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Datawallet – New Era in Data Storage



In the modern world, the most important thing is information. And most of the time, this information is kept in a digital form. All the bank information, company information, private and sensitive information – everything is not stored in paper or other old-school options but online or in databases.

So the question of privacy and security of users’ data is vital for many companies’ reputation. This is what Datawallet works in.Their application works for businesses and helps them keep their clients information in a safe and yet transparent way, with no leaks and more control – for the information owners, for the company and for the regulatory bodies.

It all started back in 2014 in New York, when the first investors such as Tim Draper and Marc Benioff decided to support the project. They developed the product, and in 4 years, in 2018, they were ready to hold their own ICO. The event showed just how popular this project was, as only in 1 day, from 5th to 6th of February, they managed to gather 40 million USD.

The company has numerous advantages compared to its rivals in the honourable deed of data protection. The Datawallet application gives users all the necessary tools to capture, log, and respond to CCPA Data Subject Requests. Datawallet provides its users with a centralized, immutable consent management platform that can enable managers to build customers’ trust.

The Datawallet platform deals with a wide variety of customer care tasks that include, but are not limited to:

  • Requests to opt-in and opt-out of selling the customers’ personal information;
  • Data download requests;
  • Data deletion requests;
  • ID verification;
  • User consent mechanisms;
  • Data mapping.

The token is compatible with the ERC-20 standards and can be easily exchanged for ETH or other cryptocurrencies in such exchanges as, Hotbit, and PancakeSwap. Another option is to take part in the GIIS project. It helps users return the investment for the token without having to sell the tokens. So this is a good option for those who want to take advantage of the tokens now and still hope they will rise in price.

The project is extremely promising, not only do they help companies keep their data safe, they also offer to the general public Data Digests in which they share the most recent news from the world of Data Privacy and help people understand how it works. So the project has a big future!






Chillchat, the “Create2Earn” pixel art metaverse, has raised US$1.85 million in seed equity funding, led by Solana Ventures. Bringing Chillchat’s equity valuation to US$10 million, the seed equity round included participation from key blockchain-gaming and Web3 leaders: FTX Ventures, Animoca Brands, Griffin Gaming Partners, A&T Capital, YGGSEA; plus Infinity Ventures Crypto, Diamond Hands Ventures and the PKO Investments syndicate. Notable advisors from PKO Investments include Kevin Lin (Twitch co-founder), Kun Gao (Crunchyroll co-founder), Holly Liu (Kabam co-founder), Patrick Lee (Rotten Tomatoes co-founder), Nigel Eccles (FanDuel co-founder), and more.

Built as a “Create2Earn” platform, Chillchat is a pixel art gaming metaverse that runs on the Solana blockchain. The power to make characters, stories, and entire worlds from scratch is placed entirely in the hands of its community. With its simple yet fast and powerful tools, Chillchat aims to become the “pocket metaverse” — that is always within reach through a mobile or browser. Players can use Chillchat’s Pixel Editor to create NFTs such as characters, tile sets, pets, emotes, and items; its World Builder to create new worlds, tile by tile; and the World Scripting tool to convert worlds into fully functional games.

The US$1.85 million seed equity funding will be used to expand Chillchat’s product and growth teams, to further develop innovative Web3 tools, channels, and infrastructure for users to virtually interact with each other and digitally express their ingenuity. This goal reflects Chillchat’s objective to offer a perpetually expanding, community-built metaverse that fosters interpersonal connections and collaboration.

James Au, Chillchat chief executive officer, said: “We’re aiming to build a casual social-gaming metaverse, so we chose the Solana blockchain as we believe it is the best consumer blockchain with low fees and high speed. Getting strategic support from Solana Ventures helps us grow and turn our dream into reality. We’re thrilled to have Solana lead our seed equity raise.”

Johnny Lee, Head of Games BD at Solana Labs, said: “From our first meeting and play test with Chillchat, we saw not only a very professional and dedicated team, but a unique and fun creation tool UI that has the potential to bring blockchain UGC to all types of players. Chillchat stands out in its model where players not only have the option of ‘play to earn’ but to also use their imagination and ‘create to earn.’ We believe Chillchat will be an important leader in the Web3 space as it becomes part of mainstream ‘social gaming’ in the near future.”

