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Canadian Researchers With Indian Tech Industry to Explore Blockchain



Government-backed researchers in Canada are planning to unite with India’s technology industry association NASSCOM to research blockchain. Together, the two hope to create an global epicentre for studying the implications and applications of the innovative tech leading to increased “high-end technology capabilities.”

Blockchain: Beyond Cryptocurrency

The teaming up of Canada’s Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) and NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) aims to explore the use of blockchain technology in both government and academia. There are several areas in which India perceive blockchain to be disruptive to current industries, both financial and otherwise. These include land registry, healthcare, and banking.

The announcement of the union between BRI and NASSCOM, combined with the recent news that India are forming a “Future Skills” initiative aimed at educating their youth in cutting edge technology, clearly evidence a nation positioning itself as a hub for innovation in the blockchain industry. The educational platform was announced just days ago by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the World Congress on Information Technology 2018.

Meanwhile, the BRI’s stated goal is to “build blockchain-based economies around the world”. With their assistance, plus an increasingly blockchain-literate young workforce, India could well rise to the top in the field of research and application of the exciting and potentially disruptive technology. Narendra Modi’s government have even earmarked around US$500 million for developing the digital economy. This represents a doubling of public spending on the sector.

According to CNN, Don Tapscott, the founder and executive chairman of the Canadian institute, stated:

“We see our coalition with NASSCOM as a delightful opportunity to nurture the blockchain community in India… We strongly believe that India has the potential to lead the blockchain revolution.”

Whilst the Indian government are evidently receptive to the innovative potential of the blockchain, they seem somewhat more hesitant when it comes to the first real application of the technology – crytocurrency. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley recently stated in his 2018/19 Budget Speech:

“The government does not consider crypto-currencies legal tender or coin and will take all measures to eliminate the use of these cryptoassets in financing illegitimate activities or as part of the payment system.”

This statement has been interpreted in two ways. Firstly, there are those who believe it represents out and out hostility towards digital currency. This wouldn’t be surprising from a nation who have taken extremely misguided measures such as demonetisation policies in the past. However, there are also those who stress the use of the word “illegitimate” in Jaitely’s statement. This could be interpreted as meaning greater efforts to curtail money laundering offences made possible by cryptocurrency whilst not ensuring any form of blanket ban for its legitimate use.



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Blockchain-powered MMORPG Dark Eden M on WEMIX’s Pre-Registration Goes Live on the Google Play Store



South Korea’s game developer and publisher Wemade Connect’s latest project, mobile MMORPG Dark Eden M on WEMIX, has begun pre-registration on the Google Play Store.

Featuring realm versus realm (RvR) gameplay based on the tribal warfare between Slayers and Vampires seen in the top-grossing Dark Eden M, this new spinoff utilizes blockchain technology via the WEMIX global blockchain to reward players with both Rank Medals and exclusive rewards for the base game.

“Dark Eden M on WEMIX’ is a game that can provide users with unforgettable and enjoyable experiences. Providing an easy and clear mission, we expect it to maximize user’s experiences with the virtuous cycle of competition and compensation,” said Hodae Lee, CEO of Wemade Connect.

Interested players can register their interest through the Google Play Store in all regions except Korea, Japan, and China. Early adopters will also receive the following rewards which can be traded:

  • Rank Medal
  • Rare Transform Trial Ticket (1 Day)
  • Rare Pet Trial Ticket (1 Day)
  • Novice Travel Pack
  • Ride Upgrade Capsule (30)
  • Scroll of Transformation (6)
  • Scroll of Pet Summoning (6)

Wemade Connect will also be rewarding interested players with further incentives as the community grows on social media channels.

Early adopters can expect to enjoy proven gameplay while experiencing the global blockchain revolution when Dark Eden M on WEMIX releases globally in the first quarter of 2022.

About Wemade Connect

Wemade Connect is a global game company specializing in game development and publishing and also an MCP (Master Contents Provider) that provides major content to the blockchain platform WEMIX. The company’s key games that gained much popularity in the global market include ‘Everytown’, ‘Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium’, and ‘My Secret Bistro’. The company is currently focusing on the integration of blockchain on its key games as well as discovering new blockchain-based games.

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RFOX Games Expands NFT Revolution with Another IP Partnership



Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 24 January 2022 – Metaverse Company RFOX (‘RFOX‘) announces new RFOX Games NFT IP partnership with International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) to bring users KOGs Special Edition: IAPF, coming on February 7, 2022, 07:00 UTC!

RFOX Games, a division of Metaverse Company RFOX, aims to bring a new level of play-to-earn to the gaming space. The flagship product and top-selling NFT (Non-Fungible Token), KOGs, updates the collectible milk caps concept of the ’90s and enhances it with the utility only blockchain can provide. KOGs are collectible, interoperable, and have proven to create additional revenue for collectors. KOGs: SLAM!, the first full-on chain mobile game, will showcase KOGs as a playable asset with various play-to-earn paths.

RFOX Games has partnered with International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) to create KOGs Special Edition: IAPF NFTs. These KOGs can be used as game pieces in KOGs: SLAM! and the utilities are continuously growing.

The IAPF has been protecting wildlife from illegal poachers and establishing self-sustaining communities in the wilderness since 2009. Through their Akashinga program, Africa’s first armed, plant-based, all-women anti-poaching unit, they bring conservation and communities together to protect themselves instead of IAPF doing it for them with education and employment opportunities in rural Africa.

