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Roger Ver Publishes Video Defending His Babies Are Dying Statement



Former Bitcoin proponent-turned Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver has published a video in response to the criticism he received over a now famous outburst he had during a debate with Blockstream president Samson Mow. The incident referred to occurred at the Deconomy Conference in Korea this April.

Ver Defends Earlier “Babies Are Dying” Comments

Ver received immense criticism from the Bitcoin community for stating that “babies are dying” thanks to a lack of economic freedom around the world.

In his video response, he admits that he has been wanting to make such a retort for a long time. He goes on to blame the mockery he received on either a lack of compassion from those hurling insults or a lack of understanding of economics.

The video itself largely draws on the work of a blogger at who goes by the name of Solitude. Ver focuses on some research done by Solitude into infant mortality rates of nations who have various levels of economic freedom. The figures do suggest that people die as a result of a lack of economic freedom.

However, the evidence provided is hardly conclusive. There are a myriad of factors that influence life expectancy and infant mortality around the world. That said, I’m also not about to delve deeply into that particular debate as it would be much too lengthy for such a news article.

A much more relevant debate is how each of the two approaches to scaling Bitcoin plays out over the longer term and whether this promotes or restricts the usability and security of Bitcoin. Does a blockchain with enormous blocks really promote economic freedom when the cost of running a node increases dramatically in tandem with the size of the blocks themselves?

The scaling solution of increasing the size of the blocks seems like it would invite larger problems down the line when only a handful of companies can afford to run mining equipment. This would serve to further enrich a minority and would lead to a potential monopoly over the direction that the protocol’s development takes. Fewer miners on the network is certainly not in line with “Satoshi’s vision.”

Of course, the large fees that caused the split in the Bitcoin last year were unacceptable if Bitcoin is to be used a means of payment. However, creating a way to scale Bitcoin in a way that promotes decentralisation whilst maintaining the robust security model of the network is much tougher than simply increasing the blocksize repeatedly. It is a problem that consumes the minds of some of the most intelligent developers on the planet.

If the necessary computing components were cheap and abundant enough for literally anyone around the world to run a super computer capable of mining a 1GB blockchain (or however large it would need to be for truly global adoption), it’s highly unlikely that there would be any debate at all. The fact is, they are not. They may be in the future, but for now Bitcoin is much too precious an asset to scale into centralisation in such a way.



CardanoGPT (CGI) Token Skyrockets Amid AI Crypto Frenzy, Urging Investors to Seize the Opportunity



In an electrifying surge that has captured the attention of the cryptocurrency world, CardanoGPT (CGI) witnessed a remarkable 40% increase in value within just 24 hours, following the unveiling of OpenAI’s groundbreaking Sora and a significant profit jump for Nvidia, a company that produces chips that most AI companies use.

This surge positions $CGI not just as a token of interest on the Cardano ecosystem, but as a must-have asset for forward-thinking investors and AI enthusiasts alike.

A Leap Forward for CardanoGPT and AI Cryptocurrencies

CardanoGPT, a pioneering Cardano-based cryptocurrency, is at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline web3 community management. Amidst a wave of enthusiasm within the Cardano blockchain, CGI’s value has not only soared by over 40% in recent days but also experienced an astounding 1000% growth over the past six months.

As of the latest data from Taptools, CGI ranks among the top three gainers within the Cardano ecosystem, outpacing notable projects like $AGIX.

The Rising Star: $CGI Token

Currently trading at $1.60 according to Coinmarketcap, the $CGI token is enveloped in optimism, with many investors and enthusiasts predicting it will surpass its all-time high of $3.55 in the upcoming bull run.

CGI serves a dual purpose within the CardanoGPT platform, acting as both a utility token and a governance token for platform decisions.

Essential for accessing the platform’s innovative features, such as the Girolamo AI Agent, CGI tokens are the key to a new era of AI-driven community management.

Introducing the Girolamo AI Discord Agent

Named after the renowned mathematician Girolamo Cardano, the Girolamo AI Discord agent is a testament to CardanoGPT’s technological prowess, offering contextually aware responses and the remarkable ability to generate and interpret images.