On January 21, 2022, Chillchat conducted a successful NFT public sale to mint 1,000 of its 1,500 limited “Origin” characters. The handcrafted and animated Origins, that will spawn all future Chillchat characters, were sold out in seconds, at 2 SOL (~US$240) per NFT. Within four weeks, their value jumped — to a current floor price of 37.5 SOL (~US$4,000) and the highest secondary-market ticket at 100 SOL (~US$10,500). The current total sales volume for Chillchat Origins is 27,097 SOL (~US$2,800,000).

On February 25, 8 p.m. UTC, Chillchat will launch its public auction of an additional 350 Origin NFTs. The 35-week auction program, selling 10 Origins every Friday, will aim to place the remaining 350 Chillchat Origins NFTs in the hands of users — who are charged with expanding the first-generation lineage by creating new characters of the next generation, and onwards. The Chillchat Origins Auction will be held on Magic Eden as well as other popular NFT marketplaces in the future.

About Chillchat

Chillchat is a pixel art NFT metaverse, powered by the Solana blockchain, built with a first-generation digital community of 1,500 Origins characters. Designed to allow players to embark on their own casual, social and gaming adventures, identities and spaces are created by themselves or other players, pixel by pixel. There is no limit to who users can become or what they can create. Chillchat’s unique tools include: Pixel Editor, for players to create and mint NFTs; World Builder, to build new worlds; and World Scripting, to convert self-built worlds into fully functioning games.

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Online Vendor, GiftChill, Announces New Gift Card Products from and Reports Recent Sales Surge in Discounted eGift Cards



GiftChill reported an uptick in sales for hundreds of popular gift card types available for purchase using Bitcoin and other tokens. GiftChill recently added new cards from – the world’s leading, one-stop blockchain-based travel booking platform providing access to exciting accommodations across the globe. Purchased via the GiftChill website, customers can search for a variety of gift cards including, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite V-bucks, Nintendo Store, Network, Roblox, Xbox, Adidas, Nike, and other popular stores and brands. In addition to weekly deals, GiftChill is currently offering a limited time promotional discount on all cards.

“As a well-known crypto-friendly business, shares some of our core principles, so we’re very excited to be offering their gift cards,” said GiftChill. “One of our main founding goals was to streamline the use of cryptocurrencies for easy e-purchase, so we’re continually working to perfect this process. We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin – all through the Coinbase platform. Customers can always buy stress-free using their Coinbase account, knowing their transactions are secure. And gift cards are purely digital, emailed instantly after purchase confirmation – either to the purchaser or the recipient. Each card is already fully activated, with instructions on how to redeem.”

GiftChill: Crypto-Purchased eGifts

Fully embracing a passion for cryptocurrency and the internet’s ecosystem of speed and convenience, GiftChill addresses five specific online purchase issues for customers that other gift card sales platforms ignore:

1) Instant delivery: There is no card to lose because gift cards are delivered immediately into the safety of each customer’s email inbox.

2) Validity Verification: GiftChill is not a marketplace for cards, but rather, a portal through which valid, verified gift cards from established businesses and platforms can be exchanged for cryptocurrency.

3) Sourcing Details: GiftChill guarantees all cards offered are legitimate. Customers can purchase with no risk and absolute faith of complete ownership. Most cards offered have no risk of expiration, but the few companies that do use expiration dates are very clearly marked and noted before purchase. All necessary PINs and/or verification codes are included in the gift card email.

4) Personal Information Collection: Although GiftChill requires users to sign up to purchase gift cards, all that is required is a username and email address, along with a password and billing address. No unnecessary personal information is ever required to purchase a card.

5) Credit Card Details: GiftChill was also created to combat unnecessary credit card use online. Gift cards are purchased with four approved cryptocurrencies, directly through a secure Coinbase account. Although GiftChill is looking to expand the crypto tokens it accepts, it will never require any form of online credit card payment.

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Remint Network Is Planning A 10,000 USD Airdrop Giveaway



Remint Network

Remint Network is giving back to its loyal community 10,000 USD worth of cryptocurrency via airdrop. This once-in-a-lifetime event is a way for the network to thank all who subscribed to the app and actively participated in its effort to work on providing better real estate services in the future starting with an industry cryptocurrency system.

