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CryptoUK Pressures MPs to Regulate the UK’s Digital Currency Industry



A group of British cryptocurrency platforms are putting pressure on several members of parliament to regulate the U.K. digital currency space favourably.

CryptoUK comprises of eight members and aims to create a more transparent and reliable legal status for investors and businesses in the sector.

Regulation Could Either Stifle or Encourage Financial Innovation in the UK

CryptoUK put forward their proposals in writing to the Treasury Select Committee’s inquiry into cryptocurrencies today. The inquiry aims to explore how digital currencies are used in the U.K. This will include the risks that the emerging financial innovation will pose to businesses, consumers, and the government.

The self-regulated group of exchanges are hoping that the U.K. will follow a liberal approach to regulation. In today’s correspondence with MPs, the group suggested that they should favour regulation that targets exchanges and other such service providers, rather than the digital currencies themselves. They also believe that the governing of the cryptocurrency investment sector should be the remit of the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In addition, CryptoUK wants the FCA to be responsible for creating and enforcing various new requirements. These will include anti-money laundering rules, operational standards, and checks on the appropriateness of investors.

The chair of the group and current managing director of eToro, Iqbal Gandham, spoke to local news source CityAM earlier today about CryptoUK’s suggestions:

“Introducing a requirement for the FCA to regulate the ‘on-off’ ramps between crypto and fiat currencies is well within the remit of HM Treasury. Based on our analysis, this could be achieved relatively easily, without the need for primary legislation, and would have a huge impact, both in reducing consumer risk and improving industry standards.”

He went on to cite examples of countries who had successfully regulated along a similar approach to the one advocated by CryptoUK. The nations mentioned explicitly were Japan and Gibraltar. Finally, Gandham highlighted the importance of the U.K. approaching cryptocurrency regulation sensitively:

“This is a wonderful opportunity for government to take a proactive stance, putting action where there are positive words and reinforcing the U.K.’s role as the world’s financial capital.”

With the U.K.’s departure from Europe imminent, digital currencies could provide a convenient opportunity to lure businesses to the British Isles. If regulation is handled well and provides companies in the space with sufficient incentive to relocate to the U.K., cryptocurrency could inject much needed capital into an economy that many fear will be worse off following the completion of Brexit next March.

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Linea Going from Strength to Strength with Lynex on the Front Lines



The Linea blockchain has gone from strength to strength over the last quarter, seeing TVL and volume soar. Lynex and its ingenious community engagement strategy stand as a key contributor to this organic growth.

This impressive achievement highlights the strength and potential of the Linea ecosystem, a product of the renowned blockchain software houseConsenSys, which is also known for owning the popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask. With its lattice-based cryptography, which is faster, less computationally heavy and easier to implement than other cryptography methods, Linea is a key player in the market of Layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum.

Linea has seen mass organic growth with TVL tripling over the last trimester and volume quadrupling in the last month. Part of this growth has been thanks to the community efforts in bolstering liquidity and driving engagement, coordinated by Lynex, the leading DEX and native liquidity layer on Linea.

Lynex, the top DEX on the network boasts an elevated rendition of the ve(3,3) DEX model and has contributed greatly to the organic growth and engagement on the network, with TVL on the protocol seeing a 1600% increase in the last month at the time of writing. Through a community-centric airdrop mechanism, Lynex is incentivizing investors to explore the ecosystem to use other protocols, to maximise their chances of airdrop, which has proven to be quite an effective tactic in driving growth.

Lynex’s Recent Milestones

The surge in TVL is a testament to the increasing confidence and interest from the DeFi community in the Linea blockchain and its associated projects, particularly Lynex. The platform has played a crucial role in this growth, thanks partly to its strategic community airdrop, which has successfully attracted a wider user base and fostered a more engaged and vibrant community.

A total of 10% of Lynex’s initial supply has been earmarked for distribution to holders of existing ve-like protocols and those who have actively engaged with the Lynex community. This strategic airdrop is a testament to Lynex’s dedication to fostering a strong, engaged, and empowered community, and truly embodying the role of being a native liquidity layer. Lynex aims to create a more inclusive and collaborative ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders by rewarding our users for their loyalty and participation.

