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The gaming ecosystem giant E-PAL declares official entry in the Web3 gaming world



E-PAL, the top gaming ecosystem platform in the world, has officially announced its entry into Web3 gaming. Headquartered in LA, California, E-PAL is the leading social network where gamers pay for skills and interest-related matching with skilled E-Pals.

With the aim to transform the Web3 gaming framework, E-PAL brings numerous innovations, such as an all-inclusive gaming ecosystem podium and a gaming chain. Being one of the most innovative gaming platforms, E-PAL will combine the customized AI gaming elements, which offers a smarter and more convenient gaming experience to the users.

Founded in 2020, E-PAL has experienced significant growth in the gaming industry with five million users downloading the E-PAL app. Such a huge number of downloads reflects E-PAL’s increasing user base, growing market penetration and widening reach among gamers. It has turned out to be the world’s foremost game companion platform in only four years, winning more than 2.4 million users, 300,000 companions and associating with 200 leading games.

Plus, E-PAL’s search for capable partners in the marketplace reflects its smart moves to widen its operational base and strongly boost its market share. The gaming platform’s aim to build partnerships is a proactive step to grow its business and presence in the Web3 gaming marketplace.

E-PAL has acquired two funding rounds led by Galaxy and A16Z with extra investors, including the director of League of Legends and the founders of Riot Games and YouTube. As per the latest reports, E-PAL will introduce the gaming platform in May 2024, along with their entrance in the Web3 gaming world and releasing their platform’s 1.0 version, starting the new age of Web3 gaming.




PlayFi Announces Exclusive Node License Presale on Polygon PoS Network to Empower Gaming Innovation



PlayFi, an AI-powered data network and blockchain tailored for the gaming industry, today announced its plan to conduct an exclusive node license presale on Polygon PoS Network. This sale deployment on the Polygon network marks PlayFi’s entrance into the market, showcasing its commitment to integrating blockchain technology into the traditional gaming world.

“We believe that launching our node license presale on Polygon PoS points to a pivotal moment in how blockchain can play a role in creating renewed innovation in gaming,” said Franklin Mongiove, Head of Partnerships at PlayFi. “The blended vision of gaming and blockchain creates momentum where the two not only coexist, but can be used in tandem to create better gaming experiences. Our goal at PlayFi is to see cohesion among traditional gamers and game studios with web3, where instead of asking publishers to build on web3 rails, they build new layers with cutting-edge technology.”

Introducing PlayFi’s Modular Node License

As part of the presale, users on the Polygon PoS network will gain exclusive access to tier one pricing of PlayFi’s innovative modular nodes license, ahead of the tiered public sale coming later this summer. Node license holders will be eligible for rewards for helping run the PlayFi network by ingesting, validating and storing data from AAA and indie games in web2 and web3.

PlayFi will continue its synergy with the Polygon community by becoming the first zkSync hyperchain to join the AggLayer, creating innovation with cross-chain interactions for game builders and players.

The Technology Powering the Vision of PlayFi

PlayFi aims to revolutionize the gaming landscape by seamlessly integrating blockchain into gaming. Aimed at gaming enthusiasts, node runners, developers, and game studios, PlayFi facilitates a rich, web3-enhanced gaming experience without compromising the core gameplay of the world’s most popular games.

PlayFi enables features such as amateur esports, peer-to-peer competitions, and advanced marketplaces, scaling to meet the demands of over three billion gamers globally. It does this through two core components:

  • PlayChain: A secure, scalable, and cost-effective zkEVM blockchain specifically designed for the gaming industry. It facilitates fast transactions and enables innovative features for developers.
  • PlayBase: PlayBase is the AI-driven core of the PlayFi ecosystem, managing a decentralized network of nodes that process, validate, and store gaming data. It optimizes data uploading and inter-node communication through advanced AI technology, while a dual restaking mechanism using the $PLAY token secures the network and boosts participant incentives, ensuring robust network integrity and operational efficiency.

The PlayFi team is led by a 6x startup founder alongside builders who have impressive experience at Activision Blizzard, BumbleBear Games (developer of popular arcade game Killer Queen), Meta, BattleFly Game, and more.

