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Publicity Stunt Sees Bitcoin Logo Projected on Swiss Bank in Zurich



A giant Bitcoin logo has been projected onto the Swiss National Bank in the centre of Zurich. A photograph of the building appeared on Twitter earlier today.

Publicity Stunts Bring Attention to Bitcoin and Help Adoption

The projection is thought to be the work of the bank’s new neighbours, Trust Square. They recently moved in across the road from the Swiss National Bank. Trust Square is a blockchain hub that was launched earlier this month.

The centre is focused on researching and developing blockchain applications. Within the facility, there is room for 200 workstations for use by startups and investors researching the implications and possible applications of the revolutionary new technology.

The tweet featuring the image was posted by Johannes Gees at 8:17AM today. The picture depicts a giant orange Bitcoin logo, measuring at least 15 foot, along with the caption:

“Ist that a #bitcoin on the @snb Schweizerische Nationalbank? Trustsquare rules”

Ist that a #bitcoin on the @snb Schweizerische Nationalbank? Trustsquare rules!

— Johannes Gees (@JohannesGees) April 28, 2018

The publicity stunt is another sign that Switzerland is emerging as a leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The nation is already home to several digital currency-focused startups. The Swiss town of Zug has even been dubbed ‘crypto valley.’ Over 200 companies exploring the technological innovation are based in the small mountain community.

Forcing Bitcoin into the public eye in such a way is obviously great for the leading digital currency and the rest of cryptocurrency by extension. Such publicity stunts help to change the perception of Bitcoin. For years now, digital currency has been wrongfully associated with cyber crime and nothing more.

Being on display so publicly should help shake the connection between dark web drug dealings and digital currency. Unfortunately, despite criminal acts accounting for less than 1% of Bitcoin usage, many members of the public still think that it is only a tool for illegal purposes. This impression is largely down to the fact that the first time many heard of Bitcoin it was in connection with the Silk Road marketplace – an eBay-like service offering illicit items in exchange for Bitcoin.

A similar publicity stunt was recently unveiled in another European hub of cryptocurrency activity. A monument depicting the Bitcoin logo was built by artists Aleksander Frančeškin and Selman Čorović in the Slovenian city of Kranj this March. It was reportedly paid for by the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp. Bitstamp was founded in Slovenia but now has its head offices in Luxembourg. The monument sits proudly at the centre of a roundabout at the heart of the city.

Meanwhile in Paris, a mural depicting the rise of Bitcoin out of the death of fiat currency was completed by French street artist Ludo. These public displays of Bitcoin should help speed the process of cryptocurrency adoption amongst those who are still sceptical of the technology.

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Worldwide Crypto Based Exchange Traded Products AUM Dropped 17% in November



Fineqia International Inc.’s (the “Company” or “Fineqia”) (CSE: FNQ) (OTC: FNQQF) (Frankfurt: FNQA) analysis of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) worldwide that have cryptocurrencies as underlying assets, revealed a 17% decrease in the Assets Under Management (AUM) value during the month of Nov., closely mirroring the 15% drop in the cryptocurrency market value during the same period.

The total AUM decreased to $21 billion from $25.3 billion between Nov. 1 and Dec. 1 across 163 listed ETPs, according to Fineqia Research. Two ETPs that had FTX’s token (FTT) as their underlying assets have ceased trading, while six new ETPs were added, increasing the total number of ETPs listed from 159 to 163 so far in 2022. The new ETPs listed did not affect the total metrics, that have a combined AUM of approx. $5 million.

The ETPs include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs). The overall value of cryptocurrencies decreased 15% to about $850 million in Nov., more than 60% lower than $2.2 trillion in Jan.

On a year-to-date (YTD) basis, the AUM of crypto ETPs decreased 64%, similar to a 61% drop in the broader crypto market. Despite a 50% increase in the number of ETPs to 163 in Nov. compared with 109 in Jan., their overall AUM was $21 billion compared to $58.5 billion in Jan. The price of Bitcoin dropped by 65%, while Ethereum decreased by 67% during the Jan.-Nov. 2022 period.

“The price of cryptocurrencies dropped as a result of the FTX bankruptcy in early Nov.,” said Fineqia CEO Bundeep Singh Rangar. “We’re still facing contagious effects of the FTX failure that has consequentially weakened the financial position of other companies and made some of them insolvent.”

A number of crypto-related entities revealed some amount of exposure to collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX. These firms include Binance, BlockFi, Coinbase, Coinshares, Galaxy Digital, Genesis Global Trading, and Voyager Digital, among others.

