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BANKEX Proof-of-Asset Protocol: Financial Market Evolution



There are two Protocols that are widely used today: Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, – they are perfect for cryptocurrencies. However, with the growing demand in facilitating asset liquid and yet avoiding long and tiring procedures of traditional stock market compliance and regulations a new approach has paved its way BANKEX was proud to present their Proof – of – Asset protocol. This technology enables information to be passed on in real time directly into the blockchain.

What is BANKEX Proof – of – Asset protocol

By harnessing and exploiting the technologies of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) BANKEX is building its Internet of Assets (IoA) on the foundation of Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS). The BANKEX team is aimed at delivering a Proof – of – Asset (PoA) protocol that will be considered an industry standard for the creation of new decentralized capital markets in multiple business niches.

BANKEX PoA protocol will be available for third-party fintech providers, such as – AI and IoT labs, traditional financial institutions and most importantly a wide variety of asset owners.

BANKEX technology is changing the way ordinary transactions are carried out by making them clearer, faster and much more reliable.

Asset Tokenization

Tokenization is the process of protecting sensitive data by replacing it with an algorithmically generated number called a token, much like a website domain is a representation of an IP address on the internet a token is a representation of information on the blockchain.  By processing this information BANKEX PoA can perform actions that would usually require a third party for verification, such as payments. In laymen terms – tokenization of assets is basically the process of passing on the rights to an asset into the blockchain and making it globally available. Our tokens carry both functions: utility and security, while serving as a gateway to our platform they are also backed with the real world assets.

Currently, financial markets are faced with several problems that lead to lower liquidity of assets, here are just a few that BANKEX attempts to eliminate:

  • Numerous asset owners – this creates basic communication hurdles, making it harder to reach common ground.
  • High dispersion of an asset – this results in a blurred understanding of cash flow, that is generated by every single asset.
  • Long period to launch projects and to achieve desirable liquidity.
  • Inability to enter the financial market and attract sufficient investments for non-public companies.
  • The complicated process of tracking the lifecycle of an asset up to the generation of cash flow.
  • High legal and accounting expenditures in terms of transferring of assets when early investors want to sell their assets at peak profitability.
  • Complexity of withdrawal of assets if the terms of the contract are not fulfilled.
  • In order to tokenize an asset, the company needs to ensure that said asset generates cash flow.

    How it works

    BANKEX serves as an ecosystem that unites Bank – as – Service, PoA protocol, and blockchain technologies.

    Bank – as – service is a model, that enables offering of fintech services without creating brick and mortar financial institutions. By using APIs and technological processes it delivers the ability to create new financial products for various business niches. Currently FinTech is going through a stage of rapid evolution. Using a BaaS model will help FinTech companies and businesses expand their potential. Decentralization, that is available in blockchain, and smart contracts can solve the problem of lost trust, associated with modern banks.

    In general, 3 entities are involved in the process:

  • Originator – the owner of an asset.
  • Supplier – the purchaser of the tokenized asset, i.e investor.
  • Product owner – the company that creates different fintech products providing its technology for tokenization, e.g.BANKEX.
  • Everybody wins: originators are empowered with new business opportunities, suppliers increase their investment portfolio, and product owners benefit from supporting transactions between originators and suppliers.

    The Process can be broken up into 4 stages:

    1.     Digitizationall available information regarding the asset is collected and verified by BANKEX before it is entered into the Smart Contract; at this stage all the legal and accounting issues are addressed, analyzed and if required, resolved.2.                 TokenizationStep 1 – The gathered information is placed into an Ethereum Smart Contract.

    Step 2 – The Ethereum Smart Contract is transformed into a Smart Asset. During this step BANKEX provides escrow services. A token is formed.3.     Asset tradingStep  3 – The newly created token goes to market. The token has to comply with a set of trading rules in order to be placed on the market, it, therefore, passes a set of filters vital for verification.