Lynex has also been named the official DEX partner of Linea’s much-celebrated community coin, FOXY. This partnership comes after Lynex had seen mammoth growth in TVL and token price over the last quarter and solidifies its place at the top of the food chain in the Linea ecosystem.

Lynex’s Innovative Tokenomic Model Helps Drive Growth

Lynex continues leading the way in DeFi innovation with its advanced Automated Liquidity Management (ALM) and unique tokenomics. The ALM feature allows users to optimize their liquidity provision, reducing the risks associated with impermanent loss and ensuring more stable and profitable returns. Meanwhile, Lynex’s tokenomics model is designed to align the interests of liquidity providers, token holders, and the broader ecosystem, creating a more sustainable and rewarding platform for all participants.

Lynex’s innovative tokenomics model, oTokenomics, is revolutionizing the DeFi ecosystem by addressing critical challenges such as token devaluation and incentive misalignment for Liquidity Providers (LPs). This model aligns user and protocol interests, ensuring long-term stability and growth.

The “Darkpool” Is Coming

Lynex is also set to disrupt the liquidity provision landscape very soon by introducing its groundbreaking ‘Darkpool’ technology on the Linea blockchain. Developed in collaboration with security experts at Salus Security, this cutting-edge innovation promises to bring unparalleled privacy to the trading world.

By leveraging the power of zero-knowledge proofs, zkLynex’s Darkpool technology ensures that traders can execute their transactions with complete confidentiality, protecting both their strategies and market positions.

About Lynex

Lynex is a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) and liquidity marketplace built on the Linea blockchain. With a focus on innovation, security, and user experience, Lynex aims to provide a seamless and efficient trading platform for the DeFi community. The platform features advanced technologies such as Automated Liquidity Management (ALM), innovative ve(3,3) DEX model and tokenomics, and soon, Darkpools for enhanced privacy in trading.

About Linea

Linea is a Layer 2 blockchain developed by ConsenSys, the company behind MetaMask. It offers a scalable and secure platform for EVM decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. Linea’s rapid growth and increasing Total Value Locked (TVL) reflect its potential to become a leading blockchain for DeFi and beyond.

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Swirlds Labs Brings Open Source HashioDAO Framework to the Hedera Network, Making DAO Formation Simple, Accessible, and Inclusive for All Web3 Communities



Swirlds Labs, the team providing development and support for the Hedera network, has released HashioDAO — an open-source, user-friendly interface for creating and managing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on Hedera. HashioDAO makes it easier for communities to form, govern, and operate DAOs efficiently, using Hedera’s underlying technology. It can cater to various governance needs, responding to the need for decentralized, transparent decision-making tools that diverse communities can easily adopt.

Communities looking to establish DAOs for decentralized governance have often faced extensive technical and financial complexities. HashioDAO provides an interface that simplifies the creation and management of DAOs for users, without requiring extensive technical expertise, leveraging Hedera’s enhanced security and performance capabilities. It streamlines the management of DAOs through a web app that guides users through the entire process of launching a DAO, simplifying the technical aspects while leaving decisions and control over structure, governance, and management to the DAO creators. Users will be able to access the open-source HashioDAO code directly on Github. Swirlds Labs will also offer a free, community-hosted version of HashioDAO to support adoption and ensure accessibility.

HashioDAO offers DAO creators user-friendly access to features such as customizable governance tokens, multi-sig options, and treasury management, enabling communities to easily adopt decentralized governance models suited to their specific needs. For example, HashioDAO users can adopt token/NFT-based voting and proposal creation, without needing prior technical expertise. Emphasizing transparency, inclusivity, and participation, HashioDAO will foster greater participation in decision-making processes.

Dr. Leemon Baird, Co-Founder of Hedera and Swirlds Labs, said, “Traditional decision-making mechanisms within organizations often lack transparency and are inefficient. This reduces the trust and engagement of community members. Not only that, but setting up a DAO from scratch can be a daunting task. It can be technically complex, and require a great amount of knowledge, and development resources. We will change that with the release of HashioDAO. This simplifies establishing a DAO, to make it as simple as possible, to allow any organization or community to quickly and easily create new organizations with democratic governance.”