About PlayFi

PlayFi is redefining gaming by integrating blockchain technology to enhance gameplay and community engagement. Through its cutting-edge PlayChain technology and AI-powered PlayBase network, PlayFi ensures a fast, secure, and scalable zkEVM blockchain solution, as well as optimal data processing and analysis tailored for the gaming industry. With a commitment to enhancing the gaming experience with web3, PlayFi is empowering developers, players, and studios across the globe to push the boundaries of innovation in an ever-evolving digital landscape and setting new standards in how games are played, developed, and monetized. For more information, visit

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Cwallet Marketplace Launches: A New Frontier for Trading Emerging Crypto Tokens



Cwallet is thrilled to introduce its newest feature in the cryptocurrency landscape: the Cwallet Marketplace. As a unique trading platform within the Cwallet ecosystem, the Marketplace is specifically designed to cater to newly minted tokens that have yet to reach mainstream centralized exchanges. Primarily utilized on decentralized exchanges, these tokens now have a dedicated platform for trading, enhancing accessibility and providing early investment opportunities in potential-rich projects.

The Cwallet Marketplace operates as a direct peer-to-peer trading hub, facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers without intermediaries. Open to all registered Cwallet users, the platform allows easy buying by simply selecting tokens from the listing page. Sales are straightforward too—users can list tokens from their wallet or directly through token detail pages by setting the quantity and price. This ensures a transparent, user-friendly trading experience, completed typically instantly following standard verifications.

Highlighting its user-centric approach, the Marketplace charges minimal fees: only 0.3% to sellers upon successful transactions and 0.35% to buyers, promoting cost-effective trading practices. Cwallet’s commitment to innovation is evident as it continues to develop features that simplify the crypto trading process, eliminate common barriers, and enhance overall user satisfaction. Security remains paramount, with robust measures in place to protect users’ assets and information.

In addition to offering a unique platform for trading emerging tokens, Cwallet Marketplace is designed to foster a community of forward-thinking crypto enthusiasts who are eager to explore and invest in the next generation of digital assets. This community aspect is critical, as it provides a supportive environment where users can learn, exchange ideas, and grow their investments together. By integrating community feedback into ongoing platform enhancements, Cwallet ensures that the Marketplace evolves in alignment with user needs and industry trends.

Furthermore, Cwallet’s vision for the Marketplace extends beyond just a trading platform. It envisions creating an ecosystem where crypto transactions are not just about financial gains but also about promoting technological adoption and fostering a deeper understanding of blockchain technology. Through educational resources and continuous community engagement, Cwallet aims to empower its users to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential.

Cwallet invites everyone to explore the exciting possibilities offered by the Cwallet Marketplace—where the potential of emerging crypto projects meets the opportunity for rewarding investments. As the platform grows, Cwallet remains committed to its mission of making cryptocurrency trading more accessible, secure, and beneficial for all. For more information, visit Cwallet’s website or contact our support team. Join us in shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading.

About Cwallet:

Cwallet is a pioneering crypto wallet platform committed to providing secure, efficient, and user-friendly solutions for managing and trading digital currencies. Founded in 2020, Cwallet has quickly become a trusted name in the cryptocurrency industry, known for its innovative approach and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Axelar Adds Interoperability to Rollkit, Delivering Interconnectivity for Thousands of Blockchains Built With Celestia Underneath



Axelar Interchain Amplifier’s Integration With Rollkit Streamlines the Creation of Interoperable Rollups, Making it as Simple as Developing any Smart Contract

The Axelar Foundation today announced an integration with Celestia Labs that will make multichain interoperability easy for sovereign blockchains built with Celestia’s Rollkit, the first sovereign rollup framework. This integration will advance the modular thesis, simplifying multichain development for thousands of new blockchains.

Celestia is the first modular blockchain network, envisioning a future with 1 million rollups. Scaling Web3 to this level with great user experience requires smart-contract capability at the cross-chain layer. Integration of Rollkit and Axelar Interchain Amplifier puts this capability into builders’ hands by introducing new interoperability toolkits that easily connect any new rollup across EVM, Cosmos, Bitcoin, Polkadot and beyond, via Axelar’s growing network of connected chains.

