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Prime-Ex Perpetual CEO/Co-John Gilbert Discusse Blockchain,Real Estate



Technology evangelists have always proposed blockchain as the primary record-keeping management solution for the real estate industry. Many startups – and even governments – have announced to create public registry systems on the top of private ledgers.

Prime-Ex Perpetual, at the same time, is a Panama-based startup that has taken the applicability of blockchain in real estate to an entirely new level. While it does have plans to utilize blockchain for record-keeping purposes, Prime-Ex Perpetual also uses it to simplify the homebuying process, from start to finish.

To have an insight into the Prime-Ex Perpetual‘s seemingly innovative business model, we reached out to John Gilbert, the CEO/Co-Founder. Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

Gautham N: How would you explain the core business model of Prime-Ex Perpetual to a layman?

John Gilbert: If you’ll bear with me a minute I’ll answer this question in the best way that I know how.  I realize there’s a lot of moving parts to our business model.  What’s second nature to me given my career history does not always translate well to the consumer! So I’m always reminding myself of that.

I learned this early in my career when trying to explain to my father-in-law why people would choose to use a mortgage broker rather than the local bank.  He loved me and we always got along great, but he was a farmer who had done business with the same banker for 20 years and just didn’t see the need for mortgage brokers who largely provided the same service that his banker already did from his point of view.  So I had to figure out early on how to tell my story to guys like him because he was right.  I hadn’t given him the reasons why mortgage brokers were a better choice than the local bank, I had just told him what I did and that I was better, but I hadn’t explained the reasons why.

How do I tell our story to the guy that just retired off of the Toyota assembly line?  I believe that recognizing the need to communicate in ways that everyone can understand is one of the reasons why the story that we tell has gained such broad appeal in such a short amount of time.

Here’s what I tell people:  We have re-vamped the second-oldest business known to man to better fit today’s human mobility.  Instead of a land developer, a home builder, a real estate agency, a mortgage broker, a mortgage servicer, and a maintenance company each trying to get rich of selling their one thing to the home buyer, we’ve combined all of these layers into one efficient package and we’ve done it in a way that limits risks to the borrower like never before.

For our token holders, we’ve created a token that will experience more and more demand over time as more and more people need to use them to pay their mortgage payments, and they’ll need to purchase them from the existing token holders.  Token holders will enjoy not only increasing demand against a fixed supply of tokens, they’ll also enjoy their fair distribution of 80% of the company’s profits for as long as they own the token.  Everybody wins!

Denizens usually do not understand blockchain technology. How do you propose to market your model in an established real estate sector?

We are the decentralized, token-powered real estate spaceship landing in the middle of the real estate stone age.  No matter where we land, our home packages combined with our Revolution Loan has no rival.

You have to consider all the things that we offer… a great home at a great price point inside of a great loan program that protects the borrower like never before.

When the package that we offer is stacked up against all the other offerings, a Prime-Ex Perpetual home package must be part of every home buyers consideration because nobody else competes with our guaranteed buyback program.  Nobody else competes with our streamlined loan process.  Nobody else competes with our service after the sale.

There are people waiting in line right now to pay us their 10% down to secure their home purchase, and for very good reason: there’s scarcity involved with our product.  There’s a limited supply against great demand, and that’s always a great place to start any conversation about whether or not a given project is viable.

Your use of blockchain is limited to powering tokenized assets. Do you plan to create a blockchain-powered public registry for real estate, anytime in the future?

We foresee multiple uses for blockchain integration in our business model.  Much of that will have to be created by us in the form of data retention.  For example, we plan on eventually harvesting blockchain technology to keep real-time data on our houses down to the sizes of the plumbing fixtures on the walls and what brand name and color code the interior paint is.

This type of data will be of great use to the community as a whole, as sales data will be available to banks and appraisers, in some cases for the very first time.  This will serve to bring up the overall real estate value for everyone.

We always have our eye on increasing efficiency because of the concept of a penny saved is a penny earned.  Blockchain will play a vital role in the future of increasing our efficiency but that’s going to be more along the lines of the Phase 2 part of our concept.  Phase 1 is proof of concept, and Phase 2 will be developing increased efficiencies while we increase our geographic footprint.

