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NULS Partners With Suisse Blockchain – Incubator With Its Own IDO Platform



NULS Blockchain is delighted to announce its partnership with Suisse Blockchain. The partnership is a blending of expertise, as Suisse Blockchain is rooted in marketing and regulatory compliance; NULS is grounded in blockchain and multi-chain technologies. Both are committed to a future where blockchain startups are enabled to grow and market their vision for the future of blockchain. Together, NULS and Suisse Blockchain are creating and supporting an IDO and incubator platform.

Blockchain is known for its technical and legal complexities – high barriers for blockchain startups to navigate. The mission of Suisse Blockchain is to lower those barriers and enable startups to grow without the limits of potential roadblocks. In other words, to facilitate blockchain startups to shape their future.

Streamlining the Incubation Process

The Suisse Blockchain team works hand-in-hand with the NULS team, continually strengthening the security and the future of the upcoming projects. Blockchain is an evolving technology with constantly changing rules and regulations. It is important to navigate the immediate while keeping sight of the future. Suisse Blockchain takes care of that through code auditing, due diligence research, and a deep commitment to regulation. The foundation of Suisse Blockchain is the legal framework of the forward-looking Swiss DLT-Law.

This collaboration enables blockchain ideas and visions not yet dreamed of to flourish. As more blockchain startups appear with new ideas and concepts combined with the Metaverse-bound future, Suisse Blockchain will be there to provide assistance and guidance.

NULS is excited to join with Suisse Blockchain in contributing to the predictable and unpredictable shape of the future of the blockchain space.

About NULS

NULS, Singapore, provides a blockchain infrastructure boasting cross-chain consensus, a multi-chain mechanism, and smart contract support. Their combination of two blockchains, the NULS and the NerveNetwork blockchain, allows for fast speed and comparatively low transaction costs.

Its multi-chain wallet NABOX provides Suisse Blockchain with the ability to interact with multiple chains. This enables the blockchain startup incubator to host IDOs for projects from a variety of platforms and is not restricted to BNB or ETH. Being able to utilize 20+ blockchains is a technical advantage uncommon in the industry.

About Suisse Blockchain

Suisse Blockchain is a company based in Chur, Switzerland. Founded in 2022, Suisse Blockchain is the first blockchain startup incubator created on the Swiss DLT-Law framework allowing the project to be secure and progressive when it comes to regulations. The blockchain-experienced team takes care of the creation, acceleration, and later expansion of the company utilizing one of the most cost-effective and future-proof blockchain platforms.



MetaMask Integration Unlocks Decentralized Social for Millions of Ethereum Users



DeSo, a new blockchain-backed by Coinbase, Sequoia, and Andreessen Horowitz, has announced its integration with MetaMask. As a result, millions of Ethereum users can now enjoy one-click access to encrypted on-chain messaging and a full Twitter-like feature set.

DeSo’s integration with the leading web3 wallet effectively turns MetaMask into a full-fledged decentralized social network. It also paves the way for DeSo to become the cross-chain social layer for all web3.

DeSo Founder Nader Al-Naji said: “Existing blockchains cannot store content efficiently. It costs about $50 to store a 200-character Tweet on Ethereum and about fifteen cents to store it on Solana, Avalanche, or Polygon. In contrast, DeSo is one ten-thousandth of a cent, making it the first blockchain capable of disrupting storage-heavy applications like social.”

MetaMask users will gain access to gas-less profile creation, posting, following of other users, a fully decentralized on-chain follow graph, and much more. Thanks to the integration, a MetaMask user on Compound could send an encrypted message to someone currently on Uniswap and that user would receive the message via DeSo.

Similarly, a user on OpenSea could leave a comment on an NFT and have it appear on other platforms where that NFT is listed like Rarible or SupeRare. This system works even if one user is on Polygon network and the other is on Ethereum.

Social media today is controlled by a handful of private corporations – but that could change as wallets like MetaMask expand from handling just money to social identity and social interactions. Having gained a presence in the Ethereum ecosystem, DeSo plans to expand to Solana next by integrating with Phantom wallet.