The Akashinga program is a community-driven conservation program, empowering disadvantaged women to restore and manage a network of wilderness areas as an alternative economic model to trophy hunting. The program, established in Zimbabwe’s Lower Zambezi Valley in late 2017, has proven highly successful.

The KOGs Special Edition: IAPF release is a fund-raising campaign, where some proceeds go to IAPF to support different IAPF programs. This edition will feature the endangered species and breathtaking natural resources that the IAPF is helping preserve and the communities in the Akashinga program.

Fadzly Yusof, General Manager of RFOX Games, says of the partnership:
“We are honored to work with IAPF, an organization with a noble purpose. This collaboration with IAPF will bring our mission to the next level – utilizing emerging technologies to support the preservation of wildlife and communities in the wilderness.”

The founder of IAPF, Damien Mander, comments:
“We are excited to join forces with RFOX Games in bringing awareness to the NFT community about our mission to establish community-led conservation in the wilderness of Africa. The technology that RFOX Games provides will help our advocacy reach more people and potentially bring in more support.”

To learn more about this Fundraiser and NFT Drop, click here.

About RFOX Games
Founded in 2019, RFOX Games is a division of the Metaverse Company RFOX. It focuses on PLAY TO EARN to the mobile gaming space with the flagship product and top-selling NFT – KOGs, updates the collectible milk cap concept of the ’90s and enhances it with the utility only blockchain can provide. RFOX Games was founded with the vision of creating an ecosystem of interoperable tournament-based games that utilize emerging technologies.

About RFOX
RFOX is a metaverse company with a mission to be the global leader in immersive metaverse experiences focused on retail, media, gaming, and rewards, through the RFOX VALT metaverse. Since 2018, the company has built the RFOX ecosystem of products and solutions that include online games, whitelabel NFT platforms, crypto-financial products, digital media platforms, and more. Its main token is RFOX, the digital asset that fuels the RFOX metaverse ecosystem and its immersive technology.

About IAPF
The IAPF is a non-profit organization registered in Australia, predominately operating on the African continent. Founded in 2009, IAPF has been protecting the breeding program of black rhinos and other endangered animals from illegal poachers. The IAPF has trained and supported rangers who help save over 4 million acres of wilderness across the African continent, currently operating in southern and eastern Africa with various methodologies to preserve nature.

They’ve also empowered communities to protect themselves instead of doing it for them with education and employment opportunities in rural Africa through their Akashinga model, which combines conservation and communities together in their efforts.

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Frontera raised a seven digit investment led by WadzPay a leading blockchain-based payment company alongside with Tokoin



22nd Jan 2022, Bali – Indonesia – The Realm of Frontera is excited to officially announce closing in a strategic investment by a notable blockchain-based digital payments company WadzPay in collaboration with Tokoin. Frontera is one of a leading and popular blockchain-based games and NFTs that enabled a new revolutionary play-to-earn gaming model where players can CEO their metaverse — Create, Earn, and Own. Frontera has earlier partnered with Tokoin to utilised its native token $TOKO to power the Frontera gaming ecosystem. Players obtain the $TOKO token , by battling, collecting, and trading with their AI Mechas NFTs.

In the strategic investment by Wadzpay, Frontera will utilise Wadzpay resources within the Southeast Asian market at the same time sharing the use case and utility of WadzPay WTK Token. WTK originally launched on Ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol. On 18th November, 2022, the token expanded to Binance Smart Chain and XinFin’s XDC Network: it can be easily swapped between these blockchain platforms. WadzPay’s vision around interoperability has paved the way towards more use cases, with users being able to utilise the platform which best suits their desired outcomes. Binance Smart Chain allows for NFT-related and Metaverse projects and this functionality will be experienced through the Frontera game.

WTK alongside TOKO will be integrated into the Frontera Metaverse and can be used to purchase NFTs for Frontera’s second season, for staking and a variety of Metaverse gameplay-related features as per launch of these features. Users will also be able to earn WTK / TOKO as rewards for their activities within the Frontera Metaverse.

“We are excited that we have finally finalized our investment dealings and are getting WadzPay’s team alongside Tokoin’s team into our realm. With both these companies expertise and support we are confident we will be at the forefront of bridging the metaverse p2e gaming into the real world even further. We are just getting started!” Said Trong Dihn, Co-Founder of Frontera

“Gaming and NFTs are two of the fastest growing industries within the blockchain space. The expansion of payments as the enabler for digital asset ownership and exciting community-driven experiences is natural. While NFTs are an exciting space, our belief is that quality projects go beyond asset ownership and provide use cases for holders.” Continued Trong Dihn, Co-Founder of Frontera

“WadzPay looks forward to adding value to the Frontera project, bringing over 250 years of WadzPay’s expertise in the payment and technology spaces shared by our team, while also adding additional use cases for the WTK token.” stated Anish Jain, Managing Director and CEO of WadzPay.

To further strengthen this partnership, an exclusive WTK NFT collection will be available in the near future in collaboration with Frontera. Frontera is a first of its kind in which two of the pioneer and notable blockchain companies are supporting and providing liquidity choices in a p2e NFT game economy. Which will boast an even greater advantage for their players.

