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Decoding UXLINK: Groups Will Be The Magic Key to Web3 Social



UXLINK, a leading Web3 social platform, marks the achievement of surpassing one million users, a pivotal milestone in the era of decentralized social networks. Amid their ongoing Odyssey airdrop campaign, an increasing number of Web3 enthusiasts actively engage in discussions, centered around one theme – Groups.

While Web2 has made progress in group dynamics, the Web3 landscape craves innovation, and UXLINK emerges as a standout Web3 social platform, reshaping the significance of Groups with cutting-edge technology. As of mid-December, UXLINK Group BOTs actively participate in over 30,000 groups. Let’s explore UXLINK’s Telegram group strategy and reveal project highlights.

A Strategic Choice: Placing Groups at the Core

In our daily online interactions, talking in groups is pretty normal on apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, and others. These platforms unite millions of groups, resembling live cells in the social world, fundamentally altering our social dynamics. A group, akin to a team, is formed by both the group owner and members sharing a common objective.

However, traditional groups encounter challenges such as role definition, trust issues, and uneven benefits distribution. UXLINK, drawing upon extensive social and online success, adopts a unique strategy to tackle these issues.

“To solve a problem, you must know where it comes from. In the decentralized world, groups are the fundamental units of human interaction, which is why challenges in group interaction should be addressed within the group ecosystem.” – UXLINK team

This strategic choice lays the foundation for UXLINK. By reconstructing social assets and decentralizing groups, the project enables group owners and members to secure long-term benefits and maximize returns.

Build Your Decentralized Group in Minutes

Many users find themselves puzzled about creating their group in Web3 or transforming their network into net worth through community building. Whether your aim is to strengthen social connections or improve your financial standing, you can easily start with UXLINK:

  1. Establish a new group or use an existing one, appointing UXLINK Bot as admin.
  2. Manage on-chain social assets with GGraph and GWallet, treating the group as a small team.
  3. Guide group members in trade, tasks, and interactions with Twitter.
  4. Activate GPass to reflect the group’s value, tradable and valuable for all holders.
  5. Utilise GGraph, GWallet, and GPass as your management tools, UX Task, AI Analyzer, and UX Trade as efficiency tools.

The First One-Stop Web3 Dapp Within Telegram

In the realm of Web3 social interactions, users commonly exchange trading information, a key step for Web3 enthusiasts. UXLINK introduces a trading scenario for Web3 newcomers, utilizing community and bot trading tools. A UXLINK group allows you to:

  1. Participate in UXTasks: Complete interactive tasks under the group leader’s guidance and share earnings.
  2. Utilize the AI Analyzer: Offer instant information to group leaders and members, conducting market analysis.
  3. Engage in UX Trade: Invest and trade securely with mutual support from group members.

These tools enable diverse community scenarios, idea-sharing, and mutual assistance in a secure space. This fosters a structure with regular members and leaders, enhancing leaders’ influence and financial capabilities. It facilitates members’ secure, cooperative growth with fair profit sharing, extending beyond trading and gaming to encompass all social and transactional activities, even launching new coins.

2024 Roadmap Unveiled with Odyssey Airdrop

Impressive product and user experience achievements, coupled with a successful contract audit, signify a pivotal phase for the project in 2023. As the year concludes, UXLINK reveals its roadmap for 2024:

  1. Cross-chain operations, including EVM/TON compatibility.
  2. Integration of third-party wallets, enhancing transaction functionalities for secure and enjoyable social experiences within the broader blockchain landscape.
  3. Expanded support for third-party applications, fostering openness in group scenarios and contributing to the Web3 application ecosystem.

Meanwhile, UXLINK’s Odyssey mission extends into the first quarter of the upcoming year, forming partnerships with Web3 platforms like Peckshield, d.di, Galxe, TaskOn, Port3, drawing almost ten thousand participants. The mission focuses on group creation and participation, offering everyone the opportunity for early-bird UXLINK airdrops. For task details, visit official announcements.


UXLINK is the first SocialFi Dapp, seamlessly linking real-world trust to decentralized scenarios through Telegram group. As the inaugural trust-focused platform in the web3 space, UXLINK guides users from web2 to web3, fostering unity and empowering social asset building and socialized trading. Backed by top-notch investors and boasting a user base exceeding 1 million, UXLINK is committed to reshaping social interactions in web3.