About Deso

DeSo is the the only layer-1 blockchain designed to build and scale decentralized social media apps to 1 billion users. Notable DeSo holders include Sequoia, Coinbase Ventures, a16z, Winklevoss Capital, and Alex Ohanian.

Learn more and claim a DeSo username:

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The INX Digital Company, Inc. (NEO: INXD, INXATS: INX, OTCQB: INXDF) (“INX”), a broker-dealer and inter-dealer broker, has announced today that its security token trading platform and cryptocurrency trading platform have converged and now offer a seamless and secure single point of entrance called INX ONE – the world’s first and only fully-regulated, end-to-end platform for listing and trading both SEC-registered security tokens and cryptocurrencies. With INX ONE, institutional and retail investors can maximize opportunities to engage with digital financial instruments. INX ONE also provides a full suite of services for issuers looking to raise money through a security token offering.

“The launch of INX ONE marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the digital economy. Never before have investors and issuers had an opportunity to bring their unique communities together on a single, regulated, global hub for digital assets on the blockchain,” said INX’s CEO Shy Datika. “By bringing together our security token trading platform with our cryptocurrency trading platform and primary offering services, INX is pioneering a new era of digital asset investing for both primary and secondary markets that benefits everyone – not just a select few.”

INX ONE builds on the company’s mission to increase access for U.S. and international investors to the growing opportunities in the digital economy. Furthermore, the launch of INX ONE sets a global standard for effectively achieving democratization in financial markets, while simultaneously providing the necessary regulatory guardrails through close collaboration with U.S. and global regulators.

“INX ONE offers a truly unique user experience, where customers onboard once, fund their account with crypto or fiat, and are also able to seamlessly transfer between the different asset classes, including participating in security token offerings,” said Itai Avneri, INX’s Deputy CEO & COO. “There are more than 300 exchanges in the world and INX ONE is the first and only platform that allows institutions and retail investors the opportunity to fully engage in the wealth of opportunities the digital economy offers.”

For security token issuers, INX ONE is a true Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform designed for capital raise purposes. The unified, regulated hub streamlines the issuance process by providing everything needed to quickly and easily issue a digital security token to raise capital. An end-to-end solution for issuers, INX ONE Issuance Services includes transfer agent, broker/dealer, and ATS licenses to raise capital and list the token for secondary trading, smart contract design, and marketing and promotion support. INX holds all of the necessary licenses issuers need, along with a global team of experts to offer guidance along the way.

“INX ONE is a continuation of a journey that started with INX’s initial public offering of the INX Token and now includes a massive step forward in shaping the blockchain asset industry with an integrated and regulated environment with oversight from regulators like the SEC and FINRA. We see INX as a bridge between the legacy capital markets and their future,” Datika added.

In 2021, INX became the first SEC-registered digital security IPO – closing with $83.6 million in gross proceeds from over 7,300 retail and institutional investors. 92.9 million INX Tokens were sold in the IPO. INX continues to lead the industry in providing novel trading and capital raising financial instruments to enterprises and companies worldwide.

For more information about INX, visit

About INX:

INX provides a regulated trading platform for digital securities and cryptocurrencies. With the combination of traditional markets expertise and a disruptive fintech approach, INX provides state-of-the-art solutions to modern financial problems. INX is led by an experienced and dedicated team of business, finance, and technology veterans with the shared vision of redefining the world of capital markets via blockchain technology and innovative regulatory approach.

About The INX Digital Company, Inc. INX is the holding company for the INX Group, which includes regulated trading platforms for digital securities and cryptocurrencies, combining traditional markets expertise and an innovative fintech approach. The INX Group’s vision is to be the preferred global regulated hub for digital assets on the blockchain. The INX Group’s overall mission is to bring communities together and empower them with financial innovation. Our journey started with our initial public token offering of the INX Token in which we raised US$83 million. The INX Group is shaping the blockchain asset industry through its willingness to work in a regulated environment with oversight from regulators like the SEC and FINRA.

In addition to operating two regulated trading platforms for blockchain assets, INX’s interdealer broker, I.L.S. Brokers, plans to offer non-deliverable cryptocurrency forwards to Tier-1 banks in the future.