    Step 4 – Here we adjust the ask price to the offer. The smart contract is put on the BANKEX market.4.                 Dealing.During this step, it is important to make sure that the Token is guaranteed to be delivered to the supplier (investor). This is guaranteed by Proof of Mining. The result of this stage is that the product token is successfully delivered to the supplier (investor) and stored in his wallet, in turn the BANKEX token is delivered to the originator (asset owner).


    Use Cases

    The Proof – of – Asset protocol technology can be applied to various business niches all over the globe.

    Let’s review a few possible applications. Target assets – assets with capitalisation more than $100 million.


    Case 1Case 2Case 3SectorReal estateNon-Profit: drinking water for Africa and IndiaRetail franchise networkCountryHong KongAfrica, India, Russia, USUS and RussiaClientInternational bankFilter producerRetail chainAssetCommercial real estate and residential housingFrozen drinking waterThe stores’ cash flowToken economySquare meters of future apartment are used to back up tokens. Token price is stable. Project is on the go while apartments are being built.

    (1 sq.m. = 10 tokens, One 100 sq. m.  apartment =1K tokens)Charity donors are to buy water tokens

    (1 token=1 liter of drinking water)The tokens are backed by revenue that is generated by royalties from franchises Tokens can be used to purchase products in the chain.

    (1 token = 1 product)Business caseInvestors are given a liquid asset after the future real estate is tokenized.In order to facilitate both the donation and donation tracking process. After the water tokens are purchased donors can track their journey to the end consumer.To finance expansion i.e. new stores. Token owners can buy products in the retail chain as well as take part in the company decision making process.


    BANKEX is supported by 10 banks, top technological companies, including the Microsoft Corporation.  BANKEX is ranked in Top 50 fintech startups of the world.

    BANKEX technology is claimed to be successful by members of the blockchain community. During the open presale, $10 million was raised, while the amount of $1,5 million was reached at the pre-ICO stage.

    Further information on BANKEX is available at:

    WebsiteWhite Paper

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    Numun Ecosystem Launches to Bring a Complete Set of Apps for Real-World Assets On-Chain



    The Numun Ecosystem today launches, comprising applications Num and Vectium and offering a structured approach to real-world asset (RWA) tokenization and lending on the Ethereum network.

    Num, the first app of the Numun Ecosystem, is a Bermuda-based tokenization company, that specializes in tokenizing traditional finance (TradFi) assets, including ETFs, stocks, and bonds. In 2023, Num successfully closed a USD 1.5 million pre-seed funding round to work on its first MVP, emerging market stablecoins, which garnered 500,000 users within its first year. Num now aims to achieve global reach by tokenizing TradFi assets into fully backed, permissionless forms known as nTokens, bridging the gap between the TradFi and DeFi realms.

    The second app in the Ecosystem is called Vectium, an innovative RWA lending protocol that harnesses the power of nTokens to facilitate financial interactions, enabling users to lend and borrow stablecoins against nTokens and soon more RWAs. This system also supports users in leveraging and hedging TradFi assets in a manner that is both permissionless and secure.

    Speaking on the launch, Agustin Liserra, CEO of Num Finance, said, “Numun ignites the power of synergy between transparency and innovation. Our commitment lies in steering the course of finance towards a future where accessibility, security, and empowerment are not just ideals, but everyday realities for DeFi users. As we unveil Numun to the world, we stand on the brink of a new financial era – one that we are proud to shape and lead.”

    Central to orchestrating the Numun Ecosystem is the Numun Token, which employs a unique value accrual mechanism. Up to 40% of the revenue generated by the lending protocol is allocated to a buy-back-and-burn strategy for the Numun Token. The Numun token will be used across all of the apps within the ecosystem, ensuring its value is intrinsically linked to the success of Numun as a whole.

    Numun Ecosystem is partnering with Impossible Finance to bring the Numun Token to the market, Calvin Chu, Co-Founder, and Core Builder of Impossible Finance, expressed excitement about partnering with Numun and supporting their mission of bridging traditional and decentralized finances. Calvin said, “Num’s and Vectium’s approach to bringing permissionless tokenized assets is the correct way to maximize interoperability. The strategy to bring a wide coverage of financial products on-chain is definitely filling a gap in the current landscape.”