An Exclusive Opportunity: Beta Testing with a Minimum of 5000 CGI Tokens

CardanoGPT has outlined specific participation criteria for those eager to beta test the Girolamo AI agent, including the requirement to hold at least 5000 CGI tokens.

This threshold not only encourages investment in the burgeoning CGI ecosystem but also grants exclusive access to cutting-edge AI functionalities.

Earn Rewards and Explore Governance Opportunities

Investors have the chance to provide liquidity with $CGI on Wingriders, a rapidly growing dex on Cardano, and enjoy farming rewards of up to $2000 every five days.

Furthermore, speculative insights suggest that CardanoGPT is developing staking contracts that will allow $CGI holders to earn additional tokens and engage in the early stages of platform governance.

Why Invest in CGI Now?

The meteoric rise of the CGI token is a clear indicator of CardanoGPT’s commitment to delivering AI-powered products that redefine community management in the blockchain space. As the AI cryptocurrency sector flourishes, CGI emerges as an invaluable asset for investors seeking to capitalize on the next big wave of digital innovation.

Act Now: The Time to Buy CGI is Here

With the AI crypto market on an unprecedented upswing and CGI’s potential trajectory poised to break records, the call to action for savvy investors is clear:

Acquiring at least 5000 CGI tokens now could unlock unparalleled opportunities in the burgeoning field of AI and blockchain technology.

Join CardanoGPT’s discord server to connect with the fast growing $CGI community.

About CardanoGPT

CardanoGPT is revolutionizing the blockchain space with its AI-driven solutions, making it easier for web3 communities to manage and engage. By integrating cutting-edge AI technology with the robust Cardano blockchain, CardanoGPT is setting new standards for innovation, accessibility, and community involvement in the digital era.


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FxBox – Crypto GameFi & DeFi with Forex Trading




GameFi, NFTs & DeFi with Forex Trading (Investing & Trading P2E Financial Games). Fairly organized P2E Web3 GameFi project. Staking & Farming, Mining Currency NFTs, Marketplace NFTs, Decentralized Lottery, Trading from $1, Leverage 1:100 up to 1:1000, Swap Free & $FXB Token Accounts

Box Rules & NFT Probabilities:

FxBox players buy and unlock boxes for NFTs! 90 USDT can open 1 box which generates 1 random NFT and random Mining Power by rarity.

The NFT rarity obtained by opening the treasure box is completely random and is based on an RNG algorithm which generates your random NFT. The probabilities of obtaining NFTs are listed on the table.The opened Cards will be automatically staked and generate Mining Power. The more Mining Power you have, the more FXB tokens you can earn passively.

If you open a box, you may face a cooldown error when trying to sell the newly opened cards. This cooldown lasts 30 – 45 hours and is designed to prevent bad actors from cheating the box system. Please be patient if this occurs.

Only until March 15

Try mining NFTs

About Lucky Box:
Don’t miss out on the future of finance!

FxBox Features:


Buy NFTs and stake the mining pool. Earn money online every second. More Mining Power (MP) will bring more revenue. NFT Currencies provide passive income to YOU as a FXBOX investor. Not only can you trade or stake but you can also mine with passive FXB flowing into your wallet every second with NO WORK required. This mining income is coming in the form of the FXB token.


FxBox Marketplace is where you can sell and buy NFT. You can build your favorite NFT collection and earn commissions from affiliate programs.


$FXB Liquidity Pools

$FXB/BNB or $FXB/USDT tokens pairs can be staked and farmed NFTs with reward points, which can be earned daily based on the number of $FXB tokens that you have staked before.
You can claim the desired NFT when a sufficient quantity of points is earned.

$FXB Tokenomics

90% FxBox Community (Based on Mining Pool)
4% For Launchpad, Liquidity pools, Airdrops, Bounty. First year only
6% FxBox Ecosystem (Lottery injections, Forex and Oracle games).

For more info:
Telegram Chat:

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Zeebu Sets New Standard with Automated Token Burn via Phoenix Protocol



Zeebu, the disruptive Web3 Neobank platform specializing in telecom transactions, proudly announces the ZBU Phoenix Protocol, a strategic initiative focused on optimizing token supply and solidifying its commitment to ecosystem sustainability.