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Broadridge Partners with Coinbase on Integrated Trading Solution



Bringing liquidity and greater access to crypto trading, global Fintech leader, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. ( NYSE: BR), has announced a partnership with Coinbase, offering interoperability between Coinbase Prime and Broadridge Trading and Connectivity Solutions’ NYFIX order-routing network.

“Despite short-term cycles, momentum in institutional adoption is trending one way – toward more exploration and more interest,” said Greg Tusar, Vice President of Institutional Products at Coinbase. “Utilizing the NYFIX order-routing network, this partnership puts deep, multi-venue crypto liquidity on more buy-side traders’ desks, lowering barriers for participation in this growing asset class.”

Coinbase Prime is a comprehensive solution that provides an advanced trading platform, secure custody and prime services to manage crypto assets in one place. Coinbase Prime not only offers aggregated access to the majority of the market’s crypto liquidity via a market-leading smart order router, but also provides full prime brokerage capabilities to the buy-side.

This integrated solution allows NYFIX clients to route order flow to Coinbase Prime via FIX, an industry standard protocol. It also allows buy-side traders to source crypto liquidity from Coinbase and trade right from their OMS. The solution is now offered to US domestic clients and will roll out to additional regions as regulations allow.

“Institutions are increasingly interested in the crypto space but trading assets has remained a challenge because messaging is only available through proprietary API interfaces,” said Ray Tierney, President of Broadridge Trading and Connectivity Solutions. “Now, through Coinbase’s deep access to liquidity and NYFIX’s extensive market reach, we can integrate more than two thousand clients to bring crypto trading to the institutional market.”

About Broadridge

Broadridge Financial Solutions ( NYSE: BR), a global Fintech leader with $5 billion in revenues, provides the critical infrastructure that powers investing, corporate governance, and communications to enable better financial lives. We deliver technology-driven solutions that drive business transformation for banks, broker-dealers, asset and wealth managers and public companies. Broadridge’s infrastructure serves as a global communications hub enabling corporate governance by linking thousands of public companies and mutual funds to tens of millions of individual and institutional investors around the world. Our technology and operations platforms underpin the daily trading of more than U.S. $9 trillion of equities, fixed income and other securities globally. A certified Great Place to Work®, Broadridge is part of the S&P 500® Index, employing over 14,000 associates in 21 countries.

For more information about Broadridge, please visit

About Coinbase

Coinbase is building the cryptoeconomy – a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system enabled by crypto. The company started in 2012 with the radical idea that anyone, anywhere, should be able to easily and securely send and receive Bitcoin. Today, Coinbase offers a trusted and easy-to-use platform for accessing the broader cryptoeconomy.

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World’s Leading Filecoin Service Provider, RRMine, Relocates to Singapore



RRMine Global, a filecoin storage company that offers global cloud-computing asset management platforms, has officially announced closure of its business operations in Mainland China and shifted its headquarter to Singapore. Since its inception, RRMine has been addressing the lack of liquidity in Web3.0, which led it to become the world’s leading Filecoin platform. Moving forward, RRMine Global is committed to provide a one-stop service to Filecoin storage providers and aims to become the most trusted Filecoin solution provider in Web3.0.

The decision to wholly withdraw from Mainland China came about in light of the tightened restrictions on cryptocurrency usage in the Mainland and was solidified by the fact that China’s Web3.0[1] strategy is going in a different direction.

“Very much like other entrepreneurs, we want the best for our company, employees and community. The decision has been made after a profound examination and multiple discussions, and it has not been easy to come back from a downfall, especially when RRMine Global has continuously provided services to all its users globally without fail despite all the events that happened. From today onwards, we would like to move forward and recreate the prosperous scene from China in Singapore.” shared Steve Tsou, the Global CEO of RRMine Global.

As Singapore has been one of the world’s most open economies for a long time and has been touted as a welcoming hub for crypto businesses and activities, it has directly opened the path for China’s crypto businesses to consider it as a hub for them to relocate[2] to including RRMine Global. In line with Singapore’s vision to become a global crypto economy hub[3], RRMine Global continuously develops and expands globally to ensure accessible standardised Hashrate.