    Speaking on the significance of the development for the DeFi ecosystem, Alex Kruger, Advisor and Strategic Director at Num Finance, said, “The Numun ecosystem represents the culmination of our enduring commitment to reshaping the DeFi landscape. After years of meticulous work, we are introducing an on-chain ecosystem that makes real-world assets the epicenter. This is the advancement that the DeFi space has been waiting for — a transformative step in aligning the reliability of traditional assets with the innovation of decentralized finance.”

    Agustin Liserra, CEO of Num Finance, is available for interviews.
    Alex Kruger, Advisor and Strategic Director at Num Finance is available for interviews.

    About Num Finance

    Num Finance is a Bermuda-based technology firm at the forefront of real-world asset (RWA) tokenization. By facilitating the conversion of traditional financial assets into digital tokens, Num Finance integrates these assets with the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Focused on security, transparency, and accessibility, Num Finance enables broader access to financial markets and improves liquidity through innovative financial services. Committed to compliance and effective risk management, Num Finance adheres to strict regulatory standards, ensuring a trusted and stable platform for investors navigating the evolving landscape of digital finance.

    For more information, visit

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    Xuirin Finance a pioneer for DeFi card – presale stage 1 sold out



    Xuirin Finance has recently presented its DeFi card, an innovative solution designed to merge the functionalities of traditional debit and credit cards with the decentralized financial services provided by DeFi. The introduction of this card aims to facilitate daily transactions using cryptocurrencies, enhancing their integration into the global payment ecosystem.

    Overview of Xuirin Finance’s DeFi card

    The DeFi card from Xuirin Finance allows users to engage in a variety of financial transactions, including online purchases, bill payments, and cash withdrawals at ATMs, using cryptocurrencies. This initiative is part of Xuirin Finance’s efforts to increase the accessibility and practical use of digital currencies in everyday financial activities.

    Presale stages and token distribution

    During the initial presale stage, Xuirin Finance offered 15 million tokens at a price of $0.03 each, reaching a funding cap of $450,000. Following the completion of Stage 1, the company is preparing for the second stage of the token presale, which involves offering 25 million tokens priced at $0.04 each, with a funding goal of $1 million.

    Xuirin Finance’s $500K mega giveaway

    In conjunction with its ongoing presale, Xuirin Finance has announced a Mega Giveaway, totaling $500,000 in prizes. This giveaway includes substantial rewards for 20 winners, designed to engage and expand the community around Xuirin Finance’s offerings. Participation in the giveaway requires a minimum investment in the presale, with additional engagement opportunities provided to enhance winning chances.

    Key geatures of Xuirin Finance’s offerings

    Xuirin Finance has integrated several features into its DeFi card, focusing on enhancing the practicality of cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions. These features include seamless online shopping, bill payments, and ATM withdrawals with digital currencies. The initiative reflects the company’s aim to improve the infrastructure supporting the broader adoption of decentralized finance technologies.

    This section still highlights the value provided by Xuirin Finance, but in a way that sticks strictly to describing features without implying enthusiasm or encouraging investment.

    Future outlook for Xuirin Finance

    As the presale progresses and Xuirin Finance continues to enhance its services, the company is focused on broadening the practical use of cryptocurrencies in everyday financial transactions. This initiative aligns with ongoing developments in the cryptocurrency sector aimed at enhancing user accessibility and convenience.

    About xuirin

    xuirin Finance is a groundbreaking DeFi platform dedicated to transforming the decentralized finance landscape. With a mission to bridge the gap between traditional finance and DeFi, Xuirin introduces innovative solutions such as DeFi Debit Cards, AI-Enhanced P2P Lending, and a secure, multi-chain DeFi Wallet. Designed for accessibility and user empowerment, Xuirin aims to redefine financial transactions, making them more efficient, transparent, and inclusive.

