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Gear partners with the biggest Mexican universities to bring first Web3 universities hackathon



Gear Technologies is the company behind the Gear protocol, an innovative substrate-based WebAssembly smart-contract platform promising to introduce a new paradigm for decentralized app development in the Web3 industry. Gear’s unique technology stack includes the actor model and persistent memory, which provide natively asynchronous messaging and parallel computation.

Not solely focused on tech development, the company has placed heavy emphasis on providing grassroots education on blockchain technology, Web3 development and naturally, Gear’s smart contract platform. This has come in the form of workshops hosted at universities everywhere from California to Vietnam, including Europe, Africa and Latin America. Seeking to offer education to as many as possible, Gear has also held many digital workshops, participated in various hackathons and presented demonstrations of its platform at major Web3 conventions around the globe.

As its efforts expanded with the success of workshops held in universities across Latin America, this mission has become much bigger than they could have expected. With the help of Fuel, Osis, Polkadot, YBB and leading Mexican universities such as UNAM, IPN, UAM, UPVM, ICEL, UABC, ​​UP, Tec de Monterrey, ITAM and UACAM, Gear managed to organize the first ever Web3 Universities Hackathon in Latin America!

The First Web3 Universities Hackathon took place in Mexico Dec. 15 and 16. Featuring nearly 50 speakers and mentors, it was one the largest hackathons held across Latin America to date. The event brought together developers, influencers, university professors, Web3 professionals and members of the Gear team to share their knowledge and experience. The Gear team believes events like this are essential to bringing the next generation of developers into the Web3 space, and is planning to continue organizing such events in the future. Over 500 participants had access to workshops and presentations by educators and popular figures of the crypto industry of Mexico. The winners of the hackathon are the following teams: ITAM with “Decentralized Diary,” Tec de Monterrey with “Vote Chain,” UACAM with “SmartCube,” IPN ESCOM with “Decentralized Internet” and UP with “NFT ticket.” A total of $12,000 was distributed among the winners.

The hackathon also featured a special activity where specially invited artists painted pictures dedicated to different kinds of feelings, such as love, trust, freedom, wisdom and cats. These paintings have become the first in a collection of Vara non fungible tokens (NFTs) created using a unique smart contract based on Gear protocol technology. The contract includes the information on geolocation, the artist’s name and social network link and most interestingly, in six months’ time, it will automatically provide the next location for the new artists who wish to contribute to the collection. These artists will be required to create a painting under the same theme as the previous artist, ensuring that the collection eventually becomes a beautiful art gallery showcasing talent from around the world.

The “NFT feelings on Vara” collection is a dynamic and evolving work of art, with each new artist adding their own unique contributions to the end result. The specifics of each piece, including the number of paintings, style, artist name and place of creation, are randomly determined on the Vara testnet blockchain. The smart contract ensures that each addition to the collection is unique and adds an element of unpredictability to the final artwork. The first-ever Gear Christmas party auction featuring these NFTs from Mexico’s talented independent artists took place on Dec. 17 at Bitcoin Embassy Bar in Mexico city and was a great success, with all paintings selling out! All income generated from the sale of the NFTs went directly to the artists, and the buyers got not only the NFT but also the real painting done by the artists during the hackathon.

Gear’s chief ecosystem officer, Pavel Salas, commented: “Gear was honored to be able to facilitate and take part in this incredible event, bringing together universities, Web3 industry projects, students and many more to learn and collaborate. Featuring an impressive lineup of speakers, workshops, networking opportunities, side events and auctions, it was an unforgettable experience for all who attended. The hackathon provided a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with experts in the field and learn about the latest technologies and trends in the Web3 industry. It was just the beginning. We expect to do the next one in six months with even more students from a broader number of universities and a bigger number of projects to collaborate with.”



ATH Token Presale on AthenaDexFi Nearing Its Conclusion: Only $10,000 Left



The cryptocurrency world is about to witness an extraordinary event as the ATH Token presale on AthenaDexFi nears its conclusion. With only $10,000 remaining to be raised, excitement among investors is soaring.

ATH Token positions itself as a unique investment opportunity, offering investors an innovative and secure way to participate in the future of cryptocurrencies. The project stands out for its transparency and security, with all presale information and specifications available on the official channels.

