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Dubai-Headquartered Crypto Exchange MaskEX Launches Virtual Card for Worldwide Spending and Welcomes Ben Caselin as Vice President to Drive Global Expansion Effort



MaskEX, a rapidly expanding third-generation crypto exchange, headquartered in Dubai, has announced the launch of its crypto-backed Virtual Card, enabling users to spend their crypto as fiat in more than 176 countries with over 50 million merchants worldwide. This new feature is now available to all ID-verified MaskEX users.

MaskEX has also announced that Ben Caselin, former Head of Research and Strategy at Hong Kong-based crypto exchange AAX, has joined MaskEX in the role of Vice President. Drawing on nearly 4 years at AAX, Mr. Caselin has played an important role in driving the mainstream adoption of bitcoin and digital assets through the platform, especially in emerging markets. At MaskEX, Mr. Caselin will oversee all global and localized marketing, communications and business development initiatives.

“We are excited to offer our users the ability to spend their crypto wherever and whenever they want with the launch of the MaskEX Virtual Card,” said Eric Yang, CEO of MaskEX. “Our vision is to make crypto more accessible and find ways to integrate crypto more with people’s everyday lives.”

“We are also delighted to be joined by Ben Caselin, not only because we believe he can play a vital role in our global expansion efforts, but also because of the terrible situation he has witnessed up close at AAX, following the collapse of FTX in late 2022. As we have observed, he puts users before business, and in reaching out to Ben, we have specifically asked him to be uncompromising and closely scrutinize our operations.”

“As a third-generation crypto exchange we are one of only 18 centralized exchanges globally that provide Proof-of-Reserves,” said Mr. Yang, “and with Abu Dhabi’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, under Sheikh Hamad Rakadh Salem Hamad Alameri, as a major stakeholder, we know we are in a very good place to compete with the world’s biggest trading platforms.”

On joining MaskEX, Mr. Caselin stated that “while the industry is still suffering from contagion and a severe lack of investor confidence, we cannot afford to give up now.”

“At this stage in the development of this nascent industry, properly managed centralized exchanges can still play an important role in raising awareness around digital assets, providing a point of contact for regulators, cooperating with the existing banking sector and payment providers to accelerate integration, and, of course, in driving the mainstream uptake of bitcoin and digital assets everywhere.”

About MaskEX

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, MaskEX is a third-generation centralized crypto exchange, founded in 2021, that aims to provide easy and secure access to digital assets for everyone. With a wide range of innovative products and services, MaskEX is committed to empowering users globally and contributing to the growth of the crypto and blockchain industry. MaskEX offers a user-friendly interface and advanced trading tools, making it easy for both novice and experienced traders to navigate the crypto market. The exchange offers a comprehensive range of products, including savings packages, over 300 spot pairs, and deeply liquid futures markets. Additionally, MaskEX offers a range of on- and off-ramp products to help users easily convert fiat currency to digital assets and vice versa. With a growing user base of over one million users across the globe, MaskEX is dedicated to promoting the adoption of digital assets and building a more inclusive economy for all smart cities and their citizens.



Quarterly Cash Dividend Announced By Vortex Brands from Bitcoin Mining Operations



Vortex Brands Co., a leading provider of cryptocurrency mining services, is pleased to announce a quarterly cash dividend for its shareholders from its Bitcoin mining operations.

The dividend payment represents $0.000006 per share and will be distributed to shareholders of record as of May 1, 2023 snd paid on June 15, 2023.

“Providing value to our shareholders is a top priority for us, and we are delighted to continue this tradition of distributing cash dividends from our Bitcoin mining operations,” said Todd Higley CEO Vortex Brands. “As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, we remain committed to expanding our mining capabilities and generating sustainable returns for our investors.”

Vortex Brands is a leading provider of cryptocurrency mining services, offering a range of solutions for individuals and institutions seeking exposure to the rapidly growing digital asset bitcoin. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and operational excellence, Vortex Brands is committed to delivering long-term value to its stakeholders.

As always, the Company seeks to provide as much transparency about it bitcoin mining operation as possible, here is the link to our wallet which can be viewed by shareholders:

About Vortex Brands Co.

