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GROW Believes Simple is Better for Crypto Finance Management



“Decentralization is the essence of crypto and is the fundamental basis of how it solves many tradfi [traditional finance] issues. However, the inevitable trade-off is that it leads to a burdensome user experience, which only increases as you further diversify your crypto holdings, such as using more platforms, exchanges, or wallets,” says Sean Kim, CEO and founder of GROW, a mobile app that allows users to earn crypto rewards. Most crypto users, including GROW customers, use multiple platforms and services for their crypto asset management needs, which results in the burdensome user experience whereby tracking all crypto assets can become a manual and tedious task.

To make crypto asset management easier for everyone, GROW has a feature within its app called MyCrypto that allows users to see their crypto assets on other platforms or exchanges, conveniently aggregated in the GROW app. It is currently read-only, so there is no risk of any sort of unintended transaction occurring while enjoying the convenience of seeing more of your crypto assets in one user interface.

This week, GROW has connected bitFlyer, as the latest edition to MyCrypto. “We like how MyCrypto is a feature that can grow with our community and user base. We started with Binance and Coinbase since those two were the most representative of our user base’s needs. As we expand and the community of our user base grows, we can continue to add more [exchanges, platforms, or wallets] that are useful to our users to MyCrypto,” says Sean Kim.

Currently, MyCrypto helps with aggregating data so that users can see more of their assets, but the company plans to expand the capabilities in the future so that users can actively manage assets on other services, such as transferring those assets. Sean Kim says, “This phase is what we call OpenCrypto, and this is what we envision as the best of both worlds from a decentralized, somewhat fragmented array of services and a centralized point of management for everyday users.”

About GROW

Singapore-based GROW offers top-notch reward rates so that clients can safely grow their wealth on a leading global platform for lending and borrowing crypto assets. Additional company information and details on the GROW app can be found by visiting






Zetrix, a leading public Layer 1 blockchain platform, today announced a significant milestone in its journey to connect businesses globally and streamline trade processes. The platform has unveiled a groundbreaking update to its native wallet application, enabling seamless digital asset connectivity between three major blockchains: Zetrix, Ethereum (ETH), and XingHuo International.

This pivotal development marks a crucial step towards interoperable verifiable credentials, a cornerstone of Zetrix’s mission to revolutionize global trade and data interoperability. Verifiable credentials are tamper-proof digital records that can be verified across multiple platforms, hold immense potential to simplify and expedite cross-border transactions, particularly in the realms of supply chain management and identity verification.

With the introduction of multi-chain support, Zetrix users will now be able to seamlessly manage digital assets across Zetrix, ETH, and XingHuo International, essentially allowing onchain data to be shared in and out of China. This enhanced interoperability will not only streamline cross-border trade but also pave the way for the development of innovative applications and services within the Zetrix ecosystem.

“The launch of our multi-chain wallet represents a significant leap forward in our mission to facilitate seamless cross-border trade and foster a more interconnected global economy,” said Dato Fadzli Shah of Zetrix. “By bridging the gap between these major blockchains, we are empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of international transactions with greater efficiency and security.”

The integration of XingHuo International, the international supernode of China’s national public blockchain infrastructure Xinghuo BIF, further strengthens Zetrix’s position as a key facilitator of cross-border trade between China and the rest of the world. This strategic partnership will enable businesses to leverage the power of blockchain technology to streamline trade processes and access new markets with greater ease.

Zetrix’s multi-chain wallet is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and its unwavering belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology. By fostering interoperability and enabling seamless digital asset management, Zetrix is paving the way for a future of frictionless global trade, where businesses can operate with greater efficiency, transparency, and security.

Zetrix Verifiable Credentials: Adherence to W3C Standards and UN-CEFACT Recommendations

Zetrix is committed to ensuring that its verifiable credentials adhere to the highest standards of interoperability and security. This commitment is reflected in its compliance with both W3C standards and the recommendations of UN-CEFACT.

W3C standards provide a framework for the development and implementation of verifiable credentials, ensuring that they can be easily exchanged and verified across different platforms. UN-CEFACT recommendations, on the other hand, focus on the practical application of verifiable credentials in the trade and logistics sector.