About Frontera

Frontera is an NFT gaming metaverse where players can CEO their metaverse — Create, Earn, and Own. Players battle, collect and trade with their AI Mechas NFTs to earn the $TOKO token. NFTs gain more earnings power through GameFi mechanics, the convergence of game and DeFi, by staking and farming them. In this open metaverse, NFTs can exist in more than one metaverse and be traded cross-chain in secondary markets. FrontErians can bring their NFTs from other virtual worlds and transform them into AI mechas NFTs, taking full ownership of the Mecha NFTs you create, win, buy and import into the Fronterian Metaverse.


About WadzPay

WadzPay is a technology agnostic blockchain-based digital payments ecosystem with an interoperable layer connecting the various verticals to a unified platform. The company was founded in 2018 in Singapore and is currently operating in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. WadzPay saw the potential for CBDC and Digital Assets to lead the next revolution in the payments industry: enabling faster payments, improvements in security, and cost-efficiency with optionality. WadzPay is working with large international payment companies, banks, and global companies to enable digital asset-based transaction processing and settlement to revolutionise payments.

About Tokoin

Tokoin is a pioneering blockchain company from Indonesia. Tokoin is a platform for different projects, both locally and globally, at the forefront of blockchain technology. This enables us to leverage the $TOKO token and its advantages, by providing a common currency amongst many games and projects while also providing them with legitimacy, liquidity, and financial support.

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Next Earth, Third Largest Metaverse Community Announces Initial Token Launch



Next Earth, the Earth’s original digital replica, today announced the availability of NXTT, a native token to generate revenue in order to fund the continuing development of the Next Earth ecosystem and transaction infrastructure. Next Earth is commencing a nine-day private financing round beginning on January 18, 2022, during which NXTT will be available for purchase by Next Earth citizens who own at least $100 worth of land.

To kick-off the NXTT launch, Founder and CEO of Next Earth, Gabor Retfalvi, and the company’s token architect, David Taylor, will be hosting an AMA at 5pm CET / 11am EST on January 18, 2022. The broadcast will be available to view at the following link: Additionally, the company will be launching a global marketing and advertising campaign including social media, display ads, and influencer engagement. Presale of the token will take place from January 22 – 27, 2022.

Next Earth, a blockchain metaverse that enables the creation of communities derived from non-fungible tokens (NFT) of real Earth properties, has rapidly evolved to become the third largest metaverse by community size, in only four months.

With the funds generated from the NXTT tokens, Next Earth will be able to further develop the platform, while continuing to advance and facilitate user’s ability to positively impact the environment. As the project continues to evolve, the goal is to be a self-sustaining, not-for-profit ecosystem that will eventually be able to support environmental charity projects through donations from revenue earned on Next Earth.

“With the launch of the NXTT token, we’re taking a fundamentally evolutionary step towards achieving our goal of creating a truly self-sustaining digital ecosystem that can deliver real-world results for the environment,” said Gabor Retfavi, Founder and CEO of Next Earth. “Climate change is an existential challenge that must be addressed with innovative thinking and new ways of using technology. With this project we have the opportunity not just to capitalize on our efforts, but to start donating to important causes right out of the gate.”

After the introduction of NXTT, the company will publish a series of proposals called NEIPs that will serve as a roadmap for the platform. The community will be able to vote on the best and most promising NEIPs, getting a significant say in which direction Next Earth is going.

About Next Earth
Next Earth is the Earth’s original digital replica; a blockchain metaverse that enables the creation of communities derived from non-fungible tokens (NFT) of real Earth properties. The Next Earth platform enables citizens to buy and sell lands on a virtual earth while creating value on the real one; a social experiment on how virtual spaces can be managed, governed, and used to back environmental projects.

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Curtis Sword Becomes the First Blockchain-Based Large-Scale 3D ARPG



Curtis Sword, a 3D NFT ARPG mobile game on the blockchain, is excited to announce that it has fully launched on both Android and iOS. The project is the first GameFi-built game designed by the original “The Rise of Dragon” mobile game team. The game is the first large-scale 3D ARPG on the blockchain.

Players can now explore fun blockchain games, interactive social networks, and a wide range of products and services with complete autonomy. Curtis Sword also offers union members a brand new opportunity to discover their self-worth and dedicate themselves to this new “Meta Universe.”

Curtis Sword Assets Economy

You will find three types of assets on the blockchain: Curtis Sword Coin (CSC), GOL (Gold), and NFT props. CSC is mainly used for on-chain activities, including NFT equipment purchase, upgrades, transactions, and character items. Pledge mining, etc.

GOL (Gold) is the game’s token. On the map, it is accessible to all players. It can take many different forms. The main goal is to invest in the treasure mine by trading with NPCs like blacksmiths and merchants. GOL is primarily used for in-game activities such as the majority of gold output income, the purchase of copy tickets, and so on.

NFT is the game’s third-largest economy. You can directly exchange CSC tokens from ordinary blind boxes and mysterious blind boxes for unknown NFT items. Simultaneously, you can sell your NFT items or buy other items in the NFT market. NFT items, which means that you can get calculable income during the battle and unexpected NFT item income. These items will yield high returns because of their rarity and combat power value.


In the world of Curtis Sword, there are two digital currencies: Curtis Sword Coin (CSC) and Gold (GOL). As a result, to ensure the scalability of the Curtis Sword game, the platform requires some physical token group allocation.