The Company operates as Technology Holdings Company that focuses on cryptocurrency sector, particularly Bitcoin Mining. Additional information is available by visiting company’s website at or on twitter at

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Ledger Live now includes ClubNFT for free NFT back-up



ClubNFT, a company building next-generation tools and services to analyze, monitor, and protect NFTs is partnering with Ledger to enable all users of the Ledger Live app to quickly and easily download a backup of their NFTs to their own computer, ensuring the safety and longevity of their collections no matter what may happen in the future.

Founded by Artnome’s Jason Bailey and Chris King in 2021, ClubNFT’s mission is to help protect artists and collectors from marketplace dependency for the safety and preservation of their NFTs, educate anyone interested in the space, and help collectors make good decisions about what to buy next, where, and why.

Founded in Paris in 2014, Ledger is a global platform for digital assets and Web3 and is the leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency wallets. Ledger Live, an accompanying app to Ledger, enables users to update their Ledger wallet, install apps that support cryptocurrencies and buy and sell coins.

“Ledger Live and ClubNFT are an ideal combination for delivering the best security and protection for NFTs,” said Jason Bailey, co-founder and CEO of ClubNFT. “By using a Ledger to backup onchain assets and ClubNFT to backup and pin offchain assets, users can ensure their NFTs are well-protected for the long-term. Plus, creating a ClubNFT backup is free, trustless, and doesn’t require any transaction signing.”

Beyond the backup accessible through Ledger Live, ClubNFT will provide additional service and insights to Ledger users that include:

  • Free pinning (for 6 months) for Ledger Marketplace and Mint Pass NFT holders whereby ClubNFT will host NFT artwork and metadata (in addition to the marketplace, for redundancy), ensuring marketplace shutdowns or technical problems do not take users’ NFTs offline
  • Which NFTs in their collection were minted following best-practices, using IPFS for off-chain content, and which were not
  • Which marketplaces consistently follow these best practices, and which do not
  • A number of technical insights of interest to conscientious collectors

Since launch in June of 2022, ClubNFT has backed-up more than 2M NFTs and pinned more than 1.5M NFTs.

About ClubNFT

ClubNFT is a technology company pioneering the next generation of NFT solutions to help collectors analyze, monitor, and protect their NFTs. They provide a free service to protect NFT collections from marketplace shutdowns, censorship, and bankruptcies by giving collectors the ability to self-custody the artwork and metadata for their NFT collection. ClubNFT is led by a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in technology, finance, and the art world. For more information, please visit

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Sortium Joins UC Berkeley’s Blockchain Xcelerator Program



Sortium, the pioneering Generative AI & Web3 entertainment technology provider, announced today that they have been accepted into the UC Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program, which aims to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology globally. The program provides non-dilutive support for selected teams, offering access to resources both on and off campus, including education, mentorship, networking opportunities, pitch coaching, and investor meetings.

Sortium’s inclusion in the program is a testament to its groundbreaking technology and innovative approach to showcasing the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence systems, web3, and dynamic private economic systems. With a team of web3 engineers, artificial intelligence engineers, and a full game studio, Sortium is uniquely positioned to help potential partners and clients understand what these technologies can accomplish. Their focus aligns perfectly with the program’s mission to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology globally, as they showcase the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence systems, web3, and dynamic private economic systems.

“We are excited to be part of the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program,” said Sortium Founder and CEO, Marc Seal. “Our focus is on showcasing our technological framework to potential partners and clients, and the program provides us with a unique opportunity to access a global ecosystem of scholars, investors, and mentors to help us achieve our goals.”

The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program is located at UC Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship in the School of Engineering, which is just 30 minutes away from San Francisco and an hour away from Silicon Valley. The program offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and researchers to access a global ecosystem of scholars, investors, and mentors, thereby accelerating the development and adoption of blockchain technology.

Sortium joins a growing list of companies and organizations that have participated in the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program, including AnChain, Bitmark, PlayTable, Plasm Network, Web3 Foundation, Algorand Foundation, Tezos Foundation, and Ripple. The program provides a range of resources and support to help these companies and organizations advance their technology and bring their solutions to market.