The presale is taking place on, a cutting-edge decentralized platform committed to ensuring maximum security for investors. What truly makes ATH Token unique is its fully managed approach to ICO investments. The development team handles everything, from project analysis to transaction management, enabling investors to participate in promising projects without the hassle of managing every aspect of the investment.

Moreover, AthenaDexfi provides a hassle-free and risk-free investment experience. Any profits generated are sent directly to investors’ wallets, without the need for complicated steps or intermediaries. This has been demonstrated by the success of the Portal project, which has already brought good profits to investors.

With only $10,000 left to raise, now is the ideal time for investors to take part in the ATH Token presale. The AthenaDexFi team is ready to guide investors through every phase of the process, ensuring smooth and transparent participation.

In conclusion, ATH Token represents an unmissable opportunity for investors looking to participate in the future of cryptocurrencies. With its presale ongoing on AthenaDexFi, there has never been a better time to join the cryptocurrency revolution and reap significant benefits. For more information and to participate in the presale, visit the official website at

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CyberConnect Rebrands To Cyber And Releases the First L2 for Social on Mainnet



In partnership with AltLayer, Optimism, and EigenLayer, Cyber, the first L2 for social, has been launched on Mainnet!

Cyber leverages leading modular solutions, such as Optimism’s OP Stack and customized infrastructure secured by EigenLayer’s Actively Validated Services (AVS). To meet the unique needs of social applications, Cyber expands on these by integrating purpose-built tools developed by the team. To mark this significant launch, CyberConnect has rebranded to Cyber with a revamped VI and spun out Link3 to focus on its L2 and developer-centric offerings.

H2: Cyber, Previously Known As CyberConnect, Unveils The First L2 For Social

Cyber, formerly CyberConnect, has announced the launch of its L2 on Mainnet and its rebranded identity. This consolidates all the developer-centric solutions and infrastructure offerings released by the team under a single brand, centered around its new Layer 2 for social applications. Cyber aims to simplify application development through an all-in-one platform that integrates high-performance infrastructure and purpose-built tools.

Over the last few years, the team behind Cyber has introduced several products, including the CyberConnect Protocol, CyberWallet, and Link3, which have shaped the web3 social landscape. With a refined focus on their L2, Cyber is spinning out Link3 as a standalone brand. Rebranded Cyber comes with a fully revamped visual identity that’s young, bold, and adaptive, signifying the value social can bring to a diversity of use-cases. To celebrate the launch of Cyber and its rebrand, a commemorative NFT mint is being held.

H3: High-Performance Infrastructure With Purpose-Built Features For Social

Deployed by AltLayer using Optimism’s OP Stack, Cyber joins the Superchain alongside several OP stack L2s including Base and Mode. By doing so, it adopts a shared vision and pledges to contribute a portion of the revenue generated by its sequencer back to the Optimism Collective.

Cyber aims to facilitate the creation of social applications that offer a familiar web2-like experience, enriched with web3 benefits. Through native Account Abstraction and familiar authentication methods such as Passkey and Webauthn, Cyber enables FaceID wallet access for users. Cyber also natively supports Smart Accounts, allowing for gas sponsorship, which is crucial for user adoption.

For developers, Cyber incorporates features built by the team into its L2 to meet the specific needs of social applications. Cyber’s unique infrastructure features include its enshrined CyberConnect Protocol and CyberDB. These enable developers to interact with and store social data securely and efficiently.

During the next month, Cyber is focused on attracting projects and applications for users to engage and play in their upcoming Social Summer Campaign. To support ecosystem growth, Cyber has set aside $2M for grants to builders. It has already distributed $170k in $CYBER tokens during the pilot phase of their Ecosystem Grants program. Several additional grant rounds will come, so developers actively building or considering building innovative social apps and infrastructure are encouraged to join the ecosystem. Developers interested in building on Cyber can visit its Developer Documentation.

About Cyber

Cyber, the L2 for social, enables developers to create apps that transform how people connect, create, monetize, and share the value they generate.

By simplifying workflows and accelerating time to market, Cyber streamlines development through an all-in-one platform that integrates high-performance infrastructure—with ultra-low fees and high TPS—and purpose-built tools for social applications, such as the CyberConnect protocol and CyberDB. To meet the demand for a seamless UX in social applications, Cyber offers a familiar, web2-like experience enriched with web3 benefits, through features like native Account Abstraction and seedless wallets.