Making rollups interoperable across the wider web3 ecosystem

“Opportunities are emerging rapidly in new ecosystems – we’re not far from a future where one in four transactions will be cross-chain,” said Axelar Foundation co-founder and director Georgios Vlachos. “Celestia has laid out the modular vision for accelerating this path to scaling Web3. Axelar Interchain Amplifier will empower applications to make those transactions seamless for their users, no matter what blockchain they build on.”

Rollkit is the modular framework for creating rollups as sovereign chains. Serving as a community-led public good that empowers developers to forge independent communities around diverse applications, Rollkit provides the flexibility to deploy across a modular stack, facilitating rapid innovation.

Axelar network, the Web3 interoperability platform, is set to enhance Rollkit via the integration of Interchain Amplifier. Built on the Axelar Virtual Machine, Amplifier ​​makes new-chain integrations permissionless and easy, automating routing and translation across Axelar’s expansive network, which today numbers 60+ interconnected chains.

Interop Labs, the initial developer of Axelar network, will build the necessary smart contracts and tooling to effect the integration of Interchain Amplifier as a seamless interoperability path for builders developing on Rollkit. Any mainnet upgrades to Axelar network are subject to an on-chain vote, as are future new-chain connections that may be added via Rollkit, once the integration of Amplifier into Rollkit is complete.

About Axelar network

Axelar is the Web3 interoperability platform, delivering the shortest path to scale on an open stack to connect all blockchains. Adopters include Uniswap, Microsoft and dozens of natively multichain startups, building applications to reach all blockchain users at once – 10X as many active users as the leading Web3 application environment. Axelar supports smart contracts on a cross-chain layer that is open, scalable and secure. Backers include Binance, Coinbase, Dragonfly, Galaxy and Polychain.

Users can learn more here:

About Axelar Foundation

Axelar Foundation is a nonprofit established to support the growth and adoption of the Axelar network, a decentralized interoperability platform that serves multiple blockchain ecosystems. Users can learn more at

About Celestia

Celestia is a modular data availability network that makes it easy for anyone to securely launch their own blockchain.

About Rollkit

Rollkit is the first sovereign rollup framework that makes deploying any VM or application as its own sovereign chain as easy as rollkit start, reducing the time to launch a sovereign chain from what used to be months to seconds.

About Interop Labs

Interop Labs is a leading developer of blockchain interoperability technology, used by Web3 infrastructure protocols to support scaling the next generation of internet applications to billions of users. Interop Labs is the initial developer of Axelar network. Users can learn more at

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BounceBit Roadmap: Romance of the Three Kingdoms



The quest for a financial synthesis that seamlessly melds the traditional with the revolutionary has always defined the ultimate ambition of cryptocurrency: to reimagine money markets.

Since its inception, BounceBit has sought to capture this essence by integrating the established security of centralized finance (CeFi) with the boundless potential of decentralized finance (DeFi), establishing the third kingdom, CeDeFi.

The market has always been in search of fixed income opportunities for Bitcoin and dollar assets — a market worth multiple billions in traditional finance. While the crypto space has yet to fully tap into this potential, projects like Ethena have also recognized this opportunity, aiming to provide stable dollar yields with synthetic dollars like USDe.

What makes us… us?

Our core philosophy

Perhaps crypto is gradually coming to a point where (from an investors perspective) sifting through a mountain of low-caps is not the best bet anymore, nor is looking for the most scalable, most marketable, most secure infrastructure.

While these strategies might work for competent (or average) VCs and sophisticated (or lucky) retail investors, the risk-reward ratio is steeply declining for most.

Perhaps stable yields will bring us to a new flow of money, different from the legacy system. Perhaps it is already time to think more long-term.

BounceBit is not attempting to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we aim to bring a fresh perspective by integrating the best aspects of CeFi with the innovative potential of DeFi.

Our motivation for starting BounceBit was driven by the desire to democratize access to high-yield opportunities within the Bitcoin asset class. These opportunities were traditionally reserved for quant funds and top asset management firms. We strive to bring the transparent benefits of CeFi to the masses while bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi.