For more information about Sortium, please visit them at

About Sortium

Sortium empowers users with the full capabilities of a professional game and virtual production team through its innovative Sortium AI platform. As the creative director, simply instruct your AI Assistant using natural language, and watch your imagination come to life. Sortium, a trailblazing Generative AI & Web3 tech provider, revolutionizes gaming and virtual production by harnessing generative artificial intelligence, Web3, and dynamic private economic systems to create unparalleled experiences and true ownership of tokenized content.

Pioneering advancements in Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, and web3, Sortium transforms how enthusiasts engage with and own their digital assets, making blockchain technology accessible to all. Trusted by renowned brands such as Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, MLB, UEFA, and Topps, Sortium’s founders excel in crafting tailored web3 platforms, propelling these brands into the future of digital interaction, ownership, and community. Explore the potential of Sortium at

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Crossover Markets Launches First-of-its-Kind Execution-Only Digital Asset Trading Venue CROSSx with Seed Round Financing from Flow Traders, Nomura’s Laser Digital, Two Sigma, Wintermute Ventures, and a Consortium of Retail Brokers



Crossover Markets Group, Inc., a digital asset trading technology firm focused on meeting the unique liquidity requirements of institutions in the spot and derivative cryptocurrency markets, today announced the launch of CROSSx, its execution-only cryptocurrency Electronic Communication Network (ECN). The firm’s seed investment round was funded by a consortium of leading market participants in both traditional finance and digital assets. The investors include Exness Ltd., Flow Traders,, GMO Internet Group, Nomura’s Laser Digital, Pepperstone, Think Markets, TMGM, Two Sigma and Wintermute Ventures.

CROSSx brings to market one of the fastest crypto trading engines in the world, designed to dramatically decrease trading costs, improve execution quality and enhance market data capabilities. Crossover aims to avoid conflicts of interest by decoupling trade execution from custody and brokerage, giving institutions the ability to freely choose their own credit counterparties. As an execution-only trading venue provider, Crossover does not hold client funds, directly handle assets or carry counterparty risk.

Crossover was founded by industry veterans from traditional finance, bringing their experience to bear on digital assets. Crossover’s Chief Executive Officer Brandon Mulvihill and Chief Commercial Officer Anthony Mazzarese most recently spearheaded the FX Prime Brokerage business at Jefferies. Arriving from Euronext FX, Crossover Chief Technology Officer Vlad Rysin brings significant experience in building and operating execution venues in equities and FX; earlier he served as CTO of Credit Suisse FICC, and CTO of FastMatch (eventually sold to Euronext).

Mr. Mulvihill said, “We are delighted with the financial backing of global industry leaders in retail brokerage, market making, quantitative trading, banking, and crypto-native firms. Our consortium partners share our vision and have paved the way to create scale and opportunities for other industry participants to join our platform and participate in future rounds.”

Crossover’s unique model leverages best practices and order logic from the equities and FX markets, seeking to deliver unprecedented efficiencies. With sub-20 microsecond matching engine latency and throughput of millions of messages per second, CROSSx is positioned to be many times faster than typical crypto exchanges, providing clients access to the fastest pricing and trade executions.

CROSSx also provides a substantial level of liquidity customization, enabling clients to create custom dark and lit liquidity pools so they can trade with whom they want based on desired trade size, spread, toxicity and skew protection. Adding to the venue’s flexibility to meet client needs, it supports anonymous, disclosed and semi-disclosed trading over one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many connections. Furthermore, fees to trade on CROSSx are among the lowest in the industry.

Jeff Wecker, CTO at Two Sigma, said, “As the digital assets space evolves, diverse and reliable execution venues for institutional trading are critical. We are excited to support a team with a track record of success in traditional finance in their effort to bring necessary innovation to the digital assets markets.”

Michael Lie, Head of Digital Asset Trading at Flow Traders, added, “We are delighted to be working with Crossover on this latest venture and strongly believe CROSSx can address the demand for an institutional-grade infrastructure, something Flow Traders strongly supports.”