With 3 years of experience in building decentralized social networks, Cyber leverages its resources and knowledge to nurture a synergistic ecosystem with strong support systems atop its L2.

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Business, Leading DEX in TON Ecosystem, Secures Funding from CoinFund



Today,, a leading decentralized automated market maker exchange (AMM DEX) built on the TON blockchain, announces a previously undisclosed round led by CoinFund with participation from Delphi Ventures, Karatage and TON Ventures, as well as Sergej Kunz and Anton Bukov, Co-Founders at 1inch, and Philipp Zentner, CEO of LI.FI. The funding will be used to fuel operations for’s rapid growth, on a mission to expand DeFi services to Telegram users via instant exchange of Toncoin and USD stablecoins for any native token at the best rate. provides a decentralized cross-blockchain platform that allows users to effortlessly trade their crypto assets across multiple blockchains without the need for bridging or wrapping. Integrating seamlessly with the rapidly growing Telegram Messenger and its 900 million monthly active users (MAUs), offers a user-friendly and accessible solution that empowers individuals to manage their digital assets while maintaining full control.

“ exists to make it simple and fair for everyone to access DeFi as easily as they use Telegram,” said Slavik Baranov, CEO of “ is building a cross-blockchain decentralized platform that provides a reliable and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies without relying on centralized institutions.”

The innovative and distinguishing aspect of is the OMNISTON protocol, which allows the implementation of direct cross-chain swaps and eliminates the need for intermediaries or third parties. This approach minimizes user risk associated with security breaches and significantly enhances the transaction speed. Since the beginning of 2024,’s liquidity measured by total value locked (“TVL”) has increased 26x and its MAUs 49x. Today, is #1 in the two most important DeFi categories, TON native TVL with greater than $115M and spot volume of roughly $676M in April.

“ is the liquidity layer underpinning the consumer crypto activity on TON,” said Einar Braathen, Partner at CoinFund. “The seamless integration into Telegram Messenger opens up native possibilities for simple peer-to-peer transfers of digital assets, serving users where they are, and eliminating the need for intermediaries. is poised to capture the real momentum driven by the cultural moment that Telegram is having right now.”

As Telegram has developed a global user base, its users have demonstrated they have real need for an app ecosystem underpinned by blockchain. is a key building block for applications and mini-apps on Telegram enabling developers to easily integrate TON DeFi through the SDK.

About is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the TON blockchain, characterized by its dominance in the number of available tokens, total value locked (TVL), trading volume and users. It is designed for seamless integration with TON wallets, enabling trading of any TON-based token. In addition, offers advanced functionalities including farming and staking. The platform has also announced the development of innovative ‘OMNISTON’ protocol, which will allow cross-chain swaps, facilitating exchanging between different blockchains without the need for bridging or wrapping.

About CoinFund

CoinFund is one of the world’s first cryptonative investment firms and a registered investment adviser founded in 2015. The firm champions the leaders of the new internet, powered by foresight as active investors to achieve extraordinary outcomes. CoinFund invests in seed, venture, and liquid opportunities within the blockchain sector with a focus on digital assets, decentralization technologies, and key enabling infrastructure.

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From Asia to Europe: Tracing MCoin’s Rapid Global Adoption



In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, MCoin has carved out a unique space for itself, standing out as a beacon of innovation and practical utility. Originating from the dynamic blockchain platform M20 Chain, MCoin has seen an exponential increase in adoption across continents, particularly in Asia and Europe. This article explores the trajectory of MCoin’s growth, the factors contributing to its success, and its impact on the global cryptocurrency landscape.

MCoin’s Foundations in Asia

The story of MCoin begins in Asia, where it tapped into the region’s burgeoning interest in blockchain technology and digital currencies. The Asian market, known for its receptiveness to technological advancements, provided the perfect launching pad for MCoin. The strategic deployment of MCoin within various sectors, including fintech and ecommerce, facilitated by the M20 Chain’s robust infrastructure, led to rapid adoption among both businesses and consumers eager for innovative transaction solutions.