In the first step towards a new start, RRMine Global announces ‘R-Datacap Storage’, a newly upgraded service that will significantly reduce operational costs, increase yield effectiveness, and drive the Filecoin incentive plan. “Unlike other blockchains where users can typically store tiny amounts of data at a high cost, Filecoin’s storage is designed to store large files. We are taking the lead in Web3.0 technology research and development to create a more efficient system for tackling the issue. Data storage providers will receive ten times the output incentive under the FIP-0012 proposal, which Filecoin approved. We are excited to bring this innovation to RRMine Global and Filecoin users very soon. It will undoubtedly be a game changer for our storage industry,” Steve added.

Back in Mainland China, RRMine Global has achieved spectacular success by winning a number of awards. In 2019, RRMine won The Excellent in Technology Innovation Award at Fintech Summit USA 2019 and The Golden Globe Award at FINWISE Summit 2019 (Hong Kong), while in 2020, they won InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) Most Influential Companies 2020, and FAT Storage Brand of The Year 2020.

About RRMine Global

RRMine Global, the world’s leading Filecoin service provider offering global cloud-computing asset management, is a storage service platform under Hong Kong SuperB Grace Limited (Youcai Co., Ltd.).

The RRMine Global brand was formerly known as RRMine, aims to continuously develop and expand globally to ensure people can access standardised Hashrate services in more countries and regions. RRMine Global is constructing a decentralised global Hashrate infrastructure to achieve the free movement of Hashrate assets and make everyone comfortable holding Hashrate assets. The current focus of RRMine Global is to provide users with secure and transparent decentralised storage services. RRMine Global is strategically located in more than ten countries and regions worldwide, and the number of network nodes exceeds 100. Moreover, it has formed a large-scale storage service network coverage and promotes globalisation too.

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Win $150,000 USDT with CoinFloww Beta Launch



Digital asset trading has long suffered due to high crypto exchange transaction fees, regulatory hurdles by regulators, and stringent crypto exchange rules. Then came CoinFloww, the most advanced digital asset exchange.

Based on the world-class digital asset exchange technology, CoinFloww is proud to launch at a time when crypto exchanges are fighting for rights and struggling with a fraught market.

The team behind CoinFloww Exchange is constantly improving our UX and UI so our users can have extraordinary trade experiences. Our new UX and UI design of CoinFloww will be updated soon.

Rather than profiteering on crypto startups, CoinFloww is on a mission to nurture and patronise upcoming projects. CoinFloww does not charge any listing fee and offers reasonable promotional packages.

Derivative users are often left behind in the crypto ecosystem, but CoinFloww Exchange is a platform that truly caters to derivative traders with up to 300x leverage.

CoinFloww is not just a digital asset exchange; it is more than that. Besides typical digital asset exchange functions, CoinFloww has a roadmap of becoming a one-stop application for the crypto user to gain financial freedom.

CoinFloww has recently announced its whooping 150k USD prize pool. Any CoinFloww user can participate in the CoinFloww Bug Bounty Program to win our prize pool of $150,000.

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Bitcoinblack, Founders of the No-Limit Crypto Credit Card, Partner with Haute Living Magazine to Launch Exclusive Luxury Marketplace



With the official announcement of the much-anticipated Haute Living Luxury Marketplace, Bitcoinblack members can now redeem their SPEND tokens to purchase high-end experiences in a new & exclusive online destination.

As the world’s first and only no-limit crypto credit card, Bitcoinblack is announcing the launch of the premier partnership with Haute Living Magazine, a high-end network of luxury publications. Working together to create a highly curated marketplace platform, shoppers will find completely unique and exclusive experiences to choose from – available nowhere else in the world. Cardholders can now redeem their SPEND tokens to purchase experiences in the continually updated marketplace.

In announcing this partnership, the COO of Haute Living Magazine, Seth Semilof explains, “We are proud to start offering Bitcoinblack members access to our private, exclusive events”. With a stellar reputation of putting on the world’s top events for their clients ranging from Rolls Royce, Bugatti, LV, Macallan, Jacob & Co. and others, cardholders can look forward to a wealth of exciting and elite experiences, curated especially for the Bitcoinblack member.