ETH prices have plummeted due to selling by people who are believed to have hacked FTX. They are estimated to have sold more than 50,000 ETH and still retain more than 200,000 ETH. More selling by them could further negate the price of ETH.

The AUM of Ethereum (ETH) denominated ETPs decreased by 18%, while the cryptocurrency’s price dropped by 23% to about $1,200 from almost $1,600. Their AUM fell to $5.3 billion from $6.5 billion. ETH has been one of the most volatile crypto assets, part of both an uptrend and downtrend over the past few months.

ETPs holding Bitcoin (BTC) dropped almost 17% to $14 billion from $16.8 billion in the month of Nov. That has outperformed BTC, which suffered a 20% decrease to about $16,500 on Nov. 1 compared to $20,600 a month earlier. ETPs representing alternative coins decreased by 15% and those with a basket of cryptocurrencies dropped by 17%.

All references are in US dollars and all cryptocurrency prices are sourced from CoinMarketCap.

All ETFs and ETPs AUM were compiled from publicly available sources, such as 21Shares AG, Grayscale Investment LLC, VanEck Associates Corp., MorningStars, Inc., and TrackInSight SAS by Fineqia’s in-house research department.

About Fineqia International Inc.

Fineqia ( is a listed entity in Canada (CSE: FNQ), US (OTC: FNQQF) and Europe (Frankfurt: FNQA). Fineqia’s strategic focus has been to provide a platform and associated services to support securities issuances and manage administration of debt securities. Fineqia is building out its alternative finance business and holds a growing portfolio of blockchain, fintech and cryptocurrency technology companies worldwide.

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Utherverse Partners with Leading Blockchain Platform Tokensoft to Launch International IDO for Much Anticipated Metaverse Native Token



Uther Coin (UTHX) now available on Tokensoft

NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2022 – Utherverse, one of the largest metaverse platforms in the world, has signed a partnership agreement with Tokensoft, Inc., the leading technology platform for launching digital assets on the blockchain, to offer the first and second pre-sale rounds of the Uther Coin (UTHX) as part of the token’s initial decentralized offering (IDO).

Uther Coin will be the primary token used for transactions throughout the next generation Utherverse Software Platform. Utherverse powers the most popular and advanced metaverses ever built, and as such, Uther Coin will be needed by everyone accessing what will be the preeminent Metaverse as of next year.

As part of the agreement, a pre-sale of Uther Coins will be made available to buyers outside the United States and Canada beginning December 1. Interested persons should go to to get approved and listed for the sale.

“Tokensoft has proven itself a credible resource for IDOs that delivers on its promises and the recent launch of its Web3-enabled platform makes it one of the strongest performers out there,” said Brian Shuster, founder and CEO of Utherverse. “We are anticipating a tremendous response to Uther Coin from our international community. Utherverse is going to significantly change the metaverse landscape once again, and our coin will likely be a top performer among all IDOs on the platform as we approach the launch of the next generation of the Utherverse metaverse.”

Founded in 2017, Tokensoft is a technology platform for creating and managing digital assets, based in Austin, Texas. The Tokensoft platform helps customers to comply with applicable regulations internationally to access a global userbase. To date, Tokensoft has helped create over $18 Billion in market capitalization with projects such as Avalanche, The Graph and Moonbeam.

Utherverse is a metaverse platform that enables developers to build interconnected virtual worlds, provides hyper-realistic immersive experiences for consumers and opportunities for companies to market and monetize their products and services. Utherverse generates revenue from custom metaverse building services, sales of NFTs and a variety of business verticals including advertising/marketing, shopping/retail, conferences/conventions, education, dating, lifestyle, entertainment events/performances, VIP experiences and virtual offices. The Utherverse platform was launched in 2005 by internet visionary Brian Shuster. A beta version of the next generation Utherverse platform is expected to launch in early 2023. The platform has served 50 million+ users with 32 billion+ virtual commerce transactions. Utherverse has developed the technology and received more than 40 patents critical toward operating large-scale metaverses. The company is based in British Columbia, Canada. More information can be found online at; Twitter/Instagram: @Utherverse; Facebook: /UtherverseDigital; LinkedIn: /utherverse-digital-inc/; Telegram: /UtherverseAnnouncements; Discord: /

# # #

Note: Digital assets to accompany this story are available at

Steve Honig
The Honig Company, LLC
[email protected]

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Stablecorp Announces the Beta Launch of Yield as a Service Digital – Fully Transparent, Data-Driven, Yield Generation Technology



Stablecorp, a Canadian blockchain technology company, today announced the beta launch of Yield as a Service Digital, or YaaS, a suite of multi-currency yield generation and analytics technologies. YaaS offers unparalleled transparency and analysis into a wide variety of both traditional and digital yield generation sources while providing superior visibility into asset location and holding details; underwriting and risk analysis practices on various yield-generating platforms; and additional risk mitigation and optimization mechanisms for each.