Expansion Strategies and Market Penetration

Key to MCoin’s expansion was its strategic partnerships with major Asian tech companies and financial institutions. These alliances helped integrate MCoin into everyday financial operations, enhancing its usability and appeal. Marketing initiatives focused on educating the public about the benefits of blockchain and MCoin’s role in this new digital economy further fueled its adoption.

Breaking into the European Market

Leveraging its success in Asia, MCoin began making significant inroads into the European market. Europe’s strong regulatory framework for digital currencies offered MCoin a structured and stable environment to expand its operations. The transparency and security of M20 Chain, verified by independent audits, appealed to European consumers and regulators alike, facilitating smoother entries into these new markets.

Cultural Tailoring and Localization

A crucial aspect of MCoin’s strategy was its focus on localization. Understanding that one size does not fit all, MCoin adapted its offerings to meet the diverse cultural and economic needs of European countries. From multi-language support in the digital wallets to compliance with local financial regulations, MCoin tailored its features to enhance user experience, making it a preferred choice for European users.

The Role of Community and Continuous Innovation

At the heart of MCoin’s expansion strategy is its vibrant, engaged community. Forums, webinars, and workshops have played pivotal roles in building a loyal user base. Continuous innovation, such as the development of new blockchain functionalities and enhancements in transaction efficiency, keeps the community engaged and helps attract new users.

Future Prospects

As MCoin continues to expand its footprint globally, it remains committed to innovation and user satisfaction. Upcoming features, such as enhanced cross-chain integration and even greener blockchain solutions, are set to further boost MCoin’s attractiveness to a global audience.


From Asia to Europe, MCoin’s journey is a testament to the potential of cryptocurrencies to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, reshaping how transactions are conducted globally. As it continues to grow, MCoin not only enriches its users’ financial operations but also contributes significantly to the maturation and sophistication of the global cryptocurrency market.

Stay updated on MCoin’s journey by following on CoinMarketCap and joining the growing community on social media. Discover how MCoin is setting the standard for digital currency innovation and global adoption.

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XREX Singapore Receives MAS Major Payment Institution Licence



XREX Singapore, a blockchain-enabled financial institution specialising in cross-border payments in emerging markets, announced today that it has obtained the Major Payment Institution (MPI) Licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the nation’s central bank and financial regulator. This comes after it received its in-principle approval from the MAS in November last year.

Commenting on XREX’s engagement with the MAS, XREX Singapore Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Christopher Chye said, “Our engagements with the MAS have repeatedly shown us why they are internationally revered as a leading central bank and financial regulator. With this licence in hand, XREX Singapore will endeavour to bring blockchain-enabled digital payment currencies to ubiquity.”

XREX Singapore facilitates frictionless cross-border payments for import and export transactions, particularly for small-medium businesses (SMBs) in emerging markets. This strategic emphasis aligns with XREX’s mission to foster financial inclusion in emerging markets.

“The MPI licence is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the highest regulatory compliance standards. We look forward to working with one of the world’s leading regulators to make blockchain finance safe and accessible to the general public,” said XREX Co-founder and Group CEO Wayne Huang.

XREX Singapore will launch XREX Pay, a platform providing cross-border B2B payment features for corporates, as well as remittance solutions, such as helping migrant workers send money home. XREX Pay will support Singapore Dollar (SGD) and U.S. Dollar (USD) payment rails and stablecoins such as USDT and USDC, all while demonstrating a robust and practical implementation of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) travel rule.

XREX Singapore’s licence encompasses a total of six payment services, namely:
i) Account issuance service;
ii) Domestic money transfer service;
iii) Cross-border money transfer service;
iv) Merchant acquisition service;
v) E-money issuance service; and
vi) Digital payment token service.

“XREX is approved for six of the seven payment services under the MPI licencing regime. With XREX Singapore as the group’s Asia Pacific headquarters, XREX looks forward to expanding its partnership with major banks, credit card institutions, and payment institutions to build next-generation financial systems that integrate traditional and blockchain finance,” said XREX Co-founder and Group Chief Revenue Officer Winston Hsiao.

About XREX

XREX Singapore is an MAS-regulated financial institution that leverages blockchain technology to make cross-border payments faster, cheaper, and safer for businesses globally. Its proprietary escrow payment feature, BitCheck, empowers enterprises to switch flexibly between digital currencies, stablecoins, or traditional currencies, thereby ushering their businesses into the new era of digital money. XREX Singapore also specializes in working with emerging markets businesses to help solve their issues with USD liquidity access.