Government integration of blockchain technology could happen as fast as Phase 2 or could play a vital role in Phase 3.  Largely it would depend on how receptive a given government is to lead from the front, but we would stand ready to help them understand how blockchain technology is beneficial for all if they prove to be receptive.

Most important: What are the legal complications of running a tokenized real estate business in Panama?

We’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into this very issue.  One of the first things that we did was structure our company in such a way as to mitigate both legal exposures as well as the bureaucratic risk that we would face by entering into the cryptocurrency environment.  For this reason, we’ve chosen to disallow participation in the ICO from Panamanian citizens.  This line of thinking is just smart business planning.

It’s the main reason that we’ve chosen to disallow citizens in the United States from participating as well.  While we would have loved participation from U.S. citizens, the risk that we would face from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission could not be mitigated, so we simply had to exclude them from participation.

The Republic of Panama is actually a great place to do exactly what we intend to do regarding our tokenized real estate business by allowing for-profit businesses to be owned inside of a Foundation structure, which is exactly how we’ve set up the Prime-Ex Perpetual project. There are many reasons for this. Know that we’ve meticulously thought through them all.

We are fully compliant with all of the laws of the Republic of Panama. We could have incorporated anywhere in the world and still performed the exact same real estate business that we intend to do in Panama. Structuring in Panama made the most sense for us and made the most sense for our Token Holders.

What are your plans for the future?

While most of the specifics remain proprietary, in general, we will most likely expand first into expat havens in Central and South America, and then increase our reach into North America and Europe.  There are a couple of scenarios that could factor into play that would accelerate our reach into North America and/or Europe before other Central American or South American countries, but by and large it seems like a Central American play in neighboring Costa Rica or a South American play in neighboring Colombia would be a logical second step.

Regardless of the geographical footprint, we will take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to increase our boundaries and territories while increasing our capacity to build, sell, mortgage, and service our own fleet of residential homes.  This will be accomplished by partnering with large-scale builders that see the benefit of replacing their interest rate risk with the Prime-Ex Perpetual model of equity participation in a residential package that knows no rival.  Our growth potential is worldwide, limited only by a given locale’s ability to properly title property and a given country’s capacity to meet or exceed basic supply chain minimums.

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ABTCOIN Trading Center: RWA Rebuilding a New Order for Cryptocurrency



The concept of Real World Assets (RWA) is increasingly capturing attention and sparking discussions in the cryptocurrency sphere. The emergence of RWAs presents new opportunities for the cryptocurrency market while challenging traditional financial system norms and models.

Traditional financial systems typically rely on centralized financial institutions to manage and trade real-world assets like real estate, stocks, and bonds. However, with the development of blockchain technology, RWAs are gradually entering the cryptocurrency domain, facilitating transactions and management through digital assets and smart contracts.

RWAs have significant impacts on the cryptocurrency market. On one hand, the support of RWAs can enhance the credibility and stability of cryptocurrencies. By linking real-world assets with cryptocurrencies, it provides asset backing, boosting investor confidence and attractiveness, thereby attracting more investors and institutions into the market. On the other hand, the introduction of RWAs may also lead to volatility and instability in the cryptocurrency market. Due to the relatively unstable nature of cryptocurrency markets compared to traditional financial markets, introducing real-world assets may result in significant market price fluctuations. Additionally, the slower process of trading and transferring real-world assets may impose certain limitations and impacts on the liquidity of cryptocurrencies.

Overall, RWAs have a dual impact on the cryptocurrency market. On one hand, they provide support and stability to the market, enhancing the credibility of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, they may also contribute to market instability and fluctuations. Therefore, careful consideration of their effects and appropriate measures to manage risks are necessary when introducing real-world assets into the cryptocurrency market.

Against this backdrop, ABTCOIN Trading Center has been actively responding to market changes by introducing various new trading instruments, including mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as promising emerging digital currencies. These new trading instruments provide investors with more investment opportunities, facilitating better asset allocation. Additionally, ABTCOIN Trading Center places emphasis on community building by organizing online and offline events, seminars, and training courses in collaboration with industry experts and enterprises, collectively promoting the healthy development of the cryptocurrency market. This community-building effort not only provides investors with a broader perspective but also offers them more support and assistance throughout the investment process. The ABTCOIN Trading Center community also serves as a platform for investors to access the latest market dynamics and investment opportunities, while enabling them to share experiences and exchange insights with other investors, helping them to navigate challenges on their investment journey with confidence.