“We are glad that we have reached a stage where we can give back to our community. That is what this is all about.” – Max Hellström, Founder

Reaching 100K Users

Remint Network has reached 100,000 users of the crypto remote mining app. Max Hellstrom, founder, and the team behind the app want to convey their gratitude. The 10,000 USD Airdrop Giveaway will be given to 50 lucky recipients, who will share the amount. Reaching 100k users is a milestone for the network since going online in April 2021. It is available in the Google Playstore for individuals interested in going into real estate ventures in the future and cryptocurrency mining.

How Does Remint Network App Work?

Remint Network is a mobile app that targets the real estate market. The app allows users to mine Remint coins through mobile phones. Mined crypto coins can be used in the future to pay for real estate transactions and rentals, and other property services. Mining of coins is done through the cloud/remote so it does not interfere in any way with the phone device.

50 lucky users will share the 10,000 USD in the crypto currency that Remint Network will Airdrop anytime soon. The great news about the giveaway is users will be able to store these currencies in their Remint wallet and use them in the future for real estate services.

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KeyInside and NONUNI RAIDERS Entertainment partner to officially launch ‘ARTNETIC’, the NFT art-specialized label




KeyInside Co., Ltd. (CEO Jayden Jo), a company that specializes in blockchains which developed the rewards points integration platform ‘MiL.k,’ announced their partnership with the entertainment company ‘NONUNI RAIDERS Entertainment’ (CEO Kim Hyeong Seok) to officially launch the NFT art-specializing label ‘ARTNETIC’ on Sep 10, 2021, to support artists who wish to engage in NFT art productions, alongside their recruitment for artists.

ARTNETIC is a word combined from ‘ART’ and ‘MAGNETIC’, which encapsulates the meaning of a new digital art trend created by combining the art of various genres and is a community created to gather creators and help them exchange information and engage in NFT art productions.

KeyInside Co., Ltd. and NONUNI RAIDERS Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as NONUNI RAIDERS) plan to use ARTNETIC to support artists from various fields who wish to engage in NFT art productions but are struggling due to dispersed information and the high technical barrier and are thereby planning to accelerate the era of the “Creator Economy.”

KeyInside Co., Ltd. will manage ARTNETIC’s service planning, service development, operations, service progression and partnerships with other companies like NFT marketplaces. NONUNI RAIDERS will recruit, discover, and manage distinguished artists, in addition to curating works with artists and planning the contents.

The ARTNETIC operating team consists of numerous experts from various fields such as art, music, technology, and graphics and are therefore drawing anticipation to provide high-quality guidance to famous Korean and international artists as well as young and talented artists who wish to engage in NFT art productions.

In particular, ARTNETIC does not simply turn an existing art into NFT. It uses its own advanced technology such as blockchain and visual special effects (VFX) to support the production of new types of creative work beyond the existing framework, which includes productions that combine music and art or motion-style graphic productions. ARTNETIC plans to utilize such technology to introduce novel and diverse contents which differentiate their works from the existing NFT productions in the market.

Once the production is complete, ARTNETIC will further actively support NFT marketplace registration, sales assistance, exhibition as well as promotion. In addition, ARTNETIC will also provide integrated management services for its artists through methods such as SNS channels to provide a space for seamless communication between artists and fans and to establish interactive relationships.

Moreover, ARTNETIC incorporated policies to provide differentiated support for the rising artists with talents.  Rather than hosting a one-time event, such as holding an audition or providing a prize through a contest which has been customary in the industry, ARTNETIC plans to discover new artists and provide substantial support in various ways including sponsorships for the new artists to grow and produce sequel works.

The lineup of famous Korean artists who joined the ARTNETIC crew as the early members is also drawing attention. The lineup boasts of an extravagant reputation, with the pop artist Charles Chang who is famous for the ‘Robot Series’ and ‘Happy Heart’, artist Koh Sang Woo who presented ‘Boundaries of Senses’ which is also owned by the pop star Madonna and the art that elicited sympathy between endangered animals and humans, and artist Lee Sea Hyun, who is known through the series ‘Between Red,’ which combined the traditional Eastern point of view with the Western perspective using the color red.

