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Raindex Launches On Flare To Power Decentralized CEX-Style Trading



Flare, the blockchain for data, has announced the launch of the Raindex desktop app: a new intents-like DEX that uses the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) to offer the advanced trading operations of centralized exchanges. Users can now set bid and offer prices, activate stop loss and take profit mechanisms, and replicate other traders’ strategies in a trustless, fully-permissionless, decentralized way, on-chain.

The Raindex app utilizes the intuitive Rainlang smart contract language, giving anyone the ability to design, write, deploy and manage customized token trading strategies, while leveraging Flare’s native decentralized price oracle, the FTSO, for reliable and secure asset price triggers.

Raindex achieves this with an intents-like architecture. Users can specify their desired trade outcomes without needing to define how the trade is fulfilled, potentially setting up multiple future trades as part of a strategy deployed in a single transaction. Anybody can then perform the trades on behalf of users, within the constraints of the pre-defined strategy.

For instance, a user can write a strategy to sell assets at a set price triggered by the Flare Time Series Oracle. Under the hood, Raindex facilitates this trade by acting as a matching venue for buyer and seller intents. This frees users from manual order placement and constant market monitoring.

Trusted Real-Time Asset Price Data

The culmination of more than three years of dedicated development, Raindex blends the most compelling advantages of both CEXs and DEXs into a single platform, allowing users to craft and execute Rainlang strategies without intermediaries. It provides a CEX-like trading experience with enhanced DEX-style autonomy and security, so users no longer have to give up control of their digital assets.

The platform will take advantage of FTSOv2’s new “Fast Updates” capability that delivers asset prices every block (1-2 second intervals), secured by Flare’s novel architecture, guaranteeing both price accuracy and censorship resistance. Flare offers a unique trust model for the enshrined oracles on their network as the data integrity is secured by the validators themselves. An extension of Rainlang on Flare enables FTSO data to be leveraged for trading strategies, enhancing market responsiveness while eliminating the reliance on third-party, off-chain data oracles.

Josh Hardy, Co-founder of Rain, commented: “Secure, reliable data is an indispensable part of the toolkit for anybody writing trading strategies. We’re super excited to introduce Rainlang and Raindex into Flare’s ecosystem, connect with the DeFi community and see what they create!”

Enhanced Trading Without Intermediaries

Rainlang is an innovative new programming language that’s designed to be simple to read and write. Anyone who can read and write Excel formulas can easily learn to create smart contracts using Rainlang. Traders will be able to implement their own customized strategies, including, but not limited to, dollar-cost averaging (DCA), stop losses, Dutch orders, portfolio rebalancing, market making and liquidity management and trend tracking.

With the ability to set bids and asks, stop loss, and take profit triggers, and copy trade vaults, the platform moves beyond traditional Automated Market Maker (AMM) models, offering unparalleled trade expression freedom with full on-chain execution.

“The recently announced upgrades to the Flare Time Series Oracle will enable up to 1,000 asset prices to be delivered on-chain every second or so, without sacrificing decentralization or security. Combine this with Rain’s intents-like DEX and you enable much of the functionality of a centralized exchange but without the risk of needing to custody your assets with a third party,” said Hugo Philion, Flare Co-founder and Flare Labs CEO.

The comprehensive Raindex desktop app provides an all-encompassing set of tools for traders to devise and write their strategies, with the ability to simulate its performance before deploying it on-chain. Users can simply express what they want using Rainlang, deposit their tokens into vaults and then deploy their order when the time is right, with Raindex’s app providing real-time performance monitoring.

To celebrate its launch on Flare and entice the community to show off its trading skills, Raindex is staging a trading contest that will run throughout May 2024, with a total prize pool of $12,000 available for those who can create the most profitable trading strategies using Rainlang.

About Flare

Flare is the blockchain for data: an EVM smart contract platform specifically designed to support data intensive use cases, including Machine Learning/AI, RWA tokenization, gaming and social. With decentralized, enshrined oracles secured at the network layer, Flare is the only smart contract platform optimized for decentralized data acquisition – price & time series data, blockchain event & state data, and web2 API data. By giving developers trustless access to the broadest range of data and data proofs at scale and for minimal cost, Flare expands the utility of blockchain and supports the development of new and improved use cases.