Bitcoinblack is now ushering in incredible demand for its card, the only no-limit crypto credit card in existence today. Spend tokens are the official rewards token for the Bitcoinblack credit card that members earn for every purchase they make with their card. In commenting on the Bitcoinblack rewards program and marketplace, CEO, Prakash Chand reveals, “We aren’t reinventing the wheel. The difference between our rewards program and the archaic ones the traditional banks provide is that we reward with crypto, which is our own ERC-20 token called SPEND. It’s more efficient and practical in the long run as users can choose whether to spend within the marketplace or eventually exchange for other cryptocurrencies. The coolest part of the token is how we have been able to peg it at a guaranteed rate of 1 token = $1 in our Marketplace.”

Chand continues, “We wanted to go further than the boring traditional credit card programs.” says Chand. “Most of them offer flights or limited cash back options as rewards. For us, as we are a crypto credit card, we wanted to do something no other credit card has done so we teamed up with Haute Living Magazine, the world’s most popular luxury lifestyle magazine network headquartered in Miami, Florida.”

With six premier events already slated for 2022, with guest lists that include fashion influencer Olivia Culpo, Michelin star chef Alain Ducasse, NBA all-star Carmelo Anthony, NFL star Tyreek Hill, race car driver Danica Patrick and LIV golfs Bubba Watson, Bitcoinblack members can look forward to intimate experiences that defy any average event experience. In fact, CEO of Haute Living Magazine, Kamal Hotchandani promises, “We look to continue to add many more events with more celebrities and exclusive high-end brands in the coming months.”

Members of Bitcoinblack can visit to learn more, redeem and spend their tokens.

About Bitcoinblack

Bitcoinblack is a private, exclusive community of a select group of members that issues the world’s only global no-limit black metal crypto credit card. Prospective members can visit to request an invitation.

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idexo Launches Updated NFT Platform For Innovators Enabling Applications to Be Launched in Minutes Instead of Months



idexo is pleased to announce that it has launched its updated NFT Platform For Innovators, radically reducing the time, cost and complexity of creating major application innovations.

Benefits of using this platform include:

  • Achieving a faster time to market for NFT innovations.
  • Avoiding the opportunity cost of spending scarce resources on non-core and non-differentiating activities that can instead be achieved in minutes instead of months using idexo’s platform.
  • Increasing ability to focus more on core innovation mission value.
  • Ability to quickly unlock growth hacks to community and marketing growth and engagement using NFTs.
  • Achieving high quality NFT innovations that span a broad range of industry use cases in less time and at less cost, complexity and execution risk.

Key features of this platform include:

  • Continued and improved support of 1-line-of-code snippets through the idexo SDK / API enabling easy web2 and web3 integration via API calls, first launched by idexo in February 2021
  • Customization, training, consulting and onboarding services, including custom smart contract and dapp UI development – key innovations can be fully built in less time than it takes to recruit new resources
  • Fully featured hosted and custom-branded Dapp User Interfaces, available with the click of a button instead of months of costly development
  • Instant organization of smart contracts in web app of all smart contracts launched either through the no code SaaS app or low code SDK
  • NFT Creation Software that simplifies the creation of NFT collections of different types and use cases, as well as the minting of those NFTs. Gathering all of the smart contracts, media and metadata from different chains in one place enables the creation of a single source of truth for all NFT work.
  • NFT Minting and Drops utilities such as whitelisted and lottery mints and drops
  • NFT Surveys management application and hosted UI, enabling anyone to gain insights from any NFT Community in an incentivized way
  • NFT Utilities library enabling a variety of use cases such as ticketing, voting, staking, membership, token gating and more
  • Soulbound Tokens Creator, enabling the creation of lasting relationships, membership, attestation, and accreditation applications
  • Updated NFT Marketing software, making it even easier to launch campaigns that integrate with Telegram, Twitter and others and enabling community growth hacks

idexo currently integrates all of these features with Arweave, Avalanche, BNBChain, Dogechain, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon and has partial support for Solana and is continually adding new blockchain integrations, with several more announcements coming soon.

“The idexo team has put a lot of hard work over many months into this new release,” says Greg Marlin, CEO/CTO of idexo. “We are looking forward to seeing how partners use this product to achieve their industry-disrupting innovations and how those innovations will move the market forward.”