The release of HashioDAO follows on from other free services that Swirlds Labs has brought to Hedera in the past including the HashScan ledger explorer and the Hashio JSON-RPC relay.

About Swirlds Labs

Swirlds Labs was established with the mission to accelerate the future, built on Hedera – the most used, greenest, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy. Our vision is to enable ‘Shared Worlds’, where anyone can gather, collaborate, conduct commerce, and control their own online footprint. We will enable this vision by continuing to provide development and other support for the Hedera network, building community and enterprise solutions that enable fast, rapidly scalable adoption of Hedera network services, and cultivating ‘moonshot’ projects that will change the way humans and organizations interact in cyberspace.

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Paragon Network Unveils Test Net, Showcasing Breakthrough Capabilities in Decentralized Computing



Excitement fills the air as Paragon Network, the pioneering force in decentralized computing, announces the launch of its highly anticipated Test Net. This significant milestone marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Paragon Network, as it solidifies its position as a leader in the realm of Layer-1 protocols for smart contracts.

“We’re thrilled to announce that our Test Net is now live, and we extend our gratitude to the $PARA community for their patience,” says a representative for Paragon Network. “Paragon Network stands as a Layer-1 protocol for smart contracts, employing a sharded proof-of-stake (PoS) system capable of processing up to 1000 transactions per second.”

Paragon Network is not just another blockchain project; it’s a game-changer in the world of decentralized computing. Combining a modular, EVM-compatible Layer 1 infrastructure with a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, Paragon Network offers users unparalleled security, scalability, and accessibility.

The Test Net rollout showcases Paragon Network’s commitment to innovation and excellence. With efficient sharding technology at its core, Paragon Network offers unmatched scalability and performance, capable of processing transactions at lightning speed while maintaining full compatibility with Ethereum’s infrastructure.

Transactions within Paragon Network aren’t settled directly on Ethereum. However, the network preserves full compatibility with Ethereum’s infrastructure. The native token of Paragon Network, $PARA, facilitates this compatibility, thanks to efficient sharding technology, significantly reducing the computational demands of running a node on the network.

As Paragon Network gears up for its official launch, the team remains focused on its mission to establish a decentralized chain dedicated to distributing cloud computing power and forming the Cloud Computing Alliance (CCA). By hosting all other cloud computing networks on ETH and migrating them to #PARAGON, Paragon Network aims to revolutionize the cloud computing industry.

“We’re entering an exciting new era of decentralized computing, and Paragon Network is at the forefront of this revolution,” concludes the Paragon Network team. “We invite enthusiasts, developers, and enterprises alike to join us on this journey towards a future powered by decentralized technology.”

To join the Paragon Network Test Net and experience the future of decentralized computing firsthand, use the following information:

  • Network Name: Para Test
  • RPC:
  • Chain ID: 1993
  • Currency Symbol: PARA
  • Explorer:

Paragon Network is more than just a project; it’s a movement toward a future where decentralized technology is accessible to everyone. Join us as we revolutionize the world of cloud computing and GPU network tokenization with Paragon Network.

For more information about Paragon Network and how to get involved, visit Paragon Network’s official website at To be a part of the Paragon Network community, join the official Telegram channel at

About Paragon Network

Paragon Network is a decentralized computing platform that aims to democratize access to decentralized technology. With its modular, EVM-compatible Layer 1 infrastructure and DPoS consensus mechanism, Paragon Network offers users unparalleled security, scalability, and accessibility. By integrating Real-World Assets (RWA) and employing AI-driven security measures, Paragon Network is revolutionizing the landscape of cloud computing and GPU network tokenization.