Zeebu is a blockchain-based platform, specifically engineered for telecom transactions. It aims to revolutionize the sector by enabling automated settlements, facilitating seamless global payments, and bolstering efficiency and security through a unified telecom payment ecosystem. The ZBU token is a key component of the Zeebu platform. It plays a pivotal role in enabling smooth global transactions and introducing an on-chain loyalty mechanism. The ZBU loyalty token serves to incentivize and reward partners within the ecosystem for their active participation.

The ZBU Phoenix Protocol, inspired by the phoenix’s symbolic rebirth and renewal, meticulously reduces the total ZBU token supply, fostering market stability and a robust ecosystem. This deliberate approach emphasizes Zeebu’s core values of trust, transparency, and long-term sustainability.

The ZBU Phoenix Protocol focuses on optimizing the ZBU token supply through a dynamic auto-burn mechanism. This mechanism carefully adjusts the burn rate based on the current market price of ZBU and platform usage patterns, ensuring a strategic approach to bolstering the ecosystem’s health and long-term stability.

Transparency and accountability are at the forefront of Zeebu’s operations. Each token burn event will be meticulously recorded and publicly accessible on the blockchain, providing stakeholders with full visibility into the process. Additionally, a portion of the tokens from the accumulated burning pool will be allocated towards new initiatives, further enriching the Zeebu ecosystem.

“The ZBU Token Burn Program reflects our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the decentralized finance space,” said Raj Brahmbhatt, the CEO and Founder of Zeebu. “By implementing this initiative, we aim to ensure a stable market presence of $ZBU token, while also promoting ecosystem growth.”

As Zeebu continues to spearhead innovation in the realm of decentralized finance, the ZBU Token Burn Program serves as a cornerstone of its strategic vision. By reducing token supply systematically and transparently, Zeebu is poised to create a more resilient and prosperous financial ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Zeebu is gearing up to release more specifics about the timeline and quantity for the ZBU token burn.

About Zeebu:

‍Zeebu, the pioneering Web3 Neobank, having settled more than half a billion in telecom transactions, is quickly emerging as a trusted payment and settlement partner for global telecom businesses. The platform, currently serving over 100 active telecom carriers, is revolutionizing the industry with the introduction of blockchain-based settlements and the ZBU loyalty token. The ZBU token is designed to facilitate instant and secure global transactions and reward participants for successful settlements on the platform.

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De.Fi Awards Over $8,000 to Users in Successful Airdrop, Fuels Web3 Growth



De.Fi, the premier Web3 Super App, continues its robust expansion in the dynamic crypto space. After evolving into the most extensive all-in-one platform with a trusted user base of 5M globally, De.Fi is thrilled to unveil the official start of Airdrop Season 1.

De.Fi (DEFI) is taking a stride forward in Web3 innovation and has just declared the launch of its first Airdrop season. This announcement comes as a celebration of over four years of De.Fi’s transformative contributions to the ever-evolving crypto landscape and a heartfelt expression of gratitude to their loyal De.Fi Army. In Season 1, De.Fi has airdropped a staggering 3,800,000 DEFI tokens. Rewards were divided between 2 main categories: De.Fi SocialFi and Diamond Hands Airdrops. Some users received over $8,000 in Airdrop!

Since its inception in the summer of 2020, the De.Fi team has diligently worked on advancing their project and earning a reputation as a Web3 Security Giant. De.Fi is backed by a range of leading Venture Capital firms and prominent investors from around the world, including 21Shares, Shima Capital, HOF Capital, and other leading VCs. Over the four years of development De.Fi successfully grew its user base by 100X, built a multifunctional crypto platform with unique security tools, identified and defused over 540,000 risk tokens, and potentially saved over $27 billion.

John Izaguirre, the Former Director of Binance Chain, says: “Having closely followed the De.Fi Team for years, I can attest to their transformative impact on the cryptocurrency landscape. Their game-changing Web3 SuperApp & Crypto Antivirus set a new standard for enhancing Crypto Security. I will be looking forward to the unfolding of their future innovations in the dynamic world of DeFi!”