To get started with idexo’s platform, users can access a trial by using the Getting Started form available on idexo’s website.


idexo envisions a world where decentralized applications pervade every industry in the $88Trillion/year world economy the way the Internet does.

idexo’s mission is to empower innovators to create these industry-disrupting applications.

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Trivver Develops Groundbreaking Authenticity Scanner to Help Minimize NFT Fraud



Trivver is pleased to announce its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) authenticity scanner has been successfully awarded the fast growing company’s latest U.S. patent.

Trivver’s NFT scanner application provides NFT buyers with the unique and much in demand ability to scan digital NFTs from their smartphones, tablets and other devices in order to instantly verify whether the NFT is authentic or not.

Although the recent surge in NFT marketplace sales and activity has subsided, substantial activity remains in the space. Trivver founder, CEO and IAB Board Member Joel LaMontagne states, “Current economic conditions along with other factors are amongst several reasons the marketplace has cooled off but one major cause for the recent pullback is simply a lack of trust.”

After all, NFT marketplaces such as OpenSeas report as much as 80% of its NFTs for sale are fraudulent reproductions. Something needs to provide buyers with a simple means to authenticate purchases and Trivver believes its application backed by blockchain technology now provides the level of trust buyers require in order to feel confidence with their purchases.

Utilizing several patents awarded to Trivver, under LaMontagne’s leadership, the company’s newest release places a unique 3D pixel capable of maintaining and reporting ownership back to the original creator and all subsequent owners of the NFT as well as the purpose of the NFT. Such design not only ensures authenticity of the NFT but of equal importance is that Trivver’s application ensures sales, royalties and other possible revenue earned from each NFT reaches the rightful owner.

Furthermore, Trivver’s Smart NFTs have the ability to autoscale 3D objects so that these and other assets can be accurately placed into unlimited immersive locations such as the Metaverse. Once placed, Trivver Smart NFTs return valuable performance data. With this ability, brands now have the tools necessary to easily scale their products within the Metaverse and fully understand user affinities with their offerings in real-time.

“Think of our application as being somewhat similar to the security features imprinted on US and other currencies to detect counterfeit bills,” states LaMontagne. “Open the app, scan the NFT from a smart device and Trivver instantly reports whether or not the NFT is fraudulent or authentic. It’s as simple as that.”

An important element in this digital anti-fraud technology includes Trivver “Smart Object” intellectual property that amongst other important benefits, injects each asset with a hidden digital pattern. Such patterns include elements that can be authenticated by a plurality of pixels, voxels, vertices or mesh representation.

LaMontagne concludes, “In order for the NFT space to thrive, we believe this is a much needed technology. We have seen the values of NFTs take significant hits and although there are several factors causing this, we believe our application integrated into the NFT marketplace will greatly curtail fraud and help the marketplace return to its once thriving roots.”

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Here’s How OVER Is Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry Via The TINUS Affiliate Program



The fashion industry has been a cornerstone of every society for the longest time, regardless of personal preferences based on differing aspects like culture, ethnicity, background and location. This sector, along with so many others, should therefore be taking advantage of the vast potential of the different innovative technologies that are emerging nowadays which are also contributing to the seemingly inevitable transition into a Web3 era.

With that in mind, OVER’s new TINUS Affiliate Program aims to create a defined space wherein 3D clothing designers and fashion houses can sell their creations. The program relies on cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), NFTs and the metaverse.

What is the TINUS Affiliate Program exactly?

The TINUS Affiliate Program helps 3D artists and fashion brands communicate effectively. Furthermore, it allows content creators to participate in Web3 via the creation of virtual clothing along with related accessories which may be subsequently sold through OVER’s global open-source AR platform, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

As such, those participating in the program can help define ‘Digital Identity’ in correspondence to the OVER Metaverse. In this way, OVER’s decentralized AR platform allows all kinds of prominent figures in the fashion industry such as brands, individual creators and 3D designers to bolster their presence and spread their influence. In addition, the program also allows users to obtain OVR tokens as well as collect important feedback which can further help improve the product. All interested parties can register to participate in this program and learn more about it if they so desire.

What is OVER and why is the program important?