The total number of CSC tokens available is 210,000,000. The maximum daily output is 120,000. The production reduction mechanism will be activated when the output reaches 105,000,000, and Sword Coin will reduce the daily production to 60,000. The platform will trigger the production reduction mechanism again if the output reaches 157,500,000, and the daily output will drop to 30,000, and so on.

GOL tokens have a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000. GOL is an online currency that can be explored, bought, traded, and exchanged in the Curtis Sword universe. It also entails more significant risks and economic fluctuations, necessitating an ample supply to ensure that each player has enough to use in the Curtis Sword universe.

The total maximum supply of GOL tokens in the game is capped at 100,000,000,000 GOL, making them easier to obtain and more practical than CSC.

Join to Play Curtis Sword!

Everyone has the same opportunity, and by starting with the same fundamentals, you can develop your own game style by selecting the props you equip to increase game fun and revenue efficiency.

Each section of the off-chain game terminal is based on the role played: battle through levels, copy drawing, tower of ash (survival mode), ladder competition (ranking mode), and treasure mine (pledge mining). The rank and combat power calculation formula can yield the corresponding gold profit. The initial investment cost’s payback period is currently 10 to 15 days.

About Curtis Swords

Curtis Sword is the first 3D NFT ARPG game on the blockchain, seeking to redefine metaverse gaming. The game is available on mobile phones, in both the IOS and Android versions. It is a P2E gaming ecosystem, where players battle tough bosses and earn NFTs that are worth lucrative profits. The collection of NFTs yields rewards that are backed by digital currency-asset returns.

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AFKDAO Brings a Universal Governance System for Play-To-Earn Metaverses



The AFKDAO protocol is a decentralized protocol that promotes the growth of play-to-earn economies. It connects gaming projects, guilds, and players from the start of a project, providing potential investors with an easy way to access investment opportunities in gaming and metaverse initiatives through initial game-asset offerings and automated play-to-earn techniques. The community will be able to decide on portfolio games, guild admissions, and treasury tactics for the DAO’s best interests through DAO governance, resulting in the strongest and largest player syndicate in the play-to-earn market.

For the first time, the Play-to-earn method has enabled players to partake in the profits from a game’s growth. Professional gamers can now convert their talents into a source of revenue. New projects, on the other hand, may find it difficult to attract real players and build their in-game economies while their complex designs keep the majority of the DeFi community at bay. Many people don’t have the time or don’t understand how to play-to-earn. AFKDAO is creating a platform that allows everyone to simply join in play-to-earn projects, allowing projects to bootstrap their economies and programmers to profit and shine.

The goal of AFKDAO is to create the world’s greatest play-to-earn economy. The company believes that the play-to-earn mechanism has the ability to change the gig economy paradigm and enable widespread adoption of crypto asset management. AFK Dao’s goal is to bring together liquidity, skill, and innovative initiatives, allowing the economy to grow sustainably while maintaining sufficient extensibility and decentralization.

Why AFK DAO can play a key governance role in Metaverse

The project connects games, guilds, and investors in the most efficient way possible through AFK DAO. The company enable guilds to attract NFT assets in a similar fashion to a decentralized fund manager by providing the on-chain infrastructure, effectively lowering their treasury risk. Since the inaugural NFT drop through AFK Game Aggregator, additional promising games will have specialized scholarship programs. This would drive the demand for NFTs and make sure the NFTs go into the right hands of users who participate in play-to-earn rather than flip NFTs in the marketplace.

The Game Asset Launchpad is a place where game asset NFTs from some of the best and most promising gaming projects can be showcased. AFK DAO’s hand-picked game assets are NFT delegate protocol compatible and Game Aggregator ready from the start. AFK Point systems govern access to these assets, which enables AFKDAO to identify and keep loyal community members who are truly committed to helping us create the play-to-earn economy.

AFKDAO will be able to provide low-collateral lending & borrowing pool solutions to unleash the liquidity value of gaming assets using the AFK delegator protocol, addressing the inefficiency of NFT lending in P2P matchmaking methods. Owners of NFTs will be able to stake their assets in the pool at any moment and collect instant dynamic interest while also having access to indefinite players who are borrowing at a dynamic interest rate. Owners would only be renting access to using the NFTs through the delegator, not ownership. The quantity and frequency of interest accrued are determined by the demand for loans, the minimum return on investment, and the accrued interest algorithm. Billing cycle regulations may be imposed on withdrawals such as T+1 or more due to the nature of games.

AFK DAO’s Tokenomics Makes it a Unique Protocol

The founding team of AKF DAO will manage to operate the core responsibility for DAO. As the community expands, the holders of the $AFK tokens will govern together.

  • DAO should organize activities for members:For normal/daily proposals: members can vote via discord or website.
  • For important task operations, such as asset management, new project incubation, project investment. Activities are managed on-chain with smart contracts and determined via voting by members.
  • DAO members can vote to authorize multi-signature for the assets/projects
  • DAO members can vote to authorize trading requests for DAO contracts
  • DAO members can vote to determine the DAO system strategy
  • DAO members vote by $AFK token, $AFK token is a representation of voting rights.

The total amount of supply has been capped at 1,000,000,000 which will be distributed and divided in the following manner:

Treasury: 180,000,000.00 (18%)
The Treasury of AFKDAO will hold 18% of the total allocation. No vesting schedule.

Team: 150,000,000.00 (15%)
The Team of AFKDAO will hold 15% of the total allocation. 2-year cliff, monthly release for 2 years.