By adhering to these standards and recommendations, Zetrix is ensuring that its verifiable credentials are both interoperable and relevant to the needs of the global trade community. This commitment to standards will play a crucial role in Zetrix’s mission to revolutionize cross-border trade and foster a more interconnected global economy.

About Zetrix

Zetrix is a layer-1 public blockchain that facilitates smart contracts and delivers privacy, security and scalability. Zetrix’s cryptographic infrastructure can be introduced to multiple industries to connect governments, businesses and their citizens to a global blockchain-based economy. Developed by MY E.G. Services Bhd, the cross-border and cross-chain integration with China enables Zetrix to serve as a blockchain gateway that facilitates global trade by deploying critical building blocks for Web3 services such as Blockchain-based Identifiers (BID) and Verifiable Credentials (VC).

About Xinghuo International

Xinghuo BIF is a national blockchain infrastructure supported by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and led by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). It provides services mainly to industrial Internet, makes breakthroughs in Internet identifier, increases the application of blockchain and drives the economy. With open construction strategies and governance model, Xinghuo BIF positions as a national blockchain infrastructure that provides service to the world and its construction was started in Aug 2020. On 3 Aug 2021, CAICT released BIF-Core, which marks the start of its primary chain operation and global service.

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Meet StocksFC: The Football Stock Market Where Goals earn you crypto



Amsterdam, NetherlandsStocksFC, the innovative football (soccer) stock market platform that runs on Ethereum, is proud to announce its astounding success since its inception six months ago. In this short span, StocksFC has redefined the sports investment landscape, presenting fans with an unprecedented opportunity to monetize their football acumen.

A Game-Changer in Sports and Finance

With its launch in May 2023, StocksFC offered fans the chance to buy, sell, and trade football player stocks with the potential to earn crypto rewards when players shine on the pitch. Fast forward six months, and the market cap has increased by 1350%, with over half a million stocks in circulation. This seismic shift in sports engagement mirrors the bullish trends of the most dynamic financial markets.

Unrivalled Profits and Portfolio Power

The platform’s robust growth is underpinned by the soaring value of player stocks – premier players like Maddison surging over 400% since being listed. These are not anomalies but rather the norm on StocksFC, where every week offers the thrill of potential profits. Football fans have the freedom to craft their portfolios to capitalize on the weekly, monthly, and end-of-season cash rewards, with strategies ranging from investing in undervalued players to identifying future superstars.

Alex Thomas, founder of StocksFC said, “The surge in growth we’ve experienced in the past 6 months has been remarkable. We remain firmly committed to establishing ourselves as a leading force in the rapidly growing field of alternative financial assets.”

Three-tier model to retain rapid growth

The three-tier model to retain rapid growth at StocksFC includes an unparalleled commitment to transparency, sustainability, and community.

Transparency is not just a buzzword at StocksFC; it’s the backbone. The platform guarantees an immutable ledger of transactions, fostering unmatched trust among its users. Following this, sustainability is equally vital, with StocksFC’s design ensuring long-term value growth. Each stock is an ERC20 token and with a limit of 100k stocks per player and a systematic burn of stocks on trades, scarcity is artfully crafted to boost potential rewards.

Additionally, at the heart of StocksFC’s ethos is a community-first approach. User polls will guide significant platform decisions, ensuring that those who invest their time and passion into StocksFC have a voice that resonates at the very core of its operations.

The Future is Bright

The groundbreaking platform has not only attracted fans but has also garnered the confidence of financial and technological titans. Early investment from venture capital firm Antler has supercharged StocksFC’s ascent, while partnerships with Bitgo, Ramp, Coinbase Commerce, and Opta have provided a solid infrastructure for seamless, secure trading experiences.

With it’s exceptional growth, StocksFC continues to blaze a trail in the sports investment domain. The future promises an exciting expansion of its offerings, with plans to release hundreds of additional players in the coming months and to expand into Europe’s top 5 leagues, as well as other sports.

StocksFC extends an open invitation to football fans and sports traders worldwide to join them, and be a part of this winning streak that melds passion with profits.

For more information and to become part of this investment revolution, visit StocksFC’s platform, engage with the community on Telegram, Discord and X (Twitter).