    For additional information on Xuirin Finance and to participate in the ongoing presale, users can visit:


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    MoneyBagTrading Launches MoneyBagToken – A Gateway to Exclusive Trading Analytics



    The MoneyBagTrading team has announced the launch of its highly anticipated MoneyBagToken. This new cryptocurrency will grant holders access to the innovative MoneyBagTrading platform, offering exclusive trading analytics in a user-friendly format.

    The project foresees a private beta launching later this year and a public release planned for 2025. MoneyBagToken intends to give traders an edge in the crypto market. The project has already partnered with top industry players and has a clear roadmap for future developments.

    The Launch of MoneyBagToken

    The launch of MoneyBagToken ($MNYBG) has the main appeal as a utility token that grants access to the MoneyBagTrading platform. This platform contains actionable data for traders, presented in a useful way.

    An automated system will determine price action and identify good entry zones.

    To buy $MNYBG, traders can get an AVAX wallet from and swap $AVAX for $MNYBG. The token maximum supply will be 100M, with a 10% allocation for the development team and no presale or ICO.

    The project will lock liquidity and implement a 1.5% trade tax to support the token’s growth and stability.

    During the beta stage, token holders will have exclusive access to the platform. This is the immediate benefit and incentive for buying $MNYBG in the short term. The platform plans to attract more traders and increase demand for $MNYBG in the long run.

    Future Projects

    The project’s roadmap has four phases. The first phase, which is already over, involved releasing the $MNYBG token.

    Currently, the project is in phase two, focused on marketing efforts to gain more exposure for the token. In 2024-2025, phase three will see the release of the MoneyBagTrading platform. This will represent the project’s core, offering users a platform to trade and utilize their $MNYBG tokens.

    Phase four will take place in 2025. At this point, the team plans to continue developing trading tools and releasing the $MNYBG token on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs).

    About MoneyBagTrading

    MoneyBagTrading is an upcoming platform aiming to assist users in making smarter trading decisions by providing actionable data in crypto. The platform will launch in 2025, starting with a private beta for selected token holders and then a public release. MoneyBagTrading has partnered with notable platforms like,, and

    The platform will provide instant indications of bearish or bullish trends through collected data from the cryptocurrency market. This will give users the advantage of making informed decisions without needing a deep understanding of raw data.

    With MoneyBagTrading, users can expect a user-friendly experience in navigating the complexities of the crypto realm. Furthermore, the platform’s partnership with established platforms ensures larger adoption and popularity for the project.

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    AI project Dtec token announces reaching USD 2 million in seed round and going for pre-sale in April



    Dtec token, the native payment project of Dtec Technology, an artificial intelligence ecosystem, announced that it has reached USD 2 million in Seed round and will be holding their pre-sale in April.

    Dtec is a project that claims to take driving experience in vehicles to the next level with its software that consists of its native modules and innovative technology in the field of artificial intelligence. The software enables driver to manage both the vehicle and all IoT devices connected with voice commands on the go. At the same time, the software’s artificial intelligence has an autonomous learning feature that uses driver’s data and environmental information. Thus, it can make predictions and take useful actions without requiring voice commands.

    Dtec token; As a reward mechanism for in-vehicle data sharing, provides utilities such as the ability to purchase AI services within the App and to use electric charging stations for free or with priority.

    The project, which is at the end of the Seed Round, announced that it will enter the private sale process in the first week of April and will be listed on tier 1 exchanges in May. At this point, exchanges such as bitget and bybit are being discussed.

    Dtec CTO said, “Dtec artificial intelligence vehicle assistant software is a project that has been developed for 8 years and has received government support. Now we are integrating this software with the blockchain world and incentivizing data sharing with dtec token payment. Unlike all other projects, ours is an ecosystem which is completely ready and available for retail sale and use. We are also in talks with some of the world’s leading automotive companies.”

    For more information on this project that brings together the automotive industry and artificial intelligence;

    Telegram :
    Website Main:

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    Bullish performance sets new ATH for Pop Social’s AI SocialFi multi-chain token PPT



    The Popular Multi-Chain AI SocialFi Project, Pop Social, Celebrates Bullish Rally for $PPT Setting New ATH of $0.51 on Bybit in Under 24 Hours.