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ICB Network Enters New Era of Blockchain Technology With Advanced Layer 1 Project



During this crucial period for the crypto industry, ICB Crypto Services is ready to announce the early launch of the Ideal Cooperation Blockchain (ICB) Network. Designed by the sophisticated ICB Labs, the ICB Network introduces a promising Layer 1 blockchain project that was created to update the standards of scalability, security, and efficiency in the blockchain space. The ICB Network effects a sufficient advancement in blockchain innovation, with an official ICO-level launch scheduled for Q1 2024.

Transformative Innovations

The adoption of the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism is at the core of the ICB Network’s innovation. It is a strategic move away from traditional Proof of Work (PoW) systems. This transition enhances transaction throughput and network scalability, and significantly reduces the environmental footprint of blockchain operations. Furthermore, the ICB Network is aimed at ensuring advanced security and efficiency, collaborating with leading auditing companies like CertiK, and implementing comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

Bright Future Ahead

“The ICB Network is set to revolutionize blockchain innovation with its PoS consensus, scalability, and commitment to security. Our platform provides developers and users with a robust infrastructure for building and using decentralized applications across various industries,” stated CEO of ICB Crypto Services.

This vision encapsulates the essence of the ICB Network’s mission to motivate developers and users, creating a more inclusive and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

Expansive Roadmap and Collaborative Endeavors

Looking forward, the ICB Network has outlined an extended roadmap that includes the introduction of trading activities, play-to-earn games, metaverse functionalities, a native wallet, and an NFT Marketplace. These components, in combination with strategic partnerships with developer communities, underscore the network’s commitment to boosting innovation and collaboration. Moreover, the plans are underway for the listing of the ICB Network’s native coin, ICBX, on centralized and Tier 1 exchanges, further solidifying its presence in the blockchain industry.

About ICB

Established in October 2020, ICB Labs represents the innovative arm of ICB Crypto Services, dedicated to addressing the challenges faced in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies and adherence to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) standard, ICB Labs has developed the ICB Network to facilitate efficient, secure, and scalable blockchain solutions. The launch of the ICB Network signifies a major milestone for ICB Crypto Services, marking its entry into the blockchain industry with a vision to drive positive changes and promote a new era of digital excellence.

For more information about the ICB Network and its innovative solutions, visit the official website at or follow the latest updates through the network’s official channels:


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Introducing BounceBit Testnet Phase 2: App Store



Following the success of BounceBit Testnet: BounceClub East-to-West Event launched on March 8, 2024, BounceBit announces the rollout of BounceBit Testnet Phase 2: App Store.

While the previously launched Testnet BounceClub Event will operate as usual without any changes, BounceBit Testnet Phase 2 highlights BounceBit App Store’s features and encourages developers to deploy on the BounceBit Testnet by submitting their decentralized applications (DApps) to the BounceBit App Store through GitHub pull request.

BounceBit Testnet Phase 2 mirrors the mainnet environment, offering developers, validators, full node operators, delegators, and users an early preview of the BounceBit Mainnet. This phase welcomes everyone to interact with the BounceBit PoS staking chain and the BounceClub ecosystem.

Here’s what you can expect from BounceBit Testnet Phase 2:

Deploy on BounceBit testnet

BounceBit Testnet Phase 2 offers developers the chance to get an early experience of deploying on the BounceBit chain by submitting their DApps to be listed on the BounceBit App Store. The BounceBit App Store features both in-house DApps and those built by community developers or external projects. To have your DApp listed on the BounceBit App Store, submit a pull request on BounceBit’s GitHub repository. The BounceBit team will then review and, if approved, list your DApp on the BounceBit App Store. DApps that are listed during Testnet Phase 2 will receive priority consideration for being listed on the BounceBit Mainnet App Store based on their performance.

For more details on the onboarding process, please refer to BounceBit’s official guide.

Stress-testing DApps

BounceClub owners and users are invited to participate in testing all DApps that are listed on the BounceBit Testnet App Store. BounceClub owners can select and add DApps to their BounceClubs, while BounceClub users can interact with the DApps when exploring different BounceClubs.

The BounceClub community plays a crucial role in evaluating the listed DApps’ performance and security, identifying vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. This Testnet Phase 2 contributes to the resilience and reliability of the BounceBit ecosystem, striving to maintain a smooth and secure environment for all BounceBit users.