Score Big with StocksFC – Where Every Fan is an Investor.

StocksFC – Buy. Sell. Earn

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XCAD Network Leverages Fireblocks Non-Custodial Wallet Service to Enhance Security and Control For its Digital Assets



XCAD Network, the platform enabling tokenization for YouTubers and allowing them to transform their vast audiences into web 3.0 communities, has collaborated with Fireblocks, an enterprise platform to manage digital asset operations and build innovative businesses on the blockchain, to address heightened security and compliance requirements following the blow ups of crypto firms last year.

“By leveraging Fireblocks’ innovative and secure technology, our partners and users will be able to retain tighter control over their digital assets,”stated Oliver Bell, Chief Executive Officer at XCAD Network. “Ideally, we will have user wallets migrated to Fireblocks similar to how apps like Revolut are set up,” he added.

Fireblocks’ non-custodial wallets utilise MPC-CMP, an MPC protocol introduced by Fireblocks in 2020. The MPC-CMP algorithm allows digital asset transactions to be signed up to 800% faster, and supports transaction signing from offline and cold wallets, with the company having secured the creation of over 130 million MPC wallets to date.

By integrating Fireblocks into the XCAD Network, the platform aims to improve its existing custody capabilities by bringing greater security and governance to its users, as well as opening doors to institutional investors. Specifically, the Fireblocks Network supports direct connectivity to over 1,800 liquidity partners, trading venues and counterparties,, resulting in better settlement efficiency, improved operational security, and fewer manual processes and errors.

“We are excited to work with XCAD as it embarks on its mission to redefine the NFT and creator tokens platform experience, as well as bridge the gap between YouTube content creators and their fans,” said Stephen Richardson, Managing Director, Financial Markets at Fireblocks. “Fireblocks’ non-custodial wallet service allows XCAD to protect their users’ digital assets at scale, eliminating a single point of private key compromise with our multi-layer security technology, as well as eliminating counterparty risk which has proven crucial in the adoption of digital assets.”

XCAD allows YouTube creators to generate dedicated economies around their fan-base, and offers new upstart creators a way to earn tokens and generate income long before they manage to successfully get picked up by YouTube’s algorithms.

The platform is backed by famous YouTubers such as KSI and Mr Beast, with others such as byViruZz creating and storing creator tokens by leveraging Fireblocks’ non-custodial wallet service. XCAD aims to foster increased user confidence in its existing products and the ones lined up for launch, such as wallet extension, a new creator token trading reward platform, a tokenized creator dashboard, and much more.

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Unveiling a revolutionary AI ecosystem in world premiere



Get ready to witness the dawn of a new era in the world of artificial intelligence. On 24th October, Openfabric AI is set to launch, and this groundbreaking project is about to change the way we interact with AI applications forever.

So, what exactly is Openfabric? Imagine a decentralized Layer 1 AI protocol that leverages the power of blockchain, advanced cryptography, and cutting-edge infrastructure to create an entirely new foundation for AI-Apps. Openfabric is poised to make it easier than ever to build and connect AI applications, giving everyone quick, affordable, and hassle-free access to powerful AIs.

Andrei Tara, the visionary founder of Openfabric, describes it as “an open protocol that simplifies the entire journey of constructing, using, and linking AI applications, granting people the power to harness AI technology with the same ease as opening a webpage.” This is a game-changer, allowing even those with limited technical expertise to tap into the incredible potential of AI.

Openfabric’s journey began in 2019, with a strong commitment to research and decentralization, much like the early days of Bitcoin. Now, they’re on the brink of launching their very own coin, which promises to be a significant event in the world of blockchain and AI.

With a strong presence on social media and an online community of over 200,000 followers, Openfabric has already garnered a substantial following. Their ecosystem is buzzing with anticipation.

But it doesn’t stop there. Openfabric has more than 800 developers eagerly waiting on their early access list. Their backing includes support from heavy-hitters like GSR, Cogitent Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, and Labs further solidifying their position as a leading force in the AI-Apps arena.

With three breakthrough AI apps already available (Drug Discovery, AI trading Bot and Genome Generator), an additional 50+ in the marketplace, Openfabric delivers practical solutions.