The YaaS technology is intended to generate exceptional risk-adjusted yield within the full universe of yield verticals and to improve access to these yields via digital assets such as stablecoins. The YaaS technology does this in five key ways:

  • Taking a “composable ecosystem” approach by opportunistically selecting the top traditional, centralized, decentralized, and combined finance yield generation tools
  • Using a blend of traditional and digital asset-based empirical data to select, back test and assess credit and exploit risks as well as mitigants across these platforms
  • Increasing stablecoin-based access to high-quality corporate and government yields
  • Maintaining real-time transparency of positions and real-time risk mitigation strategies, including on-chain monitoring, collateralization, insurance and senior tranche structures
  • Taking advantage of additional yield optimizing tools and platforms to increase efficiency and effectiveness of yield generation

“With the significant disruptions inherent in the digital asset markets over the past six months and the meaningful rise in traditional interest rates, it is beyond time for a comprehensive yield analytics framework in the space. With YaaS, Stablecorp’s fundamental goal is to find the best and brightest yield opportunities across the full spectrum, assess them using a blend of traditional and novel frameworks, and access them using US dollar and Canadian dollar-denominated digital assets,” said Alex McDougall, CEO of YaaS parent company Stablecorp. “This doesn’t just mean the arbitrage and trading type of yield that we’ve seen to date in the digital asset space, but also more efficient forms of access to traditional corporate and government credit.”

Maple Finance, Idle Finance, Unslashed, Morpho Labs, Cinch and Component Finance are some of the initial platforms used in the YaaS technology suite.

“Maple’s on-chain lending platform provides industry leading credit professionals with the tools to run institutional lending businesses. The combination of blockchain technology with the highest underwriting standards provides capital allocators with fully transparent, non-custodial, risk-adjusted yield options. We are excited to partner with YaaS and connect their technology to an expanding range of opportunities on Maple,” said Sidney Powell, CEO of Maple Finance.

“Morpho enhances yields of lenders on DeFi platforms strictly by optimizing the underlying technology while preserving the same risk parameters and the same liquidity. We’re thrilled to work with composable platforms like YaaS to deliver better risk adjusted DeFi value propositions to their technology,” said Paul Frambot, CEO of Morpho Labs.

“At Idle, we are on a mission to step up DeFi by reimagining how we manage risk and yields. Our Senior Perpetual Yield Tranches (PYTs) offer intrinsic capital protection, as they are covered by Junior PYTs from a wide spectrum of risks. DeFi is stuck in subpar risk management and with PYTs, YaaS can seamlessly turn on and off tranching solutions and manage risks in real-time on a broad variety of underlying platforms. We are extremely excited for this partnership,” said Matteo Pandolfi, CEO at Idle Labs.

“Decentralized insurance protocols are critical to mitigating tail-risk in the space and the Unslashed protocol has generated a significant track record of paying out claims through the recent turmoil. We’re excited to work with YaaS to continue to bring these real-time, structured mitigants to their technology solutions,” said a co-founder of Unslashed.

Beta Launch Details

  • YaaS is currently in a closed beta environment, and is conducting pilot tests with several select business partners
  • Full-release version of the YaaS technology is anticipated for Q1 2023
  • If interested in a demo or participating in the beta, please visit

About Stablecorp

Stablecorp is a leading Canadian fintech firm building bank-grade blockchain technology. Through its three product lines – Forge, Grapes and YaaS – Stablecorp blends bleeding edge technology with innovative approaches to solving customer needs to create “step function” improvements in financial services. Stablecorp focuses on consumer and personal treasury management, including cross-border payments, FX and leading analytics on digital asset borrowing and lending solutions, all leveraging blockchain technology.

For more information, visit and

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indu4.0 powered by INDU – A native token to cover crucial needs of the manufacturing industry




The world of technology is filled with buzzwords these days. From AR to VR, AI to blockchain, it can be difficult to know when these technologies are worth leveraging. Several manufacturing businesses find blockchain particularly appealing because of its ability to be applied to various business processes, coupled with its inherent security and reliability. indu4.0 is one of many projects emerging in the industrial sector! indu4.0 is a blockchain-based project, seeking to revamp manufacturing with its native token, INDU.