The team has officially shared exciting news, revealing that the community will enjoy more airdrop campaigns in the near future. Airdrop Season 1 marks the beginning of an exciting chapter, promising a series of rewarding events for De.Fi’s users. Staking DEFI from the Airdrop Season 1 will be the primary path for qualifying for the next Airdrop Seasons and unlocking the maximum of DEFI token utilities, including:

  • De.Fi Fees Removal
  • De.Fi Product Discounts
  • Tickets to the De.Fi Launchpad
  • Loyalty Program
  • Partner Benefits
  • Access to Product

About De.Fi

De.Fi is a Web 3 Super App because it offers a number of unique and valuable features. This all-in-one platform serves as a portfolio manager dashboard, facilitating tracking of crypto and DeFi positions across a large selection of chains, including non-EVM.

Navigate through the Explore Yields feature to find the best DeFi opportunities effortlessly. The Crypto Antivirus, an innovative security system embedded in the dashboard, diligently alerts users to risky tokens and smart contracts.

De.Fi SocialFi is gamifying the onboarding process of users into Web3, allowing them to create profiles, amass followers, build communities, earn points, and unlock rewards.

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$NMT Expands to PancakeSwap After Initial Launch on NetMind Chain



$NMT Makes Its Debut on PancakeSwap

UK, London – Blockman PR – February 8, 2024

In an exciting development for the cryptocurrency community, $NMT, the native token of the Netmind Chain, is set to mark a significant milestone by making its debut on PancakeSwap, the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the BNB Chain, on February 8, 2024. This strategic move is poised to usher in a new era for $NMT, providing traders and investors with a novel platform for engaging with the token. The listing on PancakeSwap signifies a crucial phase in the development of $NMT, highlighting its growth and the expanding ecosystem it supports.

Utility Across NetMind Power Platform

$NMT is integral to the NetMind Power platform, serving as the primary means of exchange. It facilitates a range of transactions, from paying for services to rewarding GPU contributors and enabling staking rewards. This functionality underscores the token’s utility and its role in powering a decentralized AI training and inference ecosystem, which offers scalable and secure access to GPU resources, addressing the pressing demand in the AI research and development space.

NetMind Power: Revolutionizing AI Training and Inference

NetMind Power represents a groundbreaking approach to AI training and inference, providing AI engineers and researchers with a decentralized platform for renting GPU power. This initiative is critical in bridging the gap in GPU availability, offering a scalable, secure, and accessible solution that is set to transform the AI development landscape.

Strategic Listing on PancakeSwap

The decision to list $NMT on PancakeSwap is met with great enthusiasm from the community, especially following a series of announcements on the official X page. Scheduled for February 8, 2024, this event is more than a listing; it is a testament to $NMT’s growing importance in the DeFi space. PancakeSwap’s reputation for high trading volumes and its community’s commitment to decentralization align perfectly with NetMind’s values, making it an ideal platform for $NMT’s introduction to the market.

$NMT: A Token of Consensus, Tokenomics, and Utility

$NMT’s transition to the BNB Chain is a strategic move aimed at fostering growth and enhancing accessibility. This token not only retains its utility within the NetMind Power platform but also aligns with the project’s long-term vision of creating a decentralized, efficient, and community-driven ecosystem.

The NetMind Power DAO: Community Governance in Action

At the heart of NetMind’s philosophy is the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which plays a pivotal role in the governance of the $NMT tokens held by the community. The DAO empowers $NMT holders to participate actively in the project’s direction, reinforcing the decentralized principles foundational to NetMind.

Stay Connected for the Launch

The anticipation for $NMT’s listing on PancakeSwap is building, with the community eagerly awaiting February 8th. NetMind encourages all interested parties to follow its X and Telegram channels for real-time updates on the listing and liquidity addition, marking a significant step forward in the token’s journey.

The introduction of $NMT on PancakeSwap represents a key milestone in the token’s evolution, reflecting its growing ecosystem and the broader strategy to enhance its presence in the decentralized finance landscape. This listing not only offers new opportunities for trading but also reinforces $NMT’s role in supporting the innovative NetMind Power platform, setting the stage for further growth and community engagement.