Openfabric’s Telegram and Discord channels are already hosting four AI apps: Artfabric, Memefabric, QRfabric, and Soundfabric. These applications have taken their respective niches by storm, redefining the way we interact with art, memes, QR codes, and sound. The innovation and creativity behind these apps are reshaping industries and sparking conversations worldwide.

For those eager to get involved, Openfabric has conducted a successful IDO (Initial DEX Offering) on prominent platforms like Seedify, Poolz_Finance, ChainGPT, and Enjinstarter. This opportunity allows you to be a part of their journey from the very beginning, potentially reaping the rewards as Openfabric’s influence in the AI world continues to grow.

The platform has undergone stringent security audits by Hacken and CertiK, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Altcoinbuzz has highlighted Openfabric as a combination of robust and proven projects, asserting that it represents an enhanced and comprehensive version of these initiatives, effectively positioning it as an all-in-one project.

Openfabric’s OFN token is set to take the world of crypto and artificial intelligence by storm. Here’s why it’s generating so much excitement:

  • Openfabric has cultivated 40+ strategic partnerships across various industries, providing a robust support network.
  • The OFN token is your key to accessing a world of AI applications and crypto possibilities.

In just a few days, Openfabric AI will emerge as a dominant force in the realm of AI-Apps, bringing blockchain technology, powerful AI, and an open, user-friendly protocol together in a groundbreaking ecosystem. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness history in the making and be part of the future of AI. Stay tuned and get ready to embark on this exciting journey with Openfabric.

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Cardano’s First-ever Social Media App Goes Live



Cardano Spot unveils its application to bring the whole community to one spot.

On October 18, 2023, Cardano Spot launched Cardano’s first-ever social media application. The emerging social network platform built to empower and connect Cardano enthusiasts is now all set to help native projects.

Cardano Spot has built an advanced platform for onboarding Cardano native projects and their communities. Via the social media app, Web3 users can learn and connect with the Cardano ecosystem, subjects ranging from “Emerging Cardano-based DeFi projects” to topics such as “How To Create Non-Fungible Tokens on Cardano (CNFTs)?” The platform has been developed based on community feedback and direction and now available on iOS and Android devices

“Decentralised social media is the future of how people engage, connect, and earn rewards through contribution. We are thrilled to have launched the first social network on Cardano with the support from the community. ” – Sebastian Zilliacus, Co-Founder, Cardano Spot

Why Cardano Spot App?

The Cardano Blockchain hosts thousand ongoing projects and boasts a vibrant community of over 4 million wallets. Cardano Spot is designed to cater to these native projects and their communities, offering the following features:

Community Hub: Experience a personalised and curated home feed where you can create content, connect with creators, and find like-minded community members.

News Feed: Stay updated with the latest news and insights from the Cardano Ecosystem. Access educational posts, articles, and video materials to enhance your knowledge and expertise.

Project Library: Explore and learn about various Cardano projects and stay updated on the latest trends in the Cardano ecosystem. The content-rich library provides detailed project descriptions, whitepapers, explainer videos, and links to assist you in researching a project. It serves as your comprehensive resource for conducting thorough research on Cardano projects.

Events Calendar: Never miss out on in-person and online crypto events with events calendar. Stay informed about upcoming Cardano-related events such as live streams, meetups, discussions, product launches, and more.

Market Status: Stay informed about the latest information on token prices, market capitalization, and tokenomics, enabling you to make well-informed decisions in the crypto market.

Multilingual: Multilingual interfaces make Cardano Spot accessible globally, allowing you to use the app in your native language. In its version 1.0, the Cardano Community app is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Japanese, etc.

The enhanced stack ensures that Cardano Spot operates with faster speed and consistency. The application interface is more sleek and intuitive, with an eye-pleasing dark theme.


Access end-to-end knowledge about everything Cardano at your fingertips.

About Cardano Spot

Cardano Spot is an emerging Web3 social media platform developed with the Cardano community at its core. It is a home for Cardano enthusiasts, where users can stay updated with the ecosystem. They can also grow through insights into the market and connections with the community.

