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Australian Power Company to Reopen Coal Power Plant to Mine Bitcoin



An Australian power company have signed a contract with a cryptocurrency mining firm to provide them with cheap off-grid power. The IOT Group will be building a digital currency mining hub that’s actually inside a disused coal-fired power station in the Hunter Valley region.

Off Grid Power Will Allow the IOT Group to Compete With Global Miners

Typically, cryptocurrency mining operations happen in places where it’s cold and power is cheap. Locations like Siberia, Iceland, and Canada are often touted as the planet’s best. On paper, it seems as if setting up a mining facility in Australia would be a spectacularly bad move. It’s not cold there and the electricity is expensive.

However, in what represents a historic deal, the mining company, the IOT Group, have signed a contract with Hunter Energy to provide them electricity off-grid. This will mean huge savings since the power will be sold at wholesale prices. Australian news publication, The Age, reported a statement made by the company:

“The average consumer pays around 28 cents per kilowatt-hour, with what IOT are doing its pre-grid [price] is 8 cents and will be 5 cents at night time.”

The rationale behind providing the cheap energy is to encourage cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation in Australia. Typically, companies have avoided the nation because of the high price of electricity. However, deals such as the one between the IOT Group and Hunter Energy are hoping to make it a more attractive location for startups in the space. The executive director of the first beneficiary of the rock bottom power is very optimistic about the development. Sean Neylon explained:

“With these current prices, by having a blockchain application centre behind the grid offers cheaper power. It offers the potential to create a new Silicon Valley in Australia.”

Since the rumours of a crackdown on mining operations in China earlier this year, operations have sprung up all over the world. Typically, they have appeared in locations that offer cheap energy, as well as a cold climate to help cool the high powered hardware. Chinese used to represent around 70% of the total mining power. This is anything but desirable for systems such as Bitcoin that purport to be decentralised. With developments such as the Australian one, along with nations Iceland and Canada harnessing natural energy to generate power to put towards crypto mining operations, the distribution of hashing power is much more widespread. This can only be a good thing for Bitcoin and other true blockchain projects.

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Europe’s most active investors are gathering in London for the Blockchain Venture Summit




The Blockchain technology, which enables creating and storing secure and permanent data records, is already being adopted worldwide. Experts of the Blockchain and crypto ecosystem will gather on the 21st of November in London for the Blockchain Venture Summit.

Blockchain Venture Summit, which will be held in 8 Northumberland, one of London’s top attractions, organized by Webrazzi, leading media company of the tech and internet world in the MENA region in collaboration with Bitrazzi, which focuses on Blockchain and cryptocurrency. There are important names among the speakers of the Blockchain Venture Summit, such as Richard Muirhead from Fabric Venture’s, Ajit Tripathi from ConsenSys, Adi Ben-Ari, Monty Metzger.

Among the new speakers of Blockchain Venture Summit, where experts of the Blockchain and crypto ecosystem will come together are; Ambre Soubiran from Kaiko, Tomer Federman from Federman Capital, Jamie Burke from Outlier Ventures, Laura Kornelija Inamedinova from LKI CONSULTING, Nancy Fechnay from BedrockX, Megan Reynolds from Entrepreneur First, Philip Mifsud from Blockchain Generation, Peter Lundgreen from Lundgreen Capital, and Sheba Karamat from Coin Rivet.

Bringing together the Blockchain and crypto ecosystem

CEO of Webrazzi, Arda Kutsal, will hold the opening speech of the conference, which is sponsored by Coiny, Colendi and Gobaba and will be held in London on the 21st of November 2018. You can get more information about the conference, which will be an exclusive event limited to only 500 people, and the agenda, here.

A few tickets are still available for purchase and here is a %20 discount code “BVSLDN18” for last minute buyers of this exclusive conference.

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The CSIRO has Helped Create Blockchain-Powered Smart Money




The CSIRO’s Data61 and the Commonwealth Bank have created a new type of smart money powered by blockchain. This smart money, also known as programmable money, can be used to help manage insurance payouts, budgeting and the management of trusts and charities in Australia.