XREX Group, is a blockchain-enabled financial institution working with banks, regulators, and users to redefine banking together. It provides enterprise-grade banking services to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in or dealing with emerging markets, and novice-friendly financial services to individuals worldwide.

Founded in 2018 and operating globally under multiple licences, XREX offers a full suite of services such as digital asset custody, wallet, cross-border payment, fiat-crypto conversion, cryptocurrency exchange, asset management, and fiat currency on-off ramps.

Sharing the social responsibility of financial inclusion, XREX leverages blockchain technologies to further financial participation, access, and education.

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JanOne to Acquire ALT 5 Sigma Inc., a Leading Next Generation Blockchain Financial Technology Provider



JanOne Inc. announced today that it has executed a Definitive Agreement to acquire blockchain financial technology provider, ALT 5 Sigma Inc., a Delaware corporation, and each of its wholly-owned subsidiaries. The transaction is anticipated to close the week of May 13th, 2024 and is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory requirements as applicable.

Launched in 2018, ALT 5 is a fintech that provides next generation blockchain-powered technologies to enable a migration to a new global financial paradigm. ALT 5, through its subsidiaries, offers two main platforms to its customers: “ALT 5 Pay” and “ALT 5 Prime.”

ALT 5 Pay is a crypto-currency payment gateway that enables registered and approved global merchants to accept and make crypto-currency payments or to integrate the ALT 5 Pay payment platform into their application or operations using the plugin with WooCommerce and or ALT 5 Pay’s checkout widgets and APIs. Merchants have the option to convert to fiat currency (US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds Sterling) automatically or to receive their payment in digital assets.

ALT 5 Prime is an electronic over-the-counter trading platform, that enables registered and approved customers to buy and sell digital assets. Customers can purchase digital assets with fiat and, equally, can sell digital assets and receive fiat. ALT 5 Prime is available through a browser-based access, mobile phone application named “ALT 5 Pro” that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, from Google Play, through ALT 5 Prime’s FIX API, as well as through Broadridge Financial Solutions’ NYFIX gateway for approved customers.

According to Research and “The Payment Processing Solutions Market size is estimated to grow from approximately USD 100 Billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 9.5% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2030.” In addition the report states, “Technological advancements, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, are revolutionizing the payment processing landscape.”

“We believe that ALT 5’s innovative solutions provide significant competitive advantages in this market and together we can help them continue their growth,” said Tony Isaac, President and CEO of JanOne Inc. “The innovative products and services delivered by ALT 5 to its global customers are at the forefront of the payment processing industry and have contributed to reducing risk and eliminating costly credit card charge-backs. In addition, ALT 5 has developed a profitable business that we can assist to rapidly scale globally. With ALt5 as the foundation, we will begin working with the Alt5 team to identify additional opportunities for expansion of the product portfolio, and the scale of the business.”

Mr. Andre Beauchesne, President of ALT 5 Sigma Inc., stated, “Since our beginning in 2018, it has been one of our objectives to be a part of publicly traded company and being acquired by JanOne starts a bright new chapter in our growth story.” He added, “As we continue to build on our strong foundation, JanOne’s management team and public listing will help leverage many opportunities.”

Overview of the transaction

At closing, JanOne will issue to the former stockholders of ALT 5 1,799,100 shares of its common stock, which represents approximately 19.9% of JanOne’s will issue to the outstanding common stock as of May 10, and (ii) 34,207 shares of its Series B non-convertible, non-redeemable preferred stock. At closing ALT 5 Sigma Inc. and its subsidiaries shall become wholly owned subsidiaries of JanOne.

Additional details about the acquisition can be found on JanOne’s website at or in JanOne’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission at

About JanOne Inc.

JanOne is a unique Nasdaq-listed company offering innovative, actionable solutions intended to help end the opioid crisis. JanOne is dedicated to funding resources toward innovation, technology, and education to find a key resolution to the national opioid epidemic, which is one of the deadliest and most widespread in the nation’s history. Its drugs in the clinical trial pipeline have shown promise for their innovative targeting of the causes of pain as a strategic option for physicians averse to exposing patients to addictive opioids.