Onboarding more validators

The BounceBit Testnet has kicked off with its first set of node operators during the BounceClub East-to-West Event. Currently, there are 24 active validators participating, with a combined staking amount totaling over 1000 $BBTC and over 283 million $BB.

For Testnet Phase 2, BounceBit aims to broaden the network by inviting more validators to participate. New validators will be guided through the onboarding process for Phase 2 via Discord.

Testing BounceBit’s tokenomics

BounceBit Testnet Phase 2 will continue the rigorous testing of BounceBit’s tokenomics, including token generation events (TGE), inflation rates, vesting schedules, gas fees, block sizes, and the validator slashing mechanism. Additionally, the BounceBit native LSD module’s performance will be observed continually.

About BounceBit

BounceBit is building a BTC restaking infrastructure that provides a foundational layer for different restaking products, secured by the regulated custody of Mainnet Digital and Ceffu. The BounceBit chain, designed as a showcase of a restaking product within the BounceBit ecosystem, is a PoS Layer 1 secured by validators staking both BTC and BounceBit’s native token – A dual-token system leveraging native Bitcoin’s security with full EVM compatibility. Critical ecosystem infrastructure like bridges and oracles are secured by restaked BTC. Through an innovative CeDeFi framework, BounceBit empowers BTC holders to earn yield across multiple networks.

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MVC unveils testnet version of game-changing Bitcoin sidechain asset bridge



The Bitcoin ecosystem has recently been in the spotlight, with the emergence of innovative solutions such as the BRC20 concept and the continuous evolution of applications that captivate the market’s interest. This resurgence evokes memories of the DeFi summer of 2020 on the Ethereum network, where decentralized applications thrived alongside a surge in token prices, setting the stage for high expectations for the Bitcoin ecosystem. In a significant development, the much-anticipated Bitcoin ecosystem application, MicrovisionChain (MVC, Ticker $SPACE), has announced the testnet version of its cross-chain asset bridge feature, marking a game-changing milestone for the Bitcoin sidechain.

Developed through a collaboration between the MVC technical team and the Octopus Space team, the Orders Bridge is now a part of the MVC ecosystem. Currently, the Bridge facilitates cross-chain transactions exclusively from the Bitcoin network to the MVC network. MVC stands as one of the top three global Bitcoin sidechain solutions in terms of hash power and boasts impressive technical features, including smart contracts on UTXO public chains, low fees with high concurrency, and high throughput. Previous reports suggest that MVC can support nearly unlimited transactions per second (TPS).

By bridging assets to the MVC network, users can leverage the numerous advantages offered by the network’s features, effectively overcoming many limitations associated with transactions on the native Bitcoin network. The MVC solution offers significant cost savings, as cross-chain transaction fees to MVC are reported to be one five-hundred-thousandth of the peak rates on the Bitcoin network. Moreover, due to MVC’s network characteristics, transactions feature zero-block confirmations, eliminating network congestion and block confirmation delays as obstacles to trading. Unlike other Bitcoin cross-chain solutions, assets bridged to MVC remain based on the UTXO layer1’s Tokens, significantly reducing the risk of “fake Tokens.”

Beyond its groundbreaking asset bridge, Orders.Exchange also encompasses an order book DEX, Swap, and liquidity pools within its ecosystem. The platform gained widespread attention for being the first in the network to support a complete range of trading order types. It enables the trading of any Bitcoin asset, including Ordinals NFTs and BRC20 tokens, through the creation of ASK and BID orders. This approach ensures that the immediate trading needs of both buyers and sellers can be met. Notably, Orders.Exchange is the only platform in the Bitcoin ecosystem that supports the construction of BID orders, distinguishing it as a unique service provider in the space.

In its Swap and liquidity pool solutions, Orders.Exchange demonstrates strong technical capabilities and a commitment to decentralization and asset security. According to information disclosed by the team, its Swap and liquidity pool frameworks are built on a decentralized architecture. This framework splits users’ orders into several parts, each handled by different modules within the framework. Some modules solely process user operation data without touching the transaction data, while others are dedicated to allocating funds based on the orders without interpreting the transactions themselves. The modules operate independently without sharing data, significantly reducing the potential for losses due to hacking attacks. Impressively, this complex logic is executed within a single block, meaning Swap transactions only require confirmation in one block.