Advisor: 20,000,000.00 (2%)
The Team of AFKDAO will hold 2% of the total allocation. 1-year cliff, monthly release for 1 year.

Investors – Seed/Private A/Private B/Public: 200,000,000.00 (20%)
Ecosystem: 450,000,000.00 (45%)
The Team of AFKDAO will hold 45% of the total allocation. 10% at TGE, the rest unlock based on DAO decisions.

To learn more about AFKDAO visit

Telegram: ​​

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Move over Axie Infinity, Monsta Infinite is here to take over



With Facebook announcing their latest Metaverse makeover, tons of other Metaverse-inspired NFT GameFi rode the Metaverse hype train, evidently proven with crypto tokens from Metaverse-inspired projects like Decentraland reached an all-time high in the crypto market. Since then, multiple projects have been introducing their own personal twists to the Metaverse concept. But of all the interesting ideas and concepts available in the crypto industry, one project steals the spotlight by miles ahead. That would be Monsta Infinite.

The key to developing a sustainable and successful GameFi is to provide creativity and innovation, introducing new technological advances or simply described as modern-day solutions in order to digitalise the basic needs of civilization (as referred to in Maslow’s theory on the Hierarchy of Needs) into their respective projects. What other projects often lack would be the lack to provide their users with one or more of these factors; safety needs (security or resources), love and belonging (a sense of connection), esteem (freedom or recognition), or self-actualisation (desire to be the most that one can be).

This is where Monsta Infinite steps in to win the race. Monsta Infinite is developing a complete and self-sustaining GameFi ecosystem that will fulfil the basic needs of mankind. They thrive to digitalise all basic and complex human needs into the game, Monsta Infinite, covering from the basic needs of physiological and financial security to the psychological and self-fulfilment needs of creativity and socialisation.

Monsta Infinite is currently developing a complete and self-sustaining financial blockchain platform that is optimized for blockchain gaming as a foundation for the Monsta Infinite gaming launch, which will subsequently lead to the Openworld gameplay, AKA the Infinite Verse. It will be the first of its kind that will provide users with ample freedom and creativity; as stated in their ‘Infinite Verse Unveiled’ article, the possibilities of your universe are only limited by your imagination.

It’s a known fact that there is still a lack of public blockchains that are optimized for games, from scalability issues to high transaction and gas fees. Therefore, they want to build a blockchain that will not only solve these common issues but will also give other projects the freedom to build and develop new features and implementations that are solutions to current modern-day problems; aspiring creativity and innovation to revolutionize blockchain technology, benefiting everyone in the blockchain industry for decades to come.

Monsta Infinite thrives to be a one-of-a-kind project by being more than just another conventional GameFi project; honing the potential and resources to branch out of the GameFi industry and into other possible and prospective industries in the crypto space. They will first begin with developing a state of the art GameFi, Monsta Infinite. The game will be a play-to-earn based GameFi that will implement creative and innovative solutions meant to solve problems users often face in other conventional GameFi. They aspire to provide veteran consumers all around the world better gaming and earning quality and experience and at the same time welcoming to new users.

Things to note from their gameplay description would be the innovation of utilizing a Slay: The Spire concept correlating with dynamic gameplays onto their PVE, which will definitely make the experience enjoyable and competitive for the gamers while acting as a layer of protection against farming bots due to their complex variations within the PVE. Alongside their wide variety of enemies and Jilaka bosses, it will surely be a breath of fresh air for players knowing that it wouldn’t just be another conventional and boring PVE. Now with the variety of levels and enemies, it would also mean that players would require different Monstas of different attributes to surpass the level, making every Monsta unique and essential to the gameplay; which in turn improves the liquidity of the Monsta NFTs, ensuring the long term sustainability of the entire financial ecosystem of the project.

One interesting feature that they are bringing to the spotlight would be their anti-bot features like the Match-Three puzzle. Since it will be implemented between battles, it will add to the competitive gaming environment of the players while acting as an anti-bot feature, further improving the gaming experience because truth be told, no one likes playing against bots. Another interesting feature would be that all P2P battles will be processed on the server-side instead of the client-side, further eradicating hacks and cheats in-game. These are just a few of the many features Monsta Infinite is going to implement in the game, placing Monsta Infinite miles ahead of its competitors in the GameFi industry.

One applauding attribute Monsta Infinite has would be the capability of thinking forward. Even though the game release is only due on the first quarter of 2021, they have already begun making plans and constantly upgrading their current Marketplace and Monsta wallet inorder to accommodate fo their future plans. Monsta infinite will then begin developing the Infinite Verse structure, incorporating the infamous Openworld voxel art concept (Minecraft and Roblox fans rejoice). Their infrastructure will consist of a solid monetary system, a sustainable financial ecosystem that is often lacking in other conventional Metaverse projects in the industry. Seeing this as a lacking feature in other metaverse projects, Monsta Infinite will introduce a balanced and sustainable economic model that will be constantly optimized in order to adapt to the constant market changes.

In order to develop such technologically advanced projects while still providing ample freedom to users, the entire project will be built on their very own Monsta Chain technology. When in full force and completely optimized for blockchain gaming, it will enable Monsta Infinite to be multi-project compatible, honing the capability to interact with other gaming or IT related projects. This will transcend Monsta Infinite to be more than just an NFT GameFi, honing the capabilities of structuring multi-currency exchange mechanisms to unify and strengthen the financial structures of Monsta Infinite to accommodate these projects.