About Raindex

Rainlang is DeFi’s native language on EVM. Entirely onchain, it promotes accessibility and decentralization by making smart contracts easier to read and write. Raindex, leveraging Rainlang, introduces a new DEX concept where orders are smart contracts, enabling complex, algorithmic trading strategies to be created and executed onchain. Rain’s mission is to foster innovation and inclusivity in smart contract development and DeFi.



Cwallet Marketplace Launches: A New Frontier for Trading Emerging Crypto Tokens



Cwallet is thrilled to introduce its newest feature in the cryptocurrency landscape: the Cwallet Marketplace. As a unique trading platform within the Cwallet ecosystem, the Marketplace is specifically designed to cater to newly minted tokens that have yet to reach mainstream centralized exchanges. Primarily utilized on decentralized exchanges, these tokens now have a dedicated platform for trading, enhancing accessibility and providing early investment opportunities in potential-rich projects.

The Cwallet Marketplace operates as a direct peer-to-peer trading hub, facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers without intermediaries. Open to all registered Cwallet users, the platform allows easy buying by simply selecting tokens from the listing page. Sales are straightforward too—users can list tokens from their wallet or directly through token detail pages by setting the quantity and price. This ensures a transparent, user-friendly trading experience, completed typically instantly following standard verifications.

Highlighting its user-centric approach, the Marketplace charges minimal fees: only 0.3% to sellers upon successful transactions and 0.35% to buyers, promoting cost-effective trading practices. Cwallet’s commitment to innovation is evident as it continues to develop features that simplify the crypto trading process, eliminate common barriers, and enhance overall user satisfaction. Security remains paramount, with robust measures in place to protect users’ assets and information.

In addition to offering a unique platform for trading emerging tokens, Cwallet Marketplace is designed to foster a community of forward-thinking crypto enthusiasts who are eager to explore and invest in the next generation of digital assets. This community aspect is critical, as it provides a supportive environment where users can learn, exchange ideas, and grow their investments together. By integrating community feedback into ongoing platform enhancements, Cwallet ensures that the Marketplace evolves in alignment with user needs and industry trends.

Furthermore, Cwallet’s vision for the Marketplace extends beyond just a trading platform. It envisions creating an ecosystem where crypto transactions are not just about financial gains but also about promoting technological adoption and fostering a deeper understanding of blockchain technology. Through educational resources and continuous community engagement, Cwallet aims to empower its users to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential.

Cwallet invites everyone to explore the exciting possibilities offered by the Cwallet Marketplace—where the potential of emerging crypto projects meets the opportunity for rewarding investments. As the platform grows, Cwallet remains committed to its mission of making cryptocurrency trading more accessible, secure, and beneficial for all. For more information, visit Cwallet’s website or contact our support team. Join us in shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading.

About Cwallet:

Cwallet is a pioneering crypto wallet platform committed to providing secure, efficient, and user-friendly solutions for managing and trading digital currencies. Founded in 2020, Cwallet has quickly become a trusted name in the cryptocurrency industry, known for its innovative approach and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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From Passive Views to Steady Income: HYDRO Unlocks the Power of User Engagement



In today’s digital landscape, where website traffic can be fleeting, a new approach is redefining how online presence translates into tangible revenue. Introducing HYDRO Online, a platform that is designed to help publishers maximize users engagement into a steady stream of income.

The Engagement Advantage: Redefining Website Monetization

Traditional monetization methods like advertisements, paywalls, and subscriptions have presented limitations for small business owners, bloggers, and digital entrepreneurs. With HYDRO, revenue is tied to the quality of user interactions, converting every scroll, click, and view into a monetization opportunity rather than relying on mere visitor counts.

Seamless Integration, Uncompromised User Experience

HYDRO seamlessly integrates with websites, ensuring a non-intrusive and visually appealing experience for visitors. By prioritizing engagement over disruptive tactics, HYDRO enhances the overall website experience, fostering audience loyalty and increasing the likelihood of return visits.

Empowering Digital Creators and Entrepreneurs

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, HYDRO presents a solution to maximize their online presence with minimal technical expertise required. The platform integrates with various web platforms, empowering those with limited IT knowledge to unlock new revenue streams quickly.