Olivier Dang, Head of Ventures at Laser Digital, said, “The Crossover platform will drive greater efficiency for market participants by providing ultra-low latency execution. The team brings unique Tradfi expertise to the digital asset ecosystem and we are looking forward to working closely with them on scaling up CROSSx.”

Damian Bunce, Chief Customer Officer at Exness, said, “The CROSSx ECN applies a tried-and-tested Tradfi liquidity model to the digital assets industry. As a major liquidity provider of crypto assets, we wanted to be an early investor in the project and team.”

Ken Nakamura, CEO at GMO Trust, said, “CROSSx provides a highly efficient and dependable execution platform for sophisticated institutional market participants, spanning both traditional finance and digital asset ecosystems. Leveraging GMO Internet Group’s robust foundation in both areas, we eagerly anticipate collaborating closely with the Crossover team.”

About Crossover Markets

Crossover Markets is a digital asset trading technology firm focused on meeting the unique liquidity requirements of institutions in the spot and derivative cryptocurrency markets. CROSSx, the company’s execution-only cryptocurrency Electronic Communication Network (ECN), is powered by the industry’s fastest and most advanced matching engine and includes order logic that enables clients to choose whom they want to trade with. Led by a team with decades of FX trading, prime brokerage, technology and artificial intelligence experience, Crossover is ushering the next big wave of institutions into the crypto market. For more information visit

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CBCat awards two projects that propose applying blockchain technology to reverse climate change



The CBCat (Blockchain Center of Catalonia), of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, held last Thursday an awards ceremony for the participants of its third Blockchain4SDG challenge; a programme aimed at university students that encourages training in blockchain technology, and its subsequent application in real projects, always focused on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This third edition was launched jointly with the Bitcoin Association for BSV, a non-profit association that supports the BSV blockchain protocol and advocates for the construction of an ecosystem favourable to the regulation, encourages legal conduct and, at the same time, promotes digital currency and the innovation of the blockchain.

“For the first time, this challenge has combined the talent of Catalan students with others from international universities,” explained Carles Agustí, director of the BlockchainxODS programme. “Being an international challenge, we have had to overcome some difficulties such as the different time zones, but in the end the experience has been positive with multidisciplinary contributions from all over the world.”

In the first round, more than eighty university students registered for the challenge. After a selection process, around fifteen participants continued with the contest, distributed in two teams, who presented, last Thursday, their solutions to the public in attendance today.

In the awards ceremony, besides the CBCat and Bitcoin Association for BSV, there was also the participation of Bet Piella, councillor for economic promotion, trade and culture of the city of Vic, where the CBCat has an important presence with a vertical that applies blockchain technology to the agri-food sector. “The city of Vic is becoming a benchmark in the implementation of blockchain technology, even beyond the borders of Catalonia, as this challenge demonstrates,” said the councillor, “together with the CBCat, Vic City Council is carrying out an important project with some of the main companies in our territory, to build a carbon footprint measurement standard and then redeem it, a project very much in line with the solutions that are being presented today.”

In this edition, in order to make possible a meeting between the different members of the challenge, from students and organisers to mentors and members of the jury, the awards ceremony was held at CatVers, the Catalan metavers developed by the CBCat.

At the event, the two team captains, Álvaro Bravo, a student at the University of Oviedo in Spain, and Britt Trago, from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, presented the solutions of the teams they lead. Said proposals are aimed at calculating and incentivising the decarbonisation provided by the areas covered, thus responding to SDG 13, to adopt urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects, and also to SDG 15, to sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt the loss of biodiversity.

Bryan Daugherty, The Bitcoin Association for BSV’s Global Public Policy Director, said: “The BlockchainxODS programme’s international challenge has successfully brought together students from Catalonia and around the world. It has allowed a multidisciplinary approach to finding solutions, promoting legal conduct and innovation in the cryptocurrency/blockchain technology industry. The collaboration between CBCat and other entities highlights the importance of building a supportive ecosystem and the growth of digital innovation, paving the way for a favourable regulatory ecosystem.”

Finally, the jury declared both teams joint winners, and recommended the merger of the two proposals, in order to arrive at a solution that encourages sustainable forest management thanks to a data tokenisation system enabled by blockchain technology.