Once programmed, smart money knows who it can be spent by, what it can be spent on, when it can be spent, how much of it can be spent and any other conditions that may be set by those funding the payment.

Smart money also reduces the need for funders to assess payments after-the-fact when checking for compliance with spending rules. The technology was trialled with 10 participants and carers in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) using a prototype app. The findings of the smart money proof of concept were released today in a report, Making Money Smart.

“This has been an important research project for understanding the benefits and limitations of blockchain technology in the context of conditional payment environments, such as the NDIS,” says Dr Mark Staples, Senior Principal Researcher in the Software and Computational Systems program at CSIRO’s Data61.

“Our use of blockchain added new kinds of programmable behaviours to the smart money in the prototype system. This automation and flexibility could reduce friction and enable greater innovation in many payment environments and unlock network-effect benefits.

“This could include more directly connecting citizens to public policy programs, empowering people to optimise their spending through things like smart savings plans and smart diets, and reducing costs for businesses, including through the potential for self-taxing transactions.”

The prototype app was tested by 10 NDIS participants and carers in the CommBank Innovation Lab as well as a small number of medium-sized disability service providers.

Participants and carers estimated the app could save them one hour to 15 hours per week, while service providers estimated potential annual cost savings as a percentage of revenue of 0.3% to 0.8%. CBA modelling indicates the economic benefits would run to hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Julie Hunter, the Commonwealth Bank’s Head of Government, says the trial results also show potential to reduce administration costs for disability service providers and the risk of fraud and accidental misspending.

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Black Sea Wheat Sees Blockchain Trade



Black Sea

Black Sea wheat traded using blockchain Monday in a pilot deal between Solaris and Transoil International via the Cerealia Platform, the platform’s developer said. A Russian 25,000 mt parcel of 11.5% protein wheat on a FOB basis at Novorossiisk for December delivery traded for an undisclosed price.

The platform developer said it was the first such Black Sea wheat deal. Blockchain is a mechanism that allows the chronological and public display of transactions that have taken place on the platform. The goal is to minimize risk and any conflict that may arise by storing all related data on blockchain to settle disputes smoothly, should they arise.

While contract details including price or loading rates are not visible to the public, it is possible to see that such a trade has taken place and that its contract terms are uploaded onto the system in an encrypted format.

“An independent auditor has reviewed all the important details of the trade from the blockchain and validated the smart contract, digital signatures, signed document and timestamps. He also confirmed that data has been encrypted, that no other data has been stored and that all data is up to date,” Cerealia, a start-up based Lausanne, Switzerland, said in a press release.

“The next stage is to support emerging market traders in their local domestic currencies using fintech,” Cerealia CEO and co-founder Andrei Grigorov said.

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Emerging Cloud Server Cryptocurrency Mining Service Splitt Experiences Rapid Growth, Attracts Ten Thousand Investors in Less than Three Months



Crypto Billionaire

Recently launched cloud server cryptocurrency mining service, Splitt is now making the heads turn in the global crypto community. Designed to make cryptocurrency mining user-friendly and safe for all, Splitt has secured an investment of well over $5 million from more than ten thousand investors over the last three months. 

Splitt, a recently launched cryptocurrency mining service equipped with a cloud server, is now taking giant strides towards becoming a highly preferred choice amongst the crypt mining enthusiasts around the world. Following its mega launch in August, Splitt has done well to secure close to one hundred thousand users and ten thousand investors in less than three months. Official sources have revealed that the company has already received an investment of more than five million for further development of the business. 

As a result of drastic increase in the number of miners, bitcoin mining has become extremely competitive these days. Along with this growing competition, the bitcoin network has increased the difficulty level of solving the puzzles. As a result, it has become necessary now for the miners to up their game to stay in the race. 


The crypto cloud of Splitt meets these challenges by offering mining services with ASIC integrated chips. This is considered to be the latest breakthrough in crypto mining because it is faster compared to the traditional GPU and CPU mining, and consumes less power. Splitt cloud mining requires no specialized hardware as it utilizes shared processing power from data centres. 