Bloggers also benefit from HYDRO’s approach by incentivizing high-quality, compelling content that engages audiences, resulting in increased site stickiness and a loyal readership primed for sustainable revenue.

Scalability and Versatility: A Future-Proof Solution

HYDRO’s versatility caters to digital entrepreneurs operating larger or multiple sites. The platform complements existing strategies like affiliate marketing or e-commerce, allowing for diversified revenue streams that enhance current income sources.

Growth and Potential: Rewarding User Interaction

With HYDRO, income potential grows alongside traffic and engagement. This direct correlation rewards efforts to enhance visibility and foster meaningful interactions, making content and marketing investments more worthwhile. The platform also encourages audience loyalty through quality content production.

Ethical Monetization: Building Trust and Confidence

HYDRO commits to non-intrusive, ethical monetization practices, helping build audience trust – crucial for maintaining engagement and a positive brand reputation in an increasingly privacy-conscious digital environment.

Conclusion: Transforming Engagements into Value

HYDRO Online redefines how website traffic is valued and monetized by focusing on engagement. It empowers businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs to efficiently and ethically maximize their digital assets for sustainable revenue generation.


HYDRO offers innovative monetization solutions, helping content creators harness their online presence’s full potential. Committed to ethical practices and cutting-edge technology, HYDRO partners with those seeking to transform digital engagements into meaningful, sustainable revenue.

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Nexus AI – The World’s First AI Trading Bot Is Now Officially Available



The world’s first AI trading bot designed to revolutionize the financial markets is now available. Nexus AI combines cutting-edge AI algorithms with advanced quantum computing capabilities to deliver unparalleled speed, accuracy, and profitability.

The launch of Nexus AI marks a significant milestone in the evolution of AI-driven trading technology. With traditional trading methods becoming increasingly outdated in today’s fast-paced markets, Nexus AI offers investors a revolutionary solution to stay ahead of the curve and maximize their investment returns.

The Nexus AI Trading software is simple to understand and intuitive, allowing traders to make trades using fully automated AI software without any complexities. By leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms, Nexus AI is powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms that analyze market trends, patterns, and correlations with unparalleled accuracy. These advanced algorithms enable Nexus AI to make informed trading decisions based on real-time data, helping investors achieve outstanding returns.

As the world’s first AI trading bot, Nexus AI is at the forefront of a new era in investment technology. By combining the latest advancements in AI and quantum computing, Nexus AI offers investors a glimpse into the future of trading, where speed, precision, and adaptability are paramount. The future of trading is here, and it’s powered by Nexus AI.

The software enables investors to execute trades with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency by harnessing advanced AI algorithms and real-time market analysis – with Nexus AI, every trade is based on data-driven insights and objective research, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions and maximize your investment returns while minimizing risk.

In today’s fast-paced markets, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. By continuously monitoring market conditions, analyzing trends, and identifying emerging opportunities, Nexus AI keeps investors one step ahead of the game. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, Nexus AI gives you the edge you need to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in today’s competitive financial landscape.

Nexus AI prioritizes the security of investors’ assets with robust encryption protocols and secure authentication mechanisms. Investors can trade with confidence, knowing that their funds are protected against cyber threats and hacking attacks.

Investors can achieve long-term goals with Nexus AI by taking control of their financial future. Whether you’re looking to build wealth, secure your retirement, or simply grow your investment portfolio, the software provides all the tools and resources you need to succeed in today’s dynamic markets. With Nexus AI, investors can embark on a journey toward financial freedom like never before.

“We are thrilled to introduce Nexus AI to the world,” said Andrew Fischer, CEO of Nexus AI Trading. “With its unparalleled scalability, accuracy, and adaptability, Nexus AI represents a game-changing innovation in the field of AI-driven trading technology. We believe that Nexus AI will empower investors to achieve their financial goals with confidence and ease.”

Nexus AI is now available for investors worldwide. To learn more about Nexus AI and start trading with the world’s first AI trading bot, visit Nexus AI today.


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MAKE, Casper Partners With D3 To Apply For .cspr Top-Level Domain



MAKE, a blockchain technology innovation firm, with the support of the Casper Association, have announced an exclusive partnership with D3 Global, a next-generation domain name company developing interoperable digital identities, to apply for and obtain the .cspr Top-Level Domain (TLD) during ICANN’s upcoming application window.