Please visit for additional information.

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From Passive Views to Steady Income: HYDRO Unlocks the Power of User Engagement



In today’s digital landscape, where website traffic can be fleeting, a new approach is redefining how online presence translates into tangible revenue. Introducing HYDRO Online, a platform that is designed to help publishers maximize users engagement into a steady stream of income.

The Engagement Advantage: Redefining Website Monetization

Traditional monetization methods like advertisements, paywalls, and subscriptions have presented limitations for small business owners, bloggers, and digital entrepreneurs. With HYDRO, revenue is tied to the quality of user interactions, converting every scroll, click, and view into a monetization opportunity rather than relying on mere visitor counts.

Seamless Integration, Uncompromised User Experience

HYDRO seamlessly integrates with websites, ensuring a non-intrusive and visually appealing experience for visitors. By prioritizing engagement over disruptive tactics, HYDRO enhances the overall website experience, fostering audience loyalty and increasing the likelihood of return visits.

Empowering Digital Creators and Entrepreneurs

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, HYDRO presents a solution to maximize their online presence with minimal technical expertise required. The platform integrates with various web platforms, empowering those with limited IT knowledge to unlock new revenue streams quickly.

Bloggers also benefit from HYDRO’s approach by incentivizing high-quality, compelling content that engages audiences, resulting in increased site stickiness and a loyal readership primed for sustainable revenue.

Scalability and Versatility: A Future-Proof Solution

HYDRO’s versatility caters to digital entrepreneurs operating larger or multiple sites. The platform complements existing strategies like affiliate marketing or e-commerce, allowing for diversified revenue streams that enhance current income sources.

Growth and Potential: Rewarding User Interaction

With HYDRO, income potential grows alongside traffic and engagement. This direct correlation rewards efforts to enhance visibility and foster meaningful interactions, making content and marketing investments more worthwhile. The platform also encourages audience loyalty through quality content production.

Ethical Monetization: Building Trust and Confidence

HYDRO commits to non-intrusive, ethical monetization practices, helping build audience trust – crucial for maintaining engagement and a positive brand reputation in an increasingly privacy-conscious digital environment.

Conclusion: Transforming Engagements into Value

HYDRO Online redefines how website traffic is valued and monetized by focusing on engagement. It empowers businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs to efficiently and ethically maximize their digital assets for sustainable revenue generation.


HYDRO offers innovative monetization solutions, helping content creators harness their online presence’s full potential. Committed to ethical practices and cutting-edge technology, HYDRO partners with those seeking to transform digital engagements into meaningful, sustainable revenue.

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RAIR Technologies launches RAIRprotocol – Open source infrastructure for enterprise dApp development



RAIR Technologies today announced the launch of RAIRprotocol, a fully open-source dApp protocol layer. RAIRprotocol enables the creation of scalable dApps through an open token licensing model. Smart Account, Marketplace, DRM, & NFT infrastructure all in one place. RAIRprotocol offers out-of-the-box partnerships with Alchemy and Web3Auth, as well as integrations for Filebase, Google Cloud, Hashicorp, MongoDB Atlas, Coingecko, and many more. For the first time, 88+ documented API endpoints are available for enterprises to deploy via a novel open-source token licensing model.

“One of the main reasons Web3 isn’t growing and expanding beyond Web2 is because every Web3 startup wants to be Google. To succeed, Web3 must adhere to its foundational principles: decentralization, transparency, and community involvement,” said Ed Prado, CEO of RAIR Technologies. “Large enterprises can minimize risk and gain a strategic advantage by integrating directly with our code.”

The RAIR open-source codebase represents four years and $3mm+ of proprietary development. Developers have the flexibility to utilize RAIR Technologies and RAIRprotocol together or independently, tailoring their approach to suit their specific project requirements. The 6 launch open-source microservices services include:

  • RAIRsolidity: Granular onchain NFT minting, royalty, resale, fungible token credit, and marketplace logic via ERC2535 upgradeable diamond multi-proxy contracts
  • RAIRnode: A backend to create modular API endpoints and scalable off chain cloud infrastructure.
  • RAIRfrontend: Deploying customizable mobile-first NFT marketplace frontends
  • RAIRstream: DRM-protected content with a full FFmpeg encoder/transcoder
  • RAIRsync: Specify all smart contract addresses to sync via Alchemy syncing engine
  • RAIRinfra: Full open-sourcing of RAIR cloud infrastructure tooling including Kubernetes and terraform workflows

The RAIR open token license, inspired by the Apache 2.0 methodology, requires that an NFT license be included inside the NOTICE file of derivative works. This means that any projects based on or derived from RAIR’s open-source code must include a specific NFT license notice to maintain compliance with the licensing terms.