Thousands of users have recommended Splitt as their crypto mining alternative because of the following features. 

  • Flexible multi-algorithm cloud mining
  • No pool fees, no waiting for equipment and no system crashes
  • Hashpower is purchased and is retained for the whole contract duration.
  • Dedicated to transparency and discloses everything to the public
  • The company can be located easily and its representatives attend a number of events regularly
  • Mining a number of different cryptocurrencies from scrypt and proof of work algorithm coins as well as ASIC and GPU mining
  • Three-tier affiliate program and a lucrative bonus system

All Splitt users also have the opportunity to boost their mining contracts every week by winning Splitt Points. Moreover, the company is currently looking for a name for their Mascot and the winner coming up with the same will receive one thousand Splitt Points.  

As part of the company’s global expansion plan, Splitt has recently opened a fully operational office in Thailand. The office is headed by Certified Bitcoin Professional Mr. Taradon Kriwichet, who is available alongside his team on a daily basis to help the visitors. Interestingly, a high percentage of investors that have contributed to Splitt are from Thailand. Investors from Ghana, Italy, Germany, and Russia have also contributed generously. 

“We are happy to let you know that we have received an investment of more than $5 Million to grow our business. We have been unstoppable in the recent months, with more than 95k users and 10k investors,” said a senior spokesperson from Splitt. “Now, we also have a fully operational office in Thailand and much more is expected in the near future.”    

As a rapidly growing industry player, Splitt takes part in a number crypto conferences and forums all over the world. In the recent months, the company actively participated in three key industry events and the next one is coming up soon. In October, Splitt representatives conducted a successful workshop and networking conference in Ghana.

Splitt has an ambitious future plan that includes opening a Splitt Cafe in Thailand in January, 2019. To cater a rapidly expanding pool of users, the company has recently fine-tuned their web presence. The Facebook Fan page of Splitt has also been rebranded. More latest news and updates about Splitt is available at

Mentioned below are the upcoming summits to be attended by Splitt

  • Ghana Summit No. 2 – 24 November 2018 – Miklin Hotel Conference Room (Contact John Kaakyire – 0249791008)
  • star2 Italy’s First-Ever Summit (with special Italian translator for Speaker CBP Taradon) – 01 December 2018 – Savoy Excelsior Palace Hotel – Contact Mr. Alex Vicini – 3296752612)
  • star2 Thailand Summit No. 4 – 16 December 2018 – Viva Garden Hotel (Contact Mr. Taradon Kriwichet –

To stay up-to-date with all latest developments, Splitt users are encouraged to subscribe to the company’s Telegram Group at

The company requests all their customers to take part in an event survey by visiting the link   

To find out more about Splitt, please visit

About Splitt: Splitt offers a user-friendly alternative to cryptocurrency mining from home at any time. It is suitable for amateurs as well as cryptocurrency experts working on a larger scale. The cloud mining service offers a fresh alternative to traditional means of cryptocurrency mining. The company’s priority is to offer a standardized, highly reliable, and high-performance cloud computing environment in all of the fifteen cities they serve at present. 

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All-Dimensional Sharding Blockchain MultiVAC Published its Lab Data: TPS Reached 30,784




MultiVAC published its lab data on its website, which highlights that MultiVAC has successfully achieved 30,784 TPS using 64 shards, with a single shard reaching 533 TPS. MultiVAC’s success marks a breakthrough in sharding technology. As a star project in sharding public blockchain, MultiVAC is expected to solve the difficult public blockchain expansion issue.