The liquidity pool is particularly critical, as it holds a significant amount of user assets, and inadequate security could expose users to financial risks. Orders.Exchange employs cold and hot wallet segregation along with a threshold multisignature approach for fund management. In the hot wallet (online environment), Orders.Exchange stores only a minimal amount of assets necessary for basic services. Assets exceeding this threshold are transferred to the cold wallet (offline environment), which replenishes the hot wallet only when its assets fall below the threshold.

To isolate cold and hot wallets, Orders.Exchange uses a threshold multisignature method to eliminate all potential internal misconduct. For the hot wallet, a 2/3 threshold multisignature is used, meaning three parties hold the multisig private keys, and any transaction requires signatures from at least two of them to proceed. The cold wallet employs a 3/5 threshold multisignature, underscoring a heightened emphasis on asset security. The institutions involved in the multisignature management are well-known security audit firms, each with a reputation to maintain. Known participants include sCrypt, a reputable Bitcoin network audit firm, and Scalebit, which has officially announced its audit work. Notably, Orders.Exchange plans to co-host a public seminar on asset security with the renowned audit firm Certik in early April.

With the multitude of positive developments surrounding Bitcoin and the approaching halving event, there is every reason to believe that the potential of the Bitcoin ecosystem is fully comparable to that of the Ethereum ecosystem at its inception. At this juncture, closely monitoring the movements within the Bitcoin ecosystem becomes particularly crucial. Orders.Exchange stands out as the most technically accomplished platform with already implemented functionalities, and we believe it possesses significant potential, heralding a new era for Bitcoin sidechain solutions.



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Xpence: Innovative cryptocurrency wallet with pharming capabilities



Xpence is a cryptocurrency wallet that not only provides secure storage and management of assets, but also provides unique opportunities for earning money using pharming. Cryptocurrency farming is a process where users can register their assets on the platform and earn profits in the form of interest over a certain period of time. Xpence offers two types of farming, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages.

Farming for Xpence: Opportunities and Advantages

First type of farming: Duration 10 days

This type of pharming allows users to earn profits within 10 days. The range of possible profits is from 43.5% to 45.9% per month, which represents a significant return in a short period of time. This type of farming is ideal for those who prefer to receive fast and high profits in a short period of time.

Second type of pharming: Duration 90 days

For those who prefer longer-term investments, Xpence offers farming with a duration of 90 days. In this case, users can expect a profit range of 51% to 51.66% per month. This type of farming provides more stable and predictable income over a longer period of time, which can be attractive to investors seeking long-term profits.

Advantages of farming for Xpence

  • High Returns: Both types of farming offer a high range of returns, making them attractive to investors looking to maximize the return on their assets.
  • Variety of Choices: Users can choose between short-term and long-term farming depending on their investment goals and preferences.
  • Transparency and reliability: Xpence provides transparent pharming conditions and guarantees the safety of users’ assets, making it a reliable choice for investment.


Farming on Xpence opens up unique opportunities for users to make money on cryptocurrency assets. With a variety of options and high returns, these instruments provide an attractive solution for those seeking to effectively manage their cryptocurrency investments. However, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with investing and make informed decisions based on your own financial goals and circumstances.

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Monitok Unveils Points program to promote self-custody between crypto users



Vilnius, Lithuania, March 18, 2024Monitok, a next-gen self-custodial exchange that combines features of both decentralized and centralized trading platforms, recently announced its Monitok rewards program. To celebrate their new project’s launch, the team is giving away 10,000,000 points. This announcement further hints at a future token airdrop from the pool of 100,000 USD worth of cryptocurrencies.

Joining the Monitok waitlist provides participants with a unique referral link, which they can use to earn Monitok points by sharing it and referring their contacts. These 10,000,000 points are not only transferable across different incentivization campaigns within Monitok, but can also be accumulated through active engagement with the project. These points represent a potential future investment, as they can be converted into MNT tokens upon launch.

