience in the traditional finance and fintech payments space has given an advantage where competitors have struggled. In recent months, it has formed partnerships with networks like, for example, Polygon, Avalanche, Algorand, and Arbitrum.

About Alchemy Pay

Founded in Singapore in 2018, Alchemy Pay is a payment solutions provider that seamlessly connects cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currency for consumers, merchants, and developers. It provides merchants with convenient crypto acceptance and makes crypto and Web3 services highly accessible. Alchemy Pay’s on and off ramp plugin is integrated with crypto platforms and dApps to provide an easy payment gateway from fiat to crypto and vice versa. Its crypto acceptance system has touchpoints with 2+ million online and in-store merchants in over 70 countries. Alchemy Pay’s network includes 300+ fiat payment channels, including popular e-wallets in emerging markets. ACH is Alchemy Pay’s utility token on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.


Tata Elxsi, Cultos Global partner to integrate an NFT Token mechanism for a unique and innovative Driver Reward Program



Tata Elxsi, a global design and technology company, has partnered with Cultos Global to integrate a Blockchain mechanism from Cultos Global with its TETHER Connected Vehicle Platform to create an innovative Driver Reward Program. This unique proposition of tracking driver behaviour using rich analytics from the cloud-first TETHER connected vehicle platform, augmented with ADAS and driver monitoring features, enables an entirely new way of positively impacting driver behaviour, incentivised through a high-trust and high-privacy blockchain model.

This integrated solution will provide mobility players with a dynamic rewards platform that enables consistent engagement and positive behaviour modification through gamification. The driving scorecard, which gets translated to tokens, is a single digital identifier for a user and can be used across the ecosystem. It will give access to first-party data for mobility providers with enhanced privacy for end consumers. It has a wide range of applications ranging from use for insurance to incentives for safety and reliability, etc.

Nitin Pai, CSO & CMO at Tata Elxsi, said, “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Cultos Global to integrate their cutting-edge blockchain mechanism into a unique Driver Reward Program, powered by TETHER – our Connected Vehicle Platform.”

“This collaboration marks an important milestone in our journey to leverage emerging technologies and enhance driver and passenger safety and experience – whether it is a mobility provider, vehicle brand, fleet owner, or a road transport authority that aims to positively impact driver behaviour and road safety using gamification and incentivisation and creates reputation, reliability and monetisation opportunities.”

“By harnessing the immutable nature of blockchain, we are elevating the program’s integrity, security, and transparency. Through this integration, we aim to create a seamless and rewarding experience for our drivers, fostering trust, loyalty, and long-term engagement. Together, we are redefining the future of driver rewards and setting new industry benchmarks.”

“Cultos complements TETHER offering by providing a single digital identifier for every customer. This not only increases engagement for mobility providers and their customers in the form of tokens that can be redeemed for different Loyalty/Rewards, but it can also be interoperable and can be liquidated,” said Pavan Govindan, CEO at Cultos Global.

About Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi is amongst the world’s leading providers of design and technology services across industries, including Automotive, Broadcast, Media, Communications, Healthcare, and Transportation. Tata Elxsi helps customers reimagine their products and services through design thinking and the application of digital technologies.

Tata Elxsi’s solution accelerators and platforms for the automotive and mobility industry include TETHER – the cloud-first connected car platform; Autonomai – a comprehensive AD / ADAS middleware and validation suite; AI solutions for driver monitoring and video analytics, and TE ATOM, a DevOps engine for deployment of high velocity and hyper-scale services.

About Cultos Global

Cultos Global provides a web3 rewards platform where customers can launch branded tokens to incentivize their customers, fans or followers to drive various actions. Cultos provides custodial wallets, NFT minting and liquidity off-ramps for branded tokens through API or e-commerce integrations.

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Qredo unveils its new self-custody wallet platform



New Qredo is a noncustodial solution that secures users’ digital assets on-chain without the need for users to store private keys.

Qredo, a distributed multi-party computation (dMPC) protocol offering enterprise-grade cryptocurrency security and governance solutions, launched its new and improved platform, New Qredo today. With New Qredo, it has never been easier or faster to take secure self-custody of digital assets. In a matter of minutes, users can be fully set up with their own Qredo Account, workspace and wallets.