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$ANDY Launched with the mission to “Make BNB Chain Great Again, CEX listing announced



Launched on June 15th on the BNB blockchain, $ANDY has experienced remarkable price growth. In less than a day, its market cap soared from a few thousand dollars to more than $17 million, capturing the attention of the crypto space.

It’s no longer rumours that $ANDY coin is going to be listed on popular Exchange Bitmart: and other leading exchanges would be coming onboard soon.

But what is Andy? Or, more precisely, who is he? Andy is originally a character from Matt Furie’s Boy Club, the famous comics. He is probably the most unique character from Matt Furie and the best friend of Pepe the Frog, which also became one of the most important memecoins ever. Andy is really the character that glues the whole Boy’s Club together and is well known for being hilarious.

If you’ve been following some crypto news, you will know that two of the most important memecoins lately are Pepe and Brett, both coming from the Boy’s Club comics. Pepe is on the Ethereum Chain, while blue Brett is on the Base one. The great idea behind Andy is that this yellow character should be on the BNB Chain, also known as the yellow blockchain. It’s a simple yet very efficient narrative: if Brett was at the top of the Blue Base chain and Pepe at the top of Ethereum, then Andy should be at the top of the yellow BNB chain to complete this triforce of characters.

But it’s not all about the narrative; it’s also about the timing. $ANDY launched exactly at the right time. Trading on BNB has recently seen a significant resurgence in volume. This chain was historically known to be the most important chain during the last bull run for memecoins. It’s clear that Andy appears at the perfect time to capitalize on this momentum, help revive the BNB blockchain, and prepare the field for the next bull run where it will play an important part.

And because BNB has a historic significance for memecoins, Andy is also a heartfelt tribute to Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the founder of Binance, who is currently serving a four-month sentence. With his slogan of making the “BNB Chain Great Again,” it is evident that Andy is continuing CZ’s legacy and rallying every crypto enthusiast, wherever they are trading, to support this ideal.

Because of this timing and narrative, Andy immediately showed a lot of potential and can be compared only to Tier-1 category memecoins (those with the biggest communities, volume, and market cap). The numerous Andy memes surrounding the project, as well as their qualitative branding, contributed to its viral potential. Andy is catchy, and its story can be understood by anyone.

As with every memecoin, Andy’s marketing plays a big part, and the team has extensive connections to do this. We have seen that some of the biggest influencers in this space are supporting the project and recognizing its potential. On a daily basis, the marketing can be followed in their Telegram group. But every memecoin also needs a strong community, and $ANDY has that too. Of course, as it is very new, it has limited members, but the count is increasing rapidly, and the word is being spread on every social media platform to rally more members.

$ANDY is available on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange on the BNB network, without transaction taxes. It will also be listed on centralized exchanges, which, considering their tremendous trading volume, should happen very soon.

With a strong team, hilarious memes, extensive connections, the perfect narrative launched at the right time, and aggressive marketing, Andy shows promise. However, potential investors should conduct their own research before investing. Trade safely!!!


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The Covalent Network Successfully Migrates to New CXT Token to Drive Deeper Innovation in AI Following Governance Vote



The Covalent Network, the modular data infrastructure for AI and Web3 announces the successful approval and completion of its governance proposal to migrate its native token from the old CQT to the new CXT ticker and network contract. This pivotal change marks a significant milestone in the Covalent Network’s commitment to evolving its infrastructure to better support modular data solutions for AI and Long-Term Data Availability.

The New CXT Network Contract is Now Live and Operational

The successful migration to CXT also marks the completion of the New Dawn initiative. Key highlights from this initiative also included Arthur Hayes joining as a strategic advisor, a $5 million fundraise led by RockTree Capital, the migration of staking from Moonbeam to Ethereum and more. The migration to CXT sets the stage for Covalent’s next growth phase of community expansion and long-term data availability, a refreshed brand, additional advisors, and new funding.