About the CBCat

The CBCat (Blockchain Centre of Catalonia), of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and promoted by the Catalan Government, aims to promote the adoption of digital assets and decentralised technologies (DLTs) in Catalonia through the dissemination and digital literacy, not only among each and every industrial sector but also, and without exception, among those actors, individual or collective, private or institutional, potentially concerned. It promotes, explains and educates about blockchain technology, current cases of application and future possibilities.

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Technologies – Web2 Domain names meet Web3 Profiles



Today, Hidden State, a Harmony ecosystem partner, announced the launch of world’s first integrated platform for Web2 domain names and Web3 profiles, giving users a unified digital identity & brand solution. is a game-changing approach that delivers users with a one-stop-shop for domain registration, management, monetization and more.

Until today, users could either buy a traditional web domain name through domain name registrars or a Web3 domain name based on smart contracts. With they don’t have to choose. delivers an ICANN approved top-level domain with the superpowers of smart contracts. Harmony’s ecosystem developers are working on adding new features, such as SMS wallet capabilities, token gated content, and an open development kit for anyone to build tools and products upon.

As Web3 evolves, creators need a solution to own their data and identity, figure out new business models, and capture the value that the current web fails to deliver. The current Internet is dominated by advertising business models which extract value from users — opens a new era of possibilities for digital commerce to empower them. leverages Harmony — one of the most scalable open blockchains with uniform sharding and 2-second finality. This allows users to buy a domain name without incurring high fees. Additionally, enables users to obtain a browsable domain within 5 minutes, significantly faster than the hours or days it takes for traditional website certification. Moreover, by using, users can make permissionless purchases without the need to share personal information such as credit card details, emails, or physical addresses. This eliminates the need for users to worry about their personal information being compromised or misused.

“With domains, we are bringing a world’s first yet again. This showcases what Harmony and our community can enable. We’ve been through a lot of adversity and I am extremely proud of our team for staying focused on building the future. We are thrilled to launch this new platform to bring the worlds of Web2 and Web3 closer together. With the support of our amazing community, we will continue to build, push forward and create value,” said Stephen Tse, Founder of Harmony.

Web3 identity is a rapidly growing space with projects such as Ethereum Name Service and Unstoppable Domains gaining over 5 million total registrations. Meanwhile Web2 profile pages like Linktree are serving 15 million users. combines the best of both worlds with a Web3 .1 name service directly linked to a Web2 profile.

With the goal of building the Internet where users own their personal assets, data, and communities, .country is the extension of the digital nations or network state ethos. A network state is a highly aligned online community with a capacity for collective action. By claiming a, users can start building their own digital communities and Web3 nations.

Harmony operates the .country top level domain and brings together the integration of Web2 and Web3 after significant engineering development. The Web3 connection with the Web2 domain registry is developed at the infrastructure level by Hidden State LLC, a Harmony ecosystem partner.

Get ready for the future of the Internet with Web3, and discover how it’s becoming a reality by claiming your domain name on

About Hidden State LLC

Hidden State LLC provides state-of-the-art solutions in blockchain infrastructure, wallet, security, forensics, and machine learning. Learn more at

About Harmony

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Its mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Harmony is an open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, and governance. Learn more at

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ATPBot Launches Powerful AI-Quantitative Trading Bot



ATPBot has launched an AI bot dubbed the ChatGPT of quantitative trading. Similar to ChatGPT’s ability to understand and process natural language, ATPBot provides investors with a scientific, standardized, and effective way to invest in quantitative trading.

By using data and algorithms to determine the optimum timing and pricing when executing trades, ATPBot reduces human error. In the process, it increases investment efficiency and stability, helping traders dispense with subjective judgment and experience-based decision-making.

ATPBot is a platform focused on quantitative trading development and services. It implements quantitative trading strategies for its users with the advantages of AI technology that provides efficient and stable solutions.

By analyzing market data in real-time and using natural language processing to extract valuable insights from news articles and other text-based data, ATPBot can quickly respond to changes in market conditions and make more profitable trades. Additionally, ATPBot uses deep learning algorithms to optimize its trading strategies continually, ensuring that they remain effective over time.