Volcano X Pioneers Sustainable Practices in Bitcoin Mining, Embracing Bitcoin Mining’s Transformative Era



In an era marked by rapid technological evolution and financial innovation, Volcano X stands out as a pioneering force in the Bitcoin mining industry. Since its inception in 2018, Volcano X has navigated the complex landscape of cryptocurrency mining with unmatched expertise and forward-thinking strategies. As Bitcoin continues to solidify its position as the premier digital currency, Volcano X is leading the charge into a transformative era of mining, especially in the wake of the pivotal Bitcoin halving events.

The Halving: A Periodic Catalyst for Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s design includes a feature known as ‘halving,’ where the reward for mining new blocks is cut in half approximately every four years. This mechanism serves to gradually reduce the supply of new bitcoins, ensuring that the total supply approaches but never exceeds 21 million coins. Each halving event has historically led to increased public attention and speculative interest around Bitcoin, influencing its price and the mining landscape at large.

Volcano X Fund has adeptly leveraged these halving events as opportunities to optimize its mining operations and strategy. By anticipating changes and adapting to the new mining reward landscape, Volcano X has maintained its profitability and continued to contribute to the robustness and decentralization of the Bitcoin network.

Operational Excellence in Mining

Mining profitability hinges on factors such as electricity costs, hardware efficiency, and network difficulty. Volcano X Fund has been proactive in adopting state-of-the-art mining rigs and securing energy sources at competitive prices. By optimizing their operational footprint, they have positioned themselves favorably within the industry.

Moreover, Volcano X views the decentralization of mining power as crucial for the security and integrity of the Bitcoin network. They advocate for a distributed mining ecosystem that prevents any single entity from gaining disproportionate influence over the blockchain.

Innovation Beyond Halving Events

While halvings are significant milestones, Volcano X stresses that innovation in the mining space is not confined to these events. The ongoing development of more efficient mining hardware, renewable energy integration, and the exploration of novel cooling technologies demonstrate the dynamic evolution of Bitcoin mining.

Volcano X anticipates substantial growth in the sector beyond 2023, fueled by technological advancements and increasing institutional acceptance of cryptocurrencies. As a pioneer in this field, Volcano X has successfully navigated past halvings and is well-prepared for future shifts in the mining landscape.

Volcano X: Pioneers Since 2018

Since commencing its Bitcoin mining operations in 2018, Volcano X has witnessed the ebbs and flows of the crypto market firsthand. Their early entry into mining allowed them to accumulate valuable expertise and build resilience in the face of market volatility. Today, Volcano X continues to leverage this experience to expand its mining capabilities and explore emerging opportunities within the industry.

With an eye towards sustainability, Volcano X is also investing in research and partnerships to reduce the environmental footprint of mining operations. They believe that environmentally conscious mining is not just an ethical imperative but also a competitive advantage in attracting eco-minded investors.


As the cryptocurrency market evolves and prepares for future halving events, Volcano X’s blend of experience, innovation, and strategic foresight positions it as a key player in shaping the future of Bitcoin mining. The company’s dedication to excellence, sustainability, and the advancement of the mining ecosystem ensures its continued leadership role in this dynamic sector.

For further insights and analyses from Volcano X, visit our website or contact our experts directly.

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Core State Holdings, Corp. Launches Innovative Cryptocurrency Donate Module for PTPShopy



Core State Holdings, Corp., a leading innovator in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency solutions, today announced the launch of its pioneering ‘Donate’ module on PTPShopy. This new feature is available only for registered non-profit organizations that have a Tax Number, enabling donors to deduct their donations from their income.

“Since 2020, crypto-philanthropy has been ahead of the crypto markets every year. For example, in 2022, crypto donors collectively donated $172 for every dollar of bitcoin’s market value, which is 41% more than in 2021. This market continues to grow in 2023-2024.”

What sets the crypto donation module apart is its compliance with the regulatory standards of any country overseeing organizations that collect donations. The developers of PTPShopy have taken into account all the requirements of these regulatory bodies. Donors, a business or an individual, can make donations in over 100 cryptocurrencies while choosing to receive an Income Tax Receipt from the fundraiser or continue to remain anonymous.

Non-profit organizations have the opportunity to create two tools for collecting donations – a button and a link. They can place these tools on various online platforms, send through email campaigns, and also capitalize on social media to collect donations. This allows them to use numerous marketing resources for fundraising, thereby increasing the amount of donations. For the whole setup process, organizations will need only 20 minutes to register and create a campaign to start collecting donations.