Indu4.0 AG is a Swiss-based company that developed its platform indu4.0. indu4.0 project is a digital B2B marketplace targeted at the manufacturing industry that seeks to link supply and demand more efficiently and economically. This project aims to pioneer a digital B2B marketplace for the trillion-dollar manufacturing industry. It has already integrated numerous complex industrial products and services into the user-friendly platform with sophisticated filter systems. This article comprehensively overviews this cutting-edge platform and its native token for the manufacturing industry. Read on to learn more about its features, tokens, and benefits!

What is an INDU token?

The INDU token serves as the payment token for the Indu4.0 AG services. Thus users will be able to pay with INDU tokens for everything the company offers, including virtual trade shows, events, advertisements, and exclusive industry reports. With the INDU token, manufacturing will finally have its own currency, with a value more easily tradable. The INDU token will have 750,000,000 pieces, of which 37% are sold at the ICO at a very low price.

Use Cases of the INDU Token

  • With INDU tokens, users can access advertising services and industry reports.
  • INDU tokens can be used exclusively to purchase exhibition stands at events organised by Indu4.0 AG. Additionally, INDU tokens can be used to pay for events and trade fairs in the metaverse.
  • The platform makes it possible to securely exchange sensitive and proprietary data, thanks to NFT technology. The INDU token will be used to verify each file’s owner.

The public presale of INDU tokens is currently underway. Sign up for the Presale here. You can take part in the sale to own INDU tokens. It is expected that the funds collected from the presale will be used to expand the team of developers. The money will also be used to cover marketing expenses and pay for infrastructure and office costs.

What are the benefits of the INDU token?

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Potential Price Increases

indu4.0 is a new initiative to transform the manufacturing industry – the biggest sector in the world. This digital revolution will depend on the INDU token, which aims to become a native token for manufacturing. Right now, you can buy INDU tokens for a very low price, which is a worthwhile investment. As time passes, more INDU tokens will come into circulation, increasing token value. Now’s the time to join the journey to revolutionize the industrial sector!

Reward Program for Recommendations

indu4.0 has a loyalty program that rewards long-term users with INDU tokens. The indu4.0 platform rewards active users who subscribe and keep their profiles up-to-date. Customers can choose from three loyalty levels – Beginners, Pros, and Elites – based on their usage of the indu4.0 platform and the revenue generated. Each loyalty level offers a different reward.

Access to the Metaverse

Metaverse refers to a highly interactive virtual world. Metaverse users can trade digital assets like documents, files, and other digital assets, just like in the real world. A virtual space is available on indu4.0 for platform users where they can upload, watch and place ads using their INDU token. Users of INDU tokens will have priority access to the manufacturing metaverse, where they can buy and own property.

Being a part of the next Industrial Revolution

Blockchain solutions can alleviate common manufacturing pain points, such as onboarding suppliers and distributing products. Indu 4.0 AG developed the indu4.0 platform to unlock the potential of the manufacturing sector by integrating blockchain technology. Currently, the company offers many features to its users, and the INDU token also offers many benefits. This project has high ambitions, and its roadmap reflects those ambitions. There will be a lot of development in the future. Potential community members should participate in the next Industrial Revolution by being part of indu4.0 by acquiring INDU token!

What are the benefits of indu4.0 for manufacturers?

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Sophisticated Filter System

indu4.0 manufactures a range of highly automated, fully enclosed, sophisticated filter systems for the manufacturing sector. With its sophisticated filter system, users can quickly find what they are looking for. Thus, users can be confident that they will receive inquiries suitable for their specific offers.


In the recent pandemic, the metaverse concept gained traction as people avoided in-person interaction, businesses adopted remote working policies, and digital communication methods became more prevalent. The blockchain-based, shared virtual space in indu4.0 allows users to explore and interact with a virtual world. The indu4.0 metaverse space lets you advertise on the platform or find trade shows you can pay for using INDU tokens. Furthermore, virtual exhibitions help to reduce the overall emissions of companies and thus contribute to their carbon footprint.

indu4.0 presents new security standard – IDS

indu4.0 presents IDS (indu Data Security), their future security standard for all industry data. This shows that data security is the primary focus in the indu4.0 platform. This IDS is responsible for the data security of all kinds of data in the platform such as technical drawings, blueprints, and industry sensitive data.