Charles Jang, Koh Sang Woo and Lee Sea Hyun recently presented their NFT artworks through ‘Klip Drops’ which is Korea’s representative NFT work distribution platform operated by Ground X, a subsidiary of Kakao that specializes in blockchains. Some of the productions have received explosive attention, with all the prepared quantities being sold within a short span of time from the moment they were available for purchase.  This label further plans to support its artists to showcase their works in various NFT marketplaces in Korea and overseas, including Klip Drops.

Alongside its official launch, ARTNETIC also revealed its website ( Interview videos of Charles Jang, Koh Sang Woo, and Lee Sea Hyun, as well as the recruitment for artists can be found on the website.  The interviews with the three artists reveal the artists’ own perspectives of their artworks, as well as their perspectives on the trending phenomenon which combines NFT with art and their message to the future crews to join ARTNETIC.

Kim Hyeong Seok, the CEO of NONUNI RAIDERS Entertainment stated, “ARTNETIC is a project we made with KeyInside Co., Ltd. after extensive consideration in order to create the grounds for emerging artists as well the famous artists to actively produce artworks with more creativity.” He also added, “We hope for much interest and support from artists who wish to use NFT to lead a new trend in the world of culture and art.”

Jayden Jo, the CEO of KeyInside Co., Ltd. stated, “As the interest in metaverse is growing worldwide, exhibitions and trades of NFT productions are also becoming more active. However, the majority of accomplished artists and emerging artists are unable to access NFT as the entry barriers are high.” He added, “We will use ARTNETIC to help our artists to actively engage in NFT productions and create an ecosystem for better communication between the artists and the fans who consume the productions.”

About KeyInside Co., Ltd.

KeyInside is the blockchain developer of the MiL.k project, Korea’s representative rewards points integration platform with huge partners like Yanolja, Shinsegae DF, and Megabox. To expand its business to NFT and metaverse, KeyInside has invested in NONUNI RAIDERS and made a strategic partnership with it. Other than NONUNI RAIDERS, KeyInside has made a strategic partnership with GroundX, the blockchain subsidiary of Korea’s largest mobile platfom Kakao. GroundX has invested in KeyInside along with the partnership.


NONUNI RAIDERS is run by Korea’s representative music composer/producer Hyeongseok Kim and is incorporated to offer various IP-based services in music, art, fashion, etc. It recently showcased its cyber band on the metaverse as a start. More specifically, over 200 artists whose specialties range from fine art and digital art to media art and webtoon have joined the firm”s vision for creating new digital contents.

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Mind Music Announces Launch of its New Record Label




15 August, 2021 / Mind Music Defi Project is launching its Music Label to Extend its Mental Health Awareness Program With a Revamped Tokenomics. The noble defi project that aims to help raise awareness around mental health through music is launching its own record label. Earlier the project aimed to release a set of covers for nearly 25 songs that will be released under the company’s music label.

The pandemic has been tough for millions of people, some of whom lost their jobs, many lost their loved ones, and saw their life go upside down. The pandemic-induced mental health issues have been running havoc in people’s lives. Mental health is still a taboo subject as not many who suffer from it silently ever come out in the open to share their problems or seek medical help. One of the key reasons for that is the lack of awareness among the general masses on how to deal with and help people suffering from mental health issues. The two-year-long pandemic which is still going on also plays a key role in aggravating mental health issues as people lost their jobs, closed once, and life stability.

Among hundreds of new crypto projects debuting every other day with no real use case and false promises of making traders rich in a short time, Mind Music token is a new Smart Chain based project dedicated to bringing awareness around mental health issues. The project was started by music composer and producer Mike Hamilton who himself lost jobs and gigs during the pandemic leading to mental trauma. Hamilton decided to work on his issues and focus on making his music more than arranging music tours for others. He realized it was not just him who had lost his job and was doing badly due to the coronavirus restrictions and thus decided to raise awareness around the issue through music.

Mind Music harnesses the power of music to capture the imagination of the world. Millions of people suffer every day with poor mental health. Mind Music intends to collaborate with major worldwide artists to raise awareness on a global scale. Through the album releases, Mind Music will #breakthestigma, and bring people together for an incredibly important, long overdue conversation. Join us and be part of a musical revolution!