This will then develop into new and innovative ideas to be implemented within Monsta Infinite that will breach the gap between these projects, developing a unified society consisting of various GameFi or crypto-related projects into one huge Metaverse. To further encourage this concept, Monsta Infinite is providing assistance to early-phase startup projects by introducing their very own Incubator and Launchpad programs, all built on the Monsta Chain. They have already started taking in new projects, as they have just released an official statement saying that they have been incubating the latest NFT project, League Of Ancients since September 2021 regarding blockchain and crypto aspects. With all of these features synchronised, Monsta Infinite will be deemed as a Steam-inspired universal entry to a plethora of games and projects.

The Monsta Chain will provide Monsta Infinite with infinite possibilities on how its Metaverse will be developed, ranging from multi-chain compatibility to a multitude of features and amenities to facilitate a vast and ample space for the Infinite Verse to metamorphose into a one-of-a-kind multiverse platform for other projects. It will be constantly optimised to accommodate multiple gaming platforms simultaneously, constructing the ideal public blockchain for GameFi.

Monsta Infinite plans to develop its swapping mechanism, Juggy Swap, into an advanced exchange platform for all the project tokens available in the Infinite Verse. The Juggy Swap will go hand-in-hand with their in-house liquidity pool, called the Juggy Pool, forming a one-stop exchange platform for all the projects. Early-phase projects would not need to look or stress out any further knowing that Monsta Infinite will provide a full-on blockchain project ecosystem for them to grow prosperously, from providing incubators and launchpads, to solving scalability and transaction fee matters.

Their main concept is to ensure limitless capabilities and endless possibilities for the crypto community, sparking true creativity and innovation among the users in the crypto space. Users will hone the ability to design, build, develop or even sell their creations at our Marketplace; a possible breadmaker for the avid gamers and crypto community. Monsta Infinite also has plans to endorse futuristic compatibilities like AI, VR, AR and even Machine Learning later on that will provide a continual growth of user base and projects in the future.

This project has already developed a stupendous amount of hype in the GameFi industry, factorised by their massive community, NFT sales and current token value even with the game launch still awaiting its release in Q1 2022. There are speculators on the Internet doubting their potential as a start-up project, but the volume of their Telegram and Discord community members would definitely prove otherwise. The wonderful developing team led by the CEO of Monsta Infinite, Jin, has provided transparency to the community by hosting regular AMAs to discuss and bring about the latest updates of the project. As it stands, Monsta Infinite will be the upcoming powerhouse in the cryptocurrency space; being more than just a game and will transcend to become the upcoming No.1 Metaverse worldwide.

To learn more about Monsta Infinite visit

Twitter : ​​
Facebook :
Telegram :
Discord :
Youtube :

$MONI is listed on:





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Metaverse Gaming Platform Space Falcon Announces strategic partnership with Peech Capital



Space Falcon, an Intergalactic metaverse featuring the classic space shooter game with built-in premium sci-fi NFTs, announced a strategic partnership with Peech Capital, a multi-strategy crypto investment and advisory firm. From the beginning, Peech will assist Space Falcon in their marketing efforts and nurture the ecosystem. Peech Capital assists digital asset companies in achieving their objectives by participating in all stages of the process, from marketing through development. Space Falcon is really excited about this collaboration, as Space Falcon continues to be extremely motivated in their objective to use blockchain technology to disrupt the traditional gaming industry.

Built on the Solana Ecosystem for quick and low-cost transactions, ensuring a lightning-fast experience for player’s space explorations. Space Falcon has also struck a strategic cooperation with ZBS Capital, a venture capital firm dedicated to collaborating to create a decentralised world. The narrative of ZBS Capital begins in 2017 with an ICO boom and continues to this day.

The word “GameFi” refers to the fusion of blockchain-based gaming with decentralised finance. Despite the fact that blockchain games have been around for a long time, GameFi is a relatively young field that has yet to reach its peak. GameFi connects all of the many factors in the Web 3.0 ecosystem — gamers, investors, and traders — by providing a location where they may all participate. NFTs have been introduced into blockchain games, resulting in a full-fledged economy where players can own and sell game assets. NFTs could, for example, be a player’s in-game avatar, outfits, or other game accessories. Most games offer a digital marketplace where players may buy and sell these one-of-a-kind objects, allowing them to earn money. The play-to-earn (P2E) system is the name given to this model.

Space Falcon can Take Over the GameFi Industry

The Space Falcon metaverse is made up of two games that span a hundred years and two different perspectives:

  • Classic 1980s-style retro space exploration
  • Futuristic 2080-themed intergalactic travel

The game’s grand strategy involves “Falconians” trekking across the cosmos and constructing an empire by completing in-game levels and collecting NFTs along their cosmic journey. In the web-based P2E minigame, users will play a set of ten interesting missions split over two completely different time periods, consuming NFT assets like liquid gold to travel between the two generations.The Falcon Leaderboard, a straightforward presentation of information for rookie players to enhance their game and win more money, will let users tally their scores based on general activity and reward them weekly.

Space Falcon allows blockchain players to travel through two universes in their quest to complete tasks and construct an empire that spans the galaxy while earning star NFTs. The project has also chosen Solana instead of Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain for very specific reasons. Solana blockchain offers high-speed, censorship-resistant, low-cost, and open infrastructure transactions. It is undoubtedly the most promising network in the DeFi business. Thus, It’s no surprise that the Space Falcon game was developed on the Solana ecosystem, which includes over 250 services and over 500 dApps.