    The rapid growth of the Web3 SocialFi sector bursts through as Pop Social, the leading multi chain AI SocialFi project, emerged triumphant when its native token, $PPT, surged to unprecedented heights, setting a new all-time high (ATH) of $0.51 in under 24 hours. Indeed, the popularity of the largest SocialFi project on the BNB Chain is evident by this incredibly bullish performance from the platform’s native Pop Token ($PPT).

    To highlight, $PPT saw a remarkable upward momentum where the asset witnessed a staggering surge from $0.26 to $0.51 in under 24 hours. In particular, for the $PPT Community Sale Round 1 participants, their $PPT value is up by 300%. Furthermore, this move was accompanied by a significant increase in trading volume, surpassing $8,000,000, again setting new records for the AI SocialFi project.

    As a founding cohort on the opBNB Chain, Pop Social began its journey to onboard the next billion users to Web3. So far, the multi-chain platform has unveiled bridges to other thriving blockchain ecosystems like Polygon, Linea, Blast, Ethereum, and others, thus inviting more.

    Users across multiple chains to leverage the creator economy on Pop Social. The latest initiative from the Pop Social team to enhance the Web3 SocialFi experience includes NFT Bridging from Ethereum to the BNB Chain to alleviate high gas fees for its users.

    Over the last month, Pop Social set a series of impressive milestones, including surpassing 500,000 registered users on the Pop DApp and establishing ecosystem partnerships with over 100 esteemed organizations. Pop Social also saw an exponential surge in content creation, celebrating the 17 millionth to the 20 millionth unique content in a matter of weeks. With over 20 million unique content creations and counting, Pop Social continues to witness unprecedented demand for SocialFi within the Web3 ecosystem.

    At the heart of the Pop Social Ecosystem lies its cutting-edge AI technology, which powers AI Creator Tools aimed at eliminating the barrier to creation. By monetizing time and tokenizing innovation, Pop Social offers users an equitable and transparent platform to unleash their creativity and tap into a thriving economy. With strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as ChatGPT and SORA, Pop Social is poised to unveil its AI-powered creator tools, chatbot, and unrivaled algorithms, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the Web3 landscape.

    After dedicated months towards building the ultimate AI Social platform to simplify the onboarding process to Web3, Pop Social has become a flourishing ecosystem for content creators and consumers worldwide. The ecosystem also boasts GameFi elements such as account level-ups, equipping dynamic Accessory NFTs, and opening Treasure Chests to keep their users delighted and pleasantly engaged. Join the Pop Social Community now and dive into the endless possibilities of AI and SocialFi on Web3.

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    Bitcoin Data Parsing Protocol TerpLayer Launches Decentralized BRC20 Asset Cross-Chain Transfer Solution



    The Bitcoin data parsing protocol TerpLayer (formerly Merlin Protocol) announced on its official X on Thursday that it is rebranding and partnering with multiple blockchain infrastructures including Chainlink and NFTScan to launch the Terp Indexer Oracle and the decentralized BRC20 asset cross-chain transfer solution Terp BRC20 Adapter.

    Addressing the Challenge:

    Bitcoin’s absence of smart contract support hinders its growth. Developers use off-chain execution with on-chain status recording, but the lack of a standard for on-chain data serialization raises costs and wastes storage.

    Bitcoin’s Proof of Work (PoW) ensures network security and global consensus without third-parties. However, most Layer 2 and cross-chain solutions still require third-party trust, posing risks and limiting Bitcoin’s ecosystem potential.

    The TerpLayer Solution

    TerpLayer provides decentralized BDIL nodes, anyone can set up nodes to provide service support, ensuring the decentralization of the BDIL nodes, and a higher degree of decentralization equals higher security.

    On one hand, TerpLayer provides BTC native data parsing and access services for the Bitcoin L2 layer (BDIL). The L2 layer does not need to run a BTC full node to download and synchronize data. It can directly connect to BDIL to ensure state synchronization, data storage, and publication.