Public blockchain is recognized as one of the areas in blockchain that has the best potential for future development. Many in the industry have envisioned that public blockchain can become the next-generation foundation of large commercial platforms that can match the scale of existing operating systems such as MAC OS and Windows. Nevertheless, a major issue is that it is currently difficult for blockchain developers to realize the practical value of blockchain. This is because existing blockchain platforms have extremely poor scalability and cannot provide effective support for DApps that require processing high volumes of data. For example, the average processing rate is 4-5 transactions per second for Bitcoin, and that of Ethereum is 10 transactions per second. Therefore, sharding stands out as one of the potential solutions to this problem. As one of the classic expansion solutions in distributive data systems, sharding can effectively enhance the capacity of the system and retain good scalability as the number of nodes in the network increases.

“The lab data has again proved that sharding can effectively enhance the capacity of the system. MultiVAC’s all-dimensional sharding expansion solution makes it possible for sharding parallelization to excel in not only computation, but also transmission and storage. With such brilliant linear expansion capability, it has great potential to become the backbone of large-scale commercial applications,” said Dr. Shawn Ying, CTO and Co-Founder of MultiVAC.

Before publishing lab data, MultiVAC had already released its white paper and all-dimensional sharding solution yellow paper. A strong team is the key to MultiVAC’s success in developing this technologically demanding public blockchain project. MultiVAC has an all-star team consisting of six Ph.D. Experts, 18 Researchers and Engineers, who are from the R&D team of leading tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Also, MultiVAC’s three Co-Founders have extensive experience as well as excellent business, academic and technical backgrounds.

MultiVAC’s CEO, Frank, said, “Technology changes the world, and innovation determines the future. Blockchain technology is sweeping the globe with its uniqueness, and its development continues to amaze everyone. As a booming public blockchain developer, MultiVAC has attracted increasing interests from blockchain enthusiasts. We believe that MultiVAC can unlock the full potential of blockchain by striving for new developments, and thus, create a trustworthy, fair and harmonious society.”

About MultiVAC:

MultiVAC is the world’s first fast, efficient, and all-dimensional sharded blockchain designed for total scalability, performing sharding parallelization not only for computation but also transmission and storage. MultiVAC pioneers flexibility for DApps to trade off freely on the impossible CAP triangle between decentralization, performance and security, supporting large-scale decentralized commercial applications for complex and diverse business requirements.

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Kaleido Launches Blockchain Marketplace with Plug-and-Play Services and Solution Partnership Program




Blockchain platform Kaleido, a ConsenSys company, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, is helping enterprises break through the proof-of-concept stage to live production blockchain networks with the announcement of its next major step forward. The newly launched Kaleido Marketplace extends its Blockchain Business Cloud to become the first full-stack enterprise platform available today. The new marketplace includes trusted tools and services from Kaleido, AWS, and members of the new partnership program, all offered as plug-and-play.

Early adopters of the Kaleido Marketplace have said that it eliminates 80 percent of the custom code required to build their blockchain project. Clients now have access to native AWS integrations, popular services such as HD wallets for privacy and ID registries for organizational identity, as well as industry products such as Chainlink for smart contract oracles, Viant for supply chain management, OpenLaw and for real-time legal contracts, and many others—all at the click of a button.

With the business value-add of blockchain technology expected to exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030 (Gartner), it’s easy to see why blockchain is one of the most talked about technologies in business today. In fact, 84 percent of executives said their companies were “actively involved” with blockchain when surveyed by PwC in August 2018. However, to date, most companies have struggled to build complete, production-ready blockchain solutions, compounded by a shortage of blockchain skills and talent across the industry.

Since its launch in May, Kaleido has helped organizations create over 1,000 blockchain networks with its Blockchain Business Cloud. Now, Kaleido is going even further, offering the first full stack of blockchain capabilities needed to build a complete solution, get to live production state and keep the solution up and running.

“We’ve seen successful patterns of deployment as enterprise networks go into production and we’ve baked these best practices into the Kaleido Marketplace services, to help radically simplify the adoption of blockchain and eliminate some of the specialized blockchain expertise needed,” said Kaleido Founder and COO, Sophia Lopez.

“The reality is only about 10 percent of an enterprise blockchain project is the blockchain itself. There are many other application, data and infrastructure components required to go into production,” said Kaleido Founder and CEO, Steve Cerveny. “I’m very excited that we have a whole cloud of blockchain technologies pre-integrated for our clients to use. The Kaleido Marketplace is a one stop shop for all things enterprise blockchain.”