The new Donation functionality is also available to all clients operating our white label crypto payment gateways. They will be able to also expand their capabilities in increasing their Revenue. A plugin for the Shopify E-Commerce platform is launching this week. It will enable those using Shopify to start accepting cryptocurrency.

For more information about the PTPShopy Donate module and to start your campaign, visit PTPShopy Accept Donations.

About Core State Holdings, Corp.

Core State Holdings, Corp., based in Ontario, Canada, is a software development company specializing in blockchain services and products since 2017. With a focus on innovation and accessibility, Core State Holdings, Corp. is committed to advancing the global mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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Upgrading Global Payment Experience – Grineo Integrates Fiat and Digital Currencies



SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / January 17, 2024 / Grineo, the FinTech startup that aims to introduce digital currencies to the physical world, announced the launch of its highly-anticipated “debit card & wallet App” exclusively in Australia by early 2024, as reported by the Crypto News Australia agency. The app and card allow users to store and trade digital currencies as well as spending them like cash in stores or withdrawing as cash from ATMs, bringing much-needed adoption to the world of digital currencies.

The founders of Grineo first came up with the idea during a business meeting in Melbourne back in 2022, where they saw the immense potential of stablecoins as a store of value for investors.

They also realized that Australia significantly lagged its peers when it comes to the number of digital startups per person, the amount of investment in digital asset companies, and tech-skilled professionals. However, according to their estimations, if Australia manages to adapt blockchain and digital assets despite these issues, it will be able to save A$160 per person per year on international transaction fees and up to 80 hours per a small business on compliance and administrative costs.

Grineo officially launches in Q1 2024, becoming the catalyst for this much-needed change in the Australian market. Grineo users can spend digital currencies with no extra exchange fees wherever major cards are accepted, with conversion taking place in real-time at point-of-sale. With thousands of users in the waitlist from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, Grineo continues to expand its reach across the whole of Australia.

“The Australian market size in terms of transaction revenue is considered very niche for a digital currency card provider accounting only for $17M of revenue annually,” said Olesia Kostieieva, Grineo Chief Expansion Officer. “Our philosophy is that payments in digital currency should be available for everyone everywhere.”

With Grineo, consumers can unlock the power of digital currencies by opening a free account and gaining access to a physical card in just a few business days. They can also receive an immediate virtual card for instant use. All transactions take place on the Grineo platform, without any middleman processes slowing things down. Swapping assets are arranged easier or more affordable. The platform boasts a host of features, from customizable notifications to cutting-edge asset management tools. And behind the scenes, Grineo is revolutionizing the financial system by giving digital currencies the same level playing field as traditional currencies, including the Australian dollar. So, less limitations and more endless possibilities with the Grineo payment app.

“It is an all-in-one application,” Kostieieva said. “Because Grineo stores your digital currency alongside your traditional currency, there’s no need to go back and forth with your bank or top up via bank transfer and wait several days for it to settle.”

But what sets Grineo apart is its commitment to transparency and low fees. With exclusive rates and automatic conversion at the best possible live rates, users could save a significant amount of money on overseas transactions. No-fee ATM withdrawals are also available. Plus, with Grineo’s partnership with regulated card companies and banks, users can trust that their assets are secure and compliant.

According to Kostieieva, the use of stablecoins for purchasing goods and services may still pose some challenges. However, with the revolutionary Grineo platform, one can effortlessly utilize USDT in Sydney or seamlessly compensate others in Ethereum.

As Grineo prepared to enter the Australian market, they maintained a close relationship with regulators in Australia where they had already launched in the summer of 2023 their startup regulated by AUSTRAC. This designation gave Grineo access to essential networks and systems, further solidifying their position as a potential leader in the digital currency space.

In addition, Grineo collaborates with regulated card companies and bank partners to offer a comprehensive range of traditional and digital currency payment services throughout its prime market in Australia. All while upholding the utmost standards for security and compliance.

Kostieieva shared that the high standards set by regulatory players only serve to inspire and motivate their team, as they feel a great responsibility to ensure the success of Grineo. With their sights set on revolutionizing the way we spend and exchange currency, Grineo is ready to make its mark on the FinTech world.