By partnering with D3, MAKE and Casper aim to drive accessibility and growth in Web3, by cutting the barriers to access blockchain ecosystems and integrating existing Internet infrastructure used by over 5 billion people worldwide. The Domain Name System (DNS) is universally recognized and used by nearly all governments, and enterprises across the globe. Bridging Web3 and DNS uniquely fits Casper’s strategy of enabling long-term solutions to real-world business challenges.

D3’s patent-pending platform is set to integrate traditional Internet and Web3 ecosystems to deliver enhanced utility, security, and universal access for what the company calls ‘real Web3 domains.’ The company is set to change the status quo, setting its sights on existing Web3 naming solutions, which do not offer interoperability with traditional Internet infrastructure, including support for the DNS, browsers, email, smart devices and more.

“Our partnership with D3 will allow Casper to become more accessible and scalable than ever. Every single day billions of people across the world use domains to navigate the Internet, the .cspr top-level domain will allow us to bridge the gap between Internet and blockchain technology,” said Ralf Kubli, Director at Casper Association.

“We look forward to working with D3 to develop futureproof, interoperable digital identities that offer our users and partners a host of new functionality and utility within the Casper ecosystem. Domains are universal and will be key to onboarding and scaling Casper’s enterprise blockchain solutions,” said Michael Steuer, Co-Founder and CTO at MAKE.

“We’re excited to welcome MAKE and Casper on our journey to cut down the barriers between Web3 and Internet infrastructure. The Domain Name System has been instrumental in making the Internet accessible and navigable for over 40 years and soon it will make Web3 and the Casper ecosystem just as easy to access and explore,” said Fred Hsu, Chief Executive Officer at D3.

Through their partnership, the three entities aim to onboard the next billion users to Web3 through ‘real Web3 domains’ that will offer accessibility and seamless integration with billions of Internet enabled devices.

About MAKE

MAKE invests in and develops innovative technology in high-impact industries, such as public health and blockchain. In public health, MAKE enables policy makers to make data-informed decisions about public health policies on a global, national and local basis. In blockchain, MAKE specializes in developing secure and user-friendly solutions for decentralized ecosystems. With a commitment to innovation and a focus on delivering real-world benefits to users, MAKE is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

For more information, please visit:

About Casper Network

The Casper Association is the not-for-profit, Switzerland-domiciled organization responsible for overseeing the Casper network and supporting its organic evolution and continued decentralization. By seamlessly integrating with existing technology stacks, Casper empowers both small and large organizations to harness the full potential of blockchain technology and create solutions that address real-world challenges. Utilizing open web standards, Casper enables the rapid development of cutting-edge blockchain applications.

For more information, please visit:

About D3 Global

D3 Global is a digital infrastructure provider that delivers secure, decentralized, and interoperable identities on the root layer of the internet – the Domain Name System (DNS). D3’s patent-pending platform will be the first to deliver real domain names that seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional Internet infrastructure and Web3 ecosystems. D3 team consists of industry veterans with over three decades of collective experience, known for leading domain name monetization, internet protocols, and various TLD operations including .xyz, .inc, .tv, and .link.

Learn more about D3 at

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Galactica Network introduces Web3 Identity for decentralized social networks



Galactica’s recent launch of their identity Layer 1 TestNet heralds a significant breakthrough, paving the way for under-collateralized lending and compliant Real World Assets (RWA) integration. This development holds the promise of seamlessly channeling trillions of dollars of liquidity from traditional finance (TradeFi) into decentralized finance (DeFi), reshaping the financial landscape.

Why you should care

The emergence of compliant yet privacy-preserving digital identity solutions, along with the concept of augmented reputation, represents a monumental advancement in the crypto sphere. These innovations are often hailed as the “Holy Grail” of crypto, offering a multitude of benefits.

With Galactica’s technology, expect heightened capital efficiency within DeFi, the ability to trade traditional assets such as Nvidia stocks or SpaceX equity on decentralized platforms like 1 Inch — even on weekends — and the convenience of purchasing corporate bonds or T-bills via Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). Moreover, envision securing a mortgage for a new Airbnb apartment in Tulum using your global credit score.