Qredo is the leading solution for secure self-custody of your own assets without the risks involved with cold storage. With the launch of New Qredo, it just got even easier to take control of your digital finances. Whether you’re an individual, or an organization requiring team access and governance of funds, New Qredo is the simplest, safest and smartest option out there for self-custody.

Private keys, whether held by a custodian, encrypted on a hardware device or hidden under your mattress, present a security risk — a single point of failure waiting to be exposed. New Qredo presents an enterprise-grade solution that the blockchain ecosystem is crying out for, enabling users to retain full custody of digital assets without the risks involved in storing their own private keys. Instead, private keys are distributed in shards across the Qredo network, which is why it’s said that at Qredo, “The network is the vault.”

Qredo’s leading security provision takes place when users access and sign for transactions from the New Qredo noncustodial wallet, which assembles these disparate shards from across the network to complete the transaction using dMPC technology. At no time is a private key ever held in any one geographic location, greatly mitigating risks such as a private key being obtained or hacked by a third party.

New Qredo boasts enhanced features that prioritize control, compliance and security. This begins with more granular control over digital assets, allowing organizations of all sizes to manage team access permissions to suit their needs. This includes the option to create robust security frameworks, define policies governing who has access to assets, the permissions for each team member and automation of routine actions. The New Qredo provides a complete bird’s eye view of portfolios with intuitive charts that display balances and assets in a single dashboard. Users will also benefit from Qredo’s new notification center.

New Qredo’s capital deployment capabilities were built to keep ahead in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to trade across a wide range of blockchains via market-leading integrations with both MetaMask Institutional and WalletConnect.

All of these features are topped off by New Qredo’s advanced entity management features, built with asset managers in mind. Organizations that manage a wide range of accounts and users can now create workspaces to manage multiple portfolios customized for a variety of investment strategies.

According to Qredo CEO Anthony Foy: “One of our top priorities at Qredo is to set our users up for success in achieving their business goals. In this industry, that means constantly iterating and improving our platform’s usability and capabilities to meet the changing needs of our users while maintaining our commitment to delivering the highest level of security when it comes to self-custody. We’re thrilled to unveil our much-improved New Qredo platform after many months of hard work to ensure that our product always has its users’ core interests at heart. This is a big leap forward for Qredo, and we’re proud to be able to continue building and serving the wider blockchain community.”

About Qredo

Qredo is a leading provider of institutional-grade digital asset self-custody solutions. The company’s distributed multi-party computing technology provides a secure and regulated environment for customers to store, transfer and manage their digital assets.

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The dPNM ecosystem is an ecosystem of sustainable growth



New projects are constantly emerging in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In this article, we will take a look at a new development in the digital world – the dPNM ecosystem, based on Binance Smart Chain.

What is known about the project

The dPNM ecosystem is being developed by enthusiasts. It is based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. It is known that the project is not registered as a legal entity or organisation. It is fully decentralised.

The work and development of the project is ensured by the crypto community and smart contracts, which are designed as the basis of the ecosystem. At the same time, they are made non-renewable. This means that once they are deployed on the blockchain, it will be impossible to change them in any way, and not even the owners of the cryptographic key will be able to do so.

With this approach, users can be 100% sure that no conditions will change in the future. It is also worth noting that only the smart contract will have access to the liquid pool.

The token itself is decentralised and algorithmic and is fully deflationary unlike other tokens on the market. Binance Smart Chain was used in the process. A unique Financially Safe Assets (FSA) algorithm was used in the creation.

The developers assure that the token will have a constantly increasing price and has 100% security in BUSD(BEP20).

  • The transparency of the smart contract is 100% checkable 
  • The contract is not changeable, which rules out the possibility to change, delete or block it. 
  • The project has been audited by 3 smart contracts from a major auditing company which is a market leader in auditing Defi and Web3.0.

About Zokyo

Zokyo is a venture studio that builds, secures, and funds crypto, DeFi, and NFT companies. Zokyo is run by the engineers that built, ran or secured some of the largest cryptocurrency companies to date. Their team consists of crypto industry pioneers, veteran ethical hackers that have earned bounties from several Fortune 200 companies (including Uber, Paypal, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), designers, engineers, tokenomic experts, advanced crypto traders, and experienced investors. Their founder, Hartej Sawhney, co-founded Hosho, ranked No.1 Smart Contract Auditor in 2019 by Forbes.