About Grineo

Discover the innovative world of GrineoPay – the ultimate gateway to the digital currency economy in Australia. Our carefully crafted suite of products, led by the Grineo Wallet & Card App, is designed to cater to all levels of users with its intuitive interface and advanced trading features. Headquartered in the bustling cities of Sydney and Melbourne, our fully regulated company, Grineo Pty Ltd, is backed by a team of banking and FinTech experts. Be a part of the digital currency revolution and join us at our headquarters on Level 14, 5 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia. Regulated by AUSTRAC. Unleash the potential of digital currency with GrineoPay – visit our website now!

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DePIN DAO Unveils Solana-Powered Big Data Center, Revolutionizing Fair Data Compensation



With the new developments, DePIN DAO launched a Solana-Powered big data center that revolutionized fair data compensation. The platform is set to transform the dynamics of fair data compensation for ordinary users worldwide.

The platform empowers ordinary users by allowing them to upload personal information related to their daily activities – from dining and commuting to lodging – and the platform establishes a symbiotic relationship between data contributors and data consumers. This user-centric approach lies at the heart of the Solana-powered Big Data Center, marking a significant departure from conventional data industry practices. With the terms of sharing this valuable data, users are rewarded with DePIN tokens following a stringent authentication process, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the information.

DePIN DAO acts as a hub where diverse user data is aggregated, undergoing robust big data processing to discern patterns, behaviors, and consumption trends. This processed data is then made available to both web2 and web3 application service providers, fostering innovation and development in the digital landscape.

Positioned as a decentralized autonomous organization, DePIN DAO empowers users by providing a platform to contribute and monetize their daily activities, creating a symbiotic relationship between data contributors and consumers.

The platform’s Solana-powered big data works as follows:

  • Repast: Users can upload their dining orders, creating a comprehensive database of consumption patterns. DePIN DAO, through advanced data processing, analyzes dining habits, contributing to valuable insights for businesses and developers. 
  • Drive: Collect driving data to analyze trajectories, contributing to a wealth of information for transportation and urban planning. Users can actively participate in creating smarter, more efficient transportation systems while earning DePIN tokens.
  • Hotel: By uploading hotel orders, users contribute to a pool of anonymized data, enriching the understanding of travel patterns. Third-party service platforms can access this aggregated data, enhancing their services while respecting user privacy.

Including more, DePIN DAO’s commitment to decentralization, innovation, and transparency is evident throughout its operations. The platform actively supports innovation in the digital landscape by providing processed data to web2 and web3 application service providers. This collaborative approach fosters the development of new and innovative solutions based on user behavior, habits, and consumption maps.

Furthermore, DePIN DAO incorporates diverse datasets that include weather conditions, environmental metrics, and traffic patterns. This innovative approach provides a comprehensive understanding of user activities and their broader impact, contributing to the platform’s commitment to ethical data practices and environmental sustainability. By integrating seamlessly with the Solana blockchain, it addresses existing challenges as well as paves the way for a more inclusive and transparent data ecosystem. The platform’s user-centric focus, fair data compensation model, and commitment to ethical practices position it as a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of data management.

About DePIN DAO:

DePIN DAO, an innovative decentralized autonomous organization operating on the Solana blockchain. By empowering users to contribute and monetize their daily activities, DePIN DAO aims to transform the dynamics of data sharing, processing, and compensation. The platform is committed to decentralization, fair data compensation, and fostering innovation in the digital landscape.


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Hooked Protocol Unveils Education Launchpad, Debuting with Groundbreaking BRC20 Project TUNO



Hooked Protocol (‘Hooked’), the world’s first Web3 social learning platform, proudly introduces Hooked Education Launchpad. As part of Hooked 2.0, it serves as a fair launch platform, empowering qualified projects to educate the community for perpetual growth. The initiative not only supports emerging forces but also drives innovation in Web3, building a diverse ecosystem through collaborative projects and rewarding active involvement.

Hooked Education Launchpad embraces a unique fair launch model, utilizing the $HOOK token for a streamlined process. This exclusive opportunity caters to early-stage projects, facilitating their growth and interaction within the Web3 community. Through a secure liquidity pool feature, early-stage initiatives can incentivize active participation and engagement, offering token rewards before their official public launch. This mechanism not only helps the projects with liquidity but also nurtures a community of eager learners and early adopters.