OVER is a decentralized platform for promoting art without regard for dress codes, color restrictions, or material limitations. In order to provide the best possible experience, the platform aims to commit a dedicated page to the TINUS Affiliate Program, which will help provide important details concerning the application process. There is a form on the page that creators must fill out with their personal information and some creations. It is also strongly advised to read through the guidelines prior to submitting the request.

In terms of why the program matters, the world is quickly becoming more digitized with each passing day, and it is hence crucial for the fashion industry to progress along with this socio-technological change. With that being said, the concept of virtual 3D clothing no longer exists in the realm of science fiction, as through a combination of both OVER’s NFT Stylist Program and the TINUS Affiliate Program, creators who have a passion for fashion and the metaverse will have the chance to both earn as well as receive visibility for their respective creations. In 2022 and beyond, the emphasis will thus be about monetizing creators’ passions and ‘living’ the clothes, rather than just wearing them. Lastly, check out OVER’s Twitter, Discord and Telegram channels for additional information and regular updates.

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Metaverse Company RFOX Introduces CitiXens Avatars in RFOX VALT



CitiXens, a collection of 10,000 limited-edition, VR-enabled avatars, enhances the RFOX VALT’s metaverse experience.

AUGUST 11, 2022: RFOX, the company that created the RFOX VALT metaverse, today introduced CitiXens, a limited-edition collection of 10,000 VR-enabled 2D and 3D avatars that will form the core of the RFOX VALT’s civilization and governance.

Out of the 10,000 CitiXens avatars in the RFOX VALT, 1,300 are being created as special OG CitiXens, bearing premium features, higher benefits, and better rarities. OG CitiXens will be available for whitelist and public sale events on September 9 and 10, respectively. In addition, thousands of CitiXens will be offered in a Dutch auction on September 30.

Participants who join the sale events for CitiXens will receive a minted CitiXens Pod, which will evolve over time and result in the emergence of a CitiXen. Owning a special limited-edition OG CitiXen Pod will result in possessing an OG CitiXen, as well as access to future NFT drops and other OG-exclusive items.

Each CitiXen comes with its unique set of random characteristics, including RFOX VALT quarter origin, appearance, gender, and more. All CitiXens belong to one of four civilizations, which are based on the four quarters of the RFOX VALT metaverse: the Callinova art quarter, the Arkamoto gaming quarter, and the upcoming music- and science and technology-themed quarters that we now call Terravaldi and Kolaxy, respectively.

A select few CitiXens will bear special crystals that set them apart from the rest rarity-wise. In addition, CitiXen holders will have full Creative Commons (CC0) IP rights to their CitiXens, unlocking premium opportunities for commercialization, creativity, and more. Other benefits that come with each CitiXen include governance and voting rights in the CitiXen’s quarter of origin, NFT staking privileges, eligibility for use in the KOGs Mint Lab, and potential privileges that may emerge in the future.

Additional benefits that come with the purchase of OG CitiXens include higher rarities and special traits on their avatars, double the voting rights of a normal CitiXen, a complimentary claimable CitiXens NFT, tiered staking eligibility, and more OG-exclusive benefits in the future.

“Today, we are unveiling a new era in the exciting future for the RFOX VALT metaverse. The creation and development of CitiXens represent a major step in turning our vision for the RFOX VALT into reality, while allowing our community to vote on future developments in their respective quarters. These CitiXens arrive with compelling stories, use cases, and aesthetics. We can’t wait to share this new world of opportunities with our community and the bigger metaverse space, starting with the upcoming whitelist and public sale events for OG CitiXens,” RFOX CEO Ben Fairbank said in a statement.

To learn more about CitiXens, visit RFOX VALT CitiXens and join the RFOX Discord channel.

About RFOX

RFOX is a metaverse company with a mission to be the global leader in immersive metaverse experiences focused on retail, media, gaming, and rewards, through the RFOX VALT metaverse. Since 2018, the company has built the RFOX ecosystem of products and solutions that include online games (RFOX Games), white-label NFT platform (RFOX NFTs), DeFi products (RFOX Finance), digital media platforms (RFOX Media and RFOX TV), and more. Its main token is RFOX, the digital asset that fuels the RFOX metaverse ecosystem and its immersive technology.

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