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Digital Shovel Announces S300 MiniPOD Line Of Module Crypto Mining Data Centers, Reducing Costs, Improving Portability And Driving Profitability



Digital Shovel, a leader in crypto mining infrastructure, today announced the latest evolution of its pioneering MiniPOD line of modular cryptocurrency mining datacenters, the S300 MiniPOD.

The S300 improves upon Digital Shovel’s popular mining data center solutions by minimizing product costs, creating a 60% reduction in transportation costs and making assembly easier for customers, all while boasting the same modular electrical system, ranging in size from 300 kilowatts (KW) to 3 megawatts (MW). The S300 can ship as a flat pack and can be erected on-site by two people within four hours, even without the assistance of a forklift.

“As a pioneer of the modular approach to cryptocurrency mining data centers, we constantly strive to expand, improve and innovate our already advanced product line,” said Scot Johnson, CEO of Digital Shovel. “The S300 MiniPOD represents the cutting-edge in mining, allowing customers to continue achieving maximum efficiency and profit wherever they choose to establish their data centers.”


Digital Shovel’s S300 MiniPOD line is equipped with a range of new features and specifications to ensure maximum miner efficiency and profitability in any environment.

The S300 MiniPOD boasts four all-new 1.1 KW direct drive fans, increasing pod airflow from 60,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to 88,000 CFM, allowing for better miner temperatures and maximum profitability even in punishing environments.

It also holds a two-stage air intake filtration system that is now augmented by a 1-inch pre-filter that can be changed from outside of the pod based on atmospheric and environmental conditions to overcome dust, pollen, bugs or other large particulates, and better protect the more expensive primary filters.

The S300 also includes fully automated smart power distribution units (PDUs) to enable remote device control and wattage monitoring, as well as several autonomous features that minimize human resource overhead and maximize uptime.

Competitive Pricing

The S300 MiniPOD line boasts one of the most competitive prices in the industry at a range of $60,000 to $80,000 per MW with switchgear, nearly 35% below competitors. This is achievable thanks to Digital Shovel’s completely vertically-integrated North American production facility and the large economies of scale it achieves compared to others in the space. This vertical integration also allows Digital Shovel to deliver orders rapidly, in as little as three weeks depending on the size and options.

About Digital Shovel

Digital Shovel is a leader and pioneer in the crypto mining infrastructure and modular data center space, with experience delivering crypto mining equipment for over five years. Its innovative line of crypto mining containers, smart power distribution units (SPDUs) and turn-key solutions achieve maximum efficiency and profitability, giving customers the chance to take part in the digital asset revolution with plug-and-play passive income.

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Unleashing the Power of VITREUS: Where Blockchain and AI Converge



In an era where technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, the convergence of blockchain and artificial intelligence has emerged as a game-changer. VITREUS, a groundbreaking platform, sits at the intersection of these two transformative technologies, offering a glimpse into the future of business efficiency, compliance, and data management.

Blockchain technology provides a secure and transparent framework for data storage and management, making it the ideal choice for applications that require trust and accountability. VITREUS also utilizes the power of blockchain, and it’s not just any blockchain but a highly advanced and tailored architecture designed to serve the unique needs of modern enterprises of any size.

Enter COMPLiQ: The AI Compliance Partner

What truly sets VITREUS apart is its integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly Large Language Models (LLMs). These AI giants, like GPT-4, are capable of understanding and generating human-like text based on their extensive training on vast volumes of natural language data. The synergy between blockchain and LLMs opens up a world of possibilities, and VITREUS is at the forefront of harnessing this potential.

At the heart of VITREUS is COMPLiQ™, an AI-driven compliance system that’s poised to revolutionize how businesses navigate the complex world of regulatory frameworks. COMPLiQ ensures adherence to evolving regulations, minimizing risks, and enabling businesses to operate confidently within legal boundaries. Setting COMPLiQ apart is its use of Ensemble AI (EAI) and its fine-tuning capability to make it a business’s compliance companion.