There are:

Official Youtube:
Offical Telegram channel:
Official instructions (ENG):
Official instructions (RU):
Official Twitter:
Official Instagram:
Smart Contracts:
(GWT): (Marketing tree)

Liquidity pool and dPNM price growth

The dPNM token is fully collateralised. It is in a liquidity pool that is accessed exclusively by a smart contract. A drop in the price of the token is not possible for the following reasons:

  • The user pays a fee when buying the coin. About 10% is sent to the pool, which increases the security and the price.
  • When the personal account is activated, the user pays 10 BUSD. 10% of it is sent to the pool.
  • After the rewards from the marketing tree are paid, the remaining funds are sent to the liquidity pool.
  • During token sales, up to 5% of the amount is sent to the liquidity pool.
  • Each GWT transaction sends $1. 
  • Half of the ecosystem’s profits from partnerships with other platforms are also sent to the pool.
  • The liquidity pool has more than 10 sources of funding, including marketing and affiliate services such as a decentralised exchange and cryptocurrency wallets, from which a portion of funds is also channeled into the dPNM liquidity pool.

In addition, the coin itself is made liquid as well. The user at any time can sell it to a smart contract and there can be no situation that the smart contract will not process your application as it always keeps 100% of the collateral. The dPNM token is algorithmic but also has several additional services. The idea is to keep the number of coins smaller than the size of its collateral.

The price of a coin is calculated as:
1 dPNM = ∑BUSD/∑dPNM.

In other words, 1 token equals as the sum of all BUSD collateral divided by the sum of all tokens.

For example, there are 20 dPNM and 10 BUSD. Based on the formula, 1 token would equal 0.5 BUSD. However, when the commission is paid, part of the coins is destroyed. When 1 dPNM is removed from the total, there will be a price increase.

Every time the number of coins in the system decreases slower than the number of collateral, there will be a token increase. At the same time, it will always be under collateral.

In order to support this system, a limit is set on the maximum amount of coins that can be purchased per day (limits are updated every 24 hours). It may increase or decrease depending on the transactions taking place.

Purchase of the dPNM token

In order to purchase the cryptocurrency, you need to have a cryptocurrency wallet that is capable of connecting to the Binance blockchain. For example, it can be MetaMask.

You need to have BUSD (BEP20) in your wallet to purchase. The amount must be enough to buy the desired number of coins. Also make sure you have BNB. Coins will be required to pay the commission on the blockchain.

You also need to register with the dPNM ecosystem and activate your account. The cost of the service is 10 BUSD. After that, wait for placement in the marketing tree (it will be discussed below).

Please note that there is a limit of 24 hours for the purchase of coins.

It reaches up to 0.1% of the total pool. The minimum daily purchase limit is from 50 BUSD (BEP20). The amount you can buy dPNM for is 20 BUSD (BEP20). That is, the minimum purchase of dPNM starts from 20 BUSD (BEP20).

At the time of purchase, you must also pay a commission of 20% of the amount. It will be compensated at a ratio of 1 to 1 in the form of GWT. This token will expand the marketing rewards and increase the profit limit of the dPNM coin. In the same way, the GWT utility token will be in demand throughout the entire ecosystem and the upcoming dPNM products in the future, and its demand will only increase.

How to sell dPNM

The sale is available at any time as long as there is an income limit. A commission is also charged at the time of sale. However, it is already 10%. There is also compensation in the form of the GWT token.

As soon as the sale takes place, the system will increase the purchase limit by the same amount for two days. The profit limit will be deducted according to the tokens sold.

GWT Coin

This utility token shall be used within the ecosystem. It can be obtained by paying commissions on the blockchain. For example, you paid 5 BUSD in commissions. The system will give you back 5 GWT. In other words, the return is 1 to 1.

Also, the GWT tokens are awarded when you activate your account. The amount is 10 coins. Tokens can be used to:

  1. Activate new levels of the marketing tree. There are 10 of them in total.
  2. Buy increased income limit (here 1 GWT=1.25 BUSD).
  3. Transfer them to the other participant of the ecosystem.
  4. The smart contract itself does not sell GWT so it is not possible to buy just GWT.