Retail access, institutional yield

Our take on CeDeFi

We believe that a fusion of CeFi and DeFi is the way forward, taking the best from both worlds. CeDeFi is the logical step from a chronological and causal perspective and it might just be what will actually drive mass adoption of crypto – the one concept that takes us to the next level.

Trusted custody solutions such as Ceffu, Mainnet Digital, and Fireblocks provide the framework for sustainable and secure yield. These custodians are essential not only for retail investors but also for traditional finance institutions. They serve as a crucial safety net to DeFi, mitigating issues with regulation, smart contract vulnerabilities, and operational challenges.

Our asset-driven approach is particularly focused on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Unlike other projects that aim to act as a Layer 2 or sidechain to the Bitcoin Network, we have identified that there is no substantial demand for such solutions. Recent trends, like runes and BRC-20 tokens, seem to capitalize on temporary hype rather than addressing long-term needs.

Instead, our goal is to build infrastructure for Bitcoin as an asset, enhancing its utility without altering its core technology.

You might not agree, the market might not agree, and that’s fine, we are venturing this road anyway.

To put things into perspective, BounceBit’s unique value proposition lies in unlocking Bitcoin’s potential within both centralized and decentralized finance.

Liquid custody

If it has not been apparent until now, Liquid Custody Tokens (LCT) are a core component of the BounceBit infrastructure. All LCT are backed 1:1 by equivalent assets in custody, and they stay there until the LCT is redeemed. Custody is effectively an aggregated pool of assets, in a passive state, until they are not.

It enables earning tangible interest from CeFi, all while using LCTs to participate in Bitcoin staking and on-chain farming — a reinforcement of what holds CeFi and DeFi together.

2024 roadmap — what we are continually building

BounceBit has three pillars of development and each has a designated roadmap. Our big direction is to focus on CeDeFi and make a variety of CeDeFi products on our chain.

Structurally BounceBit can be characterized by three main pillars.

  • BounceBit Portal acts as the operating system. It is the interface that allows easy interaction with the products we offer.
  • BounceBit Chain is the settlement and executional layer of the project.
  • BounceClub is the Lego set to build CeDeFi as a service and as an ecosystem.

CeDeFi on Portal

We are taking both vertical and horizontal approaches for our CeDeFi expansion. Horizontal means integrating more assets and more asset management venues. Vertical means we are building more CeDeFi products to cover most use cases.

  1. Fixed Earn: Offers fixed income products for Bitcoin and dollar assets, catering to investors seeking predictable and consistent yields.
  2. Lending: Facilitates over-collateralized lending and borrowing, allowing users to leverage their Bitcoin assets for additional yield.
  3. Structured Products: Offers complex financial instruments tailored to meet specific investor needs, combining various yield-generating strategies.

Chain infrastructure:

Each chain comes with a purpose. The feature of BounceBit Chain focuses on CeDeFi asset management. The underlying infrastructure communicates and corresponds with custody and asset management.

Therefore, the chain will receive major upgrades to usability and performance.

We will…

  1. Optimize EVM execution layer to improve node performance
  2. Develop shared security client (SSC) module to allow other projects to utilize the liquidity of BounceBit BTC restaking chain
  3. Build new Mempool module to achieve higher transaction throughput
  4. Refactor the communication layer between EVM and Cosmos SDK


BounceClub will focus on CeDeFi as a service. Anyone can launch their CeDeFi products using our widget. BounceBit’s official role is limited to maintaining the whitelist for contract deployment, creating general components, and serving as a navigator. The Club website will not include dApp business logic components; it will only provide general components.

BounceBit’s vision is not yet widely known. This is a challenge but also an opportunity.

The proof of concept has already been delivered throughout the first four months of our journey; our CeDeFi products have proven returns and feasibility on a large scale, i.e. Binance Megadrop & Premium Yield.

BounceBit’s position is unique. Pioneers of a new paradigm.

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Fluid Tokens Launch First Dex for Runes



FluidTokens is proud to pioneer the first decentralized exchange (DEX) tailored specifically for Runes.