The launch of the Hooked Education Launchpad marks an exhilarating milestone with the introduction of the first BRC20 project, TUNO. In the dynamic landscape of the burgeoning Bitcoin ecosystem, TUNO emerges as a pioneering solution. It seamlessly combines the liquidity of the Bitcoin network (BTC) with EVM networks, integrating flawlessly within the interconnected Hooked Ecosystem. This innovation unlocks unprecedented liquidity, revolutionizes token transfers, and propels the expansion of Bitcoin, creating a seamless bridge between networks.

With the debut of the Education Launchpad and the introduction of TUNO, starting December 28th at 12 UTC, participants can now engage by staking between 20,000 to 200,000 $HOOK tokens for 30 days in the launch pool to earn $TUNO shares for free, staking 20,000 $HOOK can yield 1 Reward Share, equivalent to 10,000 $TUNO. This integration of theoretical learning with practical experience, along with thoughtfully designed incentives, allows users to stake $HOOK tokens without additional costs, earning rewards proportionate to their stake, which not only benefits the Hooked community directly but also reflects its commitment to an impactful educational approach.

With the initial unveiling of TUNO, Hooked showcases its pioneering role within the BRC20 projects and Bitcoin ecosystems, highlighting its proactive approach to exploring industry trends and providing users with enticing opportunities in pioneering projects and ecosystems. As Hooked Protocol introduces HOOKED 2.0, its commitment to reshaping Web3 education becomes even more resolute, remaining steadfast in its dedication to innovative Web3 education and the continuous empowerment of perpetual growth for everyone.

About Hooked Protocol

Hooked Protocol is the world’s 1st Web3 social learning platform, transforming over 10,000,000+ users. Our vision is to create an immersive open educational network for billions of people, to educate and engage the global community in embracing Web3, and master Web3 for perpetual growth.

At Hooked, we aim to achieve on-chain education success by building an AI-driven Web3 social learning metaverse, where people engage in learning, socialise with networks, and enjoy web3 success in the connectivity of systems of both virtual economy and real-world assets. Join us at Hooked Protocol, where the future of education meets the potential of Web3.

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New Digital Wallet Tezro Aims to Revolutionize Banking



The fintech industry is booming with innovation. According to a recent report from CB Insights, investment in fintech startups reached $32.1 billion in the first half of 2021, already surpassing the total for all of 2020. Within this space, digital payments and banking solutions are hot areas of growth.

This trend is evident in companies like Tezro (, an emerging FinTech startup. Tezro recently announced the beta launch of its platform, which integrates payments, banking, and shopping within popular messaging apps. Using technologies such as chatbots, APIs, and digital escrow, Tezro aims to provide a seamless experience for completing financial transactions directly within the messaging environments people use every day.

The fintech industry has been growing rapidly, fueled by trends like the rise of ecommerce, the growing influence of millennials and Gen Z, and the mass adoption of smartphones. Within fintech, digital payments and embedded finance solutions are particularly hot sectors.

Companies like Tezro are tapping into key insights driving these areas. First, messaging apps have become a dominant mode of digital communication and are increasingly platforms for daily life and commerce. By integrating payments and finance within popular messaging apps, Tezro aims to meet people where they already are digitally.

Seamless user experiences are now expected. Traditional banking and payments apps often involve tedious setup, login credentials, and switching between various apps and interfaces. Tezro is focused on leveraging chatbots, APIs, and other technologies to provide a frictionless experience for sending, receiving and spending money within messaging platforms. Demand for alternative payments options continues to rise. Younger generations tend to favor newer types of payments, such as contactless, e-wallets, and instant payments. Tezro supports both government currencies and cryptocurrencies, enabling a wide range of payments flexibility.

Trust and security remain high priorities. Though open to new technology, people expect strong safeguards around their money and financial data. Tezro’s escrow system and partnerships with trusted messaging platforms help address these concerns, giving users more control and confidence in their transactions. With its digital payments and banking solution focused on messaging apps, support for new payment methods, and emphasis on security plus user experience, Tezro is tapping into several of the most compelling fintech trends and innovations redefining finance today. If successful, the company could help drive the broader shift toward embedded, conversational banking through platforms people interact with daily. The result may be a simpler yet more robust digital financial ecosystem overall.

“Tezro is building a new financial ecosystem that brings payments, banking, and shopping into messaging apps. Our goal is to make payments and transactions as easy as sending a message,” said Grygoriy Sytenko, COO of Tezro.