CXT: A New Era for Covalent

The transition from CQT to CXT is more than a simple ticker change; it marks the beginning of a new era for Covalent. This migration aligns the token with Covalent’s enhanced mission of providing a robust, decentralized modular data infrastructure tailored for the future of AI and secure, long-term data storage. The new ticker, CXT, symbolizes limitless potential and a broader scope for Covalent’s objectives beyond just the old Covalent Query Token “CQT.” CXT is at the heart of operating the network, securing thousands of network customers, +230 chains and enriching over 300 million wallets with Covalent Network data.

Key Changes and Benefits of CXT

Improved Alignment with Mission: The new CXT token better represents Covalent’s evolved mission. With a focus on modular data infrastructure and AI, the CXT token encapsulates the network’s expanded vision and capabilities.

Enhanced Staking and Governance: The migration involves moving the staking and governance operations from CQT to CXT. This transition will enhance the efficiency and security of the network’s governance processes, ensuring that all future decisions align with the enhanced mission.

Distribution and Security: CXT tokens will be distributed directly to CQT holders on Ethereum, ensuring a smooth and secure transition. Token holders using wallets like Safe, Metamask, Rabby, or Ledger will receive their CXT tokens automatically.

Liquidity Enhancement: The migration plan includes measures to improve overall liquidity, providing a more stable and active trading environment for CXT.

Deprecation of CQT: With the ratification of this proposal, CQT will be deprecated. The community will transition fully to using CXT, which will provide better on-chain metrics and improve overall token management.

Security and Audits

Covalent has ensured the migration process is secure by undergoing thorough audits by Quantstamp, Hacken, and QuillAudit. These audits confirm the integrity and security of the migration process, providing assurance to all token holders. Rest assured Covalent has taken the maximum precaution as possible to ensure that all your funds are safe during the migration. No action is required by any existing token holders during this process.

For existing token holders:

  • Stakers: All current operators and delegators will automatically have their staked CQT positions migrated to CXT.
  • Centralized Exchanges: Covalent has been working with each exchange to support the migration. Exchanges will receive CXT tokens and handle the distribution of CXT to their customers.
  • Self-hosted Wallets: Token holders using wallets like Safe, Metamask, Rabby or Ledger will receive their CXT tokens directly.


  • Quantstamp
  • Hacken
  • QuillAudit

Centralized Exchange Support

Centralized exchanges, such as OKX, Gate,, Kucoin, BingX, and MEXC, are all prepared to support this transition. The trading of CQT halted right after the launch of the governance proposal on Jul 9 2024 00:00 UTC, with each exchange having their own schedule for resumption.

Looking Ahead: A Future Full of Promise

The successful migration to CXT signifies the dawn of a new era for the Covalent Network. With CXT, Covalent is uniquely positioned to lead advancements in AI and decentralized data infrastructure. The unwavering support and active engagement of the community are essential as Covalent embarks on this transformative path.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Covalent. The future is filled with limitless potential, and this migration is a pivotal step toward realizing Covalent’s ambitious vision. Covalent is committed to progress and growth, with no plans to halt or scale back.

About Covalent

Covalent is the leading modular data infrastructure layer dedicated to solving major challenges in blockchain and AI, including verifiability, decentralized AI inference, and Long-Term Data Availability. Its large reservoir of structured, verifiable data enhances decentralized training and inference, reducing the risk of manipulated or biased AI models. Additionally, the Covalent Network’s Ethereum Wayback Machine ensures secure, decentralized access to Ethereum’s transaction data. Trusted by over 3,000 leading organizations, Covalent powers AI, DeFi, GameFi, and more with unfettered access to on-chain data from over 230 blockchains.

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NOWPayments expands crypto payment options with LayerZero ($ZRO) and ZK Token ($ZK)



NOWPayments, a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway is thrilled to announce the expansion of its cryptocurrency payment options with the addition of LayerZero ($ZRO) and ZK Token ($ZK). This strategic move aligns with NOWPayments’ mission to provide businesses with innovative and versatile payment solutions, enhancing both security and interoperability in the crypto space.