Beyond finance, this technology opens doors to hosting national elections securely and fostering entirely new digital communities or nations.

How it works

Galactica’s blockchain operates as a layer 1 protocol, distinguished by the introduction of groundbreaking primitives — akin to Lego building blocks — that revolutionize the landscape.

These primitives enable the creation of a compliant, privacy-preserving sovereign identity, along with the seamless validation and integration of on-chain, cross-chain, and off-chain data to construct augmented reputation systems.

Become a Galactican today and join their community, you’re still early!

About Galactica Network

Galactica Network is a layer-1 solution with the most flexible RegTech stack and DeSoc primitives. By leveraging zkKYC, dynamic whitelisting primitives and proofs over users’ Web3 footprints, it achieves a strong form of Sybil resistance and enables protocol-level, compliant privacy.

To learn more about this project, please visit its website:

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Multis Team Joins Safe to Build Cross-Chain Smart Wallet Infrastructure



Safe, the leading smart wallet infrastructure, with more than $100 billion in value of digital assets secured, has welcomed the senior leadership team of Multis to the Safe Ecosystem Foundation and completed the strategic acquisition of the Multis source code; Multis is an all-in-one financial software designed for crypto businesses. At the same time, Thibaut Sahaghian, the former CEO of Multis, is set to take on the new role of Network Abstraction Lead as a core contributor within the Safe ecosystem, where he and his team will continue their work towards enabling businesses and individuals to adopt and easily use digital assets every day.

With this move, Safe embarks on the next phase of its mission to simplify, improve, and enhance Web3 user experience. Leveraging their unique collective expertise, the Safe and former Multis team members will collaborate to solve the complexities of cross-chain interaction through network abstraction, with the end goal of enabling users to manage assets across diverse blockchain networks effortlessly.

As crypto usage soars, the demand for faster and more cost-efficient transactions has led to the rise of Layer 2 networks built atop the Ethereum mainnet (Layer 1), aiming to enhance scalability. However, this growth has considerably fragmented the blockchain landscape, complicating the development of user-friendly, on-chain applications and wallets. Addressing this complexity through network abstraction, which simplifies asset management across various blockchains, is crucial for setting the stage for mainstream adoption—a vital goal for the Ethereum community.

“The demand for Safe’s services is skyrocketing, particularly from emerging L2 ecosystems seeking robust infrastructure support to help users manage their digital assets. As we expand, simplifying the cross-network experience becomes crucial,” noted Richard Meissner, co-founder of Safe. “The synergy between Multis and Safe will undoubtedly help us become a staple in these evolving networks and beyond.”

Thibaut added, “Joining Safe is a game-changer for us. We’ve already been harnessing Safe’s robust infrastructure for years, and this is a new journey for us. It empowers us to broaden our mission, tapping into Safe’s expansive platform and extensive user base. Together, we’re set on building an ecosystem where digital assets and applications interact seamlessly across multiple networks, easing the path to adoption and creating a more integrated blockchain world.”

This strategic acquisition marks a turning point for Safe. It aligns with Safe’s recent collaboration with Coinbase-incubated Base to make smart accounts the standard on Ethereum. This announcement furthers Safe’s commitment to providing a seamless and secure foundation for managing assets within exploding L2 ecosystems on Ethereum.

About Safe

Safe (previously Gnosis Safe) is an onchain asset custody protocol, securing ~$100 Billion in assets today. It is establishing a universal ‘smart account’ standard for secure custody of digital assets, data, and identity. With Safe{Wallet}, it’s flagship web and mobile wallet and Safe{Core} account abstraction infrastructure, Safe is on a mission to unlock digital ownership for everyone in web3 including DAOs, enterprises, retail and institutional users.

About Multis

Multis offers a comprehensive financial software solution, empowering DAOs and enterprises to seamlessly manage transactions with both USD and digital assets, across multiple networks. Historically backed by Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator, Multis has been a front-runner in enhancing the crypto business user experience, now set to amplify its impact with Safe.