Benefits of Investing in Mind Music Coin

Music therapy has been known to have many therapeutic applications in several mental health and health conditions such as traumatic brain injury. dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc., Mind Music harnesses the power of music to capture the imagination of the world. Millions of people suffer every day with poor mental health. Mind Music intends to collaborate with major worldwide artists to raise awareness on a global scale. Through the album releases, Mind Music will bring people together for an incredibly important, long overdue conversation. Join the ecosystem and be part of a musical revolution. Mind Music will ultimately become its independent record label, releasing a series of albums to raise money and awareness for Mental Health. So far, the first project has a total of 12 tracks that have already been recorded.


As a Mind Music Coin investor, users will benefit in several different ways. Aside from the obvious benefits that users will contribute to Mental Health Awareness, the investment will also benefit from many different income streams.


While 80% of the profits generated from record sales will be donated to mental health and suicide prevention charities, 20% of the profits from any record sales will be used to buy and burn Mind Music Coint and even further increase its value for holders. As the Mind Music record label grows, so will the investors’ wealth.


1% of every transaction is redistributed to holders depending on the percentage of coins they hold. This means the amount of Mind Music Coin one holds will constantly increase.

The project has a transaction tax of 4% on each Mind Music Coin transaction. It will use the money collected from this tax to further the project development. It will cost around $40,000 to Record, Release, and sufficiently promote the first album release. 80% of the profits raised from the record sales of every release will be donated to mental health and suicide prevention charities, while the remaining 20% will be used to Buy & Burn Mind Music Coin and increase its value for increasing its holders.


The native token has skyrocketed because of the rising interest and noble cause that it is associated with. Investors have found a new low cap gem in MindMusic that can give huge potential return as more people discover it.

Additionally (and covid permitting), a series of fundraising Live music events will be planned in various locations around Europe in 2022. All wallets that hold a minimum of 100b Mind Music Coin will be airdropped a free ticket to attend any of the events they choose.

Key Features and Tokenomics

Mind Music is planning to build a crypto ecosystem based on a Noble cause that can see it not only help those suffering from mental trauma, it would also benefit investors through its unique tokenomics.

Some key features of MindMusic Coin are:

  • Secured and safe: MindMusic leverages a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network that cryptographically helps in securing every transaction.
  • Quick transfer: Instant fund transfer globally is available with the help of fast block execution unlike traditional remittance, unmatched speed, and payment processors.
  • Decentralized: Direct transactions among network participants without the presence of a central facilitator are enabled with the help of decentralized technology.
  • Easy to use: User-friendly interface intended for seamless Real-world use cases.
  • Scalability: Assures scalability for pacing up with the industry’s transaction requirements, thereby facilitating mass adoption of cryptocurrency.


TOTAL SUPPLY – 185,000,000,000,000

TXN Taxes (12% Total TXN Tax)

  •   4% Mind Music Fund
  •   3% Marketing
  •   2% Buy Back
  •   1% Auto Liquidity
  •   1% Reflection
  •   1% Burn

To learn more about Mind Music Coin visit

Social Media :
Telegram :
Youtube :
Soundcloud :
Spotify :

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CryptoUniverse: We get profit when you get profit




We could not wait to present you the first part of the huge transformation. CryptoUniverse is always trying to reach the highest level of transparency, so you can feel every hash/second is running near you, but without any noise, heat or space taken from your home.

Let’s start the introduction from the main one. Meet the new balance management system. Collected experience and vision allowed us to make the step forward. From now, every account will have its own balances for different purposes in our ecosystem that you can easily manage as you want from the new page called “Balances”. This unique feature comes with a reworked electricity payment system. We made it as similar to your usual life routine as possible. All assets are still pre-paid, but you can fully control it within the new balance designed for electricity that is simply called “Electricity account”. There you will find not only the amount required to pay, but also real numbers of electricity in kilowatts consumed by any of your assets.

CryptoUniverse wants you to have access to as many instruments as possible.That is why we added the opportunity to make flexible and fixed savings not only in BTC, but in LTC too.  It grew by 500% in the last 6 months, so we all see again what results diversification can give. Beneficial and safe storage of your assets is one of our priorities.

New miners and contracts push your frontiers too. From now, the fee of our service is calculated in percents and is related to your mining income. It shows that we are interested in making mining as profitable for you as possible.