    On the other hand, TerpLayer provides infrastructure services such as Bitcoin custody, wallet services, insurance, and payment processing, simplifying the threshold for Bitcoin L2 and BTC developers. They can directly call the modularized services of BDIL nodes without having to re-research BTC.

    Moving Forward

    In summary, TerpLayer’s upgrade marks an improvement in protocol efficiency, functionality, and developer-friendliness. It aims to optimize the data indexing process, attract more developers to join the ecosystem, and enhance the overall capability of the Bitcoin network.


    Stay up-to-date with TerpLayer’s latest advancements by following their social media:


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    The GNUS Token Presale Goes Live Engaging Buyers with Sizable Bounties



    GNUS.AI announced the start of a presale for GNUS tokens – the native token of its unique, patented blockchain and software system enabling users to earn tokens in exchange for their excess GPU power.

    The GNUS presale is now live and ends on March 5. Prospective buyers can opt for a minimum buy of 0.086 ETH and a maximum purchase of 100 ETH.

    GNUS.AI incentivizes GNUS presale buyers to take part in a giveaway event with appealing bounties from a 20,000 GNUS pool. The project invites individuals to claim their piece of AI, GameFi, BRC20, EVM, and the SOL revolution.

    GNUS.AI enables users to get the most out of the processing power of their computers and mobile devices. This blockchain-based software system recognizes that most devices underuse precious processing power during idle cycles. To solve this issue, it incentivizes end-users with GNUS tokens to contribute their extra GPU resources to the GNUS.AI network.

    GNUS.AI combines blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to create a powerful and flexible system. The project’s mission is to democratize AI/ML processing and create a seamless ecosystem where users can participate in a decentralized manner through various applications and games.

    The network’s infrastructure consists of a decentralized web of evenly distributed nodes contributing collectively to data processing while guaranteeing its efficiency and security. Users can contribute to the network by interacting with an application or system integrated with The network provides integration into participating devices and also ensures fast transactions secured with encrypted technology.

    While GNUS.AI is conceived to target mobile, the network is accessible from all types of computing devices running various operating systems, including Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Mobile, XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo, and IoT Devices. Moreover, the network is always available thanks to a wide range of stand-alone applications, embedded systems, and games with the network’s SDK integrated.

    Users can take advantage of the system’s customizable features when choosing to upload their data. This is possible via AI or Machine learning algorithms through a customer portal, taking the data from the user securely onto the network.

    GNUS.AI promotes fast blockchain operations and organic growth by minimizing user acquisition costs and incentivizing participants to use it more often. In the long run, GNUS.AI aims to become an indispensable solution offering various features and meeting the evolving needs of several industries.

    About GNUS.AI

    GNUS.AI is the first venture of Genius Ventures, Inc. – a corporation that “invests in ideas from geniuses.” The project launched in 2018 from the concept of blockchain integration into AI processing. In less than six years, the initiative went through multiple development stages as the creative team behind it built blockchain integrations and launched an initial coin offering (ICO).

    In 2023, GNUS.AI accelerated its app development, including a mobile wallet, a mobile SDK for game integration, and a stand-alone desktop application. Furthermore, the team developed a user-friendly app interface and a customer portal where users can place orders, redeem their pre-purchased tokens, or purchase new tokens for AI and Machine learning processing.

    The ongoing presale for GNUS tokens is an important milestone of the official launch of GNUS.AI, marking the network’s first major event in 2024.

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    CardanoGPT (CGI) Token Skyrockets Amid AI Crypto Frenzy, Urging Investors to Seize the Opportunity



    In an electrifying surge that has captured the attention of the cryptocurrency world, CardanoGPT (CGI) witnessed a remarkable 40% increase in value within just 24 hours, following the unveiling of OpenAI’s groundbreaking Sora and a significant profit jump for Nvidia, a company that produces chips that most AI companies use.

    This surge positions $CGI not just as a token of interest on the Cardano ecosystem, but as a must-have asset for forward-thinking investors and AI enthusiasts alike.