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Waterfall Network Launches New Desktop App for Windows and macOS



Waterfall Network, the decentralized and scalable ledger, today announced the release of a new desktop app for Windows and macOS that now allows almost anyone to easily set up their own node on the blockchain. With one-click setup, users only need to download and open the app, their Metamask (or any EVM) wallet, and they will have a full node running in sync with Waterfall Network.

Once users are connected, they can activate the node to receive stake amounts and rewards, view network status and connected peers, manage block producers on the node by creating or removing them, check balances, use external SSD drives as a data storage device, and customize other node settings.

“Supporting the Waterfall Network is now simpler than ever,” said Sergii Grybniak, Blue Wave CTO and Waterfall Head of Research. “This is not only an easy way for even novices to participate in the benefits of a blockchain, but this will also open up Waterfall node participation to a whole new class of user that will prove vital to building Waterfall before we publicly launch the mainnet.”

The Waterfall Network continues to streamline and expand its scale in anticipation of the launch of its mainnet. The Waterfall Network protocol has been optimized to achieve loads of 10,000+ transactions per second, with other optimizations and improvements, including faster synchronizations in parallel, improved search for new peers, automatically unlocked validators, improved reliability in optimistic consensus, randomness creation, new transaction gas estimates, and storage optimization. Waterfall is also continuing to develop and implement fast synchronization, simpler mnemonic phrase mechanisms, and reduced consumption of disk space.

The Waterfall Network protocol is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, serving the huge existing Ethereum developer base without having to learn new programming languages. Its protocol incorporates an innovative “Directed AcyclicGraph (DAG)” technology that allows for virtually unlimited scalability and portability of decentralized applications (dAPPs) with low processing power requirements that allow anyone to run a validator node from even low-cost laptops and mobile phones.

To download the new Waterfall Network desktop app or for more information, please visit

About Waterfall Network

Waterfall is a versatile layer one (L1) smart contract platform that solves the “blockchain trilemma” of security, scalability and decentralization while offering the first truly decentralized governance platform. Waterfall’s unique approach utilizing what is called a “Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)” achieves this by allowing anyone to run a validator node from any device, including low-cost laptops and in the future mobile phones. Waterfall is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, serving the huge existing Ethereum developer base without having to learn new programming languages. Waterfall utilizes a “one person one vote” system in which money can’t buy power. It is connected via two-way bridges to other popular protocols including Ethereum, BSC, and more to come.

Waterfall is the leading layer one (L1) architecture to combine scalability and decentralization, all while offering a truly decentralized governance platform. Waterfall’s Directed Acyclic Graph (“DAG”) achieves and allows it to run a validator node from any device, including low cost laptops and in the future mobile phones. Waterfall utilizes Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing for portability of decentralized applications (dAPPs), and has very low hardware requirements for the participants to become validators.

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This project launched 3 new products in a week!



Yet another time, when Isotopic manages the incredible. While other projects display roadmaps stretching years in the future even for a simple Minimum Viable Product, Isotopic abolishes its own, as the graphic designer cannot keep up with the development team!

Last week, Isotopic announced the release of its Asset Store, which also came with a complete revamp of the Game Store’s interface. Now, the release of the Isotopic SDK is made public, and with it, support for Cross-Game rewards. So what is Isotopic, and how does this project keep on building so many solutions, working with over 260 live game titles?

A gaming platform for all needs – Already LIVE!

Browse unlimited games for all platforms on the Isotopic Game Store, discover new games through video content on Isotopic Shorts, and gather all of your favourite games in one place with the Isotopic Client.

Create your very first videogame with 3D models from the Isotopic Asset Store, connect your own games with the Isotopic ecosystem using the Isotopic SDK, and seamlessly blend with other Game Universes, using Isotopic Cross-Game Assets.

Just head over to where you’ll find the whole ecosystem!

The main goal of isotopic – Own your games

In an ever-growing market of Indie Games, it becomes inefficient and expensive to browse and try out new games that end up sitting in your library without use.

Isotopic arrives to give you control of your game library, allowing you to truly own your game copies, which can be traded, exchanged, or otherwise repurposed! Tokenized game licences create a new economy with active exchange of game copies between users.This empowers small creators to reach wider audiences and show their talent, while gamers unlock new experiences for minimal cost.

The latest releases and future of isotopic

It’s been 3 months into 2024, and already Isotopic’s ecosystem has expanded to nearly double. But in just a week apart from first to last, 3 new solutions see light.