New instruments complicate user experience for some of us, so we thought it would be great to outweigh it by a significantly improved dashboard. Recent update includes a reworked “Dashboard” page and a new “Assets” page that can be used for managing and monitoring your assets in several clicks. There are dozens of other minor improvements, but we offer the intrigue to find it by yourself.

Our team worked a lot to make these changes possible, so we are pleased to hear any feedback on your experience with dashboard in social media or in support. To make your acquaintance more intense, use promo code GETPROFIT21. It provides you with a discount on our recent miners and contracts.

This is just the beginning, so keep an eye on it. Thank you for being with us.

About CryptoUniverse is a multifunctional service created on 14 February, 2017. It gives users an opportunity to purchase or rent calculating power and equipment on its infrastructure. Company is based in Europe with headquarters in the United Kingdom and Estonia that guarantees operation within the European Union law and safety of users’ assets.

In Russia the company and its technical partners operate several clusters of modern data centers with an overall area of 38 000 square meters and more than 120 MW of overall power. It makes the services of high-quality and uninterrupted.

Main idea of the project is a simple and available opportunity to enter cryptocurrency mining by purchasing or renting calculating power. The service is also interesting for experienced miners because well-established logistics gives them an access to top-notch equipment that is already installed, tuned and ready to function in data centers of the company. Transparent operation and flexible offers to make clients experience comfortable are the main values of CryptoUniverse.

CryptoUniverse team is full of highly qualified professionals who polished all the processes, made service easy and convenient. 24/7 support extends boundaries for users who are not familiar with blockchain technology.    

CryptoUniverse. You buy, we pay.

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QUICKOM Releases Unrivaled End-to-End Encryption Meeting Platform for Enterprises




QUICKOM by Beowulf, the global leader for decentralized cloud communications, today announced the release of the groundbreaking end-to-end encryption solution for enterprise communications. Built upon a reimagined and reengineered architecture, this QUICKOM release provides enterprise customers with an unrivaled end-to-end encrypted video conference suite, which allows them to host meetings on their own servers or data centers.

With this security offering, QUICKOM is committed to helping organizations – especially highly-targeted critical industries with strict regulatory compliance including finance, healthcare and governmental agencies – fight the rising threats of eavesdropping and attempts to steal sensitive meetings data, which have been rife throughout the global pandemic.

The platform gives enterprise customers the ease and scalability with the complete control, security and privacy of a self-hosted solution on their own servers or data centers. Corporate employees will enjoy the capability to communicate and collaborate with up to 1,000 participants on a single video meetings call, while also being able to collaborate, organize schedules, share files and much more, knowing their meetings data will be secured and protected from external cyber threats.

“It is incredibly important for us to create a product that is truly end-to-end to protect the user’s private communications. Our policy is very simple: your communication data should be confidential, and it should be protected by your organization with no chance of being eavesdropped by the service providers. Companies that exploit user data and violate their privacy policies will surely be on the wrong side of history, and we’re contributing our part to providing an alternative to these practices,” Beowulf CEO Dr. William H. Nguyen said.

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Storj Labs Helps NEM, IoDLT Improve Sync Times for MongoDB by 15x




Storj Labs today announced an integration with NEM to accelerate sync times for the NEM Symbol platform, improving the performance of connecting new nodes to the network and analyzing blockchain data. The solution—which was built by NEM partner IoDLT—leverages the native MongoDB integration that allows users to easily store data on the Tardigrade decentralized cloud storage service.

IoDLT specializes in creating an affordable internet of things (IoT) solution that leverages the power of the NEM blockchain. IoDLT operates a Symbol node and the team noticed that as blocks are added, which increases the amount of data on the blockchain, it becomes increasingly difficult to sync a full node in a reasonable amount of time. To solve this problem, IoDLT configured MongoDB snapshots to be sent to Tardigrade, making it much faster to quickly rehydrate Symbol’s API state to any location across the globe, improving accessibility.

“By using Tardigrade to store and distribute the MongoDB snapshots needed to set up a Symbol node, the process is reduced from 44 minutes to 2-3 minutes, an almost 1,500% improvement,” said Bader Youssef, IoDLT Chief Technology Officer. “Our team is proud of the Tardigrade integration we built and we’re looking forward to seeing how NEM community members and users take advantage of these new benefits from Tardigrade.”