    A Leap Forward for CardanoGPT and AI Cryptocurrencies

    CardanoGPT, a pioneering Cardano-based cryptocurrency, is at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline web3 community management. Amidst a wave of enthusiasm within the Cardano blockchain, CGI’s value has not only soared by over 40% in recent days but also experienced an astounding 1000% growth over the past six months.

    As of the latest data from Taptools, CGI ranks among the top three gainers within the Cardano ecosystem, outpacing notable projects like $AGIX.

    The Rising Star: $CGI Token

    Currently trading at $1.60 according to Coinmarketcap, the $CGI token is enveloped in optimism, with many investors and enthusiasts predicting it will surpass its all-time high of $3.55 in the upcoming bull run.

    CGI serves a dual purpose within the CardanoGPT platform, acting as both a utility token and a governance token for platform decisions.

    Essential for accessing the platform’s innovative features, such as the Girolamo AI Agent, CGI tokens are the key to a new era of AI-driven community management.

    Introducing the Girolamo AI Discord Agent

    Named after the renowned mathematician Girolamo Cardano, the Girolamo AI Discord agent is a testament to CardanoGPT’s technological prowess, offering contextually aware responses and the remarkable ability to generate and interpret images.

    An Exclusive Opportunity: Beta Testing with a Minimum of 5000 CGI Tokens

    CardanoGPT has outlined specific participation criteria for those eager to beta test the Girolamo AI agent, including the requirement to hold at least 5000 CGI tokens.

    This threshold not only encourages investment in the burgeoning CGI ecosystem but also grants exclusive access to cutting-edge AI functionalities.

    Earn Rewards and Explore Governance Opportunities

    Investors have the chance to provide liquidity with $CGI on Wingriders, a rapidly growing dex on Cardano, and enjoy farming rewards of up to $2000 every five days.

    Furthermore, speculative insights suggest that CardanoGPT is developing staking contracts that will allow $CGI holders to earn additional tokens and engage in the early stages of platform governance.

    Why Invest in CGI Now?

    The meteoric rise of the CGI token is a clear indicator of CardanoGPT’s commitment to delivering AI-powered products that redefine community management in the blockchain space. As the AI cryptocurrency sector flourishes, CGI emerges as an invaluable asset for investors seeking to capitalize on the next big wave of digital innovation.

    Act Now: The Time to Buy CGI is Here

    With the AI crypto market on an unprecedented upswing and CGI’s potential trajectory poised to break records, the call to action for savvy investors is clear:

    Acquiring at least 5000 CGI tokens now could unlock unparalleled opportunities in the burgeoning field of AI and blockchain technology.

    Join CardanoGPT’s discord server to connect with the fast growing $CGI community.

    About CardanoGPT

    CardanoGPT is revolutionizing the blockchain space with its AI-driven solutions, making it easier for web3 communities to manage and engage. By integrating cutting-edge AI technology with the robust Cardano blockchain, CardanoGPT is setting new standards for innovation, accessibility, and community involvement in the digital era.


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    FxBox – Crypto GameFi & DeFi with Forex Trading




    GameFi, NFTs & DeFi with Forex Trading (Investing & Trading P2E Financial Games). Fairly organized P2E Web3 GameFi project. Staking & Farming, Mining Currency NFTs, Marketplace NFTs, Decentralized Lottery, Trading from $1, Leverage 1:100 up to 1:1000, Swap Free & $FXB Token Accounts

    Box Rules & NFT Probabilities:

    FxBox players buy and unlock boxes for NFTs! 90 USDT can open 1 box which generates 1 random NFT and random Mining Power by rarity.

    The NFT rarity obtained by opening the treasure box is completely random and is based on an RNG algorithm which generates your random NFT. The probabilities of obtaining NFTs are listed on the table.The opened Cards will be automatically staked and generate Mining Power. The more Mining Power you have, the more FXB tokens you can earn passively.

    If you open a box, you may face a cooldown error when trying to sell the newly opened cards. This cooldown lasts 30 – 45 hours and is designed to prevent bad actors from cheating the box system. Please be patient if this occurs.