The Isotopic Asset Store, brings a marketplace for game development assets including 3D Models, prefabs, sounds, effects, and scripts. With the release of the Isotopic SDK, game developers can now integrate the Isotopic Ecosystem into their games, allowing things like login, Cloud Saves, and access to the third solution, Isotopic Cross-Game Assets. Now developers can add rewards into their games, which can transcend game worlds, and users who own them can use them in multiple different games.

So what is in the future of Isotopic? All of the solutions in the Isotopic Ecosystem are only set to grow even more from now on, with new updates, releases, and developments going live rapidly! Collaborations with gaming projects are in the works, and mean users will get the chance to earn exclusive items and games, so if you are interested in that, you should join the Isotopic Community!

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Walletry – on the wave of technological progress



The Walletry crypto wallet team constantly introduces new and proven technical solutions aimed at increasing comfort and protection for its users. Let’s talk about some of them.

First of all, it is worth highlighting the use of cross-chain bridges, which allow traders to change assets from different blockchain ecosystems. The internetwork exchange is based on a smart contract, it takes place quickly and is not subject to additional fees.

Walletry developers pay special attention to the aspects of security and reliability. When creating a wallet, a Seed phrase consisting of 12 English words is generated. It, together with the private key, provides access (return of access) to the assets stored on it. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is used, when in addition to the password, when logging into your account, you need to enter a code that will additionally be sent to your smartphone or e-mail.

And yet, development of a version of the crypto wallet for personal computers has already begun. It will be no less convenient than that available for mobile devices.

One thing is obvious. The Walletry team still has many tasks to solve, because its global goal is to make the project one of the most innovative and in demand.



Disclaimer: This is a Press release. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of our website. We does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available in such content. Do your research and invest at your own risk.

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Dekube Unveils Revolutionary Decentralized Computing Power Network to Democratize AI Development



In a landmark move poised to change the landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development, Dekube has announced the launch of its decentralized computing power network. This innovative platform makes it possible for small and medium-sized enterprises or individual developers to create large-scale models, addressing the critical challenge of the high cost and environmental impact of current AI training processes.

AI technology, while advancing rapidly, has been largely dominated by tech giants due to the prohibitive costs of training and developing AI models. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has highlighted that training models like Chat GPT4 could cost around $100 million, a sum far beyond the reach of most companies. This financial barrier has left the AI landscape at risk of being monopolized, hindering innovation and diversity.

Dekube’s decentralized network, built on Kubernetes architecture and enhanced peer-to-peer layer, leverages idle GPU resources from household PCs across the globe. This approach significantly reduces the marginal cost of acquiring computing power, making it virtually nonexistent. With the capability to expand into millions of nodes with GPUs, Dekube provides an elastically, efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional centralized cloud platforms, boasting up to 30% more efficiency on LLM training & fine-tuning, through decentralization by using consumer-grade GPUs.

Eco-Friendly AI Development

In addition to democratizing AI, Dekube addresses the environmental concerns associated with the extensive use of computing resources in AI development. By utilizing idle GPU computing power, Dekube presents a more sustainable model that reduces the carbon footprint associated with AI training and development.

The Dekube Opportunity

With over 100 million idle GPU computing power units worldwide, the potential for Dekube’s network is immense. Even utilizing just 1% of this capacity could mobilize the power of over one million GPU units. This not only opens up unprecedented opportunities for innovation and development for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), subject matter experts and individual developers but also positions home-owned PCs as one of the world’s largest computing power networks.

AI Libre Spirit Event

In celebration of its pioneering platform, Dekube has launched the AI Libre Sprint event, offering applicants free compute credits equivalent to 100 x A100 80G graphics cards total, with exceptional teams receiving further support. This initiative underscores Dekube’s commitment to fostering innovation and breaking down barriers in AI development.

Closing Words

Dekube’s platform marks a significant step towards an inclusive, efficient, and sustainable future for AI development. By lowering the barriers to entry and providing a scalable, low-cost solution, Dekube is poised to subvert the dominance of big tech companies and usher in a new era of innovation.

For more information about Dekube and its revolutionary platform, visit its official website (DEKUBE.AI).

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