Connecting buyers and suppliers

With indu4.0, suppliers and purchasers can connect more efficiently and effectively. Through the platform, buyers can send offer requests directly to suppliers with just a few clicks. The search function is fully functional, and they can use the platform without logging in. indu4.0 lets you search for suppliers easily and quickly. It’s easy for the purchaser to find suppliers for the services they need with standardised terms and filter steps. Meanwhile, suppliers can create company profiles and view all offer requests from purchasers which leads to new customer acquisition opportunities.

Reporting system

The indu4.0 reporting system has exclusive features designed to attract potential users. The platform’s reporting system gathers and organises data from databases into reports, manages them, and distributes them to users so they can make better business decisions. With INDU tokens, users can buy advertising and benefit from lower fees thanks to paying with INDU.

Search function

There is no way for the purchaser to search for a specific item. Nowadays, the options are all tedious and inefficient, so you have to do a lot of searches or check suppliers manually. To solve this problem, indu4.0 lets you search for suppliers easily and quickly. It’s easy for the purchaser to find suppliers for the services they need with standardised terms and filter steps.


In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to entice potential customers with your new platform. Today, it’s crucial to have content in a language that visitors can understand. As a result, the indu4.0 platform will be multilingual, supporting EN, DE, FR, and IT languages, so buyers and suppliers can choose the language they prefer.


Manufacturing is one of the world’s largest industries, worth trillions of dollars and employing millions of people. The industry, however, suffers from inefficiencies. The problems can be solved if manufacturers and suppliers are more easily connected. The idea of indu4.0 came from bringing manufacturers and suppliers together. This platform uses blockchain technology to improve communication and collaboration between both sides.

The roadmap for indu4.0 is ambitious, and the team is doing everything possible to make it a success. INDU tokens will fuel the indu4.0 platform, helping you reach new heights in the industrial sphere. The INDU token is supposed to become the industry currency and facilitate more realistic trading. Hence, it is a great opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to become part of the next Industrial Revolution. If you’re looking for a project that’ll transform the manufacturing industry for the better, indu4.0 is a groundbreaking option. Take advantage of this potential earning opportunity and be part of this biggest change!


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Tuition Coin Announces Teach to Earn on Cardano



Tuition Coin, a novel Crystal Chain product, is the newest Teach to Earn project on the Cardano blockchain. Designed to incentivize further participation in educational technology, Tuition Coin powers a new system that will benefit both teachers and students.

Teachers, while forming an essential component of society, are often underpaid and overworked. By creating a cryptocurrency reward for contributions to the wider educational space, Tuition Coin ensures that teachers can thrive within the growing EdTech space.

Teachers from all over the world can earn Tuition Coins by registering on the Coins For College platform. After the sign-up and KYC process are approved, Educational content creators can start earning cryptocurrency in exchange for sharing knowledge. Those with existing content and lesson plans on the internet can also participate and contribute to the internet’s open information sphere.

Educational resources created by teachers will be available to students for free on the Coins For College platform. With a vision of ensuring that every child has access to high-quality educational material, Coins For College fills educational gaps irrespective of whether their school can provide it.

Students can complete lessons and assessments on the platform to earn Scholarship Points that form a standardized means by which progress and effort can be measured. Implementing a new, accessible standardized system is an important requirement for global education because of the waning influence of the SAT.

Tuition Coin (TUIT) works as an incentive for educational content creators. Teachers can supplement their income by earning TUIT in exchange for lessons, study plans and other learning resources. Abiding by Standards Correlation, the content can be shared in the knowledge that students will be able to access lessons that are age-appropriate as per their countries’ educational requirements.

60% of the 100 billion TUIT tokens that will ever be in circulation are reserved for educators, and can only be earned by contributing to the global educational ecosystem. Teachers will be offered the same incentives for content whether they create it afresh or import it from existing platforms. All content on the platform will meet the standards set by 1EdTech, a non-profit focused on making remote learning more standardized and accessible.

About Tuition Coin

Tuition Coin is the cryptocurrency that powers the Coins For College platform. Created by Crystal Chain, Tuition Coin forms a key part of the reward mechanism for teachers creating content and lesson plans.

Students can access the content for free using the Coins For College platform and will be awarded Scholarship Points upon completing modules and assessments. These Scholarship Points will serve as a measurement tool to identify promising and deserving students who desire to pursue further education, but may lack the financial resources to do so.

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Eco Metaverse Project Klabrate World Launches Green Crypto Presale



KLAB is a new green cryptocurrency from KLABRATE WORLD that will offer its native digital token via a presale campaign.

The KLAB token offers the opportunity to buy into an innovative and exciting project at the best price possible. In fact, as of writing, the first tranche of KLAB tokens will be available to buy at $0.0125

Once that allocation sells, the crypto presale price will rise to $0.0175.