Just as ChatGPT is a powerful tool for generating human-like responses to text-based queries, ATPBot is a potent instrument for generating profitable trading strategies using AI and machine learning algorithms.

ATPBot is designed to provide a personalized trading strategy recommendation service based on quantitative artificial intelligence analysis. By leveraging the advantages of AI, ATPBot can help traders make more profitable trades and avoid the common pitfalls that lead to losses. In this way, ATPBot serves as an intelligent and reliable investment partner that can help users achieve their financial goals.

ATPBot features include

  1. Cutting-edge algorithms that combine multiple factors to find profitable methods through complex data types.
  2. Strategies are ready-made and do not require tuning. Traders can begin running a profitable strategy in one click.
  3. Real-time market monitoring to capture signals and millisecond-level response for quick operations.
  4. Ultra-low management fee: a one-time payment is all that’s required.
  5. All transactions are processed by third-party exchange Binance. ATPBot has no access to user funds.
  6. AI trades 24/7 automatically, allowing users to generate profits even when they are sleeping.

Investors can register today to open the door to AI quant trading and reap the profits of AI technology algorithms with ATPBot.

About ATPBot

ATPBot is a digital currency intelligent AI-quantitative trading bot platform, founded in 2021. ATPBot’s mission is to become a leader in the field of digital currency trading and provide efficient, intelligent, and reliable quantitative trading solutions to our clients. ATPBot’s team consists of AI algorithm and strategy modeling experts who provide collective intelligence and advanced machine learning models to drive growth and success for businesses. ATPBot seeks significant capital appreciation through a combination of quantitative methods and artificial intelligence (AI) strategies, and has developed an advanced AI algorithm model that has repeatedly outperformed the market. Moving forward, ATPBot will continue to drive technological innovation and industry leadership to provide our clients with more efficient, intelligent, and reliable quantitative trading bot solutions.

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Pillars of Finance: New Alternative Investment Event Takes the Stage



On April 4th, 2023, Pillars of Finance, sponsored by Preferred Trust Company, will host its inaugural virtual event featuring industry expert speakers from Ignite Funding. Investors across the U.S. will learn how to add above market average yield, passive real estate investments into their retirement account to reap the benefits of tax-deferred or tax-free growth.

As markets fluctuate, laws change, and taxes inevitably increase, it is more apparent than ever before that Americans need to employ every advantage at their disposal to reach their retirement goals.

Pillars of Finance is an investment community created by industry experts for investors of all levels. Each event is specifically tailored for the exploration of different alternative assets such as cryptocurrency, oil and gas, and precious metals to name a few. Investors will be able to use these alternative investment pillars to build the foundation for strategic tax-sheltered growth.

“When traditional investments are volatile, alternative investments are talked about,” says Carrie Cook, CEO of Preferred Trust Company. “As a self-directed custodian, we see through a microscope the alternative investments that are performing for our clients, and we want to share this with you. Join us as we take a deeper dive into alternative investments with leading experts to diversify your investment portfolio.”

To register for the event, visit

About Pillars of Finance

Pillars of Finance is sponsored by Preferred Trust Company, one of the leading self-directed IRA custodians in the industry. As an advocate for retirement savers, Preferred Trust Company realized that the greatest barrier to entry into alternative investments is knowledge. Pillars of Finance will host events throughout the year to provide investors of all levels with the tools they need to navigate investments that were once reserved for the extremely wealthy.

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Gridex: An on-chain order book protocol, the catalyst for DeFi mass adoption



With the increasing popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi), the demand for decentralized exchanges (DEXs) with a better user experience and lower costs has become one of the primary goals of many blockchain projects. Gridex Protocol has taken a step forward in addressing this need by launching an on-chain order book trading protocol that offers robust decentralized attributes.

A new type of trading protocol using a dual algorithm framework

The Gridex Protocol team has introduced a new type of DEX using their dual algorithm framework, providing a solution to the shortcomings of existing automated market maker models used by mainstream DEXs. The team designed the GMOB model and GPLM algorithm to solve the problems of impermanent loss and high slippage issues preventing users from entering DeFi.