FluidTokens, a Swiss-based company, is at the forefront of transforming traditional finance through permissionless DeFi solutions. With a focus on UTXO blockchains like Bitcoin and Cardano, FluidTokens offers a diverse range of innovative financial services that empower users to leverage their assets securely and transparently.

The Runes Protocol, conceived by Casey Rodarmor, the visionary behind Ordinals, represents a significant leap forward in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Runes made their market debut on April 20, coinciding with the Bitcoin halving. The launch sparked a frenzy among investors, leading to a surge in transaction fees and record-breaking earnings for Bitcoin miners, surpassing $107 million in costs within the first week alone.

The Runes Protocol allows users to create and trade meme coins on the Bitcoin blockchain, offering alternatives to both Ordinals and the BRC-20 protocol.

FluidTokens’ DEX for Runes opens up new avenues for liquidity and trading within the Runes ecosystem, fostering a dynamic environment for investors and enthusiasts alike. By bridging the gap between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of DeFi, FluidTokens continues to lead the charge towards a more inclusive and accessible financial future.

As the leading ecosystem on both the Bitcoin and Cardano blockchains, FluidTokens is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the crypto community. Our platform offers a trustless and secure environment for users to access a wide array of non-custodial DeFi services, driven by community feedback and commitment to innovation.

“We’re proud to announce that we have created the first 100% permissionless lending protocol that supports Runes and Ordinals along with all the major BTC wallets. The lending protocol doesn’t need any centralised entity or layer 2 to function, thanks to our innovative BitWeave technology. We are currently working on several additional DeFi services that will run directly on Bitcoin Layer. We pride ourselves on usability of what we create and this DEX is proof of that. We’re basically giving you the experience of a Web2 exchange but permissionless,” says Matteo Coppola, CEO and Co-Founder of Fluid Tokens.

About FluidTokens

FluidTokens is the current leading ecosystem on Bitcoin and Cardano blockchains that leverages your assets to offer a world of innovative financial services. This open, trustless and secure ecosystem offers different non-custodial DeFi services for any crypto user, created following the community needs and feedback. FluidTokens is community-centric, prioritising a great user experience – listening to the community suggestions – and allowing everyone to be an active member. As the protocols are non-custodial, any user can be both a liquidity provider and a borrower! The official FluidDAO has been legally established in Switzerland, and the $FLDT token is live on MEXC and Minswap.

For more visit:

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Why Gamety is a Hidden Gem



  • Gamety’s P2E model introduces a deflationary reward system inspired by Bitcoin, ensuring a capped token supply.
  • Rewards are dynamically adjusted based on factors like active players, token price, and reward pool size, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem.
  • With accolades like the Web3 Game of the Year award, investor friendly tokenomics, and top-tier advisors, Gamety is positioned for exponential growth.
  • Backed by an experienced team and strategic partnerships, Gamety promises to unlock unprecedented value in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

With the rise of blockchain gaming platforms, finding the right investment opportunity can feel like navigating a maze. However, Gamety stands out as a hidden gem for investors and gamers alike. At its core, Gamety offers a compelling proposition that combines innovation, sustainability, and community-driven gameplay, making it an irresistible choice for those seeking both financial returns and immersive gaming experiences.

One of the key reasons why Gamety is a good project for your watchlist is its commitment to innovation. Gamety’s P2E model introduces a groundbreaking reward system inspired by Bitcoin’s deflationary principles, ensuring a capped token supply while dynamically adjusting rewards based on various factors. The unique approach ties rewards to the active player count, token price, and reward pool size, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem that combats token hyperinflation prevalent in traditional gaming models.

Through a fixed and self-sustaining reward pool supply, Gamety effectively curtails the risk of token oversupply, maintaining a balanced economic cycle where rewards circulate within the closed ecosystem. Moreover, the reward claim system incentivizes active ecosystem participation, offering players the flexibility to claim rewards immediately or accrue them over time based on their level. This strategic mechanism not only motivates players to level up but also boosts engagement and revenue generation for Gamety, ultimately enhancing the overall sustainability and vibrancy of the gaming ecosystem.

Gamety emerges as a hidden gem within the Web3 gaming sphere, boasting a remarkable array of accolades and attributes that underscore its potential for exponential growth. As the recipient of the prestigious Web3 Game of the Year award, Gamety has already solidified its reputation for excellence within the industry with the presence of MetaFighter.