“With RAIRprotocol, developers can build onchain starting with a fully working box. It takes years and millions of dollars to build production grade dApps. By starting with a working opensource dApp, we can 10x the speed new developers onboard to Web3.” said Garrett Minks, CTO of RAIR Technologies.

The RAIRprotocol has been in active development since 2019 as an investor-backed, heretofore proprietary enterprise SaaS product. To learn about the RAIRprotocol and RAIR Technologies’ full suite of now open-source Web3 software, please visit


RAIR Technologies enables enterprises to seamlessly navigate asset creation, DRM security, royalty tracking, and marketplace trade and execution within a secure white-label environment. RAIR is driving innovation with its open-source RAIRprotocol. RAIRprotocol fosters scalability and innovation through a distinctive token licensing model that allows full access to the underlying RAIR Technologies source code.

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CREAT’OR Shakes Up Equity Crowdfunding With Beta Stage ICO and StakeXchange Platform



CREAT’OR (Crypto Related Equity And Token Operational Resources) has officially launched its highly anticipated Initial Coin Offering (ICO), currently in the BETA Stage, offering an incredible 85% discount on its CRET Token. This is a remarkable event in the company’s journey towards upgrading the Equity Crowdfunding industry via Web 3.0.

Within the tendencies of Web 3.0, CREAT’OR is designing an alternative crowdfunding platform that seamlessly blends blockchain technology with traditional financing models. This special approach brings transparency, efficiency, and democratic principles to the crypto crowdfunding space. Unlike traditional equity investments, CREAT’OR’s StakeXchange platform empowers investors to unlock, sell, or trade their equity positions directly within the project’s ecosystem, enhancing liquidity and opening new avenues for engagement and growth.

James Galler, Co-founder and Managing Director of CREAT’OR, highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation, stating, “Within the realm of Web 3.0, CREAT’OR is leading the charge with our groundbreaking crowdfunding platform. Our approach seamlessly blends blockchain technology with traditional financing models, ushering in an era where transparency and efficiency meet democratic principles in the crypto crowdfunding space. As co-founder and Managing Director, I’m proud to say that we’re not just facilitating funding accessibility for businesses of all sizes; we’re also offering investors a diverse array of transparent investment opportunities. But what truly sets us apart is our innovative StakeXchange platform. Unlike traditional equity investments, StakeXchange empowers investors to unlock, sell, or trade their equity positions directly within the CREAT’OR ecosystem. This unique feature not only enhances liquidity but also opens up new avenues for engagement and growth. At CREAT’OR, we’re not just closing gaps; we’re blazing trails in the digital economy, shaping the future of financing one innovative step at a time.”


The competitive advantage of CREAT’OR lies in its innovative fusion of blockchain technology with traditional financing models. This distinctive blend positions CREAT’OR as a transparent, secure, and accessible hub for funding, while simultaneously offering diverse investment opportunities. By seamlessly integrating blockchain into its platform, CREAT’OR ensures immutable records, transparent transactions, and heightened security, instilling confidence among both businesses seeking funding and investors. Moreover, this integration expands the investor base to include enthusiasts of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovations. The company’s hybrid approach not only enhances transparency and security but also provides a wide array of investment options, catering to various investor preferences. In essence, CREAT’OR serves as a bridge between the traditional financial world and the evolving blockchain ecosystem, setting itself apart in the competitive environment and fostering a more inclusive and dynamic future for crowdfunding and investments.

For more information about the project please visit the official website, read their whitepaper, and refer to the specified communication channels:


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BitVM-Based Bitlayer’s $50M Developer Incentive Airdrop Program Brings in Over 800 Projects



Bitlayer, the first Bitcoin Layer 2 based on the BitVM paradigm, is currently working on building the largest Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem.