Ensemble AI (EAI) combines the power of multiple AI models, including the formidable LLMs, to create a robust system capable of handling intricate compliance tasks. However, COMPLiQ doesn’t just stop there. It fine-tunes its capabilities to match a business’s unique needs, all without exposing sensitive data. By using data anonymization and privacy-preserving techniques like Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), KZG Commitments, Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), and Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC), COMPLiQ transcends the current state of enterprise-ready LLMs. This isn’t just an AI chatbot one can speak compliance with. COMPLiQ is a system that respects data privacy, utilizes the tools within its environment to prepare deliverables, works alongside employees and open a business up to a world of new possibilities through automation and simplification.

Meet VITREUS One: The Data Transformation Hub

The VITREUS team doesn’t believe in isolated solutions, but in holistic transformation. That’s where VITREUS One steps in. It serves as a command center orchestrating the integration of diverse technologies, streamlining business processes, and providing business-wide insights based on up-to-date information from all systems within a company. Its first iteration has been meticulously tailored to cater to specific industries like the Wealth Management sector, where it simplifies technology stacks and natively incorporates core features such as secure cloud storage and compliance support through the adjacent VITREUS platform.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where data is both an asset and a liability, VITREUS One ensures that data is not just managed but leveraged to its full potential. It seamlessly bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies, making it user-friendly, intuitive, and adaptable regardless of technical expertise. VITREUS One is designed to connect with CRM, ERP and other traditional systems to allow for a comprehensive ingestion of business data into a private blockchain environment, allowing businesses to manage, store and utilize all their data simply.

From revolutionizing compliance to providing real-time insights, VITREUS is not just a platform; it’s a catalyst for change. The future is here, and it’s smart, secure, and driven by VITREUS.

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High Performance Crypto Miners Disrupt the Market



ASICRUN is well and truly on its way to causing a serious disruption in the crypto mining market. The company’s new AR1, AR2, and EliteAR miners have taken mining efficiency to unforeseen levels with their high hash rates.

Market Leading Hash Rates

  • AR1 Miner: Bitcoin 1050 TH/s, Litecoin/Doge 400 GH/s, Dash 20 TH/s
  • AR2 Miner: Bitcoin 2200 TH/s, Litecoin/Doge 900 GH/s, Dash 45 TH/s
  • EliteAR Miner: Bitcoin 4900 TH/s, Litecoin/Doge2200 GH/s, Dash 100 TH/s

Power Consumption: AR1 Miner: 650 W, AR2 Miner: 1300 W, and EliteAR Miner: 2800 W

Potential Mining Profits

As a result of their superior hash rates, ASICRUN miners are capable of earning block rewards with considerable ease compared to other miners. Summarized below are the potential monthly profits for the three miners.


Easy to Use

Interestingly, ASICRUN miners are not just about making handsome profits. In spite of the growing popularity of crypto mining, common people have not been able to benefit from it because of its complexity. ASICRUN is looking to bring a paradigm shift here by creating a suite of hardware that can be used by all. These plug-and-play mining rigs come preconfigured, and only need to be connected to a power source to start mining. There isn’t a great deal of additional expenses involved because these machines have minimum system requirements. The company has its own mining pool that can be accessed for free by all its customers.

ASICRUN delivers its miners all over world with a delivery time of just 7 working days. Buyers pay nothing for delivery and customs because both these fees are covered by the company. All purchased products come with comprehensive warranty against all software and hardware related problems.

“Gone are the days where only seasoned pros could profit from crypto mining. Our advanced ASIC miners were designed with the goal of opening up the market by allowing everyone to be part of the fun,” said Matias Kotila, CTO from ASICRUN.

To find out more, please visit

About Us

ASICRUN is a technology company headquartered in Hong Kong with multiple offices across the globe. Led by a team of noted industry experts, the company is dedicated to improving the cryptocurrency mining space by leveraging the unique capabilities of the latest ASIC technology.

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Radix Babylon upgrade marks new era for Web3 user and developer experience



Decentralized ledger platform Radix Publishing has celebrated the successful completion of its long-anticipated Babylon mainnet upgrade. The Babylon upgrade represents the end of the Olympia era and has been hailed by Radix as a game-changing moment for Web3 and the wider DeFi space.

The Babylon mainnet upgrade has been described as a “substantial update” to the Radix Network mainnet, enabling the deployment of Scrypto-based smart contracts and a wide swathe of new technologies and features, most notably, the Radix Mobile Wallet.