LayerZero ($ZRO) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency designed to facilitate seamless cross-chain transactions. Built on advanced blockchain technology, LayerZero enables interoperability between different blockchain networks, allowing for efficient and secure asset transfers across platforms.

Meanwhile ZK Token ($ZK) focuses on providing the highest level of privacy and security for cryptocurrency transactions. Utilizing zero-knowledge proof technology, ZK Token ensures that transaction details remain confidential while maintaining the integrity and validity of the blockchain.

Benefits of listing on NOWPayments

With the inclusion of LayerZero and ZK Token, NOWPayments continues to enhance its platform to meet the diverse needs of the cryptocurrency community. Businesses integrating these tokens through NOWPayments can expect the following benefits:

  • Automatic conversion;
  • Low transaction fees;
  • User-friendly integration
  • Enhanced Security;
  • Wide range of supported cryptocurrencies.

About NOWPayments

NOWPayments is a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway that enables businesses to accept payments in multiple cryptocurrencies. With a focus on security, simplicity, and customer satisfaction, NOWPayments offers a seamless integration process, low transaction fees, and automatic conversion to stablecoins to mitigate volatility.

Businesses and users are encouraged to explore the benefits of these new integrations and see how NOWPayments can transform their payment processes.

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Ethos Announces 1.75M Pre-Seed From Collective Angel Investors to Confirm “Proof-of-Credibility”



Ethos plans to extend Ethereum’s existing validation functionality to confirm a user’s credibility on-chain, something Ethos calls “social validation”

Ethos, the decentralized social (DeSo) application bringing reputation and credibility on-chain, today announces the close of its $1.75M funding round led by a collective group of prominent web3 angel investors including Bharat Krymo, James Hall, 0xQuit, Tre, Dingaling, Sighduck, Dragos, 0xMakesy, Zeneca, and others. The round will be used to finalize the Ethos product before going live on Base later this summer.

Founded in 2023, Ethos Network is a credibility protocol that encourages users to stake their Ethereum in other people, enabling crypto participants to understand who they can trust in web3. Ethos participants will receive credibility scores, similar to credit scores but for social capital, and the determination of a user’s credibility score will be decided by Ethos’s most active and credible users.

“The biggest problem in crypto is that fraud, grift, scams, and rug pulls continue to extract time and money directly from the space,” says Trevor Thompson, Founder of Ethos and General Partner at 0x5f Capital. “In light of the over nine billion dollars paid annually into crypto fraud schemes, it’s more important now than ever before to validate someone’s trustworthiness so the industry doesn’t become overly saturated with bad actors. With the close of this round, Ethos plans to solve this problem by creating a trusted environment built on increased accountability and accurately measured reputation.”

As part of the protocol, users in the Ethos network can stake their Ethereum to vouch for another person’s credibility based on their personal judgment of whether they believe the other person is trustworthy. If the vouched participant performs what the network considers unacceptable behavior, their ETH will be slashed. The social credibility score of the original Ethos user who vouched for them will then be negatively impacted. This process encourages people to participate in Ethos over time as they are now able to build and validate their social reputation on-chain.

Ethos can be used across all industries whether it be DeFi, NFTs, trading, gaming, community building, DAOs, etc.

“When the Ethos team originally walked me through the idea of building a project centered around proof-of-credibility, I was hooked,” comments renowned angel investor Bharat Krymo. “Supporting this team was a no brainer, and I look forward to seeing the network provide a safer and more trustworthy decentralized web.”

About Ethos

Ethos is a decentralized social (DeSo) application bringing reputation and credibility on-chain. It allows users to stake their Ethereum in other people so crypto participants understand who they can trust in web3.

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CARV Launches Alphanet: $35M Node Sale Propels Decentralization Milestone



CARV, the largest modular data layer for gaming and AI, today announces the launch of its Alphanet, run by the 38,000 verifier nodes distributed to its community worth $35M. This marks a significant step towards CARV’s goal of true decentralization and user-owned data future.

Nodes empower the CARV community as stakeholders, enabling users to own, control, and monetize their data while enterprises can innovate based on high-quality information. With the launch of Alphanet, node operators can test run the network, playing a crucial role in preventing system manipulation and enhancing overall security through two-staged smart contract verification. As reported by CoinDesk, by putting the keys to validating and securing data flows into the hands of its rapidly growing community, CARV is evolving into a truly decentralize, scalable protocol layer, where the seamless onboarding of high-quality games, gamers, and applications seeking a secure, decentralized data environment is possible.