This pre-established player foundation provides a solid groundwork for growth and engagement, setting Gamety apart as a platform with built-in user traction. Additionally, Gamety boasts investor-friendly tokenomics, characterized by a low Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) and a commitment to fair and transparent token distribution. These investor-friendly features not only enhance the platform’s appeal but also instill confidence in the project’s long-term viability and potential for sustainable growth.

Bolstered by a team of top-tier advisors from esteemed entities like Neo Tokyo, Seedify, and Gunzilla, Gamety is strategically positioned to navigate the complexities of the blockchain gaming landscape. Furthermore, Gamety’s pioneering status as the first mover on the Runes network, coupled with its successful public sale partnerships with Bluezilla and Gamestarter, signals its commitment to innovation and strategic collaboration.

With a low fully diluted valuation and short vesting periods, Gamety presents an enticing investment opportunity with substantial upside potential. Leveraging a pre-developed product boasting 30 games ready for launch, Gamety not only demonstrates its readiness for market penetration but also showcases its dedication to delivering engaging gaming experiences to its existing active player base. Backed by an experienced team, Gamety stands poised to unlock unprecedented value within the blockchain gaming ecosystem, cementing its status as a true hidden gem awaiting discovery.

In summary, Gamety represents more than just a gaming platform; it’s a visionary project that redefines the way we think about gaming and investing. With its innovative approach, commitment to sustainability, and vibrant community, Gamety is not just an easy sell – it’s a compelling opportunity for anyone looking to be part of the future of gaming.

Our Socials:
Twitter X :
Telegram :
Website :

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ATH Token Presale on AthenaDexFi Nearing Its Conclusion: Only $10,000 Left



The cryptocurrency world is about to witness an extraordinary event as the ATH Token presale on AthenaDexFi nears its conclusion. With only $10,000 remaining to be raised, excitement among investors is soaring.

ATH Token positions itself as a unique investment opportunity, offering investors an innovative and secure way to participate in the future of cryptocurrencies. The project stands out for its transparency and security, with all presale information and specifications available on the official channels.

The presale is taking place on, a cutting-edge decentralized platform committed to ensuring maximum security for investors. What truly makes ATH Token unique is its fully managed approach to ICO investments. The development team handles everything, from project analysis to transaction management, enabling investors to participate in promising projects without the hassle of managing every aspect of the investment.

Moreover, AthenaDexfi provides a hassle-free and risk-free investment experience. Any profits generated are sent directly to investors’ wallets, without the need for complicated steps or intermediaries. This has been demonstrated by the success of the Portal project, which has already brought good profits to investors.

With only $10,000 left to raise, now is the ideal time for investors to take part in the ATH Token presale. The AthenaDexFi team is ready to guide investors through every phase of the process, ensuring smooth and transparent participation.

In conclusion, ATH Token represents an unmissable opportunity for investors looking to participate in the future of cryptocurrencies. With its presale ongoing on AthenaDexFi, there has never been a better time to join the cryptocurrency revolution and reap significant benefits. For more information and to participate in the presale, visit the official website at

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CyberConnect Rebrands To Cyber And Releases the First L2 for Social on Mainnet



In partnership with AltLayer, Optimism, and EigenLayer, Cyber, the first L2 for social, has been launched on Mainnet!

Cyber leverages leading modular solutions, such as Optimism’s OP Stack and customized infrastructure secured by EigenLayer’s Actively Validated Services (AVS). To meet the unique needs of social applications, Cyber expands on these by integrating purpose-built tools developed by the team. To mark this significant launch, CyberConnect has rebranded to Cyber with a revamped VI and spun out Link3 to focus on its L2 and developer-centric offerings.

H2: Cyber, Previously Known As CyberConnect, Unveils The First L2 For Social

Cyber, formerly CyberConnect, has announced the launch of its L2 on Mainnet and its rebranded identity. This consolidates all the developer-centric solutions and infrastructure offerings released by the team under a single brand, centered around its new Layer 2 for social applications. Cyber aims to simplify application development through an all-in-one platform that integrates high-performance infrastructure and purpose-built tools.