KLABRATE WORLD is the first eco metaverse tied to carbon offsetting for individuals and socially minded businesses.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Research shows that the best way to attract support for green projects is to make it easy, fun and financially rewarding for everyone to participate.

Those who buy KLAB tokens during the presale can choose to convert them to plots of land in Klabrate World as well as gaining exposure to the fast-growing $1.2 billion carbon credit market. This enables buyers to list their land or carbon credits in the Klabrate marketplace, with valuations depending on supply and demand from other landowners and the price of carbon credits in this fast-growing global market.

It is also important to note that the KLAB token is not aimed solely at individuals who wish to gain exposure to a green crypto. On the contrary, KLABRATE WORLD will be utilized by tens of thousands of businesses, brands and social organizations worldwide. As such, the KLAB token offer a great alternative to other green projects, not least because it is designed to be the most sustainable cryptocurrency in the space.

Learn More Here:

Join Presale:

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Byepix Getting Listed on LBank Exchange



Byepix, which is a Huge Ecosystem Project: Powered by Metaverse Blockchain, 2 Protocols, 7 Platforms, and 20+ utilities almost ending its ICO. And it will be listed at $5.

The company started the ICO with a high-reward referral program along with a wide-scale airdrop, where eligible investors got five times their EPIX, the company’s recently-issued utility token.

In the last two months since Byepix started its ICO, the Europe-based company has continued to surprise its investors by delivering more than promised.

Byepixes active Platforms:

Official Website:
Byepix Star System Info Page:
The Byepix Metaverse (The First Look at the Byepix Metaverse):
SoFi (Mission) Platform:
Byepix Gems Hunter P2E Game Test Version:
NFT Showroom:
Byepix Land Map:
Byepix Metaland:
Byepix Virtual Life:
Byepix NFT MarketPlace:
Documentation Platform:
Purchase Epix:

Also, with a secured soft cap, the team was able to coordinate a one-of-a-kind token listing that will comprise only the top exchanges.

Byepix will be listed on LBank, one of the largest exchanges.

LBANK is ranked among the top 20!

On November 8, LBank will conduct an airdrop and provide $4,000 worth of EPIX to 100 winners. Don’t miss out, and join to be one of the winners.

Byepix will continue to announce major exchange listing news and grow its community without slowing down. One of the top 8 Exchanges is reviewing this project’s whitepaper, and they were very impressed by its Metaverse Blockchain Development Plan, 2 Protocols, 7 Platforms, 20 Utilities, the vision, and the marketing plan of Byepix.

Byepix’s Short-term and Mid-term updates release schedule.

Short-term Goals

  • Gaming Platform v1.0 
  • Byepix Swap 
  • Publishing the Gems Hunter on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store 
  • Listing Nov, 10 
  • Listing price goal: $5 
  • Top 5 Exchange Listing


Mid-term Goals

  • Metaverse Blockchain 
  • Super Metaverse: Super Metaverse Protocol and Application 
  • Gaming Platform V2 Alfa (with P2E Protocol) 
  • NFT Swap 
  • DAO’s 3D Creations 
  • NFT Free Listing 
  • Byepix Earn Platform

On November 8, major news regarding new collaborations and advisers joining Team Byepix will be revealed.

Last chance to Join!

The Byepix ICO, which started on September 9, 2022, and still goes on until the 9th of November, is in its last days of providing a chance for you to add the EPIX (Governance) token of this huge Super Ecosystem Project into your portfolio at a price of 0.18$.

EPIX will be listed for $5, and its Revolutionary Maximum Profit Program will keep the Circulating Supply Minimum by releasing 30k EPIX Tokens per day, which will be only 100k to 120k tokens in the first week.

Byepix provided lucrative investment opportunities for all participants, and it can’t wait to get listed.

Do not miss the Futures Digital Treasure!

Join Byepix before it’s too late.

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Swiss Startup with 5M+ users officially lists on AllianceBlock Fundrs platform



The DUA token is set to become the first project to list on AllianceBlocks peer to peer participatory funding platform. Dua is powering the internal economy and matchmaking experience of international migrants, expats and diaspora communities.

In August, AllianceBlock launched Fundrs, a peer-to-peer funding platform, on Avalanche and Ethereum Mainnet networks. This release marked a key milestone for AllianceBlock, fulfilling the vision of a participatory funding platform based on reputation and merit that started its journey in 2019. Today the Fundrs platform comes to life with the official listing of the DUA token.