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Camino Network, the travel industry L1 blockchain, announces public sale of CAM token



Camino Network Foundation, the non-profit organization fostering the development of Camino Network, is announcing the first public sale of Camino Token (CAM), the native cryptocurrency of the Layer 1 for the global travel industry.

The CAM token’s public sale comes in the wake of a successful seed round of the project’s main developer, followed by private pre-sale and industry rounds that saw strong demand from ecosystem participants and other early investors. In total, 8.8m CHF (approx 10m USD) were raised.

Camino Network is a public and permissioned blockchain specifically designed for the travel industry and run by a consortium of travel industry participants. It promises to transform the travel industry by enabling participants to build and deploy decentralized applications powered by smart contracts, ushering in a new era of travel-related products and services. First promising dApps are already live on Camino Network – and more than 170 major travel players, from airlines, technology providers and hotels to tour operators are part of the ecosystem and supporting the network. These companies include major brands like Lufthansa, TUI, DER Touristik, Eurowings, Sunny Cars, Sixt and others.

Within the Camino Network, CAM plays a vital role as its native cryptocurrency, facilitating transactions, incentivizing participation, solving B2B distribution challenges while creating entirely new business models and making Web3 technologies more accessible to organizations within the travel sector.

The CAM total supply is 1 billion tokens, of which 900 million were pre-minted at the time of origin on April 26, 2023, and 100 million were left unminted and are currently used to issue rewards for deposits that accrue them. In September of last year, Camino Network hit the target of its private pre-sale of 4,6 million CHF.

For the first public sale, 75 million CAM tokens will be available for buyers in three tranches of 25 million tokens each. The first tranche will be priced at 0.15 CHF. Once sold out, the second tranche is set at 0.175 CHF and the third costing 0.2 CHF. Participants in the sale must commit a minimum of 1,000 CHF to acquire CAM tokens. All tokens will be locked for a period of 1.5 years, with a vesting period of 1 year. The participants will be rewarded at a rate of 3% per year for 2 years, beginning at the public sale which leaves participants with a total reward rate of 6% of unlocked tokens.

Under Swiss and European legislation, CAM is legally defined as a utility token that’s used to facilitate transactions and provide utility in the form of network validation and access to specific products and services. This multi-dimensional utility makes CAM an integral part of the Camino Network’s ecosystem, acting as a key element in its operation and growth. The Camino Network Foundation will announce the exact date for the listing once all conditions for a successful launch are met.

Participate here:
Please note that this is not financial advice.

About Camino Network Foundation

Camino Network Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Zug, Switzerland, driving the development of a blockchain-based ecosystem in the global travel industry. The Camino Network Foundation supports the development of Camino Network, the first Layer 1 blockchain built specifically for the travel industry by travel technology experts.

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Fully on-chain gaming: How is transforming the space with W3Gamez Network



Blockchain gaming has embarked on its journey since 2014 with the launch of Huntercoin to test the potential of integrating blockchain technology with games. After nearly ten years of exploration, blockchain games are looking more and more like advanced prototypes of traditional games: the gameplay loops are not just about grinding, and the graphics are much more eye-catching. However, crypto gaming remains the hilarity of the minority at the current stage. To illustrate it, one of the most popular blockchain games, Axie Infinity, is less than 0.2% the size of Counter-Strike 2 in terms of average monthly active users. To open paths to onboarding more both players and developers, a growing community of Web3-native developers and players finds another approach to the next level of blockchain gaming by building the ecosystem of games and NFT primitives that operate completely on blockchains. In other words, fully on-chain games.

Fully on-chain gaming is one of the most promising areas for creating the next Alpha space, with multiple top investment institutions conducting in-depth research. Currently, fully on-chain gaming is still mainly attracting the attention of niche geek groups, with most attention focused on the Layer 2 network RedStone created by the team behind the Dark Forest game. Recently, more and more projects are participating in developing fully on-chain gaming engines and products. Among these pioneers leading the paradigm shift to fully on-chain gaming, stands out with its latest product, W3Gamez Network. has been committed to integrating decentralized blockchain technology with games since 2021, giving players real ownership of game assets, enhancing game transparency, and providing developers with more user-friendly blockchain development tools. In the early days, focused on building the infrastructure for blockchain gaming. After three years, it is almost the only project that has delivered technical infrastructure applications and game products at the same time. The team officially announced in 2024 that it will focus on the fully on-chain gaming ecosystem and bring its fully on-chain gaming Layer 2 network W3Gamez Network, which is invested by the NEAR Foundation, developed based on the OP Stack framework, and uses NEAR for Data Availability (DA).