    Only until March 15

    BIG DISCOUNT NOW! $90 = $30
    Try mining NFTs

    About Lucky Box:
    Don’t miss out on the future of finance!

    FxBox Features:


    Buy NFTs and stake the mining pool. Earn money online every second. More Mining Power (MP) will bring more revenue. NFT Currencies provide passive income to YOU as a FXBOX investor. Not only can you trade or stake but you can also mine with passive FXB flowing into your wallet every second with NO WORK required. This mining income is coming in the form of the FXB token.


    FxBox Marketplace is where you can sell and buy NFT. You can build your favorite NFT collection and earn commissions from affiliate programs.


    $FXB Liquidity Pools

    $FXB/BNB or $FXB/USDT tokens pairs can be staked and farmed NFTs with reward points, which can be earned daily based on the number of $FXB tokens that you have staked before.
    You can claim the desired NFT when a sufficient quantity of points is earned.

    $FXB Tokenomics

    90% FxBox Community (Based on Mining Pool)
    4% For Launchpad, Liquidity pools, Airdrops, Bounty. First year only
    6% FxBox Ecosystem (Lottery injections, Forex and Oracle games).

    For more info:
    Telegram Chat:

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    Zeebu Sets New Standard with Automated Token Burn via Phoenix Protocol



    Zeebu, the disruptive Web3 Neobank platform specializing in telecom transactions, proudly announces the ZBU Phoenix Protocol, a strategic initiative focused on optimizing token supply and solidifying its commitment to ecosystem sustainability.

    Zeebu is a blockchain-based platform, specifically engineered for telecom transactions. It aims to revolutionize the sector by enabling automated settlements, facilitating seamless global payments, and bolstering efficiency and security through a unified telecom payment ecosystem. The ZBU token is a key component of the Zeebu platform. It plays a pivotal role in enabling smooth global transactions and introducing an on-chain loyalty mechanism. The ZBU loyalty token serves to incentivize and reward partners within the ecosystem for their active participation.

    The ZBU Phoenix Protocol, inspired by the phoenix’s symbolic rebirth and renewal, meticulously reduces the total ZBU token supply, fostering market stability and a robust ecosystem. This deliberate approach emphasizes Zeebu’s core values of trust, transparency, and long-term sustainability.

    The ZBU Phoenix Protocol focuses on optimizing the ZBU token supply through a dynamic auto-burn mechanism. This mechanism carefully adjusts the burn rate based on the current market price of ZBU and platform usage patterns, ensuring a strategic approach to bolstering the ecosystem’s health and long-term stability.

    Transparency and accountability are at the forefront of Zeebu’s operations. Each token burn event will be meticulously recorded and publicly accessible on the blockchain, providing stakeholders with full visibility into the process. Additionally, a portion of the tokens from the accumulated burning pool will be allocated towards new initiatives, further enriching the Zeebu ecosystem.

    “The ZBU Token Burn Program reflects our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the decentralized finance space,” said Raj Brahmbhatt, the CEO and Founder of Zeebu. “By implementing this initiative, we aim to ensure a stable market presence of $ZBU token, while also promoting ecosystem growth.”

    As Zeebu continues to spearhead innovation in the realm of decentralized finance, the ZBU Token Burn Program serves as a cornerstone of its strategic vision. By reducing token supply systematically and transparently, Zeebu is poised to create a more resilient and prosperous financial ecosystem for all stakeholders.

    Zeebu is gearing up to release more specifics about the timeline and quantity for the ZBU token burn.

    About Zeebu:

    ‍Zeebu, the pioneering Web3 Neobank, having settled more than half a billion in telecom transactions, is quickly emerging as a trusted payment and settlement partner for global telecom businesses. The platform, currently serving over 100 active telecom carriers, is revolutionizing the industry with the introduction of blockchain-based settlements and the ZBU loyalty token. The ZBU token is designed to facilitate instant and secure global transactions and reward participants for successful settlements on the platform.

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