In addition, the GWT token can be used for staking. There is a peculiarity here: the tokens are frozen and new coins are added to their value. The latter can be withdrawn without waiting for the end of the freeze.

The daily income from staking depends on the chosen freezing period. Thus, for a two-week period, 0.1 of the amount is accrued each day. However, if staking period is one year, the percentage already increases to 0.5%.

Marketing tree of the project

In order to spread the ecosystem among the users, a marketing policy has been developed. It represents a tree of users. The idea is that a member will invite others and get rewarded for it. This is awarded for:

  1. Account activation.
  2. Purchase by the user of dPNM.

Note, that it is important for the account to be activated. For simple purchase/sale of tokens, the procedure is required once. However, if you want to earn passive income from the marketing tree, you need to activate the account every month. The cost is 10 BUSD.

What are the benefits of the coin and the ecosystem

Let’s highlight a few key benefits of dPNM:

  1. Full decentralisation, control is exercised solely by an open-source smart contract.
  2. Unique algorithm that supports 100% security of the coin.
  3. Stable growth of coins by selling them.
  4. Access to the smart contract is impossible. This makes coins from the liquidity pool impossible to steal.
  5. Protection against “whales” is made. This makes it impossible to manipulate the value of a token.
  6. 100% deflationary model because the token is burned.
  7. No initial issue of printed tokens as the token can only be issued against 100% collateral and there are no other options.
  8. The dPNM asset cannot fall in value but only grow to BUSD (BEP20) i.e. the value of the dPNM asset only increases to the dollar equivalent.

At the same time, there are many features that allow you to generate passive income in the future. This platform can be a convenient option to save your savings and protect them against inflation.


The dPNM project is interesting. It has quite a simple and convenient functionality. It is designed for financial transactions, storage of assets and their growth and protection against inflation, and funds are stored personally in your account and only you have access to the funds, so there is no need to trust any third-party exchanges or projects that may close. Also, by developing decentralised marketing, you can earn great rewards for your labour.

What is also interesting here is the return of the commission. On the one hand you pay it, and on the other you receive compensation, which helps you grow in the ecosystem. As a result, the more dPNM transactions you make, the more advanced and profitable your account becomes. In addition, let’s not forget that the asset is 100% deflationary and has no issuance, making it a truly unique offering in the cryptocurrency market.


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Trusted AI with OriginTrail: Join the fight against misinformation and participate in 1 million TRAC grants launched by Trace Labs



OriginTrail’s trusted knowledge foundation was launched in 2018 to improve trust and transparency in global supply chains. Similarly, OriginTrail’s new knowledge-based AI framework now aims to instill trust in AI solutions. Trace Labs – OriginTrail core developers are announcing a 1.000.000 TRAC token grant program for contributors to help advance ChatDKG – the open source framework for trusted AI to help fight misinformation.

AI Challenges: Navigating the Pitfalls to Unlock its Potential

According to Goldman Sachs Chief Information Officer, Marco Argenti, “the impact of advances in generative artificial intelligence on society could be comparable to the printing press” and with over 91% of top businesses currently investing in AI (NewVantage, 2022), those opportunities might be seized at a very rapid pace. However, with the internet already flooded with misinformation, AI is likely to amplify the problem.

One of the major challenges with generative AI models, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, is the occurrence of hallucinations or errors in AI-generated outputs. These errors could lead to incorrect decisions and actions, which could have severe consequences for individuals and society. Ensuring information provenance in AI systems is also essential, as without it, bias, misinformation, and propaganda may arise.

Furthermore, it is essential to address the implementation of proper data governance approaches. In fact, some AI solutions have already been banned in the EU due to data governance issues (e.g., Italy’s ban on ChatGPT). This highlights the urgent need for precise data access management and equitable business models based on data ownership to ensure sustainable AI solutions.

Finally, AI’s value is currently being held back by the difficulty of finding and accessing data and knowledge that is locked in legacy systems and not being used as a contributing corpus of knowledge for AI-based solutions. Addressing these challenges will ensure the safe and effective implementation of AI and its benefits to society.

Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) – trusted knowledge foundation

OriginTrail leads the development for decentralization of knowledge by enabling its discoverability, verifiability and information provenance. Its core technology, the Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG), has already proven valuable by facilitating trusted knowledge sharing in international trade for companies like Walmart and Home Depot, ensuring safety of rail travel in Switzerland and increasing transparency of healthcare supply chains for donated medicine.

The DKG is an open source network that brings together two technologies – blockchains and knowledge graphs. It creates a trusted knowledge foundation which is particularly useful for AI solutions as it makes it easy to search the DKG for the right knowledge, verify its provenance and interact with it.

ChatDKG – an open framework for trusted AI based on OriginTrail DKG

To accelerate the use of OriginTrail’s DKG with AI solutions, OriginTrail introduces ChatDKG – a framework for efficiently searching, accessing and utilizing trusted knowledge with AI tools. The ChatDKG framework is designed as an open community project exploring its diverse possible applications.

Supporting this effort, Trace Labs, the core developers of OriginTrail, are making a 1.000.000 TRAC grant pool available for contributors creating components connecting OriginTrail DKG with existing AI tools.

Join OriginTrail Discord channel ( to keep track of the grant program details as they become available over the coming weeks.

More about OriginTrail

OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making the global economy work sustainably by organizing trusted AI-grade knowledge assets. It leverages the open source Decentralized Knowledge Graph that connects the physical world (art, healthcare, fashion, education, supply chains, …) and the digital world (blockchain, smart contracts, Metaverse & NFTs, …) in a single connected reality driving transparency and trust.
Advanced knowledge graph technology currently powers trillion-dollar companies like Google and Facebook. By reshaping it for Web3, the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph provides a crucial fabric to link, verify, and value data on both physical and digital assets.


More about Trace Labs

Trace Labs is the core developer of OriginTrail-the open source Decentralized Knowledge Graph. Based on blockchain, OriginTrail connects the physical world and the digital world in a single connected reality by making all different knowledge assets discoverable, verifiable and valuable. Trace Labs’ technology is being used by global enterprises (e.g. over 40% of US imports including Walmart, Costco, Home Depot are exchanging security audits with OriginTrail DKG) in multiple industries, such as pharmaceutical industry, international trade, decentralized applications and more.


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Blocktrade Raises €4.5M Prior to Public Round of BTEX Token Sale



Blocktrade, the gamified asset marketplace for everyone, has announced the close of its exclusive Blocktrade Exchange Token (BTEX) sale round, which ran from May 5th to 18th and followed a sold-out pre-sale round earlier this year. A total of €4.5 million worth of BTEX has been raised from over 1400 community members in 42 countries.

Christian Niedermueller, CEO at Blocktrade, said: “We are grateful for the overwhelming response and participation by Blocktrade VIP members to this exclusive token sale round. This show of enthusiasm points to the appetite amongst crypto users today for an accessible and engaging digital asset trading platform. We now look forward to continuing to enhance the experience on offer to Blocktrade’s ever-growing community.”

The BTEX token will enable users to engage in the Blocktrade gamified universe and wider ecosystem. BTEX holders will be able to access in-house and third-party games hosted on the Blocktrade platform, and use the token to unlock level fast passes, physical rewards, NFT avatars, token airdrops, trading bonuses, live chat and priority support, deposit and withdrawal discounts, and additional APY on staking. Token holders will also be able to utilize BTEX to access alternative payment options within partner ecosystems.

This announcement closely follows the platform’s launch of Blocktrade 3.0, the dawn of a new gamified universe which merges gaming elements with crypto investing. Blocktrade 3.0 introduces NFT avatars and a sophisticated level system to transform the way users learn about and engage with digital assets. Blocktrade’s native BTEX token is at the core of this ecosystem.

Blocktrade 3.0 is equipped with 50 unique levels, leaderboards, and challenges. Users advance to higher levels by passing a series of progression thresholds and earning BTEX tokens and XP points along the way. The universe blends innovations in gaming with disruptive Web3 technology, driving interactivity on the platform and empowering users to better navigate the crypto landscape with easy-to-digest education.

As part of its commitment to users, Blocktrade prioritizes security and regulatory compliance. The platform is fully transparent, with over 5,000 class-B shareholders, and regulated to EU standards. It is registered as a VASP with the Estonian, Italian, and Slovenian regulators.