Blockchain technology enables the creation of digital content such as virtual reality games, cryptocurrency, tokens, art, and almost anything else. These creations can be further developed and sold to earn cryptocurrency in the future. On the metaverse, you can generate money by selling avatars, lands, groceries, and services in the digital realm. The majority of gamers are already profiting from this by playing ‘play to earn’ games on the blockchain. Consider games like Roblox, where players can already create virtual worlds for themselves, while most of our traditional games, such as ludo, table tennis, and pool, are now available on mobile phones.

Space Falcon Brings True Decentralization to Gaming

Decentralized gaming is a big deal for Space Falcon. Planets, rocket ships, weaponry, and a slew of other stuff make up the gaming universe. Each of these can be a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Players and even creators can sell their NFTs for a good price on Space Falcon’s own marketplace. Apart from the fact that users can own nearly anything in the game’s SciFi universe, another astonishing truth is that the variety of methods users can earn NFTs is limitless.

Despite the fact that it is a P2E game, the Space Falcon team went to great lengths to ensure that players have a comprehensive gameplay experience. The visuals are stunning, and the gameplay will leave you speechless. FCON is the utility token for Space Falcon. SciFi tokens can be borrowed or staked for rewards in the game. They can also be traded both inside and outside of the game’s ecosystem.

There are a number of methods to profit from the Space Falcon. To begin, players can earn points by playing the game (Falcon Missions) and getting rewarded according to the scoreboard. On the other hand, NFTs, which are a collection of Spaceships, Weapons, Planets, Moons, and other items that are part of Space Falcon and progressively gain value, are a fascinating way to generate a profit.

Space Falcon is a promising startup that is still in its early stages but is on track to disrupt GameFi and become one of the most prominent participants in the blockchain gaming space in the near future. With the addition of planets, spaceships, and galaxies, Space Falcon takes virtual assets to the next level. When it comes to in-game items, NFTs mean that users own and control anything they buy, earn, or manufacture. This is more than just proving the item’s rarity; it also allows for indefinite scaling. Players will be able to purchase galaxies, planets, spaceships, and other extraterrestrial goods, which will be necessary later in the game. To increase the utility of intergalactic assets, they will be tradeable in the in-game marketplace.

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Flappy Doge Becomes First P2E Metaverse to Introduce DAO Governance



The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) tsunami has swept through the crypto ecosystem; the entire financial and collectible market has been transformed by the NFTs’ arrival, as they link together numerous industries. Play to Earn Games (P2E), which blends the finest of the video gaming industry with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, is the most recent trend in the NFT marketplace. It allows traders to play games not only for fun, but also to earn in-game tokens and win rare artefacts that can be bought and exchanged in the real world.

The popularity of gamified crypto projects has skyrocketed in the summer of 2021. Over the last several months, we’ve seen Axie Infinity, Crypto Blades, MOBOX, and a slew of other games. While these games are interesting and innovative, they are all extremely complex for the average smartphone user, leaving many of them feeling too far behind the learning curve to be worthwhile. Furthermore, they need a large time commitment, despite the fact that many users prefer to spend brief periods of time gaming, as indicated by the phenomenal rise of ` and Android games, as well as PC and Virtual Reality games (VR).

FlappyDoge is a 3D game that will be launched on iOS and Android, with intentions to include PC VR support. FlappyDoge has ten levels, each with a unique background animation. Players must navigate between the gaps, which is quite straightforward at first; however, as levels progress, the speed and intricacy grow, making the game even more difficult. To level up, the user must complete the levels; as a result, the player obtains rewards.The second part of the game allows users to use the most recent technology, NFT technology, to lease NFTs in the Marketplace. The incentives earned using the mobile app can be redeemed on Market Place.
A certain number of coins can be gathered per day, incentivizing the withdrawal and collecting system.

FlappyDoge brings gamification to Metaverse with NFTs

FlappyDoge’s NFT component allows players to customize and alter their in-game experience in a variety of ways. FlappyPlace, the NFT component, will be a Metaverse NFT Market Place Ecosystem for converting FlappyDoge profits and other meme coins into a large number of NFTs. By embracing NFT staking, the ecosystem will encourage inclusivity and allow new users to “get into the game.” Users will be able to access NFTs and enhance their gaming to explore and expand their FlappyDoge experience by using the platform’s staking and lessee matching system for NFT enhancements.

NFTS will help with leveling up in the Metaverse and earnings more coins:

  • FlappyDoge breeds skins
  • Famous/Meme Skins from other aspects of the crypto Metaverse
  • (Apes, Camels and other Open Sea NFT concepts)
  • Homage skins like Bark Zuckerberg
  • Game ability enhancement NFTs
  • High Score NFTs
  • NFT Trophies

With an NFT Marketplace Ecosystem and a play-to-earn IOS/Android game LaunchPad managed by DAO governance, FlappyDoge is more than just an addicting, amusing game. The launchpad system will introduce the Play 2 Earn (P2E) game lineup for the future. FlappyDoge token holders will receive an airdrop of the specific new gaming token every time a new game is introduced, and a threshold will be set so that users can participate in the sales. DAO Governance will also have the power to choose which games will be accepted into the ecosystem, allowing the metaverse to flourish with high-quality additions.