One Kaleido client is Komgo, a cutting edge commodity trade and finance network comprised of global institutions like Citi, ING, Koch Supply & Trading, MUFG Bank, Societe Generale, Credit Agricole Group, BNP Paribas, Shell and others.

“By building on an open blockchain system, Komgo can select from the best protocols in development across the ecosystem and use existing building blocks for an optimized solution,” said Souleïma Baddi, Chief Executive Officer of Komgo. “Now with the proof of concepts and pilots behind us, Kaleido will help us deliver production ready products for a large number of participants at a very fast pace.”

Kaleido is also launching its Partnership Program in tandem with the marketplace, providing significant opportunities for third-party providers to join the ecosystem by promoting their offerings in the Kaleido Marketplace, embedding Kaleido in their own blockchain solutions, or accelerating client engagements by using Kaleido in their consultations.

“Having our legal smart contract solution promoted in the Kaleido Marketplace creates an instant channel to bring our technology to a global audience and immediate access for new clients,” said OpenLaw Co-founder Aaron Wright.

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DMG Blockchain’s Announcement 85-Megawatt Crypto Mining Facility



Crypto Billionaire

DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc., a diversified blockchain and cryptocurrency company, announced that it has successfully energized up to 60 megawatts of its 85 megawatt crypto mine.

DMG’s 27,000 square foot crypto mining-as-a-service (MaaS) operation sits on 34 acres in British Columbia, Canada and is one of the largest such operations in North America. The facility is currently using clean hydroelectric power, and will not have any impact on the power needs of the local community.

“In Boundary Electric’s 71 years of business, we have never seen a demand in the electrical manufacturing industry quite like what is being generated from the crypto space. The opportunity to collaborate with DMG on projects has brought to the forefront their commitment to creative solutions facing their industry. DMG’s approach to the design process highlights a partnership strategy focusing on cost effective solutions without compromising quality,” said Dave Evdokimoff, CEO of Boundary Electric.

DMG’s green-powered crypto mine took nearly a year to complete and included building its own road, installing its own power substation, and creating many jobs.

Jason Wolfe, Director of Energy Solutions at FortisBC added, “FortisBC is excited to be working with DMG on this project. Not only is DMG one of the largest electric customers we have ever connected, but it’s an emerging industry that’s providing new opportunity for rural communities.”

The power that DMG is bringing to its new facility is enough to power a city of 50,000 homes, but is independent from the local community grid.

“DMG now proudly owns one of the largest, most cost-efficient, bitcoin mining facilities in North America–and we’re doing it in a responsible way with the local community,” said Dan Reitzik, CEO of DMG Blockchain Solutions. “It was an audacious undertaking, but DMG’s executive team has been in the mining space for years, and we have the know-how and connections with the utilities and government agencies to pull it off.”

DMG Blockchain also announces that Simon Padgett has stepped down as a Director of the Company.

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Content Blockchain Platform Novii Continues Rapid Acceleration of Growth in Market Visibility as Product Launches Soon



SEBA Crypto

The launch of the Novii Platform into the blockchain community has been met with significant visibility in the market, both domestically and internationally. As the product enters the market space, the beta launch of the Beleaf mobile application continues to empirically validate the viability of the platforms’ market value.

“Our launch has proven two of our major OKRs,” says David Cheng, Founder and CEO. “Number one – that a content blockchain platform is versatile enough to encompass the needs of a diverse range of industries, and number two, that blockchain content is not relegated only to those industries who are censored by traditional publishing platforms.”

The versatility of the platform is also a component of solving for the needs of a massive market base – all small businesses and sole proprietors who depend on the opportunity to equally advertise and convert consumers. The Novii Platform allows businesses of all sizes to equally access consumers via validated content queries, which are then incentivized to interact on the platform with brands.