Over the last few years, the team behind Cyber has introduced several products, including the CyberConnect Protocol, CyberWallet, and Link3, which have shaped the web3 social landscape. With a refined focus on their L2, Cyber is spinning out Link3 as a standalone brand. Rebranded Cyber comes with a fully revamped visual identity that’s young, bold, and adaptive, signifying the value social can bring to a diversity of use-cases. To celebrate the launch of Cyber and its rebrand, a commemorative NFT mint is being held.

H3: High-Performance Infrastructure With Purpose-Built Features For Social

Deployed by AltLayer using Optimism’s OP Stack, Cyber joins the Superchain alongside several OP stack L2s including Base and Mode. By doing so, it adopts a shared vision and pledges to contribute a portion of the revenue generated by its sequencer back to the Optimism Collective.

Cyber aims to facilitate the creation of social applications that offer a familiar web2-like experience, enriched with web3 benefits. Through native Account Abstraction and familiar authentication methods such as Passkey and Webauthn, Cyber enables FaceID wallet access for users. Cyber also natively supports Smart Accounts, allowing for gas sponsorship, which is crucial for user adoption.

For developers, Cyber incorporates features built by the team into its L2 to meet the specific needs of social applications. Cyber’s unique infrastructure features include its enshrined CyberConnect Protocol and CyberDB. These enable developers to interact with and store social data securely and efficiently.

During the next month, Cyber is focused on attracting projects and applications for users to engage and play in their upcoming Social Summer Campaign. To support ecosystem growth, Cyber has set aside $2M for grants to builders. It has already distributed $170k in $CYBER tokens during the pilot phase of their Ecosystem Grants program. Several additional grant rounds will come, so developers actively building or considering building innovative social apps and infrastructure are encouraged to join the ecosystem. Developers interested in building on Cyber can visit its Developer Documentation.

About Cyber

Cyber, the L2 for social, enables developers to create apps that transform how people connect, create, monetize, and share the value they generate.

By simplifying workflows and accelerating time to market, Cyber streamlines development through an all-in-one platform that integrates high-performance infrastructure—with ultra-low fees and high TPS—and purpose-built tools for social applications, such as the CyberConnect protocol and CyberDB. To meet the demand for a seamless UX in social applications, Cyber offers a familiar, web2-like experience enriched with web3 benefits, through features like native Account Abstraction and seedless wallets.

With 3 years of experience in building decentralized social networks, Cyber leverages its resources and knowledge to nurture a synergistic ecosystem with strong support systems atop its L2.

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Business, Leading DEX in TON Ecosystem, Secures Funding from CoinFund



Today,, a leading decentralized automated market maker exchange (AMM DEX) built on the TON blockchain, announces a previously undisclosed round led by CoinFund with participation from Delphi Ventures, Karatage and TON Ventures, as well as Sergej Kunz and Anton Bukov, Co-Founders at 1inch, and Philipp Zentner, CEO of LI.FI. The funding will be used to fuel operations for’s rapid growth, on a mission to expand DeFi services to Telegram users via instant exchange of Toncoin and USD stablecoins for any native token at the best rate. provides a decentralized cross-blockchain platform that allows users to effortlessly trade their crypto assets across multiple blockchains without the need for bridging or wrapping. Integrating seamlessly with the rapidly growing Telegram Messenger and its 900 million monthly active users (MAUs), offers a user-friendly and accessible solution that empowers individuals to manage their digital assets while maintaining full control.

“ exists to make it simple and fair for everyone to access DeFi as easily as they use Telegram,” said Slavik Baranov, CEO of “ is building a cross-blockchain decentralized platform that provides a reliable and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies without relying on centralized institutions.”

The innovative and distinguishing aspect of is the OMNISTON protocol, which allows the implementation of direct cross-chain swaps and eliminates the need for intermediaries or third parties. This approach minimizes user risk associated with security breaches and significantly enhances the transaction speed. Since the beginning of 2024,’s liquidity measured by total value locked (“TVL”) has increased 26x and its MAUs 49x. Today, is #1 in the two most important DeFi categories, TON native TVL with greater than $115M and spot volume of roughly $676M in April.