NEM’s Symbol is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) built by NEM developers that is designed to deliver high throughput, accelerating sync times for new nodes, data analysis, and reducing costs for node operators. Symbol extracts NEM blockchain data into a MongoDB instance, which greatly improves accessibility. By pushing these MongoDB snapshots to Tardigrade—Storj Labs’ decentralized cloud storage service—NEM can make the data even more accessible by leveraging the service’s decentralized architecture.

Tardigrade’s decentralized architecture makes it a great place to store large datasets that are downloaded from many different locations, such as blockchain data. With nearly 9,000 nodes located around the world, Tardigrade has a very wide distribution, making downloads fast even from remote locations. The platform has been designed to easily integrate with an array of open source software partners including MongoDB.

“To drive wide adoption of blockchains, we need to greatly accelerate their speed and scalability and our team has made this a top priority for NEM,” said Dave Hodgson, Chief Investment Officer at NEM Group. “We’re excited about this community-led integration with Tardigrade by IoDLT, as it supports the ecosystem’s performance goals, while also adding to our decentralized infrastructure. By leveraging new technologies, approaches, and working together with robust projects like Storj to solve some of the biggest challenges in the blockchain industry, we will help drive broader adoption.”

Every file uploaded to Tardigrade is end-to-end encrypted by design, erasure-coded for redundancy, and stored across 80 uncorrelated end-points. A file can be rebuilt by downloading any 30 of its 80 parts. This delivers cross-geography redundancy for every file at no additional cost. The platform’s decentralized architecture also means that end-points have a greater geographic distribution, making it much faster to download from anywhere in the world.

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JCI US and Trend Micro partner to research and develop SIM card-based mobile network security solutions




JCI US Inc., a subsidiary of Japan Communications Inc., (JCI, Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section code: 9424), and provider of secure and reliable communications, and Trend Micro Inc. (T: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today announced the completion of the proof-of-concept phase of their joint research and development in to SIM card based security solutions. The first phase of the research and development centered on securing mobile devices deployed within CBRS private 4G/5G networks via the SIM card. Future R&D efforts will focus on utilizing digital signatures and blockchain technology housed on the SIM card to ensure security and create circles of trust for mobile devices connected to a CBRS or another network. These efforts will leverage the JCI Group’s world-leading FPoS (Fintech Platform over SIM) blockchain version and Trend Micro’s Mobile Network Security (MNS) solution.

The joint research project took place in JCI US’ Denver SIM Technology and CBRS lab environment. Trend Micro and JCI US engineers deployed programmed SIM cards to Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to a JCI US private 4G/5G network. The Proof-of-Concept aimed to confirm the ability to secure the IoT device via technologies housed on its SIM card. The testing successfully confirmed that malicious actors can be successfully blocked from the network even in cases where they manage to physically access a good device on the network and swap the SIM card to a compromised, bad device. Additionally, the joint research successfully highlighted how DDoS and other attacks from inside the network can be automatically identified and stopped via the SIM card by directly interacting with Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite (VNFS), which utilizes a zero trust security model. As a final stage of the first phase of the project, JCI US deployed and validated the solution within its commercial CBRS network at Southlands, a major mall in Colorado.

For the next phase of R&D, JCI US will expand FPoS technology to the Secure IoT area by collaborating with Trend Micro, a world leading cyber security company, and combining FPoS with Blockchain. In this phase, FPoS will generate “blockchainable” data so that information generated in the IoT terminal can be sent directly to the blockchain, minimizing the risk of compromise between the original data point and the blockchain data storage. Using blockchain, FPoS for Secure IoT and Trend Micro’s MNS layered security will be used to secure individual endpoints, for example through digital signature based firmware validation where if an endpoint’s firmware fails validation and is identified as having been changed without authorization, the endpoint is denied access to the network.

Regarding the completion of the proof-of-concept testing for Trend Micro’s MNS Endpoint Security utilizing SIM cards, JCI US President and COO Greg Deickman said “The SIM card is a discrete and highly secure computer housed inside all cellular devices. The JCI Group has long recognized this and created its Fintech Platform over SIM (FPoS) to provide the world’s most secure ID for the digital age, delivered via a SIM card. We are pleased to be working with Trend Micro to develop SIM card solutions to augment their layered security suite of products and services in 5G private networks to secure enterprise end-points and networks.”