About Blocktrade

Blocktrade is a state-of-the-art digital asset platform that enables the seamless buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with no trading fees. The platform offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies, a user-friendly interface, multiple payment options, saving plans, and exceptional customer support.

Established in 2018, Blocktrade has emerged as a leading player in the digital asset industry due to its unyielding commitment to security and regulatory compliance. The platform is fully transparent, with over 5,000 class-B shareholders, and regulated to EU standards. It is registered as a VASP with the Estonian, Italian, and Slovenian regulators and operates in full compliance with AML 5 guidelines.

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VIMworld Announces Millions in Reward Tokens for Active Users



VIMworld, the leading blockchain-based NFT utility platform, is thrilled to launch a major upgrade to its rewards program. With this latest platform update, users can look forward to an array of new rewards for their actions within the VIMworld ecosystem. With new Leaderboard categories, expanded Leaderboard rewards, monthly giveaways on Gleam, and enhanced transparency in rewards distribution, VIMworld aims to enhance user engagement and provide even greater value to the community.

New Leaderboards

The highlight of this upgrade is the addition of new Leaderboard categories, enriching the competitive spirit within VIMworld. The previous category of Top Trader has been separated into Top VIM Trader, Top EGGs Trader, and Top Companions Trader for the most active users on the Marketplace. Each of these new categories will have dedicated Leaderboards for both VEED and BNB cryptocurrencies. This exciting change means that instead of two trading-related rewards, users now have a total of six rewarding categories to compete in, effectively tripling the available rewards.

Leaderboard Rewards

With these new Leaderboards, VIMworld unveiled updated monthly $POWA payouts for the new Leaderboard categories. Users will have the opportunity to earn significant rewards based on their performance and achievements in the Leaderboards. The new rewards structure aims to incentivize active participation and trading activities within the VIMworld platform. The table below outlines the monthly $POWA payouts for the all Leaderboard categories:

Monthly Giveaways

To reward additional actions on social media platforms, VIMworld launched a month-long giveaway with 1 million VEED in prizes spread across 20 winners. Anyone can enter by following official social media accounts, joining the VIMworld Discord, completing a survey and referring friends. Enter into the May giveaway until June 16 at Gleam.

Reward Visibility

To provide greater transparency and visibility, VIMworld has introduced a new feature within the Dashboard Rewards section. Users will now find a detailed, itemized list of all their VEED rewards. This comprehensive breakdown will showcase the specific sources of VEED rewards, including Companions, Blessings, and other means. This enhancement ensures that users can easily track and understand how they are earning VEED within the VIMworld ecosystem.

VIMworld 101

To get started, users can purchase a new SmartNFT in the Arcade or a pre-owned one from the Marketplace, with a variety of tiers and treasures. With a VIM in hand, users can expand their opportunities to play and earn further by purchasing Boxes in the Store, which contain unique and rare EGGs. Purchase an Incubator and a C-tier or higher VIM to match to start the hatching process which is now available for all users to enjoy.

VIMworld’s new upgrades add more ways to have fun and earn rewards, making it one of the most exciting platforms out there! Interested users can visit VIMworld, join the Discord or check out the Vision Video to learn more. VIMworld’s upcoming releases, which include games, decentralized finance (DeFi) features and greater multi-chain compatibility are just around the corner.

Access VIMworld now

VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive. At the heart of VIMworld are the VIMs, distinct and unchangeable digital assets that provide an unalterable system of verification. VIMs can incubate Companions from EGGS, which allow users to win instant jackpots, add unique abilities and stack gaming boosts, making VIMworld the ultimate NFT play-to-win-and-earn platform.

To connect to VIMworld and explore all features, download our purpose built crypto and NFT wallet, Nufinetes compatible with Apple and Android devices or desktop of choice. This comprehensive multi-chain wallet can be used across multiple popular blockchains, allowing users to interact with dApps, view NFT collections and store tokens in a secure, slick environment.

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Grape launches layer-1 ecosystem to power AI-driven decentralized internet



Grape has announced the launch of its layer-1 ecosystem, powered by its DAG-based distributed ledger technology, Vine. The Grape team’s core vision is both true decentralization and global mass adoption of blockchain and Web3. For this reason, Grape set out to solve the core issues preventing both, such as Web3 and cryptocurrency being difficult to use or understand for the average person, the fact that almost none of the technologies used in Web3 are truly decentralized, and that there is no seamless ecosystem that can handle the demand needed for complex decentralized applications.