Fundrs is the result of years of work for AllianceBlock, beginning with a vision in 2018 of a decentralized participatory economy enabled by a fully-decentralized peer-to-peer funding platform based on reputation and merit. Fundrs uses a decentralized infrastructure which allows blockchain-based projects and traditional startups, called “Seekers”, to receive funding from the platform’s users, as well as provide access to other types of financing available later in the investment cycle, such as convertible loans, peer-to-peer lending and more.

The dua Foundation is the first project to officially list on Fundrs, its utility token DUA will support the new economic system around globally-fragmented communities.

After raising USD 4M in a Series A round, dua AG, a Swiss-based startup, announces plans to tokenize its 5M+ users through cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies. Dua Foundation, a Dutch-based non-profit organization and dua AG’s partner has recently published a whitepaper outlining plans for introducing globally fragmented communities to the DUA token and Web3 through the apps and

The DUA utility token will power the ecosystem of apps ( and which focus on connecting people who are searching for relationships based on similar traits such as; values, education, religion, origin and language. The tokenized experience creates a reward system based on in-app activities and user reputation which drives the ability of end-users to participate and benefit from a fairer economy. The DUA token will also be used to purchase in-app subscriptions, and businesses can use it for advertising their products and services to duas user base.

Ardit Trikshiqi — Chief Payments Officer at “The launch of the DUA token is an innovation for the matchmaking industry. DUA will enable 5 million users of and to engage in a participative virtual economy that offers a wide range of services and is growing exponentially every day and millions of individuals and businesses, part of globally fragmented communities that are not being supported by traditional financial providers such as banks or money transfer operators.”

The DUA powered ecosystem will offer communities who don’t have access to traditional financial services a simple way to access and participate in DeFi services directly inside the apps. An in-built wallet will open the gate to on-chain remittances, payments, and borrowing opportunities for millions of individuals who have historically been financially underserved.

These communities will have access to self-sovereign identities via the use of dua_ID, a solution that gathers users online footprints in the form of reputation. This bundles together a user’s online presence to create an immutable online identity which businesses can use to vet users with certain reputations so that their communities and platforms can create a safe environment for people to participate in.

Rachid Ajaja – Founder and CEO of AllianceBlock “Fundrs is a revolutionary step in our vision towards a truly decentralized participatory economy. It is a culmination of our original vision in 2018 to provide unbiased access to a peer-to-peer funding platform based on reputation and merit. With dua as our first listing we will be able to target globally fragmented communities which is fully in line with our mission to bring access to the best companies in a fair, transparent and inclusive participatory economy.”

As we transition into a decentralized economy, platforms like Fundrs are providing the launchpad for young ventures to have access to advice and capital that is available, traditionally, to the select few. By creating an end-to-end development infrastructure for blockchain builders, AllianceBlock has been able to facilitate a seamless gate-way from Traditional to Decentralized Finance. This creates a new start-up-as-a-service model, which enables capital providers to become an incredibly important part of the lifecycle of any project, giving them an opportunity to play a role in the funding, advising, marketing, and operation of any project. Dua is the first project to leverage that vision using Fundrs, and as it officially lists on the platform it becomes the first in a long line of innovative ventures that want to be included in a participatory economy that champions reputation and merit.

About AllianceBlock

AllianceBlock is building seamless gateways between TradFi and DeFi by remedying issues in both spheres and linking them more closely. AllianceBlock sees the future of finance as an integrated system in which the best of both worlds can work together to increase capital flows and technological innovation.

They are building this future by bridging traditional finance with compliant, data-driven access to new decentralized markets, DeFi projects and ecosystem-scaling tools such as funding and interoperability. As such, they are building a next-generation financial infrastructure that aims to provide regulated financial entities worldwide with the tools they need to access the DeFi space seamlessly.

About dua Foundation

Dua Foundation is a Dutch-based non-profit organization central to promoting, growing, and developing globally fragmented communities. Its strategic and blockchain advisors include AllianceBlock Co-Founders Rachid Ajaja (CEO) and Matthijs De Vries (CTO), SEBA Crypto AG and IBM Former Executive Christen Oesterbye, dua AG Founder and CEO Valon Asani, and Entrepreneur and DeFi specialist Dite Gashi.