Tezro’s beta platform offers unique features that point to the future of digital finance. These include:

  • Chat Payments: Users can send and receive money or pay for goods and services directly within messaging apps like Telegram, Viber, WeChat and WhatsApp. Tezro supports both government-issued currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • Escrow Services: Tezro’s escrow system ensures secure transactions by holding funds until all parties have verified the details. This provides users more control and confidence over payments and money transfers. 
  • Digital Payment Cards: Tezro enables users to create virtual gift cards, fund them, and send them to friends and family instantly through messaging apps. Recipients can then use the gift cards for shopping and payments.
  • Live Stream Shopping: Using Tezro’s API, merchants and sellers can set up virtual shops to sell goods and services across social networks and messaging platforms. Customers can browse, interact with sellers, and complete purchases within their chats.
  • Auction Services: Tezro facilitates high-value goods auctions over encrypted messaging apps using cryptocurrency. All funds are transferred directly between users with no intermediary fees.

With its innovative platform, Tezro is positioning itself at the forefront of an emerging trend to integrate payments, e-commerce, and finance within the messaging apps people use daily. If successful, Tezro could help revolutionize digital banking and the way people transact electronically. The company’s payment solution is currently in beta with an official launch expected later this year.

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Compass UOL offers financial institutions new Gen AI solutions with AWS Financial Services Competency



Digital services company Compass UOL announced today it achieved the AWS Financial Services Competency and is offering its Gen AI tools to financial services institutions (FSIs) to speed up the evolution of their business on the cloud.

Out of the limited number of companies capable of addressing AWS use cases in the financial services sector, Compass UOL stands out as the sole provider offering its proprietary Gen AI software engineering suite to expedite software development.

Financial institutions can also apply AI to new business use cases, like onboarding for physical and business accounts using ChatGPT-like bots and robotic process automation (RPA), risk and fraud analysis with AI on new data models, and FSI-specific business analytics, among others.

“There is a window of opportunity for U.S. financial institutions to jump ahead of competitors and give new customers what they need online,” said Compass UOL CEO Alexis Rockenbach.

There are four areas where software can help financial institutions compete for new customers:

  • Payments: Instant payments, FedNow, faster payment services and integration, digital currencies, and digital wallets.
  • Digital Banking: Digital banking products, cloud migration, dynamic legacy path, edge open banking, and automated mainframe migration.
  • Real Time FSI: Data driven FSI, advanced analytic fraud detection, real time decision making, and real time credit and risk solutions.
  • Banking and Capital Markets: Wealth and asset management, credit and lending management, and investment management.

“Compass UOL is already helping financial institutions profit from generative AI,” said Rockenbach, speaking of Compass UOL’s approach. “We believe they can help make more institutions find their own way to benefit from it,” he added.

To achieve the AWS Financial Services Competency, Compass UOL presented a set of customer success cases which confirmed its ability to help its partners and customers stand out in a competitive landscape. Some of the cases involved complete solutions implemented using Gen AI to deliver strategic gains through a specialized financial services methodology empowered by AWS Data-Driven Everything (D2E) practice.

Compass UOL’s technology talent training program, Compass Academy, was also key for obtaining the AWS Financial Solutions Competency. The training focused on blockchain, Open Finance, and Data & Analytics, among other courses, preparing professionals to accelerate software engineering in the financial services industry.

A report published by the American Bankers Association said that financial institutions spent over $80 billion in technology in 2022, much of which went to keep their old systems working.

According to data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), financial institutions with less than $250 billion in assets held 45% of deposits in 2022, compared to 52% in 2012 and 78% in 2002, when there were twice as many banks.

In contrast, FDIC data shows that only 13 giant banks held $10.5 trillion in deposits last year, or 55% of the total, increasing the risk that problems at a single institution could affect more people.

About Compass UOL

Compass UOL is a global company that drives Enterprise transformation through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies. We design and build digital native platforms using cutting-edge technologies to help companies innovate, transform their businesses, and thrive in their industries. We cultivate the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives and focusing on how disruptive technologies can positively impact society.

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Zetrix, a leading public Layer 1 blockchain platform, today announced a significant milestone in its journey to connect businesses globally and streamline trade processes. The platform has unveiled a groundbreaking update to its native wallet application, enabling seamless digital asset connectivity between three major blockchains: Zetrix, Ethereum (ETH), and XingHuo International.