Grape is actively solving these barriers via:

  1. A complete ecosystem — bringing all of the necessary technologies into one ecosystem (decentralized file storage, adaptable smart contracts, DAG layer-1, AI tools, etc.) to create a single environment for the creation of decentralized assets and applications.
  2. True decentralization — creating a DAG core without supernodes or backdoors, making it completely user-powered and therefore 100% decentralized.
  3. Power for the future — the Grape team wanted to allow for the limitless creation of complex applications and content on Grape, so creating a system without hard limits on transaction processing was top priority. This has been achieved through Vine and its advanced node system. Each user node adds an additional 1,000 transactions per second in processing power to Vine. This means that by adding only 15 individual user nodes to Vine, it can be as decentralized as a coin like Bitcoin, with the ability to process as many transactions as major centralized systems like Visa, at 15,000 TPS. Increasing the amount of user nodes, Vine can easily power over 700,000 transactions per second while maintaining absolute decentralization. Nodes can be created easily via the wallet.
  4. Mass adoption — the Grape team believes that hyper simplicity, compatibility and usability are all key to the mass adoption of Web3 and cryptocurrency. For this reason, Grape is building ANNE, its AI Neural Network Engine, which will power its AI smart contract generator. Using this, users will be able to create complex decentralized websites and DApps in minutes to hours, rather than months and years. The Grape team believes that by making blockchain and Web3 easy to use, mass adoption is inevitable. By allowing anyone to produce DApps with text commands, the amount of decentralized sites and applications can go from hundreds a year to hundreds of thousands a year, creating adoption and perpetual growth while fostering ideas.
  5. Compatibility — the Grape team believes that making things as seamless and compatible with the industry as possible is important for the future. Things like EVM compatibility and integration into commonly used Web2 systems are being built into Grape’s core without compromising security and decentralization.
  6. Finance3 — Grape hopes to drive the decentralized finance revolution through key partnerships that combine the convenience of fiat with the privacy of cryptocurrency.

Taking part in Grape

Grape is offering two opportunities for users to get GRP before its full launch.

Grape distribution

The first is through its seven whitelist distribution rounds, where a limited number of people are able to take part in the distribution.

Grape airdrop

The second opportunity is through Grape’s airdrop. Those interested can increase their chances of getting up to $1 million USD in GRP. It involves joining their socials, tweeting about them, joining the testnet and email blasts. For an even better chance at whitelisting and a super drop, users should also invite people to help build the Grape community.

By participating early on in Grape’s platform, users can secure the lowest prices and potentially benefit from their substantial airdrops.

About Grape

Grape is a decentralized layer-1 ecosystem that aims to provide developers with the tools and infrastructure they need to create complex, future-proof Web3 applications. The contact information and social media pages below provide more information about this growing project.

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Tulipart․com Launches a Collection of Tulip NFTs Minted Daily Over 7 Years


on is a collection of 10,000 unique tulip NFTs. Over a period of 7 years, 4 Tulip NFTs will be minted every day until the goal of 10,000 is reached. Each Tulip NFT consists of six different components, which range from common to exclusive, making them more or less rare.

New Tulip NFTs aren’t available for direct purchase; they are solely distributed to $LAND token holders via a lottery system. Participation involves holding and staking $LAND tokens. Staking a higher amount of $LAND tokens elevates the chances of acquiring a Tulip NFT each day.

$LAND tokens may be procured at no cost via the ongoing airdrop at Any Ethereum address holder can verify their participation eligibility. Ineligibility for the airdrop doesn’t impede the opportunity to procure $LAND on Uniswap, effectively enhancing the probability of winning a Tulip NFT.

About Tulipart is a cutting-edge platform fostering the innovation and creativity within the cryptocurrency and NFT landscapes. Based in Zug, Switzerland, a global hub for blockchain technology, is the epicenter of a unique collection of 10,000 one-of-a-kind tulip NFTs, set to be minted over a period of seven years.