Since on-chain gaming requires that games solely use smart contracts to execute the gameplay logic and store in-game data, it challenges developers and players to operate under strict technical limitations. Therefore, the experimental trials for any project are inevitable, and the accumulative cost becomes consequently expensive. Moreover, traditional GameFi games typically only put game assets on-chain, while game logic is still processed on centralized servers. This can lead to transparency and fairness concerns, as players cannot verify that the game is being played fairly. has addressed these challenges by focusing on Layer 2 rollup solutions, enabling developers to create fully on-chain games that are both performant and affordable. In 2024, launched its W3Gamez Network, a Layer 2 network specifically designed for blockchain gaming. The network uses NEAR Data Availability (DA) to provide low-cost and high-throughput transactions for game assets and logic.

In addition to launching the W3Gamez Network, is also launching two tokens: WGT and W3G.

WGT ( token) is a utility and governance token that will be used to incentivize and reward activities that support the Web3Games ecosystem. W3G (W3Gamez Network Token) is the native gas and governance token of the W3Gamez Network. The W3G token sale is currently ongoing on and will end on January 28, 2024. The token price is $0.02 USDC, and the target raise is $400,000.

W3Gamez Network has raised $4 million in two rounds of funding from investors, including NEAR Foundation, DAO Maker, and LD Capital. The team has also worked with NEAR on multiple projects, including providing blockchain technology solutions to Alibaba. W3Gamez Network is the first Layer 2 gaming network to use NEAR’s Data Availability (DA) technology.

To make games trustless, open-source and composable, with the game’s state always immutable and transparent on the blockchain, W3Gamez Network, along with the entire ecosystem powered by, has provided a fully decentralized ecosystem with robust blockchain security, where everyone plays fair and owns their experience. However, the idea of putting an entire game onto a blockchain is still controversial among traditional game developers, because blockchains are notoriously undesirable for its computing speed, scalability and storage. There is a long journey ahead of fully on-chain gaming. In 2024, will be fully focused on the development of fully on-chain gaming, having taken the road with the launch of W3Gamez Network as a major milestone. Although fully on-chain gaming remains experimental in the crypto industry, the thesis is that it is highly possible onboarding of the next billion users to blockchain will be through gaming. Hence, it’s essential that well-designed incentive structures, sustainable economics, and developing architectures are available for both developers and players, which is exactly what W3Gamez Network has been focusing on.

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MONSTRO’S DEGENZ! Aims to Make DeFi Fun AND Profitable Again Through Transparency and Innovation



Earn 2-6% Daily with NO WAY TO LOSE – Guaranteed!

Since its launch on December 27th, 2023, MONSTRO’S DEGENZ!, the latest addition to Monstro’s Universe, has created a significant buzz in the DeFi space and taken in an astounding $1.1M USD in BNB deposits. Renowned for upending traditional approaches, DEGENZ! turns the promise of “too good to be true” daily passive income (2-6%!) into a sustainable reality, steering clear of the problems that have plagued similar ventures.

Recognizing the inherent challenges in “ROI dApps,” which often falter due to dependency on continuous capital influx or fall prey to fraudulent activities, the Monstro team has instituted a robust strategy. This plan is grounded in an understanding of the typical pitfalls for investors in ROI dApps and introduces innovative solutions from the outset.

MONSTRO’S DEGENZ! distinguishes itself through a unique dual-phase approach. Phase One encapsulates the excitement of daily earnings, blending game theory and strategic decision-making. Participants face intriguing choices: reinvesting for multipliers, claiming earnings, or purchasing NFTs to enhance earning rates.