Upon hearing of the successful delivery of the proof-of-concept, Akihiko Omikawa, executive vice president of IoT security for Trend Micro, said: “With over 30 years of security expertise and continuous innovation, Trend Micro protects and secures businesses, governments, and consumers with connected solutions across cloud workloads, endpoints, email, IoT, networks and telecom environments. Our Mobile Network Security is a comprehensive platform for protecting cellular networks and untrusted IoT devices. We’re delighted to be collaborating with JCI US, a leader in their industry, to make this vision a reality.”

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Secure Cryptophones




In the recent past, various eye-opening revelations have been made about spying by government and private organizations. As a result, there has been a growing interest in how people can keep their communications private. After all, nobody likes to have his or her private conversations being snooped on.

Why Digital Privacy Matters So Much

Today, most people have their lives connected to their digital identities. With just a few keystrokes, hackers could empty your bank account and take measures that destroy your lives and the lives of those around you. Today, keeping your private communications is not simply a matter of philosophy; it is about guarding your livelihood. There are numerous examples of people who have their finances ruined because their private details leaked online.

How to Preserve Privacy

Today, there are various options for preserving privacy. For instance, you can opt to use a messaging service that offers end-to-end encryption. There are encrypted email services that allow you to send and receive encrypted emails to your friends and business partners. In general, there are numerous platforms and tools online to help you protect your privacy. It is especially important when you are sending sensitive documents with personal details.

Using Encrypted Phones

The problem with using encrypted apps and platforms is that communications still take place over an unsecured phone. As a result, even when those snooping on you cannot access these services, they can still access the phone itself and discover private details about you.

It is the reason why people seeking more protection are turning to encrypted phones. Cryptophones, as secure encrypted phones are called, offer a high degree of privacy protection compared to using individual apps. The pones use high-grade encryption to protect every aspect of the phone.

Consequently, those trying to gain access to any secure information will fail. Another benefit of these phones is that they encrypt voice communications between the two parties using the phones. The result is that anyone can discuss sensitive information on air without the fear that their information is visible to third parties, who might have malicious intent.

How to Pick a Secured Encrypted Phone

Besides communication, a modern Cryptophone should enable you to conduct financial transactions anonymously. You should thus go for a phone with full cryptocurrency supports. Cryptocurrencies ensure that your financial transactions do not go through a central hub, where they can be tracked.

Another you should look for is protection from GMS and GPS location tracking and IMSI catcher. The feature ensures that not only is your digital footprint protected but your physical movements also remain private.

A good example of a cryptophone that secures your privacy is the secure, encrypted Ano Phone from Germany. The phone is fitted with a protected Android OS that eliminates the risky backdoor APIs and Google library with tracking services. It arrives with a mobile-first secure private VPN service, and a firewall. It ensures all your private details remain protected at all times. The phone also brings support for cryptocurrencies and other payment options in favor of discerning customers. In recent comparisons and longterm tests, Ano Phone encryption on the hardware disk and the communication with end-to-end have been confirmed. In addition to the high-level security layer, it takes care of the OS performance, not slowing down though meeting the high encryption requirement and saving your battery with VPN running without leaks or interruptions.

Another option is the EMP line of phones from Canada. These phones also offer encrypted storage as well as secure voice and text communication. Other features included in the phone are secure call history protection, dynamic key generation after each call with same phone, and the lack of a central key management system. The device protects the data on the disk by software encryption. The product is not optimized for VPN usage for longterm but compatible for VPN on Wireless Lan without mobile data connections. By customer support, additional end-to-end communication tools can be purchased.

Besides, we found a lot of bad apples on the market with different brand names that still offer Google and Blackberry devices with built-in backdoors. Features like remote access, remote wipe, enrollment or distribution let you give up control to the provider, put privacy at risk and are a red flag.


In general, if your line of work entails handling sensitive communications over the internet, it is important to protect yourself. You never know what malicious actor could be dropping in on your calls. Cryptophones are also great for anyone who values their privacy and who wants to stay safe amidst the growing digitization of everyday life and the growth in cybercrime, especially identity theft.

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