“ is the liquidity layer underpinning the consumer crypto activity on TON,” said Einar Braathen, Partner at CoinFund. “The seamless integration into Telegram Messenger opens up native possibilities for simple peer-to-peer transfers of digital assets, serving users where they are, and eliminating the need for intermediaries. is poised to capture the real momentum driven by the cultural moment that Telegram is having right now.”

As Telegram has developed a global user base, its users have demonstrated they have real need for an app ecosystem underpinned by blockchain. is a key building block for applications and mini-apps on Telegram enabling developers to easily integrate TON DeFi through the SDK.

About is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the TON blockchain, characterized by its dominance in the number of available tokens, total value locked (TVL), trading volume and users. It is designed for seamless integration with TON wallets, enabling trading of any TON-based token. In addition, offers advanced functionalities including farming and staking. The platform has also announced the development of innovative ‘OMNISTON’ protocol, which will allow cross-chain swaps, facilitating exchanging between different blockchains without the need for bridging or wrapping.

About CoinFund

CoinFund is one of the world’s first cryptonative investment firms and a registered investment adviser founded in 2015. The firm champions the leaders of the new internet, powered by foresight as active investors to achieve extraordinary outcomes. CoinFund invests in seed, venture, and liquid opportunities within the blockchain sector with a focus on digital assets, decentralization technologies, and key enabling infrastructure.

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From Asia to Europe: Tracing MCoin’s Rapid Global Adoption



In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, MCoin has carved out a unique space for itself, standing out as a beacon of innovation and practical utility. Originating from the dynamic blockchain platform M20 Chain, MCoin has seen an exponential increase in adoption across continents, particularly in Asia and Europe. This article explores the trajectory of MCoin’s growth, the factors contributing to its success, and its impact on the global cryptocurrency landscape.

MCoin’s Foundations in Asia

The story of MCoin begins in Asia, where it tapped into the region’s burgeoning interest in blockchain technology and digital currencies. The Asian market, known for its receptiveness to technological advancements, provided the perfect launching pad for MCoin. The strategic deployment of MCoin within various sectors, including fintech and ecommerce, facilitated by the M20 Chain’s robust infrastructure, led to rapid adoption among both businesses and consumers eager for innovative transaction solutions.

Expansion Strategies and Market Penetration

Key to MCoin’s expansion was its strategic partnerships with major Asian tech companies and financial institutions. These alliances helped integrate MCoin into everyday financial operations, enhancing its usability and appeal. Marketing initiatives focused on educating the public about the benefits of blockchain and MCoin’s role in this new digital economy further fueled its adoption.

Breaking into the European Market

Leveraging its success in Asia, MCoin began making significant inroads into the European market. Europe’s strong regulatory framework for digital currencies offered MCoin a structured and stable environment to expand its operations. The transparency and security of M20 Chain, verified by independent audits, appealed to European consumers and regulators alike, facilitating smoother entries into these new markets.

Cultural Tailoring and Localization

A crucial aspect of MCoin’s strategy was its focus on localization. Understanding that one size does not fit all, MCoin adapted its offerings to meet the diverse cultural and economic needs of European countries. From multi-language support in the digital wallets to compliance with local financial regulations, MCoin tailored its features to enhance user experience, making it a preferred choice for European users.

The Role of Community and Continuous Innovation

At the heart of MCoin’s expansion strategy is its vibrant, engaged community. Forums, webinars, and workshops have played pivotal roles in building a loyal user base. Continuous innovation, such as the development of new blockchain functionalities and enhancements in transaction efficiency, keeps the community engaged and helps attract new users.

Future Prospects

As MCoin continues to expand its footprint globally, it remains committed to innovation and user satisfaction. Upcoming features, such as enhanced cross-chain integration and even greener blockchain solutions, are set to further boost MCoin’s attractiveness to a global audience.


From Asia to Europe, MCoin’s journey is a testament to the potential of cryptocurrencies to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, reshaping how transactions are conducted globally. As it continues to grow, MCoin not only enriches its users’ financial operations but also contributes significantly to the maturation and sophistication of the global cryptocurrency market.

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