The brands goal of creating technology solutions designed to connect, empower, and incentivize consumers through open content is leading to the further funding opportunities across the globe.

“Novii for us is a means to level the playing field in this age of information,” says Tommy Ngo, Chief Product Officer. “Businesses of all sizes benefit and gain from Novii by providing quality content, not by buying their way into power.”

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Official Hong Kong Blockchain Week launches March 4 – 8, 2019



Hong Kong

The Official Hong Kong Blockchain Week will be launched from March 4 – 8, 2019 and be hosted by NexChange. Blockchain business and technology leaders from around the world will converge in Hong Kong.

The week will be anchored by NexChange’s Block O2O Global Blockchain Summit 2019 (March 5-6). The Hybrid Summit will be hosted by Strategic Programme Partner Hybrid Block on March 7. The Week will be supplemented by over 20 accredited events, details of which can be found at

Over 120 speakers from 50+ countries will meet with more than 150 investors and in excess of 100 journalists at HKBCW.

Hong Kong is Asia’s premiere blockchain conference center for new blockchain enterprises to come and raise money, for major exchanges to establish themselves and for investors to decide where to place their bets in the blockchain future. Major corporate players will come to network, learn, and present their solutions alongside influential global NGOs.

The Hong Kong government has made a major push to support research and development of new technologies, including funding for blockchain. Major government departments and research centers are lining up to stand behind Blockchain Week.

From Bitcoin loyalists to those building Blockchain 2.0, 3.0, and beyond, Hong Kong will gather over 3,000+ delegates at the main event and at smaller blockchain events across Hong Kong. Deep dive education, practical workshops, networking opportunities, exhibitions and site tours will make it an action-packed week.

Hong Kong is host to crypto’s biggest exchanges, the highest concentration of investors and the most crypto-active community in Asia. Major consortia like Hyperledger have made Hong Kong home for their Asia Pacific leaders. Bitmain chose Hong Kong’s stock exchange for its upcoming listing. Major multinationals have blockchain research labs and architects situated in the heart of Asia.

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BlockClick Announces Partnership With Swiss Law Firm Pestalozzi




BlockClick, creator of a platform designed to reduce digital marketing fraud, has revealed it is partnering with Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law Ltd and is pursuing a dual listing on the Swiss SIX stock exchange. Pestalozzi specializes in providing regulatory and legal advice related to blockchain and crypto assets.

The law firm supports the structuring and implementation of business models and technology projects for clients in the commercial & trade, lending & finance, payment & settlement, and asset & wealth management sectors. Legal advice related to software services, data protection, financial regulation, and cyber risks is provided to those involved with cryptocurrencies and concerned with the rapidly changing regulatory framework affecting the blockchain community.

Pestalozzi consists of a Blockchain & Crypto Asset Team. The firm’s staff includes financial services and regulation, corporate and commercial tax, capital markets, and IP and TMT experts. It advises on the development, implementation, and operation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) (the basis for Initial Coin Offerings and Token Generating Events) and other new technologies.

Swiss SIX and Cryptocurrency

Swiss SIX, Switzerland’s principal stock exchange, recently unveiled a plan to open a fully-regulated cryptocurrency exchange using Distributed Ledger Technology. Blockchain is one type of DLT. The stock exchange revealed its intent to create a “digital asset ecosystem… to put banks at the heart of transactions in the digital space.”

As a result, it will become the first entity of its kind to offer an end-to-end trading, settlement, and custody service for issuing and trading digital assets. The service will also enable existing securities and non-bankable assets to be tokenized, allowing them to be traded like traditional financial assets.

Familiar with the latest legal and regulatory environment concerning digital assets, Pestalozzi is positioned to help BlockClick succeed with its future Swiss SIX listing.

A Secured Blockchain Platform for Digital Marketers

BlockClick offers a smart contract platform to protect advertisers against fraud in the digital marketing industry. The platform supports encryption and close scrutiny of contracts to allow more transparency and accountability between digital media buyers and sellers. Configurable smart contracts are leveraged through the trusted Ethereum network.

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