From June 28, users can already download and operate Node Operation software. Starting July 1, node owners can start running nodes on Alphanet and potentially earn test rewards. Contribution to data validation on the Alphanet is correlated to rewards on mainnet launches. 25% of the total token supply is reserved for verifier rewards. This economic incentive closely aligns the protocol’s long-term success with the community’s vested interests.

“From our successful node distribution to today’s alphanet launch, we are rapidly progressing towards a more decentralized and scalable network,” said CARV Co-Founder Victor Yu. “Our community’s overwhelming participation represents a powerful mandate: people are ready for an open data frontier that generates value for users rather than corporations extracting it. With this significant milestone achieved, we can accelerate building the world’s most vibrant data ecosystem.”

The Alphanet launch further builds on CARV’s momentum from forging high-profile partnerships. Most recently, CARV announced its partnership with double Inc., the trailblazing Japanese Web3 gaming company and primary developers behind Oasys, the leading layer-1 blockchain purpose-built for gamers. Through this partnership, double and Oasys will run CARV nodes, generating staked token rewards for voting in CARV’s governance. Likewise, by working alongside other Web2 and Web3 gaming heavyweights like Animoca Brands, Neowiz’ IntellaX, Google Cloud, and Netmarble’s MARBLEX, CARV is solidifying its position as the preeminent gaming and AI data layer, ready to catalyze industry-wide innovation.

About CARV

CARV is the largest modular data layer for gaming and AI, pioneering a future where data generates value for all. As the sole author of ERC7231, CARV has built CARV Protocol, the modular data layer which has integrated with 40+ blockchains, Google Cloud, and other identity, storage, infra and AI providers. CARV’s flagship gaming superapp, CARV Play, is integrated with more than 790 web2 & 3 games and serving 2.8M+ gamers. CARV is backed by top-tier funds and ecosystems such as Temasek’s Vertex Ventures, ConsenSys (developer of Metamask), Tribe Capital, IOSG Ventures, Animoca Brands, HashKey Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, MARBELX, and more. For more information, users can visit

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UXLINK Announces SLP (Social Liquidity Provisioning) Dual Funding Pools



The world’s largest Web3 social platform and infrastructure, UXLINK’s ecosystem is rapidly expanding, with more than 100 ecosystem partners. UXLINK is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of social networking by integrating blockchain technology to create a secure, transparent, and rewarding environment for its global community.

Introduction of SLP (Social Liquidity Provisioning) System

Today, UXLINK is excited to officially announce the establishment of the SLP (Social Liquidity Provisioning) system for its community and ecosystem. This innovative system is designed to enhance user growth and foster a more collaborative and profitable environment for all participants.

Key Features and Benefits of the SLP System:

1. Staking Opportunities for Various Tokens:

  • Developers and partners can stake pre-TGE tokens, UXLINK tokens, BTC, ETH, and stablecoins into the SLP protocol.
  • This staking mechanism enables users to benefit directly from the platform’s growth.

2. Adoption of Proof of Stake (POS) Model:

  • The SLP system will implement a Proof of Stake (POS) model.
  • This model ensures that benefits are shared among partners and the community, promoting inclusive growth and collaboration.

3. Interest-Bearing and Growth Pools:

  • The SLP system will support interest-bearing pools for various tokens, providing a stable return on investment.
  • Growth pools for pre-TGE tokens will further empower the $UXLINK token, making it the first to incorporate eco-growth in the social infrastructure space.

4. Enhanced Cooperation with Ecosystem Partners:

  • This initiative forms a crucial part of the UXLINK Social Liquidity Layer.
  • It establishes a more in-depth cooperation model between ecosystem partners and the UXLINK community, fostering stronger relationships and mutual growth.

5. Mandatory Participation for Ecosystem Partners:

  • Starting July 1, partners participating in the UXLINK ecosystem are required to hold UXLINK assets.
  • Partners must commit to their pre-TGE token allocation, reinforcing their commitment to the platform’s growth and stability.