What is the objective of the campaign?

At the core of Monitok’s referral campaign is the goal to create a strong community of people who share a vision of one of crypto’s main principles: ownership of assets.

How to join?

  1. Sign up to the Monitok waitlist
  2. Receive a personalized referral link
  3. Invite friends, family, and followers to join the waitlist 
  4. The more people you invite, the more Monitok points you accumulate, which will be convertible into MNT tokens after the token’s launch


MNT tokens are a cornerstone of the Monitok ecosystem, designed to facilitate transactions, reward participation, and encourage investment within the platform. Additionally, users can acquire MNT tokens through active engagement with the app. Furthermore, MNT tokens can be utilized for payments or to obtain discounts on services, access premium features, or generate yield through staking.

“Our mission is to fill up the gap between DEX and CEX by inviting more people to embrace self-custody. “

Why Participate?

. By joining the waitlist and participating in the referral program, members can:

  • Gain early access to the app: Secure early access to the platform and take advantage of its benefits.
  • Split 10,000,000 Monitok points with fellow participants: Gather Monitok points, by engaging with the community and platform.
  • Secure a spot in $100,000 worth of MNT token airdrops: Convert your points to MNT tokens during airdrops.


To ensure a fair and transparent experience for all participants, Monitok has meticulously prepared the terms and conditions of the referral program. These guidelines define the dos and don’ts of the referral process, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable campaign for all.

About Monitok

Monitok, established in 2022, is a hybrid crypto exchange with self-custody as its key feature. As the first hybrid crypto exchange built on the Arbitrum Network, Monitok is committed to helping users trade smarter by providing a secure, one-stop-shop crypto trading solution. The platform enables users to manage their assets in self-custodial wallets and access the best token rates by aggregating over 100 decentralized exchanges. Additionally, it provides easy fiat on and off-ramps and plans to launch a crypto debit card. Through its referral program, Monitok encourages the adoption of self-custodial trading, rewarding members for their support.

For more information, visit:
Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Discord | Telegram

Or contact: [email protected]

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AvaxTech Passes SolidProof Smart Contract Audit, Enhancing Safety for Avax Investors



The AvaxTech project has recently passed a smart contract audit by the well-respected SolidProof. This milestone adds to AvaxTech’s already impressive track record of providing valuable products for the Avax chain.

The project aims to enhance safety for Avax investors and promote secure investments in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With its team of experts, AvaxTech provides reliable analysis and information for investors.

AvaxTech’s Impact on Avax Ecosystem

The spirit of AvaxTech is to support the Avax community by providing reliable tokens through their products. Monk, the project’s developer, has an extensive background in the cryptocurrency world.

He has worked on over 100 projects related to product development and idea consultancy. Monk’s expertise includes developing bots used by thousands on Telegram, providing Web3 Dapp platforms, and smart contract audits. Many recognize him for his work on meme coins, which he still actively supports.

Monk has now turned his focus to the Avax blockchain and established AvaxTech with the development team. He leads the team in creating and supporting products and platforms for Avax. As a voluntary supporter, Monk offers information support to developers and companies looking to develop on Avax.

Impressively, AvaxTech has detected over 2,000 scam tokens on the Avax blockchain since November 2023. This has raised awareness among thousands of investors and aided in creating a safer ecosystem.

The recent completion of the smart contract audit for AvaxTech by SolidProof further solidifies their reliability. This project lets almost the entire Avax community access trustworthy tokens and trading tools.

How AvaxTech Promotes Secure Investments

The AvaxTech ecosystem features multiple tools to assist investors in making secure investments within the Avax blockchain. One of these tools is the Analyzer Platform, which provides users with an easy-to-read dashboard for all their analysis needs.

This includes analyzing token addresses and wallets for any suspicious activity. It also involves accessing vital information such as market cap, liquidity ratio, risk for honeypot systems, transaction taxes, and more.