This LaunchPad enables game developers to take advantage of FlappyDoge’s user network to boost adoption while also assisting FlappyDoge token holders by vetting apps. Only games with considerable development and playability that will integrate with the present Ecosystem will be featured, ensuring that users do not have to sift through an infinite number of games to locate ones they enjoy.

Flappy Doge Ecosystem and Tokenomics

Finally, the games will be integrated into the NFT and FlappyDoge ecosystems, allowing for successful progress in one game to be carried over to others. Newer users can now progress. a skill set in the newer game that allows them to compete in earlier games—a problem that has previously plagued other popular games in which new users can never “catch up” to other players.

The native token FLPD would be the fuel of the ecosystem which will be deflationary as 3% of each transaction is burnt, increasing the value of the coins in their wallet over time. To assist raise awareness and fostering mass adoption, 3% of each transaction is spent on marketing. The core leadership team includes experts in the crypto and gaming industries who have established grassroots communities on social media, social networks, and private business networks.

Community development and strong community connection are incorporated into the approach, which includes vital social network sites such as Telegram, Reddit, Twitch, and others. Consistent leadership engagement in communities to explain developments and strategy, as well as engage dedicated followers in creating and maintaining the organisation.

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DotArcade Announces IDO launch on January 12



Hochiminh City, Vietnam / DotArcade, one of the most awaited NFT “Empire” games announces the launch of IDO on January 12, 2022 on Gamestation, and on January 15, 2022 on lauchpads: Koistarter, Onus, BSCstation. DotArcade is the first game mix between Arcade and Moba game genre.

While hundreds of other NFT games are following the “old” turn-base and click-to-earn path, the Real-time strategy game – Dot Arcade – is considered to be one of the most anticipated games in 2022.

Dot Arcade is an NFT game with simple but familiar and attractive gameplay

According to the information on Dot Arcade, this is one of the first NFT games with a mixture of Arcade and Moba gameplays. Further, it also has the attractive real-time battle feature.

The dedicated Dot Arcade team has completed the alpha version of the game and the full NFT version will be released in the second quarter of 2022.

As most game experts have suggested, the greatest achievement of developers is to create something that is familiar for the players – not to make it too difficult for them to play. This is the key advantage of Dot Arcade, this empire-building and battles-fighting game has a gameplay that most users would find familiar. Dot Arcade reminds players of the fun they had playing “legendary” strategy games like Ages of Empires or Clash of Clans.

Dot Arcade is a project that has passed the initial review round and officially entered the community evaluation round of ONUS. This demonstrates the huge potential of Dot Arcade because ONUS is the most popular cryptocurrency investment platform in Vietnam. Other projects like Heroes TD have been extremely successful after being approved and invested in by the ONUS community.

Gameplay of Dot Arcade

Dot Arcade has three types of characters to participate in battles including Archers, Barbarians and Cavalries.

Archers are able to launch long-range attacks or defenses and are necessary to eliminate sentry towers. Archers have high defense stats but low strength stats and are vulnerable in hand-to-hand battles.

Barbarians require the least resources and shortest time to be trained. Barbarians are strong but have low mobility stats. Barbarians are essential for battles at the beginning of each game as it requires a certain number of troops to build a stable.

Cavalries require the most resources and time to be trained. However, the Cavalries are the strongest and the most mobile characters in a Dot Arcade’s battle. Cavalries are necessary for prolonged battles where both “empires” are in an advanced stage of development.

Dot Arcade has 4 different eras, users can join various Clans to strengthen their position as well as increase the chance to earn NFTs.

Tokens and NFTs

Dot Arcade offers two types of tokens, namely Dot Arcade tokens (“$ADT”) and Trophy tokens. While the Trophy tokens will serve the in-game activities in the first few basic levels, $ADT tokens are the main token of Dot Arcade. $ADT will be used for a number of purposes including NFT trading, rank improvement, and staking for rewards. Players will need $ADTs to play the higher and more interesting quests or maps of Dot Arcade.

Players may earn ADTs and NFTs through completing the quests in the Dot Arcade team or by winning real-time battles against their opponents. Dot Arcade’s philosophy is “Winners play to Earn, Losers play to Collect”, which will make all players happy after playing Dot Arcade.

Dot Arcade will have various different types of NFTs which will significantly improve the position of players in winning real-time battles against their friends. Further, NFTs will also help shorten the time which a player needs to recoup his initial investment.

Dot Arcade Team

The Dot Arcade team consists of experienced members in various fields under the leadership of “Captain” Yoyo BiBo, who has more than 17 years in the development of mobile games and mobile value-added services. He has produced hundreds of online mobile applications, some of which have more than 1 million downloads and more than ten thousand CCUs: Vitalk, Yoyo chat, and many others.

Dot Arcade’s Partners

Dot Arcade has established partnerships with various key partners including Horizen (ZEN), ONUS, BSCStation, Gamestation, GAMI, and Jade Labs. In particular, Horizen (ZEN) is a Blockchain Platform with leading security technology, Jade Labs is famous for creating a number of successful NFT games and ONUS is a Bloomberg-recognised mobile investment application that is extremely popular in the South East Asia region.

More information can be found at

Telegram Channel:
Telegram Channel:

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Zumi Nguyen
Company Name: DotArcade
Email: [email protected]
City: Hochiminh City
Country: Vietnam

Source: DotArcade

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