Overview of UXLINK:

UXLINK stands at the forefront of Web3 social platforms and infrastructure, offering a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates social networking with blockchain technology. With over 100 ecosystem partners, UXLINK is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that drive user engagement and growth. The introduction of the SLP system underscores UXLINK’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and dynamic community, enhancing the value of $UXLINK tokens, and setting new standards in the social infrastructure space.


UXLINK is the world’s largest Web3 social platform and infrastructure provider, connecting a wide array of ecosystem partners and users through a seamless and interactive digital experience. By leveraging blockchain technology, UXLINK aims to redefine social networking, ensuring a secure, transparent, and rewarding environment for its global community.

Contact Details:
UXLINK Twitter :
UXLINK Telegram:

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Undeads Games launches $50M paired staking



In a groundbreaking development, Undeads Games has commenced a $50M Paired Staking initiative alongside a staggering $2M airdrop, setting a new standard in the blockchain gaming community. This new staking model is already live and introduces enhanced rewards and deeper engagement opportunities for the game’s enthusiastic player base.

Empowering the community with paired staking

Undeads Games is pioneering an exciting staking system where players can pair their UDS tokens with exclusive Undeads Zombie NFTs to maximize their earnings. By locking in UDS tokens for periods ranging from 1- 24 months, participants can earn up to an impressive 50% APR. The rewards potential escalates with the rarity of the NFT paired, offering up to 80% enhanced shares of the rewards pool.

Seamless integration and user-centric design

The Paired Staking program is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, allowing community members to easily select their desired staking period and rewards via a dedicated dashboard. Once the staking period concludes, tokens along with accrued rewards are immediately unlocked and returned to the user, ensuring transparency and reliability through a comprehensive system that not only gives significant returns but simultaneously builds trust among the community.

Celebrating community commitment with $2M UDS airdrop

Undeads Games also distributed its ground-breaking airdrop of 2,500,000 UDS tokens. This huge airdrop – part of a four-year initiative – rewards Undeads Zombies NFT holders annually, scaling the distribution according to the rarity of each holder’s NFT. This approach not only enhances the value of holders’ digital assets but also solidifies their investment in the evolving game ecosystem.

Strengthening player trust and engagement

This airdrop underscores Undeads Games’ dedication to its vibrant community of gamers and NFT enthusiasts. By intertwining substantial rewards with player involvement—through social media airdrops, the Viral Game, and play-to-earn opportunities—Undeads Games aims to foster a rewarding environment that acknowledges and compensates its most committed players, and by extension further deepen their engagement with the platform.

Understanding the offering

The Paired Staking system has been designed by the Undeads’ team to reward the trust and commitment of avid enthusiasts within the community. By choosing to participate, users agree to lock their assets for the specified period, and this commitment is irreversible until the unlock date – underscoring the significant trust users place in the project, and ultimately rewarding this trust in turn.

As such the staking mechanism stands as a testament to the committed partnership between Undeads Games and the community, ensuring that their most loyal supporters – who understand the project and actively engage with the platform – receive the maximum benefits from their investments. In an industry full of projects that simply see their investors as a means to increase their own revenue and status, this impressive offering represents a refreshing offering from a company already showing exceptional promise.

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HashKey Global Launches 2nd HashKey Launchpool: Earn ATH Tokens by Locking ATH & USDT



HashKey Global will launch the second phase of the Launchpool project, Aethir (ATH), on June 11, 2024. Users can lock ATH or USDT to share a pool of 5,870,000 ATH. The locking period is 3 days, starting on June 11 at 02:00 (UTC), with rewards beginning to accrue on June 12 at 10:00 (UTC). Spot trading for ATH/USDT will commence on June 12 at 10:00 (UTC), and ATH withdrawals will be available starting June 13 at 10:00 (UTC). Participation requires KYC verification, and both deposits and withdrawals will be conducted via the ERC20 network.

The Launchpool offers two supported pools: ATH Pool and USDT Pool. The ATH Pool provides 1,837,000 ATH in rewards with a minimum locking amount of 100 ATH and a maximum of 260,000 ATH. The USDT Pool offers 4,033,000 ATH in rewards, requiring a minimum of 10 USDT and a maximum of 5,000 USDT. The Launchpool period runs from June 12, 2024, to June 15, 2024.