This pivotal development marks a crucial step towards interoperable verifiable credentials, a cornerstone of Zetrix’s mission to revolutionize global trade and data interoperability. Verifiable credentials are tamper-proof digital records that can be verified across multiple platforms, hold immense potential to simplify and expedite cross-border transactions, particularly in the realms of supply chain management and identity verification.

With the introduction of multi-chain support, Zetrix users will now be able to seamlessly manage digital assets across Zetrix, ETH, and XingHuo International, essentially allowing onchain data to be shared in and out of China. This enhanced interoperability will not only streamline cross-border trade but also pave the way for the development of innovative applications and services within the Zetrix ecosystem.

“The launch of our multi-chain wallet represents a significant leap forward in our mission to facilitate seamless cross-border trade and foster a more interconnected global economy,” said Dato Fadzli Shah of Zetrix. “By bridging the gap between these major blockchains, we are empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of international transactions with greater efficiency and security.”

The integration of XingHuo International, the international supernode of China’s national public blockchain infrastructure Xinghuo BIF, further strengthens Zetrix’s position as a key facilitator of cross-border trade between China and the rest of the world. This strategic partnership will enable businesses to leverage the power of blockchain technology to streamline trade processes and access new markets with greater ease.

Zetrix’s multi-chain wallet is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and its unwavering belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology. By fostering interoperability and enabling seamless digital asset management, Zetrix is paving the way for a future of frictionless global trade, where businesses can operate with greater efficiency, transparency, and security.

Zetrix Verifiable Credentials: Adherence to W3C Standards and UN-CEFACT Recommendations

Zetrix is committed to ensuring that its verifiable credentials adhere to the highest standards of interoperability and security. This commitment is reflected in its compliance with both W3C standards and the recommendations of UN-CEFACT.

W3C standards provide a framework for the development and implementation of verifiable credentials, ensuring that they can be easily exchanged and verified across different platforms. UN-CEFACT recommendations, on the other hand, focus on the practical application of verifiable credentials in the trade and logistics sector.

By adhering to these standards and recommendations, Zetrix is ensuring that its verifiable credentials are both interoperable and relevant to the needs of the global trade community. This commitment to standards will play a crucial role in Zetrix’s mission to revolutionize cross-border trade and foster a more interconnected global economy.

About Zetrix

Zetrix is a layer-1 public blockchain that facilitates smart contracts and delivers privacy, security and scalability. Zetrix’s cryptographic infrastructure can be introduced to multiple industries to connect governments, businesses and their citizens to a global blockchain-based economy. Developed by MY E.G. Services Bhd, the cross-border and cross-chain integration with China enables Zetrix to serve as a blockchain gateway that facilitates global trade by deploying critical building blocks for Web3 services such as Blockchain-based Identifiers (BID) and Verifiable Credentials (VC).

About Xinghuo International

Xinghuo BIF is a national blockchain infrastructure supported by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and led by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). It provides services mainly to industrial Internet, makes breakthroughs in Internet identifier, increases the application of blockchain and drives the economy. With open construction strategies and governance model, Xinghuo BIF positions as a national blockchain infrastructure that provides service to the world and its construction was started in Aug 2020. On 3 Aug 2021, CAICT released BIF-Core, which marks the start of its primary chain operation and global service.

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Meet StocksFC: The Football Stock Market Where Goals earn you crypto



Amsterdam, NetherlandsStocksFC, the innovative football (soccer) stock market platform that runs on Ethereum, is proud to announce its astounding success since its inception six months ago. In this short span, StocksFC has redefined the sports investment landscape, presenting fans with an unprecedented opportunity to monetize their football acumen.

A Game-Changer in Sports and Finance

With its launch in May 2023, StocksFC offered fans the chance to buy, sell, and trade football player stocks with the potential to earn crypto rewards when players shine on the pitch. Fast forward six months, and the market cap has increased by 1350%, with over half a million stocks in circulation. This seismic shift in sports engagement mirrors the bullish trends of the most dynamic financial markets.

Unrivalled Profits and Portfolio Power

The platform’s robust growth is underpinned by the soaring value of player stocks – premier players like Maddison surging over 400% since being listed. These are not anomalies but rather the norm on StocksFC, where every week offers the thrill of potential profits. Football fans have the freedom to craft their portfolios to capitalize on the weekly, monthly, and end-of-season cash rewards, with strategies ranging from investing in undervalued players to identifying future superstars.