As the influx of fresh capital eventually subsides, DEGENZ! seamlessly transitions into Phase Two. This phase involves halting new deposits and issuing NFT “receipts” to wallets yet to claim their promised profit (ranging from 150% to 300%). These receipts enable holders to earn real, external yield from farming and liquidity operations, paid in USDC weekly. This approach, successfully implemented since August 2023 with Monstro’s Farmz!, leverages a 30% deposit fee reinvested in DEXes like Trader Joe, Orca, Uniswap V3, Sparkswap, and Alienbase.

“It’s not about if, but when you’ll profit. This assurance sets us apart from other projects in the space, a claim few can make,” asserts 0xVarius, a co-founder of Monstro’s Universe.

Enhancing the offering, DEGENZ! features an aggressive referral program. Referrers can earn 5-20% based on the total deposit volume they introduce, with an innovative “cashback” option for their downline. This user-friendly feature allows referrers to automatically share rewards, facilitated by the smart contract, embodying Monstro’s ethos of community and ease.

Deposit today and remember, you’re still early!

About Monstro’s Farmz!

Monstro’s Farmz! epitomizes passive income, boasting nearly $500,000 USD in Total Value Locked (TVL) and nearly $230,000 USD disbursed to its community in just five months. The platform invites users to effortlessly watch their earnings grow, with USDC payouts every Wednesday. Emphasizing transparency and accountability, all contracts, wallets, and positions are publicly accessible, reflecting the team’s commitment to absolute openness.

About Monstro’s Universe

Monstro’s Universe is crafted for both thrill-seekers and astute investors, blending captivating characters with the promise of steady, passive income. It’s a realm where DeFi is not just profitable, but also enjoyable. Regardless of your investment goals, Monstro’s Universe offers treasures tailored to your ambitions.

Guided by a seasoned team of crypto experts, Monstro’s Universe prioritizes fairness and transparency. All operations are public, recorded on-chain, and uphold the highest standards, underscoring the team’s dedication to the integrity and vitality of Monstro’s Universe.

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Wiki

Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not a solicitation for investment, nor is it intended as investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is strongly recommended you practice due diligence, including consultation with a professional financial advisor, before investing in or trading cryptocurrency and securities.

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Nuvo unveils Nuscription: Revolutionizing blockchain trading



In the dynamic world of blockchain technology, Nuvo has indelibly marked its presence with the successful launch of Nuscription, a pioneering Ethscription platform within the Metis ecosystem. Since its introduction, Nuscription has not just met but surpassed expectations, establishing itself as a pivotal force in blockchain innovation.

Nuscription: Revolutionizing blockchain trading

Nuscription swiftly emerged as a game-changer, bridging ERC20 and inscription tokens to facilitate seamless trading. This innovative platform transcends the conventional limits of smart contracts, offering unprecedented interoperability and flexibility in the blockchain domain.

Revolutionary trading mechanism: Drawing inspiration from the successful DYDX model, Nuscription’s order book system represents a significant leap in blockchain trading. It provides a dynamic and efficient environment for market operations.

The debut of NUVOGENESIS inscriptions garnered immense interest, leading to temporary indexer congestion. Nuvo deeply appreciates the community’s patience and support during this period. The high volume of minting transactions reflects the platform’s widespread appeal and demand.

Nuvo is committed to a fair and equitable minting process, underpinned by a meticulously crafted smart contract. The team prioritized the community’s access, upholding the integrity and transparency of the process.

Introducing Vega: Pioneering the blockchain space

Coinciding with Nuscription’s launch, the Vega project underscores the platform’s potential. Scheduled for minting on January 22nd at 7:00 PM Beijing Time (UTC+8), Vega is poised to become a significant player in the Metis ecosystem.

  • Innovative Utilization: Vega is the first project utilizing Nuscription’s unique capabilities, setting a precedent in the Ethscription space.
  • Exclusive Access: Vega tokens, available for minting to a select group of whitelisted users, highlight its distinctiveness and allure within the blockchain community.
  • Launch Anticipation: The Vega inscription event is eagerly anticipated by the community, poised to be a landmark moment in the blockchain industry.