About HashKey Global

HashKey Global is the flagship global digital asset exchange under HashKey Group, offering licensed digital asset trading services to users worldwide. HashKey Global has obtained a license from the Bermuda Monetary Authority with the potential to provide mainstream trading and service products such as LaunchPad, contracts, leverage, and staking.

For more details, please visit

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DEX.ORG: The Robinhood of DeFi Gears Up for an Explosive Token and Exchange Launch



DEX.ORG, the innovative decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its highly anticipated token and exchange. Poised to become the “Robinhood of DeFi,” DEX.ORG combines the best features of centralized exchanges (CEX) with the unparalleled security and autonomy of decentralized finance (DeFi), setting a bold new standard in decentralized trading.

A Revolution in Decentralized Trading

Since the inception of cryptocurrency exchanges with Bitcoin in 2008 the DeFi landscape has rapidly evolved. Today, crypto exchanges process nearly one trillion dollars in monthly trading volume. DEX.ORG is leading the next wave of innovation in this space, offering a radically new experience that bridges the gap between easy-to-use UX/UI and decentralized security.

“We took what Robinhood did for retail trading and what Wise did for banking as an inspiration for this exchange.” says the DEX.ORG team. “We have reimagined the trading experience from the ground up to provide a seamless, secure, user-centric, and intuitive platform for all types of traders.”

Features & Advantages

  • Custody and Control: As a non-custodial platform, DEX.ORG ensures that traders maintain full control of their private keys and funds, in contrast with the custodial nature of traditional CEXs.
  • Transparency: Every transaction on DEX.ORG is immutably recorded on the blockchain
  • Stability and Security: DEX.ORG operates 24/7 without manual intervention and never holds user funds, reducing the risk of hacks and insider fraud.
  • Privacy: With NO KYC requirements, DEX.ORG provides a degree of user anonymity, enhancing privacy and security for traders.

Advanced Trading Experience

DEX.ORG’s hybrid decentralized exchange model implements advanced smart routing mechanisms to satisfy trades across all major EVM chains. Users can trade both traditional and taxable tokens with instant access to the best prices and liquidity via multiple decentralized exchanges.

  • Multi-Chain Support: DEX.ORG supports transactions across several blockchains including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, and more enabling hassle-free cross-chain trading.
  • Intuitive UX/UI: DEX.ORG is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly trading experience with advanced features available for more experienced traders.
  • Multiple Smart Routers: DEX.ORG’s multiple smart routers enable trading of any token, taxed or non-taxed. These routers always ensure optimal trading outcomes.
  • Limit Orders: Traders can manage risk with limit orders to buy or sell at any desired price. This offers greater control and flexibility for trading strategies.

Strategic Partnerships & Security

To ensure the highest standards of security and reliability, DEX.ORG has made strategic partnerships with leading firms in the blockchain space.

Smart Contract Auditors, Liquidity Providers, Market Makers: Collaborations with aggregators to provide superior liquidity & Cross-Chain Bridges and Layer 2 Solutions are to be announced in DEX.ORG’s Telegram (@DexDotOrg) and X (@dexorgexchange) building up to exchange launch.

Tokenomics and Revenue Streams

$DEX powers and supports the DEX.ORG ecosystem. The $DEX token is designed to stimulate positive and collaborative behaviors that help build a healthy and vibrant trading community. With a fixed supply and strategic allocation, early participants are rewarded for their commitment, while a ‘token back’ mechanism ensures long-term sustainability.

Revenue streams include trading fees, promotional placements, and listing fees.

Join the DEX.ORG Revolution

DEX.ORG invites all traders, from newbies to professionals, to join our growing community and become a part of the future of decentralized trading.

For more information, visit WWW.DEX.ORG, or join our community on Telegram @DexDotOrg


DEX.ORG is a pioneering decentralized exchange platform that combines the best features of a centralized exchange with the security and autonomy of decentralized finance. Providing an intuitive trading experience, advanced security features, and community tools such as copy trading, DEX.ORG is a groundbreaking new paradigm for trading digital assets.

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