Those interested can visit to claim their $LAND tokens, stake them, and win a Tulip NFT.

Tulipart website:
Airdrop page:

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Artificial intelligence and the crypto sphere: The evolution of financial technology



In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many industries, and the finance industry is no exception. One example of a platform that combines AI and the cryptosphere is AI-Trader. Let’s take a look at how AI is transforming financial technology (fintech), and how AI-Trader is using these opportunities to create advantages in the market.

In the context of the financial sector, one of the main capabilities of AI is its ability to analyze huge amounts of data. AI can process a large amount of information, including historical data, news, social media and other sources, to gain a deep understanding of the current market situation. This allows trends to be predicted and improves forecasting accuracy.

In addition, AI algorithms can automate trading operations by performing technical and fundamental analysis, exploring market data, determining optimal entry and exit points, and even executing trades automatically. This significantly increases reaction speed and reduces the risk of human error and emotional impact on decision making.

The AI-Trader platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze cryptocurrency market data. This platform offers trading automation based on AI algorithms. It is able to quickly respond to changing market conditions and automatically execute trades according to predetermined rules and strategies.

Using AI-Trader allows traders and investors to significantly improve their results and protect their assets in the cryptosphere. Combining AI and cryptocurrency trading, AI-Trader opens up new horizons for fintech by providing more accurate analytical data, enhanced automation and personalized recommendations.

In conclusion, the convergence of AI and the cryptosphere has been a key factor in the evolution of fintech. Features such as those provided by the AI-Trader platform help traders and investors make more informed decisions, improve their trading results and protect their assets.

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Blockchain & loyalty innovators combine to form Kigo, a digital asset company leading a new era of Open Loyalty™



Augeo, a global leader in loyalty and engagement technologies, announced today the formation of Kigo. Kigo combines Heaps, Augeo’s crypto loyalty subsidiary, and Thred, an innovative NFT engagement platform. The two ventures have collectively raised $16 million in funding, including $6.5 million in new commitments from Valor Siren Ventures and Augeo to accelerate the launch of Kigo.

As major brands seek to shape new experiences and embrace digital assets, Kigo trailblazes a new era of Open Loyalty™ defined by sharable experiences, ownable digital assets and cross-brand collaborations. Backed by Augeo’s decades of experience in loyalty serving hundreds of brands and millions of users, Kigo provides the platform and expertise to deliver Open Loyalty to the world.

“The tremendous promise of digital assets unlocks newly possible customer connections and community experiences,” said David Kristal, Founder and CEO of Augeo and Executive Chair of Kigo. “Kigo’s Open Loyalty platform delivers impactful and enduring moments for people to interact with the brands they love. This is significant for the future of loyalty engagement.”

Partnering with Kigo, organizations can create, distribute and manage blockchain-enabled customer, employee and membership experiences—from dynamic digital badges that amplify milestones to shareable rewards, personalized digital memberships and cross-brand collaborations at scale. Brands can also integrate an expansive digital rewards marketplace, where people can redeem loyalty rewards for hyper-relevant digital collectibles, commemoratives, access passes and more, in addition to leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“The key to unlocking new value for people and brands lies in making experiences so intuitive that you don’t even realize you’re interacting with the blockchain,” said Peter Schultze, CEO of Kigo and former Heaps lead. “Kigo aims to bring the benefits of blockchain to people in the most meaningful and rewarding ways yet.”

“Brands are increasingly asking about digital assets in response to growing demand from their customers, members and employees,” said Ben Straley, President and Co-Founder of Kigo and former Thred CEO. “Kigo will seamlessly unlock consumer loyalty and elevate engagement by harnessing the power of digital assets and blockchain technology.”

“The combination of Heaps and Thred positions Kigo as the leader in digital asset loyalty. Kigo’s innovative solutions are unique in the space, and we are grateful to support the team while continuing our longstanding relationship with the Augeo team,” said Jon Shulkin, Fund Manager at Valor Siren Ventures and Co-President at Valor Equity Partners.

About Kigo

Kigo’s platform empowers companies to engage people through new forms of rewards, membership and recognition enabled by blockchain. Kigo was founded in 2023 by Augeo, a global leader in engagement technology, and former Starbucks, Amazon and Thred executive Ben Straley.

For more information, visit

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