Upcoming NuMarket launch: Broadening the trading horizon

Nuvo is thrilled to announce the impending launch of NuMarket. This groundbreaking initiative is set to expand the blockchain trading landscape, offering users a diverse range of trading opportunities and experiences.

The blockchain revolution with Nuvo

The ongoing minting of Nuscription offers a unique opportunity to be part of this transformative platform. The upcoming NuMarket launch and Vega inscription event are pivotal milestones for Nuvo and according to the team the entire blockchain industry as a whole.

About Nuvo

Nuvo, a trailblazer in blockchain innovation, is the first to introduce an inscription-based DeFi protocol on the Metis blockchain, seamlessly bridging Web2 and Web3. Committed to enhancing user experience and promoting inclusivity in the digital era, Nuvo offers a range of platforms tailored for both developers and end-users. At the heart of its mission is Nuscription, exemplifying Nuvo’s visionary approach in revolutionizing blockchain trading and asset management. Nuvo is not merely adapting to the evolving blockchain and digital landscape but is actively sculpting it, ensuring a smooth and empowered transition for users into the intricate world of InscriptionFi and beyond.

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HTX Pi Network: The Mobile-First Crypto Revolutionizing Mining and Trading



In collaboration with Pi Network, HTX Exchange aims to provide our users with unparalleled opportunities in the evolving realm of decentralized finance. As a leading platform committed to empowering our community, we are excited to share how Pi Network is shaping the future of mining and trading, making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.

Pi Network is a mobile-first cryptocurrency that is revolutionizing the way mining and trading are done. With its unique approach, Pi Network is making it easier for anyone to get involved in the world of crypto.

Pi Network stands out as a mobile-first cryptocurrency that is transforming the landscape of mining and trading. With its innovative approach, Pi Network is simplifying the entry for individuals into the realm of crypto, providing an accessible avenue for participation.

The Pi Network is a unique cryptocurrency that allows users to mine Pi Coins with their phones and reach a consensus with other Pi nodes. With a current user base of 35 million, Pi Coin’s mobile-first approach may benefit it in the future.

Pi Network is a mobile-based network that allows anyone to mine cryptocurrency on their phone without sacrificing battery life. The Pi utility token will enable the protocol’s goal of creating the most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace ever created. Meanwhile, users seeking a reliable crypto exchange may explore platforms like HTX crypto exchange for seamless transactions.

The Pi project has caught the interest of regular users, with a current user base of around 35 million people. However, Pi coin estimates are difficult, and only time will tell about its potential future value. For those interested in tracking BTC price, platforms like HTX crypto exchange offer authoritative information on Bitcoin markets.

As a mobile-oriented digital currency project that enables users to mine Pi Coins on their smartphones without compromising battery performance. Pi network aims to restore people’s financial power and create an inclusive P2P marketplace through smart contracts. Pi Coin’s future value is uncertain, but it may rise after its listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. Pi’s price prediction for 2023-2027 is based on market trends and the potential for hype and adoption by businesses.

Pi Coin, a new digital currency initiative, may follow the same trends as other altcoins with a potential rally shortly after its listing and a rise in price during market booms. The goal of the Pi Network is to democratize cryptocurrency access, making it available to a broad user base and empowering individuals to mine cryptocurrency on their mobile devices without compromising battery life. The Pi coin’s future value is uncertain, but it may benefit from general hype for crypto and potential adoption by businesses.

Pi Coin’s mobile-first approach may benefit it in the future as the digital world is shifting towards using tablets and smartphones. The Pi utility token, facilitating the protocol’s aim of establishing the most inclusive peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace ever created, positions Pi Network for the potential to emerge as one of the leading digital coins.


The Pi Network token, launched in 2019, has already gained a user base of 35 million. Users can mine Pi Coins with their phones and sell them once they are released. Its mobile-first approach may benefit it in the future. Meanwhile, for users actively engaged in the crypto market, platforms like HTX crypto exchange provide a comprehensive solution for trading and staying updated on BTC prices.

Stay tuned as we unravel the transformative features and unique advantages that Pi Network brings to the table, marking a new era in peer-to-peer transactions and inclusive digital finance. The journey begins now, and HTX Exchange is your gateway to the exciting universe of Pi Network.

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