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Datavault® Launches Branded Degree and Utility Tokens for Colleges & Universities Worldwide



Data Vault Holdings Inc., the emerging leader in metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization announced today that it has minted NFT tokens for leading Colleges and Universities in the United States that are designed to commemorate and recognize student achievements of all types across every learning discipline. Branded tokens bearing the brands of institutions have been designed and launched by Data Vault Holdings for Pacific Conference PAC 12, Big Ten Conference, Community Colleges and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). By utilizing Datavault®’s patented technology, educational institutions of all sizes can establish branded coin inventories and historical blockchain registries. Higher learning institutions are enabled by the Datavault® platform with on-the-fly minting as well as regimented token issuance, memorializing degree issuance, Dean’s list and academic achievement as well as student athlete and performing arts.

As an example, a student will receive tokens for completing a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree with additional issuances to student athletes that have secured roster or individual positions within the College and University Athletics Departments. These tokens contain performance statistics video, alumni messages, coaching and multimedia of all types.

Nathaniel Bradley, CEO of Data Vault Holdings, Inc. stated, “It’s the power of our platform that is on display with our college and universities’ deployment. NIL legal specialists and faculty will maximize the benefits to students presented by our innovative new Web 3.0 tools. Name, image and likeness opportunities that the Metaverse and NFTs have unlocked are nothing short of a breakthrough. Datavault’s patented ability for students to monetize their image and likeness through compliant Web 3.0 strategies represents a large-scale opportunity for marketers, brands, donors and other College and University utilities. With our patented and expanding technology, NIL opportunities for students to become remunerated by capturing and preparing data assets from their college careers are now abundant. This is an exciting time to be a student especially here in America at the epicenter of this technology proliferation and exploration. Carefully planning and deploying with insights, regulatory oversight and foresight gives Colleges and Universities many fundamental advantages.”

Douglas DePeppe, a data rights attorney and member of the Crypto Team at Sports-ISAO, added, “It is exciting to see University and College students and student athletes pursue this NFT opportunity with Data Vault Holdings. Smart Contracts, which are embedded into the Web 3.0 architecture at Datavault®, will help address the privacy, brand, and compliance issues which permeate the emerging NIL marketplace. It is important that data governance via smart contracts and other frameworks accompanies the NIL monetization strategy, particularly with university NIL programs which seek to promote their student athletes.”

About Data Vault Holdings Inc.

Data Vault Holdings Inc. is a technology holding company that provides a proprietary, cloud-based platform for the delivery of branded data-backed cryptocurrencies. Data Vault Holdings Inc. provides businesses with the tools to monetize data assets securely over its Information Data Exchange® (IDE). The company is in the process of finalizing the consolidation of its affiliates Data Donate Technologies, Inc., ADIO LLC, and Datavault Inc. as wholly owned subsidiaries under one corporate structure.

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Sellix adds Concordium’s CCD token as a payment method



Sellix, an all-in-one platform for anyone to sell digital products online, announces that they will allow customers of Sellix merchants to pay using CCD, the payment token of science-backed blockchain Concordium.

CCD will be offered as an available payment method for all businesses and enterprises, retailers, and many more using the Sellix platform. This represents an important step towards further adoption of the CCD token, with Sellix growing at an exponential rate and currently facilitating ~300 daily invoices over ~3,000 active merchants in the past 90 days.

Additionally, user cases building on Concordium will be able to use Sellix as a platform to sell subscriptions, tokens, serial keys, digital downloads, video courses, software and licenses.

A public-permissionless layer 1 blockchain designed to balance privacy with accountability, through its native token, CCD, Concordium offers negligible transaction fees and fast confirmations.

Sellix processes crypto payouts within 24 hours, directly to its customers’ wallets and without ever relying on third parties to handle transactions or manage transaction volume. To date, Sellix has processed over $50M in global FIAT and crypto payments, saw over two million successful individual orders, blocked 641K orders from screening three million potentially fraudulent orders, and supports customers 24/7 with a built-in ticketing system.

By continuously solidifying their focus on building the future of digital eCommerce, Sellix is seeing quick and constant growth, and it’s proud to offer Concordium’s CCD to further maximize its reach and potential.

Daniele Servadei, CEO of Sellix, says: “Now the CCD will join the ranks of payment methods on Sellix to support over 250,000+ businesses and individuals. Sellix increases the outreach and provides CCD as a token for merchants worldwide enabling them to accept CCD when selling digital goods, providing services or integrating Sellix as a payment gateway for their customers.”

Michael Jackson, from Concordium, says: “Concordium’s CCD is the ideal token for eCommerce merchants. Lightning fast, cheap to use and dependable. Sellix merchants will be delighted with nature of a CCD transaction. For user cases building on Concordium, the functionality of Sellix is a true game changer, allowing merchants and use cases on Concordium to accept payments with advanced merchant functionality in a wide variety of currencies.”

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