Centralized exchanges (CEXs) usually use a CLOB model for the matching engine algorithms. However, the CLOB model requires significant resources, making it impossible for them to be deployed and run on blockchain networks. The GMOB model improves the resource consumption problem caused by CLOB, allowing order books to be on-chain.

GMOB limits maker orders to an extremely narrow price range based on percentage limits, adding them to the system order book instead of executing them immediately. This feature increases liquidity in the entire system, like a CEX. Gridex Protocol drives incentives by providing makers with negative transaction fees.

The GPLM algorithm mainly handles transaction execution and settlement, measuring linear proportional relationships between changes in token prices caused by takers within a specific price range and token purchase quantities. Even if all transactions are on-chain, the gas consumption for the Gridex Protocol remains the same as a constant function market maker without imposing a higher cost burden on users.

Gridex Protocol provides clear advantages for users

Gridex Protocol is taking the user experience to the next level with its innovative technology. In the early stages of DEX development, the focus was on decentralization and transparency, but as the market evolved, improving user experience became a top priority.

Gridex Protocol offers a smoother trading experience and lower costs than its competitors. Tests have shown that trading with Gridex Protocol costs the same as Uniswap v3, at around 120,000 gas. However, completing orders with the “collect maker order” feature can save users up to 60% of gas fees compared with adding or removing liquidity with Uniswap v3. This innovative feature means users can save up to 40% on transaction costs by switching from Uniswap v3 to the Gridex Protocol.

The Gridex Protocol order system provides users with three granular options to balance transaction efficiency and fee income: 0.01%, 0.05% and 0.3%. For stablecoin pairs and other trading pairs where quick execution is essential, users can choose finer granular modes. Coarser granular options are also available for high-volatility tokens to obtain increased transaction rewards.

Gridex Protocol‘s native token GDX will list on D5 Exchange on March 15

Gridex Protocol has announced that it will list GDX — its native token — on D5 Exchange on March 15. According to the team, a total number of 200 million GDX tokens will be issued, of which 70% will be distributed to the community for proof-of-stake (PoS) rewards, maker rewards and airdrop rewards. The remaining 30% will be used to reward core contributors and early investors, and for project development and marketing.

According to the development roadmap, the Gridex Protocol team expects to launch a PoS mainnet in the second quarter of 2024, supporting mainstream layer 1s and layer 2s, establishing cross-chain order books, with D5 Exchange becoming the DEX that aggregates liquidity from the entire network.

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CME Group Announces First Day of Trading of Event Contracts on Bitcoin Futures



CME Group, the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, today announced the first day of trading of event contracts on Bitcoin futures.

“Our new event contracts on Bitcoin futures provide a limited-risk, highly transparent way for a wide range of investors to access the bitcoin market via a fully regulated exchange,” said Tim McCourt, Global Head of Equity and FX Products at CME Group. “These cash-settled, daily expiring contracts will further complement our existing suite of 10 event contracts tied to our benchmark futures markets, which have traded more than 550,000 contracts to-date. In addition, these new contracts will offer an innovative, lower-cost way for investors to trade their views on the up or down price moves of bitcoin.”

CME Group offers event contracts on a growing number of its benchmark futures markets, including gold, silver, copper, crude oil, natural gas, E-mini S&P 500, E-mini Nasdaq-100, E-mini Dow Jones Industrial Average, E-mini Russell 2000 and euro-U.S. dollar foreign exchange futures. Valued up to $20 per contract, these daily options on futures enable participants to know their maximum profit or loss when entering a trade.

CME Group event contracts are listed with and subject to the rules of CME. For more information on this product, please see:

As the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, CME Group ( enables clients to trade futures, options, cash and OTC markets, optimize portfolios, and analyze data – empowering market participants worldwide to efficiently manage risk and capture opportunities. CME Group exchanges offer the widest range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural products and metals. The company offers futures and options on futures trading through the CME Globex® platform, fixed income trading via BrokerTec and foreign exchange trading on the EBS platform. In addition, it operates one of the world’s leading central counterparty clearing providers, CME Clearing.

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