All of this information comes from AvaxTech’s impartial third-party engine, giving users a reliable source for project analysis. It is pretty much like having an ID card for a project. This makes it easier for traders to evaluate the potential benefits and risks.

With AvaxTech’s Telegram Analyzer Bot, users can scan for suspicious activity directly through the messaging app. This technology enables quick and easy monitoring of investments on the go.

Furthermore, AvaxTech offers tools such as the New Pair Channel and New Lock Channel on Telegram. The latter can be useful for alerting users to new pair listings and LP lockings in real time.

Lastly, with the Telegram Live Trending feature, users can easily spot trending Avax tokens and gain insights on potential investments. Together, these products make up AvaxTech’s suite of tools promoting secure and informed investments in Web3.

About AvaxTech

AvaxTech is a company founded in November 2023 with the goal of developing products for the Avax chain. With its first product, the Telegram analysis bot @AvalancheAnalyzerBot, AvaxTech gained a wide audience.

The platform has also been pivotal in protecting Avax token investors by detecting 96% of SCAM Tokens.

AvaxTech has become a valuable organization for all Avax communities and investors with its popular web analysis platform,

On January 22, AvaxTech launched $ATECH Token, which has utility in its entire ecosystem of products. This project has become a brand within the Avax ecosystem. Nowadays, thousands of investors are using the platform for newly added tokens.

$ATECH Token serves as a payment and utility token in the entire AvaxTech ecosystem, giving it real purpose and utility. Its use is necessary for accessing all products developed by AvaxTech.

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unagi(x) by Wemade Integrates Chainlink CCIP on WEMIX3.0 Mainnet as Exclusive Cross-Chain Infrastructure for Omnichain Gaming Ecosystem



Wemade, one of South Korea’s largest game developers and the founder of unagi(x), and Chainlink, the industry-standard decentralized computing platform, announced today that Chainlink CCIP—the industry standard for cross-chain interoperability—has been integrated by unagi(x) on WEMIX. As the network’s official cross-chain infrastructure, CCIP underpins WEMIX’s gaming mega-ecosystem and unagi(x)—the interoperability engine for unagi, the omnichain initiative to enable fast on-off chain trading.

The AAA MMORPG NIGHT CROWS —which launches globally in 170 countries on March 12th—will integrate unagi(x) powered by CCIP across six chains: WEMIX, Kroma, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon. Interoperability between this diverse selection of networks allows users to fully immerse themselves in the game, while tokenizing in-game assets on their preferred chain.

“We selected Chainlink CCIP as it offers a proven solution for cross-chain token transfers and multi-chain abstraction to enhance user experiences across Web3 gaming and beyond,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “By seamlessly connecting WEMIX to the multi-chain ecosystem and enabling cross-chain transfers of in-game NIGHT CROWS tokens and NFTs with CCIP, we’re unlocking a novel omnichain gaming experience and interchain economy that will help drive the growth of all of Web3.”.

unagi(x) being powered by CCIP enables Web3 gamers to play NIGHT CROWS across the multi-chain ecosystem, while facilitating seamless transfers of in-game tokens and NFTs between chains. Users can freely choose their gaming chain, connecting and exchanging game tokens and NFTs with the ‘una Wallet,’ which enables users to intuitively manage assets and transfers across supported networks via the omnichain infrastructure.

“I am very impressed by how Wemade is on the cutting edge of blockchain gaming, a growing part of the entire blockchain economy, which I believe will eventually intersect with DeFi in new and interesting ways,” said Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder of Chainlink. “We are excited to support them in their plans to lead the blockchain gaming community into the future with a secure connectivity solution.”

CCIP was selected as Wemade’s official interoperability solution because of its proven track record as the provider of oracle services used by hundreds of dApps and its dominant position as the leading provider of oracle services in the DeFi space. Advanced features including programmable token transfers and a single standardized interface for omnichain application development were also key factors leading to the decision to choose CCIP.

As a result, the integration of CCIP within unagi(x) creates a secure environment for NIGHT CROWS gamers to effortlessly navigate across chains, and positions NIGHT CROWS to redefine the possibilities of omnichain gaming.

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