According to official data, the $50 million developer incentive airdrop program launched by Bitlayer has already attracted more than 800 projects to sign up. These projects encompass a variety of categories, including infrastructure, DeFi, NFTs, memes, SocialFi, cross-chain bridges, and wallets.

Additionally, Bitlayer has launched a popularity ranking list for projects during the preparatory phase in order to visualize the community activity of the project parties. Before voting ends on May 10th, users can actively participate in voting to earn Ready Player One Campaign Points. Concurrently, the project team can build up popularity points, which will contribute to an advantageous position in the official Bitlayer leaderboard rankings. As of now, the event has attracted over 5 million votes.

What is Ready Player One?

Ready Player One is an open incentive program designed to distribute token rewards valued at over $50M to protocols and teams that stand out for their deployment on the Bitlayer mainnet, helping them gain industry exposure, funding, and acceleration of community and business growth.

The Ready Player One developer incentive airdrop program is divided into four phases:

Registration Epoch: March 29th to May 10th.

Projects will complete their event registration and join the Bitlayer builder group.

Preparation Epoch: April 23rd to May 10th.

Community members can accumulate Ready Player One points and have a chance to gain a Bitlayer Lucky Helmet NFT. Project teams are encouraged to gather community resources through voting to increase their awareness and support.

Competition Epoch: Estimated Duration from May 11th to July 11th

Project teams will participate in leaderboard competitions as well as an accelerator program to compete for developer airdrop rewards and grants.

Reward Settlement and Issuance Epoch: Starting May 11th

Based on the competition’s outcome, Bitlayer will tally points and distribute rewards following the end of the competition.

In addition to generous token rewards, Bitlayer commits to providing comprehensive ecosystem support for all projects, offering the following resources to builders:

  • Potential investment from the foundation and institutions
  • Initial liquidity support
  • Comprehensive product development resources
  • Mentorship and pitch opportunities from top-tier incubators
  • Support from the Bitcoin community and OGs
  • Ecosystem collaboration and co-creation

All teams participating in Ready Player One are eligible to apply for these resources. Bitlayer will regularly announce a list of projects receiving Bitlayer’s support, ensuring that their innovations receive the growth and resources they deserve.

How are Airdrop Rewards Distributed?

Bitlayer developer airdrop rewards will be distributed through a combination of leaderboard competitions and an accelerator program.

Leaderboard competition

Based on the principles of fairness, openness, and transparency, Bitlayer will establish a leaderboard for all successfully registered projects. Bitlayer Dapp Points will be calculated and updated daily based on a variety of metrics, including Total Value Locked (TVL), trading volume, number of transactions, product strength, number of active users, retention rate, activity level, and popularity.

The more Bitlayer Dapp Points a project accumulates, the higher its ranking will be. Bitlayer will distribute the rewards uniformly at the end of the competition.

Accelerator program

To provide more targeted support for crypto entrepreneurs, we will launch the Bitlayer Accelerator Program concurrently with the start of the Bitlayer Ecosystem Leaderboard Competition. This program is open to all participants of the developer incentive airdrop program, and successful registration will automatically place you on the shortlist for the accelerator, eliminating the need for a separate application.

To ensure a higher level of transparency and fairness in the selection process, Bitlayer plans to establish a jury comprising organizations such as the Bitlayer Foundation team and many leading web3 VCs such as ABCDE Capital. The jury will professionally assess and vote based on various dimensions including project category, team background, and community engagement.

Bitlayer intends to hold monthly selections, with projects that secure the most votes receiving token airdrop rewards of up to $3 million. The distribution of all rewards will cease once they have been fully disbursed.

The Leaderboard Competition and Accelerator Program will not only bring outstanding teams to the forefront but also provide a differentiated incentive mechanism to help startups achieve a successful launch and secure growth within the Bitlayer ecosystem.

About Bitlayer

Bitlayer is the first Bitcoin Layer 2 solution based on the BitVM paradigm. Bitlayer’s core objective is to address the trade-off between security (trustlessness) and Turing-completeness in BTC layer 2 through cryptographic innovations and blockchain protocol engineering.

Bitlayer is committed to becoming the computation layer for Bitcoin, aiming to introduce ultra-scalability to Bitcoin while inheriting its security, providing users with a high-throughput, low-cost transaction experience.

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