Piers Ridyard, CEO, RDX Works, said: “With the Radix Babylon Upgrade complete, the Full Stack for DeFi has come together for the first time, ushering in a new beginning for both existing users, as well as those who were hesitant to embrace DeFi and Web3. A new ecosystem awaits – an ecosystem where builders can intuitively build and launch powerful and secure dApps, and where our friends, family, and colleagues can confidently use them.”

Among the refinements supported by Babylon are the Radix Engine v2 virtual machine, DeFi transaction previews that are human readable, a decentralized royalty system for developers and smart account components, as well as an on-ledger catalog of Scrypto-based blueprints.

The Babylon upgrade brings with it five new products, The Radix Mobile Wallet, which provides a secure way to manage accounts and hold any kind of asset, such as tokens or NFTs on Radix. Radix Connect, which allows users to connect their Radix Wallet to dApps on desktop browsers using a secure peer-to-peer connection with the Radix browser extension. The Radix Dashboard, a comprehensive explorer for the Radix Network and functionalities to stake, unstake, and claim XRD from validators and the Developer Console, which provides functionalities that will be useful for developers to deploy packages to the network, ensuring a streamlined integration of new software components. And lastly, the dApp Sandbox, a developer tool that makes it easy for a developer to experiment with the kinds of requests that a dApp frontend can make to the Radix Wallet, and see the results in the wallet and format of responses.

It is believed the arrival of the Babylon mainnet upgrade will enhance user experience for web3 developers, many of whom have already become acquainted with the incoming features through their use of the Betanet and RCnet testnets. Babylon represents an open, self-incentivizing DeFi dApp ecosystem where developers can build and deploy impactful decentralized applications at scale.

About Radix

Radix is the only full-stack, layer-1 smart contract platform that offers a radically better experience both for users and developers. With Radix, users can confidently use Web3 and DeFi to manage their assets and identities; and for developers, Scrypto and Radix Engine provide a powerful and secure asset-oriented programming paradigm that allows builders to intuitively go from idea to production-ready dApps that their users will love.

For more information, please visit: and

Radix Publishing is responsible for the code security and publication of code associated with the Radix platform.

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Bitcoin Paper Wallet: The Secure Solution Offering Stability and Peace of Mind for Serious Cryptocurrency Investors



In an era of digital complexity and increasing online security threats, simplicity and security are returning to the forefront. Today marks the launch of the new Bitcoin Paper Wallet, a product designed for serious cryptocurrency investors who prioritize both stability and peace of mind. This wallet represents the epitome of security, eliminating online hacking risks by taking your Bitcoin keys offline.

According to the experts at, “Sometimes the old ways are the best. If you want the safest and most secure method to store your Bitcoin you have to go back to basics. A piece of paper is not connected to the internet, so as long as you store it safely, your Bitcoin is safe.”

This sentiment is echoed by leading financial news outlet Forbes, which states, “In a paper wallet, users print off their key, typically as a QR code, on a paper document. This makes it impossible for a hacker to access and steal the password online, but then users need to protect the physical document.”

Why a Bitcoin Paper Wallet?

With a myriad of digital wallets and online storage options available, why opt for a paper wallet? The answer is simple: unmatched security. By having a physical paper wallet stored in a secure location, cryptocurrency investors can mitigate the risks associated with online hacking attempts. This stands as an attractive option for investors, particularly in times of market unrest and increasing incidents of cryptocurrency fraud and theft.

Key Features

  • Offline Storage: No risk of online hacking attempts, offering maximum security.
  • QR Code Integration: Quick and convenient transactions without compromising safety.
  • Durability: Made from materials designed to stand the test of time, ensuring long-term safety for your investment.
  • Ease of Use: Simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone, even those new to cryptocurrency, to securely store their assets.

Secure Your Investment Today

Don’t let market unrest or the increasing threat of online hacking compromise your cryptocurrency investments. Invest with a Bitcoin Paper Wallet and enjoy unparalleled security, stability, and peace of mind.

For more information, visit

In a world that’s increasingly complex, Bitcoin Paper Wallet provides a straightforward yet highly secure solution for investors. Get back to basics and protect your financial future today.

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