Alex Thomas, founder of StocksFC said, “The surge in growth we’ve experienced in the past 6 months has been remarkable. We remain firmly committed to establishing ourselves as a leading force in the rapidly growing field of alternative financial assets.”

Three-tier model to retain rapid growth

The three-tier model to retain rapid growth at StocksFC includes an unparalleled commitment to transparency, sustainability, and community.

Transparency is not just a buzzword at StocksFC; it’s the backbone. The platform guarantees an immutable ledger of transactions, fostering unmatched trust among its users. Following this, sustainability is equally vital, with StocksFC’s design ensuring long-term value growth. Each stock is an ERC20 token and with a limit of 100k stocks per player and a systematic burn of stocks on trades, scarcity is artfully crafted to boost potential rewards.

Additionally, at the heart of StocksFC’s ethos is a community-first approach. User polls will guide significant platform decisions, ensuring that those who invest their time and passion into StocksFC have a voice that resonates at the very core of its operations.

The Future is Bright

The groundbreaking platform has not only attracted fans but has also garnered the confidence of financial and technological titans. Early investment from venture capital firm Antler has supercharged StocksFC’s ascent, while partnerships with Bitgo, Ramp, Coinbase Commerce, and Opta have provided a solid infrastructure for seamless, secure trading experiences.

With it’s exceptional growth, StocksFC continues to blaze a trail in the sports investment domain. The future promises an exciting expansion of its offerings, with plans to release hundreds of additional players in the coming months and to expand into Europe’s top 5 leagues, as well as other sports.

StocksFC extends an open invitation to football fans and sports traders worldwide to join them, and be a part of this winning streak that melds passion with profits.

For more information and to become part of this investment revolution, visit StocksFC’s platform, engage with the community on Telegram, Discord and X (Twitter).

Score Big with StocksFC – Where Every Fan is an Investor.

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XCAD Network Leverages Fireblocks Non-Custodial Wallet Service to Enhance Security and Control For its Digital Assets



XCAD Network, the platform enabling tokenization for YouTubers and allowing them to transform their vast audiences into web 3.0 communities, has collaborated with Fireblocks, an enterprise platform to manage digital asset operations and build innovative businesses on the blockchain, to address heightened security and compliance requirements following the blow ups of crypto firms last year.

“By leveraging Fireblocks’ innovative and secure technology, our partners and users will be able to retain tighter control over their digital assets,”stated Oliver Bell, Chief Executive Officer at XCAD Network. “Ideally, we will have user wallets migrated to Fireblocks similar to how apps like Revolut are set up,” he added.

Fireblocks’ non-custodial wallets utilise MPC-CMP, an MPC protocol introduced by Fireblocks in 2020. The MPC-CMP algorithm allows digital asset transactions to be signed up to 800% faster, and supports transaction signing from offline and cold wallets, with the company having secured the creation of over 130 million MPC wallets to date.

By integrating Fireblocks into the XCAD Network, the platform aims to improve its existing custody capabilities by bringing greater security and governance to its users, as well as opening doors to institutional investors. Specifically, the Fireblocks Network supports direct connectivity to over 1,800 liquidity partners, trading venues and counterparties,, resulting in better settlement efficiency, improved operational security, and fewer manual processes and errors.

“We are excited to work with XCAD as it embarks on its mission to redefine the NFT and creator tokens platform experience, as well as bridge the gap between YouTube content creators and their fans,” said Stephen Richardson, Managing Director, Financial Markets at Fireblocks. “Fireblocks’ non-custodial wallet service allows XCAD to protect their users’ digital assets at scale, eliminating a single point of private key compromise with our multi-layer security technology, as well as eliminating counterparty risk which has proven crucial in the adoption of digital assets.”

XCAD allows YouTube creators to generate dedicated economies around their fan-base, and offers new upstart creators a way to earn tokens and generate income long before they manage to successfully get picked up by YouTube’s algorithms.

The platform is backed by famous YouTubers such as KSI and Mr Beast, with others such as byViruZz creating and storing creator tokens by leveraging Fireblocks’ non-custodial wallet service. XCAD aims to foster increased user confidence in its existing products and the ones lined up for launch, such as wallet extension, a new creator token trading reward platform, a tokenized creator dashboard, and much more.

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